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Welcome to BBC Points West with Alex Lovell and David Garmston.


The students bombarded with racist abuse.


one of their tormentors is alleged to be a fellow student


Some people think they can kind of pass everything off as a joke


Cos I think it is something they have never experienced,


it's hard for them to understand the way it is going


The university says it cannot act until there is


an official complaint - we'll talk to a Vice Chancellor.


Police divers search the Feeder Canal in Bristol


for a young man who went missing from a nearby nightclub.


Take a pew - churches open up for the homeless


And remembering the day when two lions escaped from a circus


and wandered into a school in Devizes.


Two University of Bristol students have told us they're being subjected


to racial harassment on social media, including by another


Say they have been sent texts, messages and an abusive video.


From the very beginning of Lee Madan's report,


there is extreme racist and offensive language -


we've decided to broadcast it to highlight what the students have


They have called me "a dirty stinking coon".


They have called me "an S-word flinging ape".


They have called me "a gorilla who has thrown


They have called me the N-word flat out.


A lot of monkey jokes, like Bobo the ape, or Bubbles the monkey,


after Michael Jackson, and just things like that.


Timi Ariyo and Tami Sotire have spent the past year being targeted


It led to this video being sent to hundreds of students on Snapchat.


So many of my friends from Bristol and friends


from home saw the video, and were like, wow, I've never


seen anything like that, I didn't know it still happened


The University of Bristol students were also sent racist comments


on the instant messaging service What'sApp, as well as


And I do think it is like the pack mentality, obviously.


They feel like if they say it in a group, they're less likely


for one person to get in trouble because they do it, like...


They all comment together or they will all say the same things


on a group chat or tweet the same thing, so it is hard to kind


One of the bullies is also a student in


They have not reported the bully into the University


because they told me they do not know how to, and say they are not


confident race issues would be taken seriously.


During freshers', so many people were like, oh, my God,


Given the mix of people who come here, it is quite white


middle-class, I think a lot of people don't have


The university now need to take it on themselves to protect


all of the students of every single race, every background,


and make sure we are all treated fairly and equal.


Timi and Tami hope that by speaking out now,


they can help spread the message that racism will not be tolerated.


Well, earlier I spoke to the University of Bristol's


Pro-Vice Chancellor for Education, Judith Squires.


I asked her what she thought of the reports of racism?


Well, I was saddened and shocked, frankly, when I saw the report,


It is unacceptable anywhere, and it is not acceptable


And so, as a university that takes a zero tolerance approach to any


form of racism or hate crime, we were keen to ensure


that we would be able to take appropriate action if any such


Well, we know from the film that one of the people involved appears to be


Is that young man still with you tonight?


As far as I'm aware no complaint has been brought forward so we have not


Because we have a disciplinary procedure which requires students


to come forward to make complaints, and we would require evidence of any


activity that would require us to take disciplinary action.


Saw the evidence you've seen on the television today, that isn't


enough for you to initiate proceedings against that young man?


I don't have sufficient evidence right now to know


Do you think there is a place for him at Bristol University?


We would need to take disciplinary action.


There is no place for any racist behaviour or any hate crime


Some people might find it difficult to understand why you are so laid


back about it and not proactive, saying, look, there is obviously


I would say, we are not at all laid back about this issue,


If any students experience any kind of racism or hate crime or any


kind of unacceptable behaviour, we actively encourage them to come


The students in this case have not done that,


and we will take action as soon as students bring


We always do look at those very seriously.


The problem is, I guess if you're away from home


for the first time and you're 18, 19, 20 years old, going


into an institution like the University of Bristol,


with its fine tradition and all its hierarchy,


Can you not reach out in some way to the students?


We do work very carefully with our students, we do a lot


of work to support them when they first arrive,


We have special training courses for them to make them clear


that they understand what is acceptable behaviour


We provide support and counselling for them.


They have wardens within their residence who they can speak to.


They have personal tutors in their academic departments


who they can speak to, and our students union has a just ask


service which is there precisely to provide them with the guidance


that they need on any issues that they want to raise.


