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Welcome to BBC Points West with Alex Lovell and David Garmston.


Anger as police fire the weapon at a man who used to be


You hear it all the time on the streets, they feel there is a...


the communities feel there is a bias and until things


like this don't happen, I'm sure that feeling will prevail.


The inside story - Princess Anne visits a rehab unit


and meets a reporter who owes his recovery to their work.


We look back at a pie served to regulars in 1980


And on this inauguration day, folks, I am here in Bristol for the


slapstick festival, it's going to be great, we are going to make Bristol


great again, don't go away. An investigation's


been launched after an Avon and Somerset police officer Tasered


one of their former race relations The incident was filmed


by a neighbour, in what appears OFFICER: I've asked you


to remain calm. Last Saturday in Easton


and two police officers They think - mistakenly - he's


someone they want for questioning. One officer's holding


a yellow Taser weapon. MAN FILMING: I see him every day


walking his dog, But the man refuses


to identify himself Then the high voltage Taser is


fired. I thought


they had killed me. Ras Adundi


says after the Taser incident, then to a police cell in Patchway


before being released As a former chairman of the


Independent Advisory Group He thinks police officers have


become more aggressive. When they took over, they liked


to impose their own rules. Neighbours we spoke to also think


the use of a Taser was excessive. From my experience of the police


in this area, it's been OK, but, you know, I just think


it's totally unacceptable. Those from black and minority ethnic


groups are three times more likely Such discharges don't have to be


referred to the Independent Police


Complaints Commission, Avon and Somerset Police


saying in a statement: That was totally


unnecessary. Bristol's main anti-racism charity


is also investigating, worried the Tasering of someone


so well-known Young people who have had


issues with the police will look at this and say,


see, this is what I have This is what can happen, just


because of the colour of my skin. Ras Adunbi says he was mistaken


for the same man by police in 2007, back then receiving compensation


for an injury to his shoulder. He says that's why he didn't


identify himself this time. Abi Dymond from Exeter University


has been carrying out research into the use of Tasers


by the police. I asked her if she thought


their use should be reviewed Yes, I think now is a really good


time to to review the use of Taser. My research into the use


of the weapon in England and Wales has shown that there is broad


guidance around when the use of the weapon is appropriate


and that officers themselves have a wide range of views


as to when they think I think that additional review,


for example by the Home Affairs Select Committee,


both of Taser but also of police use of force in general,


would be a really helpful step. Particularly as well


because they could be Particularly as well


because there could be the introduction imminently


of a newer one. The Police Federation think


the current Taser is 13 years The new one's more


powerful, isn't it? Well, the new one also has


the ability to fire two shots. So at the moment, the Taser


that is currently in use is only able to fire one shot,


so it is argued that the proposed introduction of this new weapon


would enable officers to have a second shot if the first


one was to go wrong. But obviously, with the proposed


introduction of a new weapon like this, this is another reason


why a review would be really timely. And do you think the public do


support the use of Tasers? And if so, should they have


confidence in them? Well, I think public


confidence in the use of Taser Recently, we've seen from an IPCC


report into the use of Taser that there was quite a divergence


between how the police viewed Taser and how members


of the public viewed Taser. And in this situation, again,


it would seem important to take Abi Dymond, thank you very much for


joining us. Now the big international story of


the day. In Washington, the 43rd president of the United States,


Donald Trump, has been sworn in. Hundreds of thousands braved the


freezing cold fridge, including some protesters -- 45th president.


And there have been demonstrations on this side of the Atlantic.


Campaigners have been out in Taunton, Bath and this evening, they


are in Bristol, where we can join our system political editor Paul bal


drop. Good evening, the demonstration has


just ended, largely disbursing but at around five 30p, 300 or so people


were assembled here to make their feelings very clear about the 45th


president of the United States. They set out in Bristol, into the


Broadmead area, chanting, lots of noise, lots of people and a lot of


angry people before coming back here but it has not just been here, lots


of groups have organised lots of demonstrations across the country.


They wanted to send a big message to the new American President


I mean, it's coming together in solidarity, saying we are not


happy with a man who is a racist, a misogynist and is basically


targeting some of the most vulnerable people in society.


The Bristol bridge stunt was the biggest,


I just had to do something and it just seemed so right


and so important that someone should stand up and say this is not


I'm an American citizen as well as a British citizen,


so I lived there for 15 years and it's really scary


Conservative MP Charlotte Leslie didn't want Donald Trump to win


but says her government must now deal constructively with him.


