30/12/2016 Points West


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Good evening. news where you are.


Police are searching a block of flats in Bristol in connection


with a man who was found dead on Christmas Eve.


Mohammed Abduerezak suffered multiple stab wounds.


The 31 year old, who friends say was an asylum seeker,


was found in the village of Siston in South Gloucestershire.


And the communal bins outside these flats in Bristol.


Dumped by a roadside in the days before Christmas.


Police say Mohammed Abdurezak died from multiple stab wounds.


He was discovered in the village of Siston on Christmas Eve.


But officers believe he was killed elsewhere.


This morning on a housing estate in Bristol, several police vans


converged on these flats and taped off the area.


A shock to those living nearby. So far no weapon's been found.


There has been quite a bit of activity with the police fans, but


no one knew what was going on. It is a nice place to live. Well


maintained, well looked after. No trouble as far as I know. So far no


weapon has been found. It's believed Mr


Abdurezek lived here. Several police vans arrived here


today and they have been searching, not just in, but outside over the


past few hours. They are looking through the bins, we do not know


what they are looking for but we know that when the body was


discovered, there was no wallet and also his mobile phone was missing as


well. This picture shows him


in October before running He was also keen on football


and a friend described him as a joyful character


who was seeking positive Rest in peace Mo.' Police


are working to trace his missing personal belongings and piece


together what happened A fund set-up to help a scaffolder


from Somerset who was badly injured following an electric shock has


exceeded its target. Jamie Mines had to have a leg


and hand amputated after the incident in Swindon just before


Christmas. A GoFundMe page has raised more


than twenty one thousand pounds. The Health and Safety


Executive is investigating. There's a call for more people


in the region to give blood Filton in Bristol is home


to the biggest blood More people miss their appointments


at this time of year so they need A couple from Wiltshire are taking


on an aviation challenge that's Julian Midder and Sarah Brown


are going to fly the Paris to Dakar Rally route


in a microlight. If they make it, they'll


set a new world record. Here's our Wiltshire


Reporter Will Glennon. They regularly are seen


in the skies over the West, but how about flying thousands


of miles in a microlight? Julian is an instructor


at Membury Airfield and his partner is Sarah, known as Jez,


also a qualified pilot. They want to take on the Paris


to Dakar Rally route. It is going to take us to parts


of the world we have never been to and it will stretch our flying


experience into new ways. Microlights look like small planes,


but the wings are essentially made of thick fabric,


the panels are extremely thin The couple will take off


from Wiltshire, flying down through France and Spain and then


across to Africa, to Morocco, western Sahara and Mauritania


to Dakar in Senegal. The terrain will be


remote and inhospitable It is called the Skeleton Coast,


there are literally miles where the Sahara desert goes


straight into the Atlantic Ocean We are a very long


way away from help. There's really not much


between you and the outside world. Microlights do not have


complex instruments, Bad weather, even the cloud


can force you down. This is a little cockleshell


of a plane and if that changes, if it gets windier or it looks


like there might be rain to content with, we effectively


have to fly around it, Julian and Jezz hope to raise money


for the charity WaterAid but before that they still need about ?10,000


in sponsorship to cover costs. They are hoping to set off


sometime next spring. Will Glennon, BBC


Points West, at Membury. Football now and four


of our teams play tonight. In the championship Bristol City


are away at Ipswich. In league One, Swindon


take on MK Dons. League Two Cheltenham host


Wycombe Wanderers and Yeovil Now as the end of the year


approaches, keepers at Bristol Zoo have been busy counting


all the animals. The annual census


revealed they have 14,200 One of the biggest challenges was


working out what's in the aquarium! The count helps the zoo keep


track of species that Well, the keepers know their animals


very well and for animals like meerkats, we know we have got


ten animals in here, and it is something


that is easy to do. Seven gorillas, three pygmy hippos,


but when it comes to big colonies of leaf-cutter ants or spiny mice,


something like that, or bees or something, then of course


it is much more difficult. To help stay on top of things


the zoo also keeps a daily Let's get the weekend weather


forecast now with Ian. Thank you. Met Office provisional


figures suggest that 26 team will be the warmest year on record for the


UK going back to 1910. We will start 2017 on a decidedly cold note, but


prior to them, through the course of tomorrow, it will be a fairly mild


day, it is looking dry or thereabouts but by the time we get


to midnight and into New Year's Day, there might be some rain around but


most of the rain will arrive in the early hours and it is behind that


that we find colder air appearing from the North, quite quickly. Here


is a wider look at how the story unfolds. A warning for fall, not as


extensive as this morning. You will notice the cold front running


southwards, through late tomorrow night and in comes the colder air


which we can trace all the way back up to the Arctic Circle. For


tonight, temperatures should remain frost free. There will be fog


around, quite dense in places, watch out for that tomorrow morning,


particularly in parts of Wiltshire and Gloucestershire. When that


clears, we will have generally a lot of cloud, some brighter spells, it


will remain dry in the South West until we get laid into the evening,


approaching midnight, in comes the cold front. -- late into the


evening. Most of the rain holding off until the early hours of Sunday.


Temperatures will be fairly mild, between nine and 10 degrees, but


watch the change as we head into New Year's Day and I think it will be


even colder as we head into Monday. That visit from me.


I'm back with an update in the late news.


Good evening, fog has been a problem in recent days, slow changes over


the next 48 hours or so as this weather front moves south bringing


rain and behind it, much cleaner, cold arctic air which will sweep




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