Briefly, do you think this is damaging to


It is not the kind of activity that we want to have


It has got no place within the university.


And we will work very firmly to eradicate any such


Thank you very much indeed for coming on the programme tonight.


Police divers today joined the search for a 24-year-old man


The students involved say they are still considering whether to make a


complaint, and with that permission, Points West has passed all details


of their report on to the authorities.


Police divers today joined the search for a 24-year-old man


who went missing after a night out in Bristol.


Deakon Wilkins, who's from Worle, was last seen on CCTV at the city's


His family and friends have heard nothing since.


Deakon's parents started their day at Cabot Circus.


Friends and family helping them to hand out leaflets.


Just holding it together, really, just...


Everybody has been so good, it's just keeping busy,


People that saw it advertised, some family, some good friends,


and we're hoping to just keep it in the forefront of people's minds,


and people that haven't seen it will see it as well.


And less the one mile away, the police search had


a depressing twist to it, with divers deployed metres


Just to put this all into a bit of context, the building behind me


is the old Royal Mail building, and this warehouse is a nightclub,


where Deakon Wilkins was on Friday the 13th.


He would have come and turned right out of the nightclub


and crossed that bridge, and then this road with the barrier


is the Feeder Road, you can see in the distance,


police have been conducting their search in this sort


This afternoon, police confirmed Deakon has not used his bank


But the detective leading the investigation was keen to stress


that he is still keeping a very open mind.


We have been working closely with a police search adviser


in respect of where we ought to conduct searches.


We have had a conversation today, and we have agreed that today


seems like, you know, the right time to search the water.


As I said, it is very close to where he went missing,


so it may be that we find something that gives us an idea


But you're still keeping an open mind?


I mean, I do not know where Deakon is at the moment,


and I will continue to keep an open mind on till we find him.


And so the wait for news goes on for two parents who are finding


It must be a nightmare for them, and we really hope there is good news to


bring you on that story. why a shortage of fruit and veg


could mean a boost And the day the lions came -


we look back at some wild visitors A new police investigation


is to look into the death of a young Josh Clayton's family say


they're convinced that someone else was responsible for what happened


to him on Tresco in September 2015. The investigation comes


after new evidence came to light Dorset Police have also been brought


in to review the original investigation by


Devon and Cornwall Police. A couple from Worle who died last


week have been named by police. The body of 70-year-old


Ann Furneaux was found at a house in Pilgrims Way


on Thursday morning. Her death is being


treated as murder. Her husband Edward Furneaux


died after his car hit a tree on Kewstoke Road


on the same morning. Police say they are not looking


for anyone else in connection 100 jobs are to go when Wiltshire


Council Allen says its books. The authority has announced it will put


council tax up by 5%, and is having to cut spending by ?30 million,


blaming a fall in the funding it gets from central government. It


hopes to reduce staffing naturally, as people leave.