You know, there are a lot of people saying he's


You don't get to be the President of the United States by simply


Unorthodox, maverick, many other characteristics people


might want to assign to him, this is a guy we need to deal


with and he's shown himself if anything to be a pragmatist.


All citizens of the world must now wait to see


And we will be talking about that on the Sunday Politics this weekend.


You're watching BBC Points West with Alex and David.


The chef who cooked up a very unusual pie for his pub regulars.


the three young players hoping to spice up Swindon's season.


Princess Anne has officially opened a new building in south


Gloucestershire for patients recovering from brain injuries.


The Brain Injury Rehabilitation Unit at Frenchay has had to expand


because more people are now surviving serious


Here's our reporter Will Glennon, who himself spent time


at the hospital two years ago after a cycling accident.


Marking a new era for treating patients. The old Frenchay hospital


may be gone, but this unit stayed and expanded, almost doubling to 52


beds. Its royal recognition of the work they do. It's just a really


nice opportunity for us just to show what we do and what we do day-to-day


with our patience. I think it's been quite an exciting day by everybody,


we've already enjoyed having her here. Through her experience in the


horse world, she has come across several people in the past who have


had brain injury so she really has a great understanding of some of the


difficulties these people have. Her Royal Highness that patients at the


Brain Injury Rehabilitation Unit. They've been in road accidents, had


nasty falls or severe strokes. And all need expert care to work their


way back to live. Many more lives are being saved now compared to a


few years ago. But of course, the other side of that, these people are


the most injured people with the highest degree of need and we can


look at all the different aspects that are involved. It's not just the


physical side, it's so important that we deal with the cognitive and


emotional well-being of patients as well. Nice to see you. Today, I was


fortunate to be a special guest. I told the Princess about my time in


the unit after a cycling accident left me in a coma. I was a patient


who are exactly two years ago. The rehab team taught me how to walk


again, taught me how to cook, clean, how to interact socially. In short,


Brain Injury Rehabilitation Unit taught me how to get back to my old


life, to this, to the person you see today. Polly Williamson is a former


champion horsewoman. In 2011, a riding accident left her needing


treatment. They can't be speaking again, I couldn't speak, couldn't


walk, couldn't make sense at all. When I came out of intensive care


and hospital, I was not ready to go back home and it definitely prepared


me for the outside world. Invaluable, completely invaluable.


It highlights how vital hospitals like this are and with more and more


people surviving major trauma, the focus now is on making it a life


worth living. I know that peace was very special for Will to do today.


faster than any other city in the UK during 2016.


The Hometrack UK Cities House Price Index,


which monitors price increases across the twenty biggest cities,


found the value of property in Bristol increased by


9.6% last year, even more than London, which was 7.3%.


A Somerset couple have shot up the best-sellers lists


Harry and Kate Benson from Wiveliscombe have co-authored


a book called What Mums Want and What Dads Need To Know.


They're here in the studio, but first we asked these people


what they think mums want from their partners.


Men particularly can feel like, oh, the woman needs to feed them


so I will just kind of back out but actually, it is good if they can


She said if it is one or two,


no problem, but now three, need important help.


If you get a break, you're better at doing it, right.


Seeing things from other people's perspectives, you know,


be able to not just think about yourself, but


So that is their advice but of course, you have written all about


it in this book. Thank you for coming in. First of all, this was a


very personal experience for you because this is your journey as much


as anything, isn't it? What happened with us is what I think happens do


absolutely masses of cobbles and that is that we drifted apart. At


first, we started being very focused on each other and then eventually


children came. I think very naturally, my focus went down onto


the kids. Harry took a back seat and went and focused more on work and


other things outside and we just slowly drifted apart and he, I don't


think, was taking any notice of the relationship and I was busy with the


kids. It is a De Villiers story, I am sure lots have experienced that,


but let's talk about solutions -- a familiar story. Solutions, well,


eventually confronted me that I was eventually confronted me that I was


not the friend that she needed me to be an friendship is absolutely at


the core of what mums want. She eventually wrote me a letter and the


letter was rather despairing and it was a job spec of what it was to be


Harry's wife and some terms and conditions, travel, perks all that


stuff and at the end was this awful sentence where she said what I


really want is a friend, will I ever get it? Who knows? Who cares? And


those words really got to me and I realised I have neglected my wife.


