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Welcome to BBC Points West with Alex Lovell and David Garmston.


Our main story tonight: Missing for more than a week:


Deacon Wilkins vanished after leaving a nightclub


and hasn't been since - his family is frantic with worry.


I don't know. We are at our wits end.


Josh Clayton from Somerset was found his mother fears he was murdered.


dead on a holiday island - his mother fears he was murdered.


Will the owner of Bristol City run out


of patience with the manager after eight defeats?


- we'll be talking to Stephen Lansdown.


the vintage wedding of a couple who have found love, once more.


The family of a 24-year-old from Weston-Super-Mare who hasn't


been seen for nine days say they're desperate to know where he is.


Deakon Wilkins was last seen at Motion nightclub, where


But his family haven't heard anything since.


Police are looking into Deakon's disappearance.


Liz Beacon is outside Motion nightclub now:


It was Friday 13th when he was last seen by his family. He had been out


for a couple of drinks with friends and caught the train on his own here


to Bristol and two Motion Nightclub where him at the friends. He left


his club on his own at 4:30am. That moment was captured on CCTV but


there has been nothing from him since. Earlier on I went to meet his


family at their home. After nine days of waiting, Marcella


and Andy are desperate for answers. Every time we have some friends come


over, somebody hugs me. We are at our wits end and we don't


know what to do now. I mean we're trying to keep busy


doing this social media and I spend four or five hours a day


just thanking everybody. Facebook has played a massive part


in this as people spread the message A few reported sightings


but they haven't been on him Every day is a long day


and if you hear the phone go or a knock on the door,


you just hope. Deakon lives with his grandad


just round the corner Not because this family is not


close, quite the opposite. He chose to move in with his grandad


to keep him company He's lovely, everybody


likes him, he's friendly, he's easy to get on with,


he's a laugh, he's All this couple can


do now is search. They'll be back out tomorrow


leafleting in the area We did the CCTV, we pointed him out


so we can narrow down. We know what he was wearing


so they can narrow down the search. We have CCTV of him leaving


the club, turning right about 4:30am and that's the last we've got


at the moment. They are still working on that


but they're doing a brilliant And their wait goes


on for answers from the police Tomorrow at the family will continue


their search. The police are trawling through their CCTV that


they have banned if they do find any evidence, they may start to deploy


police divers in the canal behind me.


Police have launched a murder investigation into the death


Her body was found in a house on Pilgrims way last Thursday.


Police say they are linking the incident to the fatal accident


on Kewstoke Road which happened on the same day.


A 70-year-old man died at the scene after his car crashed into a tree.


The Police Federation's backing two of its officers after an incident


when a former race relations champion was tasered


after being mistaken for a dangerous, wanted man.


The union, which represents rank and file officers,


says Ras Adunbi would not say who he was.


Mr Adunbi claims the attack was racist.


The matter's been referred to the Independent Police


A young man who was found dead on a holiday island where crime


is almost unheard of may have been murdered, according to his mother.


Josh Clayton from Somerset disappeared on Tresco


in the Scilly Isles but there was never a criminal investigation.


But now the coroner has ordered the police


Before I take my last breath, we will know what happened to my boy


without a shadow of the doubt. We will find out and we will get


justice for Josh. The final resting


place of Josh Clayton. But was his death just a terrible


accident or was he murdered? I believe it was done through


third-party involvement. His family have now spent the best


part of ?70,000 trying They are convinced


the police got it wrong. I have had a meeting with Devon and


Cornwall police, a senior officer who has assured me he will be


reviewing and hopefully will look for any gaps that happened


throughout the investigation. It definitely wasn't an accident. I


thought it from day one and still believe it now.


When police on the Isles of Scilly found the body of Josh Clayton 16


months ago they put it down to accidental death.


He'd been attending a private party on Tresco where he'd been


His body was discovered ten days later.


Last week an inquest into his death was dramatically halted


This man Leroy Thomas told the hearing that he'd witnessed Josh


arguing with a group of men after leaving the party.


The coroner said the police needed to reinvestigate.


Which has given his family some hope.


Up until now they've been asking for a new force to take


They just had tunnel vision as far as they were concerned. He was a


drugged up drunk that had been washed out to sea and didn't think


of anything else. The family say they want the truth


and will not stop until they get it. As a family, we can't. There is a


broken arm in our family and we want to know the reasons why.


A little earlier the former Chief Constable of Gloucestershire,


Dr Tim Brain, told me just how unusual it is for an inquest to be


It is not unusual for inquests to be adjourned. Normally because the


inquest is formally convened, police officers attend to give evidence and


they ask for more time to complete the inquiry. Best is a standard


process. It is unusual to get into the hearing of the inquest and get


some days into it and pours in for the coroner to say new evidence has


come to light, go back and find out what is going on here. This happened


16 months ago so what are the chances of the evidence being fresh?


Devon Malcolm police will have to go back to the witness who has added


this new information at a late stage and interview him again and see


whether he has something different to say in writing and how that


differs from the account. It seems to differ. There was a party and


there are people at that party. They may want to interview them again


they will have to sift through the connections and that is what police


are there to do and they have the facilities to do it. There was


famously no crime there and people leave their doors open and about.


