02/01/2017 Points West


The latest news, sport, weather and features from the West of England.

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Good evening. news at Ten.


Taunton has been chosen to become one of the large


scale "garden towns", under new plans announced


As we've just been hearing in the national news,


the idea is to create new communities with green


spaces, affordable homes and good transport links.


Somerset's county town of Taunton is now an official garden town,


which means it's unlocked ?350,000 to push forward


The idea of this part of money is to enable better advice, better


consultation, access to other parts of money and other funds, so that


the housing developments we bring forward become much more


sustainable, much more pleasant places to live.


The plan is to build new distinct communities,


with 8,000 new homes, alongside crucially good


transport links, green spaces and local facilities.


We've got 3500 people on the waiting list, for starters in Taunton. We


have 74% of the people in Taunton working in Taunton, so the


construction is important to us. We have the railway, the motorway, we


have employment sites we are trying to develop. It is not just another


housing, you see, what about the town itself and place making. We're


pretty proud of our county town and want to improve it.


The locals we spoke to agreed it can't just be about house building.


You know, the hospitals, the schools, etc. The roads.


So you need that as well as the houses?


Yes. My family just have a struggle getting eight girl into school down


the road, but they are building new houses near us. -- getting a girl


into the school. So what you need to matter more


schools? Yes, many more schools.


Stop too many developers, put them somewhere else.


But not in my backyard. But in body said that, we were never


have any more homes! I don't care.


This award will help unlock more funding for Taunton,


and attention will soon pass to the town centre, next


Three men have been arrested on suspicion of murder after a man


was found stabbed to death on Christmas Eve.


Mohammed Abdurezek's body was discovered in Syston


Detectives investigating his death have also been searching a block


Three men, one aged 42 and two who are 22, are being questioned.


It's hoped around two thirds of artefacts which were being stored


at a disused museum in Swindon could be saved, after a fire


Firefighters are still investigating the cause of the blaze


at the old Coate Agricultural Museum on Saturday.


The museum had been closed for decades, but a number


A charity which is opening a new hospice for children


in Wiltshire says it's struggling to recruit staff.


Julia's House already provides respite for over a hundred families


at its hospice in Dorset, but the charity is opening


It says a shortage of paediatric nurses has made it harder to recruit


Empty properties in Bristol are being transformed by a group


It's hoped the scheme could save the city council money,


help people find homes and rehabilitate former prisoners.


This two-bed terrace has stood empty for a year,


But now, a social enterprise group's stepped in to provide


They gave us a house and said, here you go,


We turned it around and about seven working days.


We can do it for this price, you know, that is


We will not add on crazy extras and high cost and things.


It is a shame to have so many buildings in Bristol that are empty


and when we have got an issue with homelessness.


Like many others, this place was due to be sold off.


But since the scheme, the council is realising


the financial benefits of holding onto its homes.


We're taking them off the for sale list.


We have got the resources to repair them.


It's saving us a lot of money in terms of having to put


people into B or hotels or private, temporary accommodation.


So although we are spending money, we are actually investing money


Each refurbished home could save the council ?400 a week.


There are plans to renovate 50 empty properties.


That adds up to around a million pounds a year.


And - as all those employed are former prisoners -


they benefit too from career opportunities.


Some are given the chance to stay on the right track,


and others get the chance to get off the streets.


With housing associations also looking to renovate rather


On to sport, and it has not been a great start to 2017 for our football


teams. Bristol city lost the next time to


Reading in the championship, having been ahead for a lot of the match.


Bristol Rovers lost 4-1 away to Charlton. Meanwhile, Swindon managed


a goalless true against Southend. -- goalless draw. In League 2, but


Yeovil and Cheltenham lost 2-0 away from home. Let's catch up with the


weather now. Ian has our forecast. Good evening to you. We are in for a


cold night, with widespread frost around, but tomorrow morning,


Agudelo sunshine together day underway. A general trend of Seymour


cloud into the afternoon and evening. We have a Met Office


warning out through tonight and tomorrow morning for the likelihood


of icy stretches on roads and pavements. That is courtesy of the


frost which will be in some abundance first lights tomorrow.


Unsurprisingly, with temperatures dropping perhaps as low as -5 in


some parts of Somerset. So, tomorrow morning, frosty start likely, maybe


the odd patch of freezing fog around, most areas starting with


plenty of sunshine. The general theme as we run through the day will


be a bit more in the way of cloud around. Still some brighter spells,


but their club will be thickening up towards evening from the north, and


it is here where we might just get one or two spots of light rain as


they get late into the day. Temperatures tomorrow recovering


after that cold start, could get up to a 5-7 C in afternoon. We will


find the week wears and that there is something of mixed fortunes with


temperature trends. They will drop off again at the tail end of


Wednesday into Thursday. Lots of sunshine around by Thursday.


Thereafter, much more cloud, but Ambridge is continuing to climb


towards the weekend. Looking fairly mild by them. -- temperatures


continuing to climb. And before we go, have you made a


New Year's resolution? . We asked to review what you are hoping to


change. I don't make them. If you want a


goal, set your goal and do it any time of the year.


Give up smoking. Still like my drink, so I can't give that up.


It's always lose weight, isn't it? That's the top one. Or stop


drinking. But you don't, do you? Really good, obviously! Drink more


cider! That's about it! Well, tomorrow, we will be meeting a


woman who gave up sugar completely. Becky Murray cut it out after she


was diagnosed with diabetes. Join us tomorrow to find out how she got on.


That is at 6:30 p.m.. That is it from us for now. We are back with


the News at ten o'clock. For now, I will say goodbye MCU later. Goodbye.


Good evening. It has been turning colder and clearer and our weather


watchers have been capturing the sunshine. Here is the scene in


Derbyshire and where we have had the clear skies by day, we are in for a


cold night tonight. Temperatures already plummeting, particularly


towards the south with some icy stretches across parts of central


and southern England, and into Wales. For the north-west, not as


cold, as we have the cloud building. But to the south we could see


temperatures down to minus four or five first thing Tuesday morning. If


you have a commute back to work, bear in mind you will have to scrape


the car and there could be the odd patch of mist and freezing fog. But


many of us staying dry. More cloud in the north and west.


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