And it was a little subtle shift but it made a huge difference and from


that point on... But why are you taking responsibility for that? I


think the big differences happy mums tend to make happy families, it is


the man who tends to be more child oriented and we did a survey, rather


more than the vox pops, a survey of 300 odd mums and ask them what they


wanted and the things they wanted most in the relationship to make


that happy family was friendship, someone who is interested in them,


someone who is kind and I think it was blokes could get a handle on


that, it could revolutionise family life and make an enormous difference


and stop so many of us couples, particularly as many, drifting off


and neglecting our wives. By default, it is not malevolent. And


Harry, you have researched into happy marriages for over 20 years


and written about it before but what was it like for you to come in and


have to be so transparent? When we got into the very most difficult


stage of our marriage and we started coming out of the nosedive, I think


we realised that what had got us into that place was ignorance, it


wasn't malevolence, it was ignorance. We weren't looking after


each other, we didn't think about it, we just drifted apart and so


there are a lot of people out there that are the same as us and the


important thing is that whatever we do, we have got to get the message


out there that families don't need to drift apart. It is a bestseller,


so congratulations. Anjula Mutanda the together. We are.


This is for all of the Harry and Kates that needed get into the mess


that we did. Now, all this year, Points West


is celebrating our 60th anniversary. And we've put out an appeal


for people who've been featured on the programme in the last six


decades to come forward. Well, Ann Martin who lives


in Cirencester contacted us to say her dad once cooked a rook


pie for the regulars at a pub So we dug up the footage and sent


Seb Choudhury to find out about that It's 1980 and we're


at the Salutation pub at Berkley. On the menu for a charity evening,


traditional rook pie. Its chef - the landlord


at the time, Bernard L Cox. This customer came in


and they suggested to me this time of the year that,


being close to 12th of May, that I cooked a rook pie,


which was tradition in this pub and I thought, this


has got to be a joke. I mean, I'm a chef by trade,


I suppose, but I'd never So I said, OK, you bring me


the rooks and I'll cook the pie, I thought, I'm going


to call their bluff. And they did, so Bernard


kept his promise. Rook pies are now off the menu


because of legislation in 1981, but its folklore lives


on even in nursery rhymes. This 40-second silent


film is all that exists and for father and daughter, seeing


it for the first time in decades, So before I left Bernard,


one question remained. It is a gamy, very dark meat


and if cooked with venison, red wine and mushrooms and herbs


and spices, it's not all that different to some


venison, maybe pheasant. I guess we'll just have to take


Bernard's word for it but for those at the Salutation, it


was certainly a night to remember. Swindon Town have turned to three


of the Premier League's brightest young talents


to give their season a lift. Alistair Durden has tonight's sport,


and can tell us more about them. Chelsea have out


on loan at other clubs. Most won't manage to break


into Chelsea's first team, so this is a great opportunity


to showcase their talent. All three have made an impact


already - helping Swindon win I've been to find out more


about the talented trio who have swapped West London for the West


Country. Apart from the weather,


I think it's been brilliant so far. The boys have been brilliant,


we have fitted in pretty well. Being at Chelsea, the way


Chelsea play football is in a similar style to Swindon,


so it's not much of What are your career


highlights, then, so far? At the time, the youth cups


in the Champions League, Uefa Youth Champions League,


they are matches and We have won them on the


bounce, it's great. Training with the first team


as well, you can kind of get starstruck by some of the big names


that are there. You try not to be, you try to train,


because that's what they're there to do and they are not


going to wait for How different is Swindon to


the setup they have got a Chelsea? To come to Swindon, obviously not


as big a club at Chelsea, so obviously you've got to humble


yourself and be part of the boys, It gets us ready, it's


good experience to have. Charlie, we've already seen


a bit of you from your And one outrageous bit of skill,


you know the one I'm thinking of. If you can come up with them


when the time is right, it's definitely exciting


for the fans to see. You know, I think that is


what a loan is all about, you try and make your own noise


and just take every experience and every lesson


you can along with you. It was very enjoyable to play


in front of the fans and do well of the team,


so I am looking forward I want to do well, first


and foremost, and score goals and like I said before,


the most important thing is obviously the team climb up


the table and get better results. Exciting few months


ahead of you guys. All three should make their home


debuts against Peterborough Elsewhere, two goalkeepers


are in line for their debuts - Fabian Giefer for Bristol City,


who's moved from Bundesliga club And Joe Lumley for Bristol


Rovers, who's arrived from Queens


Park Rangers. Here are all the


fixtures - commentary on BBC local Bath prop Nathan Catt could win his


first England cap next month after being selected in the Six Nations


squad this morning. Nathan, who has


come through the club's academy, They're joined by Gloucester winger


Jonny May as England look to repeat their Grand Slam success of last


season. All of Bath's England players start


tomorrow's European Challenge Cup tie. A bonus point win all but


guarantees them a home quarter-final. The same scenario for


Gloucester, whereas Bristol can't Always a pleasure. Now I think we


could all do with a laugh tonight, so it is over to Bristol's Colston


Hall where it is gala night at the Slapstick Festival.