Will be expertise have been taken seriously? There would have been a


difficulty in understanding what this incident was. It was only later


when the body turned up that they had a certain death to explain and


they have treated it on the evidence they have got not as a suspicious


death. Those steps that you would go through normally in an inquiry and I


guess the fact that you have quite a few miles between the mainland and


the islands making it logistically difficult, Devon, have a wide


responsibility for a large force area and they have the equipment to


deal with these incidents. You. -- thank you.


It's David and Alex with you on this Monday evening.


Thank you for starting your week with us.


Stay tuned, we've got lots more still ahead before


we leave you at seven, including...


Join me as Prince Harry joins recovering servicemen in Wiltshire


and why they have built this Iron Age roundhouse. We have a Met Office


warning for fog through tonight and it do tomorrow morning. Some of it


is dense in places. But first, we've been looking


into allegations of historical child sexual abuse in football


here in the West. Last week the National Police


Chief's Council revealed number of alleged victims nationally now


stands at 526, with 184 On Tonight's BBC Inside Out West,


Geoff Twentyman investigates claims made by three football players


from the West against Bob Higgins, who ran a youth academy


near Bath in the 1980s. Earlier I asked Geoff's


about the allegations. Bob Higgins was the man in charge.


He was the youth development officer.


A this is how it works. It was in Southampton and they allege Bob


Higgins put pressure on him to stay at his house.


Bob was there, the really bizarre thing is he's got two young boys sat


He's got one leg across his front and one across his back.


Again at my age, 12 or 13 at the time, I just accepted it


for being a that's what you do sort of thing.


I went and sat down on the floor and cuddled into his


He did ask me to sit on his lap, which is not


So Geoff what else do you find out in this programme?


Well, all three of them tell me that as boys they were ordered


to take part in naked soap and water massages.


Here's what Jason Upshall, from Street in Somerset,


tells me about an incident at the Gothia Cup in Sweden in 1988.


We were told, get naked, one of your fellow man will do one leg and your


team-mates will do the other. I didn't feel comfortable. I said I


wasn't doing it. I left the area and he followed me down and said this is


about team-building, bonding and relief forcibly told me to get back


up there and do it. Dean Radford alleges that when on a car journey,


he would touch him going to and from football. I remember one day driving


along and he got my head and put my head down in his lap and for an hour


and a half, drove with his head -- with my head in his left. It smells


-- it is gross but there was the smell of your written through his


trousers. It is graphic I know but it is disgusting. It is important to


say that Inside Out West have put these allegations to Mr Higgins but


he has not responded. He has always denied wrongdoing. The


investigations is one of the stories to feature on Inside Out West. They


will be looking at the role Bristol played in Kenny Everett's lie. That


is here tonight at 7:30pm. Prince Harry has been in Wiltshire


today to see how former members of the Armed Forces are being helped


with their mental health. The Prince spent the afternoon


at the Help For Heroes Recovery Centre in Tidworth,


which supports ex-service personnel and their families


who are living with anxiety, depression or stress.Our


Wiltshire reporter No stranger to Help For Heroes


Recovery Centre. He came to learn about the field of mental health.


They call it the hidden wound service where men and women, injured


or not, find themselves dealing with depression, stress, anxiety,


sometimes turning to alcohol. The service has already helped over 1000


people. There is a risk that people get used to experiencing low mood


and anxiety and think they don't need that to sport. The more we can


raise awareness and say there is things we can do, we can help you,


if you can recognise those symptoms in yourself. He was shown the things


they do come introduced to people they have helped. He talked to


people who have had a tough time and in the process of rebuilding


themselves. They found lots of ways to help people stop here they are


building an Iron Age roundhouse and it gives them space to think but


also there in the outdoors and using tools, using their hands and working


as part of a team. For former servicemen, that can sometimes be


just what they need. I've got physical and mental issues that I


need to address. I am no longer the person I was. It is very therapeutic


environment and we enjoyed being out and enjoy the company of our


comrades learning new skills and defining ourselves by what we can do


but not what we can do because of our injuries. Of my friends are


still battling through what they need to but they haven't pointed in


the direction of here like myself. It is invaluable. With Prince Harry


highlighting the issue, Help For Heroes helps to remove any stigma of


mental health problems. Service personnel know they can find the


help they need to heal and not just the injuries you can see.


Two friends of a student who is blind, have designed


a unique map to help him find his way around college.


Elliott Roberts goes to the National Star College


He's using a special 3D printed map that helps him feel where he is.


His friends hope it'll help make Elliott more independent.


Here's our Gloucestershire reporter, Steve Knibbs.


Elliott needs help to make even a short journey from A to B.


He's blind and has limited sensitivity so can't read braille -


he also finds it difficult to remember his way around.


So his friends at college decided to make him a map,


Using a 3D printer they've created tactile map of his


With different shaped raised areas represent different rooms,


And it's ultimate aim is to help Elliott achieve something that


I can be more independent when I leave college.


