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Good evening from Points West. late news at 11pm.


A man has been arrested following the death


Police officers and paramedics were called to a property


in Britton Gardens in Kingswood in the early hours of Christmas Day,


but despite their efforts the baby, who was six months old, died.


A murder investigation has been launched following the discovery of


a man's body on Christmas eve. He was found in a village in South


Gloucestershire. A postmortem examination found he had died from


stab wounds. Police would like to hear from anyone who may have seen


him in the days leading up to his death.


Drivers on the M5 near Bristol were heavily delayed


after the Avonmouth Bridge and the M49 into Wales were closed


There were long delays in and around Bristol as police shut the roads


following two accidents which needed to be cleared.


The closures effectively cut off motorway access


to and from the West Country into Wales for several hours.


The Somerset teenager whose family were forced to pay for a potentially


life-saving bone marrow transplant say he's hoping to go


Daryl Allinson celebrated his 14th birthday on Christmas Eve,


one his parents feared he might not see.


Clinton Rogers went to see him at his home in Frome.


Merry Christmas. Not that long ago, they wondered if he would even be


here for Christmas 2016. Now the family has new hope,


new optimism for the future. Daryl has been through much


in his young life but, five months after his second bone


marrow transplant, he says Amazing actually. You have put on


weight since I last saw you. Are you feeling better? Yes, I feel so much


better. More energy, wanting to do more stuff. It is great to have this


energy. Words can't explain how I feel. I am just over the moon, I am


so please, I am so proud of him. I just can't thank everybody enough


for their generosity. It was the public's generosity


in raising close to ?100,000 on a crowd funding website that


allowed Daryl to have a second bone marrow transplant


at Bristol Children's Hospital. The first transplant failed


and his rare leukaemia returned. At that point, NHS England turned


down the funding for a second operation based largely


on its chances of success. At the time they said these


were difficult decisions to make. No-one knows what the future holds,


but the boy who celebrated his 14th birthday on Christmas Eve says that


if he continues to recover well he hopes to start back


at school in the spring, and then return to his


true love, football. Gloucester ran out in front of


a crowd of 77,500 against Harlequins The visitors fought back


hard in the second half, putting the ball over the line three


times, with tries from Gareth Evans, James Hook and a first premiership


try from Motu Matu'u. Final score harlequins 28,


Gloucester 24. Now, a round-up of


the Boxing Day goals. Bristol City lost their fourth


straight match in the Championship, despite first half goals


from Tammy Abraham and Aden Flint. Bristol Rovers moved back


into the top ten in League One, with a comprehensive 4-1 win


at home to Coventry. Winger Billy Bodin scored his first


ever senior hat-trick, with all his goals coming


in the second half, after Peter Hartley had opened


the scoring for Rovers. Swindon are three points off


the League One relegation places, Yeovil Town kept their 19th clean


sheet of the calendar year, in their goalless draw at home


to Exeter in League Two. Cheltenham remain second from bottom


in League Two after their 2-1 defeat at home by Barnet


despite Danny Wright's sixth Onto the weather, and it's certainly


been a beautiful but chilly day. Hello, good evening. It is a chilly


end to a bright day, and both temperatures we will take a tumble


through the coming hours. A cold night with clear spells initially,


and we will see another hard frost in many parts. By midnight we are


seeing some patchy mist and fog developing, freezing fog in some


spots, and we do have a yellow weather warning in place from the


Met Office for those foggy conditions, valid from midnight


tonight, right through until midday tomorrow, giving some tricky


travelling conditions. A great start for many tomorrow morning, cloudy


spells than we are used to, and some of that fog could linger through the


morning. Some brighter dimmers as well, and amateurs could read seven


or eight -- temperatures. In the cloud and fog those temperatures


will struggle. On Thursday, high pressure stays in charge, so staying


dry and settled, though more in the way of cloud as we go through the


course of Thursday and towards the tail end of the week. So, a weather


warning for stubborn fog through to midday tomorrow, then cloudier and


cold into the New Year. I'll be back with a final look


at the news in the West after the special George Michael


concert tonight.


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