Amanda is there for us now. Yes, they are all gathering for this gala


night tonight. There will be a screening of the wonderful the Tabac


sacro freshman from 1925, there will be Buster Keaton, laurel and Hardy,


laugh out loud classics -- the like a freshman. And a modern classics,


Rory Bremner, who is hosting. I am speaking, I will not have a series


of cards and mouthing. Just give us an idea of the magic you are about


to unveil to the audience, this wonderful world. The festival itself


now has been going for 12 years and I was told about it by Graham


Gardner from the goodies -- Graeme Gardner, and the organiser of the


vessel and they told me about how it has grown over the years and this is


the big gala night, we have a 27 piece orchestra, a screening of the


freshman with Harold Lloyd, and people although he was one of the


great silent movie heroes along with Buster Keaton and Laurel and Hardy


and we have shorts from them as well, but I have never seen anything


like this before. And having the music played live alongside it must


expect but I think some of the be astounding. I don't know what


expect but I think some of the audience will have been here before,


but others will never have seen a silent film before but with an


orchestra, there is going to be a very special atmosphere. It is a


rather weird thing, I'm posting something but don't know anything


about it. I have to sidestep slightly to ask you, we are seeing a


wave of comic resistance to Donald Trump coming out of the US. Do you


think it is OKed to see the funny side AS DONALD TRUMP: they are


protesting outside and I wish it were silent. We are going to make


Bristol great again. I watched the inauguration speech and it was a


shocker. Make America great again. We knew he was going to say that.


That is what is nice of this festival, it is the antithesis of


everything in that speech. These films were made in the 1920s when


people came to California from Sweden, France, Russia, all of this


foreign, immigrant talent going to Hollywood, with the Brits of course,


Charlie Chaplin and Stan Laurel, and they made these wonderful films and


they are silent films, the language is humour, universal, so what better


day? I think you will be busy with President Trump for a while to come.


Good to talk to you, thank you. The Slapstick Festival goes on across


the weekend, lots on the cards, so enjoy.


That was a great impression, wasn't it? Now it is time for the weather.


AS DONALD TRUMP: it is going to be great, he is on the roof.


Let's get on with the weekend forecast. It is going to be a cold


story and we will find that the Sunday is a less cold day but


through the course of the night, widespread frost and then we will


find through the course of tomorrow, more cloud tending to develop


through the course of the afternoon but staying dry. Overnight and into


Sunday, the chance of a few showers out towards the west, Sunday a day


of varying amounts of cloud but some brighter phases. High pressure


dominating the pattern at the moment and you can see the blues there, the


widespread frost tonight. As we head into tomorrow, we will get thicker


cloud coming from the south-west and that will be across many districts,


at least in part during the overnight period into Sunday. Sunday


a big job brighter spells and cloud. For the rest of tonight, it is a


question of seeing how low temperatures eventually get and we


are expecting they will match those of last night. With a bit more cloud


down towards the south-west, here there will be -- it will be less


cold but nevertheless, -4 for a good part of the region, some areas as


low as -5 or minus six. Some freezing fog quite possible, parts


of Gloucestershire by first light tomorrow but other than that, a fair


amount of sunshine to greet us with the frosty start and then the trend


for introducing more cloud from the south-west, starting to run its way


north and north-eastwards further through the afternoon and thickening


up quite considerably. Mothers as we continue through the evening. A few


showers by that stage breaking out across Devon and Cornwall, perhaps


into the far west of Somerset overnight into Sunday morning but


most areas will be dry, temperatures into Saturday will be somewhere in


the range of only two or three Celsius for the majority, so a cold


day most certainly and those temperatures just going up a little


bit as we head into Sunday, survival six covering most of the areas. As


we go into the start-up next week, we continue on a dry unsettled night


but watch out for fog on Monday, it could be troublesome, so we will


keep you up-to-date. Have a great weekend.


And you have a great weekend as well, thank you for braving the


route for us. That is about is for us, quite a momentous day.


It is, we are back on Sunday, or at least I am, with the Sunday


Politics. It's going to be awesome. TV: He's not your father.


WOMAN GASPS so why not pay your TV licence in


weekly instalments, too? Parents are facing an explosion in


the number of children saying It was like a battle, like in a war


zone. She would literally scream.


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