26/12/2016 Points West


The latest news, sport, weather and features from the West of England.

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Hello and a very evening from the west.


Hardy shoppers in the west have braved cold weather overnight


A major clothes outlet in Bristol says more than 200


were waiting at the door at 6 o'clock this morning.


Retailers are hoping it'll once again prove


A Boxing Day walk through Cabot Circus in Bristol.


Retail proving the best therapy for many post Christmas.


The doors at Next opened before dawn, with hundreds


I'd just bought the children out to spend some of their Christmas money.


Boxing Day sort of seems to have fizzled out,


and it gets worse every year, I think.


But it's nice to be able to walk into town today and get around


Retailers in Bath will be hoping for a good end-of-year clear out.


2016 has proved a tough year for trading.


There's obviously been problems with Brexit,


with people not knowing what to do, and therefore they've been


keeping their money in their savings account until they know


Growing on-line sales aren't helping the high street.


November's Black Friday and Cyber Monday draining cash


Thi retail expert thinks it's time for a re-think in the new year.


I think what the high Street needs to do is reinvent itself and become


more of a destination for a fulfilled experience


which includes shopping, maybe a bit of entertainment,


2017 will see major changes at our main shopping centres.


With plans for a ?300 million extension to the Mall


And redevelopment at Broadmead - to align it more closely


A murder investigations been launched after the body


of a man was discovered in South Gloucestershire


Mohammed Abdurezek's body was found on Gibbs Lane


in the village of Siston on Saturday morning.


A postmortem examination found the 31-year-old,


who police believe was from Bristol, had died from stab wounds.


Sport now, and in rugby Bristol secured their first Premiership win


of the season this afternoon beating Worcester 28-20 at Ashton Gate.


Bristol played with 14 men for 67 minutes after Tusi Pisi was red


Tom Varndell scored three tries and Jason Woodward kicked


It was an important game for Bristol who have been bottom


of the Premiership without a win in the league.


First and foremost, the important thing was to win the game.


Obviously, we did that and we stopped them


So that's a massive achievement from the guys.


You know, we're 14 men for a long period.


And to play some of the rugby we did with the 14 guys on the field,


We kept trying to play rugby, when we needed to keep it


And we were quite dominant in the breakdown then


In football, it was a disappointing Boxing Day for our sides.


In the Championship Bristol City lost 3-2 away at Wolves.


In League One, Bristol Rovers Rovers failed to score at the Mem


where it was a 0-0 home draw with Coventry Swindon also failed


to score at Millwall where the hosts won 2-0.


In League Two, Cheltenham lost 2-1 at home to Barnet and no goals


for Yeovil against Exeter - a 0-0 draw there.


In the National League, Forest Green Rovers


But some good news for one of the West Country's most


successful horse trainers Colin Tizzard.


Thistlecrack the 11-10 favourite won the King George the sixth Stakes


To the weather - It's been a mild and settled Boxing Day but we're


It's fine through the course of tonight.


Many of you will see a widespread frost.


High pressure remains dominant, that means another fine day tomorrow.


The centre of that area of high-pressure drifting pretty


much over the top of us during the course of Tuesday,


the wind light and variable around it.


In the overnight period to Wednesday, there is a much higher


chance that we could see some fog around.


Some of that could be freezing, given the overnight temperatures.


Talking of which, through the course of tonight,


many districts will see a frost, at least a slight to moderate frost.


It could get as low as about -4 or minus five degrees, somewhere


A cold start, said to me tomorrow morning.


But it should be one and are plenty of sunshine.


Barring the odd bit of cloud, that is how things will remain


The wins will remain light right the way through.


Just the blue returning by tomorrow evening,


signalling another cold night to come.


It will be a fairly cold day tomorrow.


Temperatures generally roundabout 4-6 C, but at least the wins


will be light as I said, and there will be plenty


Watch out for the fog as we head through into Wednesday morning.


Not everywhere, but where you have it it could well linger


A similar pattern as we had through to Thursday.


Remaining dry, general trend as we continue on through the rest


of the week to see more in the way of cloud around.


It is looking like by the time we're through towards New Year


into the very first week of 2017, it will turn noticeably colder.


And that's all from the team this boxing day-


we're back at lunchtime tomorrow - until then have a lovely evening.


and longer spells of rain over northern isles. By the end of the


night, temperatures recovering once again after a chilly evening, three


to five Celsius. Tomorrow and for the next couple of days, we have


this area of


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