The map has gone through several designs - with feedback from Elliott


There is quite a lot of failures we have had along the way and their


students have made a lot of changes through Elliott's guidance so he can


recognise certain rooms and certain shapes and feel the doorways,


different bumps along the way. It's thought that this might be


the first time a 3D map has been And something Elliott's friends


feel rightly proud of. I am really excited about the


project and I can help others. Happy it is being used and hard work has


paid off. We hope it will make his life a bit more easier.


The students are so pleased with their idea that they're taking


it to a big educational technology exhibition in London this week.


To maybe help others like Elliott to really feel their way around.


Bristol City's head coach Lee Johnson says he's ashamed


Their latest defeat set an unwanted club record.


Our sports editor Alistair Durden is here - how bad has it got?


Eight league defeats in a row - the worst run in City's history.


Growing discontent amongst the supporters.


What does this all mean for head coach Lee Johnson.


Only one man can really answer that - owner Stephen Lansdown,


Eight defeats is not what we want. I am not happy with that and don't


expect any supporter or anyone associated with the club is either.


We have to turn it around and I'm looking to the management team and


players to do that for us. Is his job face? I will not discuss that as


I do not discuss this in the public media. He has my full support of the


board and my support and the support of the majority of the supporters


and the players. We look forward to turning the situation around and


climbing back up the league. Dursley need to get something from the next


two home games, Sheffield Wednesday and Rotherham? -- does Lee. We need


to get points quickly to restore the confidence of the supporters and the


players because they will be filling it as well. It is not going the way


they wanted to. We have brought in some very good players who have


played at high level and have got that experience and can help the


younger ones through. I don't feel panicked situation here. I feel


disappointed that we have been using these games by the odd goal and I'm


not trying to kid anybody. We need to win games and win them quickly.


You have confidence you have a good squad of players. What has gone


wrong? Some of these games, we think we have got them and they slip away.


When you are struggling, it is difficult to turn it around. I feel


very confident that we have the right infrastructure in the club and


the right playing staff and management staff to make that


happen. Have you got a message that the supporters who have perhaps lost


faith? I understand the frustration. I hate people -- hate losing


football matches. You could be pushing for the top six but we are


not. What I would ask everybody to do is all the frustration they are


suffering, gather it together, turn it into strong support for the


management, players and help us turn it around. We need to get behind the


team. Don't let anything sway us from doing that and work harder


together to get the results we need. They have an FA Cup game on Saturday


and that is a free hit. No one expects them to win that. Two home


league games against Sheffield Wednesday a week tomorrow and bottom


club rather on Saturday after that. You feel they have to get something


from that. Lee Johnson will need something.


Leah Johnson has his full support. Things can change. Thank you.


A couple who found love second time around tied the knot this weekend


and chose a bygone era for the theme of their big day.


Marlene Robinson-Franklin and Ronnie Franklin are 79 and 85.


They met in the village of Uley and got married


in Cam at the weekend - in a special vintage


Marlene and Ronnie believe they're meant to be.


Ronnie was married to his first wife, Barbara for almost 60 years.


She told him before she died he should find love again.


She said to me, "You must find someone else.


She said, "I want you to do it for me."


Marlene also lost her husband, Austin, three years ago.


They'd been married since she was 17.


What I'm getting from my family and many overs is,


"Your husband, Austin, wouldn't want to see you unhappy.


He'd be up there now looking down on you saying, Ronnie,


But she's still taking her style from the fabulous fifties.


It was all about dreamcoats and petticoats.


My skirts were very, very short and when you twirled round,


We liked to show what we had underneath which used


And her favourite dress from all those years ago


Now they are married, what are they hoping for? We had long and happy


marriages and we've got to emulate them. By looking to their past, the


club a lot also looking forward to their new lives together.


Every happiness to you both. Let us catch up with the weather. It is


going to be foggy, I think. Good evening. The risk of fog looks


very likely. Expect by tomorrow morning there will be some districts


which will be in some murky conditions. Where we are free of


that, we will be in for a day not dissimilar to the one we have had.


Remaining dry. Our focus is on the fog. It is a case of a Met Office


warning which will run through to 11 o'clock tomorrow and will cater to


the likelihood that some areas, visibility could be to 50 metres


below. That will having publications the transport and it will take some


time to clear tomorrow, if indeed it does. We have seen some areas of


southern England where the fog has not cleared. You can see the


footprint further westwards. Hence as being in the thick of it. It is a


fairly benign pattern leaving us through towards Wednesday with the


breeze picking up. The fog should not be an issue by Wednesday


morning. We have seen in southern parts fog has not clear that all you


and as we run through this evening into tonight, it would be our


district that will likely see fog first and it footprint will move to


other areas as the night wears on. For all of us where temperatures


dropping between zero and -4-macro, there will be freezing fog first


light and it is not inconceivable that the some areas, it will stay


right through the day. It is looking a reasonable day and it will be a


dry one with variable amounts of cloud and brighter spells.


Temperatures under the fog, no better than seven Celsius. There


should be the last of the fog problems. An opportunity for all


those weather watchers out there. If you take a picture of it and send it


into us and put on your -- our Facebook page, that would be good.


You wouldn't see very much with the fog. Not sure that is a brilliant


idea. Goodbye.


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