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Police investigating the murder of a man whose body was found


in a village on Christmas Eve say he was moved there


The remains of Mohammed Abdurezek, who's originally from Ethiopia,


were discovered in the village of Siston near Bristol.


It's thought he died two or three days earlier.


The discovery of the 31-year-old man's body down this quiet country


lane sparked an immediate appeal from the police for information.


They've identified him as Mohammed Abdurezek,


and that he died from stab wounds but they now think he was


We are trying to piece together where Mohammed


has been and from that, if we can establish a motive


for his death and therefore from that who killed him.


At the moment, there is no reason for him to be here.


So what we are asking the public for as well,


did you see any disturbances leading up to Christmas Eve, the day before?


The Wednesday, Thursday, the Friday, which have been reported to police?


The body was found here by a dog walker on Christmas Eve morning


and they believe it might have been here for two days.


There was no wallet on the body or phone and they believe Mohammed


memsbers of the public, if you found any identification


any phone, mobile phones, older types, please come forward.


The police are also looking at CCTV footage, hoping that tracing


A man is still being questioned after the death of a six-month-old


baby, found at a home near Bristol on Christmas Day.


The 30-year-old was arrested at Britton Gardens in Kingswood.


Avon and Somerset Police said the child died despite efforts


The death is being treated as unexplained until the results


The RSCPA has launched an investigation after undercover


filming at a dairy farm in Somerset showed cows and calves


The footage was gathered by an animal rights group.


The owner of the farm says he was appalled when he saw the film


and has now sacked the farmhand shown hitting the animals.


Clinton Rogers' report contains footage that some viewers


He has just kicked that cow Square in the face,


He has just kicked that cow square in the face,


she gave birth an hour and a half before this footage was taken.


And the animal rights group which secretly filmed the farm


on the edge of Taunton has described it as shocking.


I really don't know what I was expecting to see as far


as the handling of the animals, but to see tiny calves and cows


who have just given birth being punched and kicked and sworn


at in such an aggressive manner I found really shocking.


The charity says it chose to hide a camera at Pyrland Farm in Taunton


after a tip off from someone living nearby about alleged


There is plenty of sawdust on these, so...


When we visited the farm today, a local vet was there as well.


He said was as surprised as anyone when he saw the film,


I just can't understand his behaviour.


The farmer himself said he'd now sacked the young farm labourer seen


to kick and punch the cows and calves - but he denied there


We were really appalled by the behaviour of the young


apprentice, because we take great pride in our dairy herd,


we all work very hard to look after them and we'll very proud


we all work very hard to look after them and we're very proud


of the way the cows are on this farm.


The footage has now been passed to the RSCPA.


They say they are investigating, adding they are concerned


, horrible images, I am sorry if you found upsetting.


The Health and Safety Executive is investigating how


a scaffolder lost a leg and hand after a severe electric shock.


A fund-raising page has been-set-up for father of two


He was working in Swindon just before Christmas when it happened.


Bristol is to get a share of more than ?2 million of Government money


to help girls at risk of female genital mutilation, domestic


The city has the second highest number of recorded FGM victims


in England but also has campaigners fighting to end the practice.


The money will go to the Foundation for Women's Health


A woman from Gloucestershire, who's walking the coastline


of Britain in memory of her daughter,


has reached her fundraising target of ?100,000.


After losing five-year-old Elizabeth to a rare immune


disorder last December, Natalia Spencer took


In all weather and on all terrain, Natalia has walked 20 miles


She died shortly before Christmas last year


after she was struck by a rare immune disorder called HLH.


And because Elizabeth loved the sea, she decided to walk right


round the country's coastline - beginning and ending at the last


beach they visited together here at the Durdle Door in Dorset.


Her mission - to raise ?100,000 for the Bristol Children's Hospital,


And with months to go, she's done it.


Yes, I am surprised about it, of course and I feel very humbled


indeed that people reacted so generously and kind to my walk.


And then last month, she was named Endurance Fundraiser


of the Year at the national Just Giving Awards.


For me it was a very poignant, because it coincided with the day


that Elizabeth got ill, the 22nd of November 2015.


In the evening, I was told she was not going to live


but on the 22nd of November 2016, her name was in the Elizabeth


Footprint for Endurance of the Year award, which was so incredibly


poignant and meaningful for me and I am very proud


Now Natalia wants to double her fundraising target, as she heads out


She hopes to complete her walk on Valentine's Day.


And she even went walking on Christmas day.


Best of luck with the rest of it. Now let's get the weather. Hello,


good evening, another cold night across our region, some frost


already forming but in addition to that, some freezing fog patches


later on tonight and certainly tomorrow morning, stay the BBC local


radio and the reason for the still there is an area of high pressure


which stays with us for the rest of this week. The fog is quickly


reforming and overnight, it will get down to around zero, possibly even


-1 and a very foggy start to the day tomorrow. It should lift. In places,


it may stick around and quickly reform when it gets dark again, with


a top temperature between six and 8 degrees. As for the outlook, as we


move through the rest of this week and into the weekend, a lot of cloud


on Friday, a few breaks developing. Slightly more of a breeze,


south-west winds giving temperatures back up into double figures.


Good evening, the weather is proving hazardous and the fog now becoming


more extensive and causing disruption overnight tonight. There


is a warning from the Met office and you can stay in touch on the website


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