There will be less staff, but we have been working on this, and there


will probably be less full-time posts, but most of those will come


from vacant post that we have been keeping an eye on, across the whole


counsel from no particular department. And we are not expecting


necessarily any redundancies. Wiltshire councillors will vote


on the budget next month. Police are investigating


after a swan was shot in the eye with a crossbow


in a park in Cheltenham. Staff at Pitville Park found


the injured bird this morning, which is now being treated


at Vale Wildlife Hospital. The swan was left with a bolt


lodged in its left eye. A fundraising page has been set up


to pay for this one's treatment. Council taxpayers in Somerset


may have to fork out more than ?10 million because


of a row over a road which is more than


two years behind schedule. No-one will even say


when Taunton's Northern Inner Our Somerset Correspondent


Clinton Rogers has Already two years behind schedule,


and still counting. I think people are getting


a bit fed up with it, That would sort them


out, wouldn't it? It is a mile long stretch of road


on the northern side of Taunton, which is designed to ease congestion


in a rapidly expanding town. A town that already has its fair


share of traffic jams. But this project has been beset


with technical difficulties come not least over the construction


of a new bridge. I am telling them to get


workers out here and get And this week, for the first time,


the county council, which is already paying more than ?11 million


on the project, came out fighting. We employed what we thought


was a competent contractor to do this project a number of years ago,


and here we are, January 2017, Whenever this road finally does


open, the question is, who is responsible for all


the technical problems, and all the delays,


and he was going to pick up the bill, which is getting


bigger all the time? The fact is, both sides


are blaming one another, And it is a row that has become now


a formal legal dispute, and the loser could be faced


with a very big bill indeed. The contractor, Carillion,


is refusing interviews, The council, though,


is adamant - we are not I'm not a charitable person,


I'm not prepared to give it. So now the lawyers are involved


in a dispute which could And of course push up the final bill


even higher for whoever has to pay. If you live in Bristol you will have


seen the number of people sleeping rough in the city has risen sharply.


On any data can be dozens of people spending the night outside, and at


this time of year temperatures often fall below freezing.


For the first time, as part of this project, some of the city's churches


are offering beds for the night will stop Andrew is at one of them for us


now. What is the idea? That is the view from the street,


the church where we are. The temperature a couple of minutes is 1


degrees, just above freezing. Inside, it is much warmer. They are


putting down some of the temporary beds, 12 tonight. Blow-up mattresses


and duvets. Dinner is in the oven over there. We have got David from


the homeless charity to tell us why this is necessary. You have got 65


emergency beds, at you have still got perhaps 75 people sleeping


rough. Give us an idea of the scale of the problem?


Yes, we set up an additional 35 bed this time last year. Before that


there were 30 beds already running by charities in the city. All of


those charities working very closely together. But we have got far too


many people out on the streets of Bristol every night.


The beds are full and you still have people outside?


Yes, absolutely. Lots of people come to Bristol hoping they can get into


accommodation here. We have got a team that goes out and helps people


on the street, saying you can get help and another local authority


area, they need to get help there. We have got people ultimately into


supported housing or private sector accommodation. But we have got


rising house prices and rent prices, so there is less available


accommodation in the city. Thanks very much indeed. We have


also got someone who has come from a budget meeting. Thank you for coming


so quickly. We are big and rich city, relatively. Any to be doing


more to get these people off the streets.


Exactly, and that is what we're doing. This is also the supply of


housing. What we are saying is that some of these crisis, we can only


tackle them by the city mobilising. This is one expression, responding


to an appeal we have made to Bristol, across business, voluntary


sector, faith groups, to tackle rough sleeping.


We have got perhaps six to five bed, but more people out on the streets.


Duminy to put more money into this? -- do we need to?


There are is an important to funding. We need to protect people


in private rental as well. There are also mental health and sustenance


issues. -- substance abuse. What we did was put an appeal out to the


city to help us take on the challenge, and we are pleased to say


that churches, businesses and the voluntary sector are stepping up. We


need more people to come forward, empty buildings. It is not a


long-term solution but it is a solution to the challenge we face


right here and right now. Thank you very much. This is a


four-week trial, it is already had two weeks, there is another couple


of weeks left. If it is successful, there are people coming here


tonight, then it could happen for a slightly longer period next year.


Thank you very much. Pass on our thanks for the volunteers and


everyone therefore what they are doing on this cold night.


Wet weather in Italy and Spain is continuing


to affect the availability of some produce here.


Importers and wholesalers in the West say they've seen


so could that be good news for local growers?


Andy Howard was up early today to find out.


By the time the West Country weeks, business is most done for the day at


the Bristol fruit and veg centre. This place opens at 2am, selling to


shops, restaurants and supermarkets. But these warehouses are almost


empty. When the going is good and all guns


blazing, this section would be completely full of tomatoes. Two,


three, four pallets deep. We would be selling roundabout ?5 50, ?6. At


the moment we could double that. Absolutely crazy. This is not


short-term, this will be over the next six weeks.


Here is the lesser spotted courgette. Two months ago, this


would have been worth 35p. At the moment, it is ?1 50. If you tick the


box as a whole, that is usually about 4- ?5. Now, ?20. The question


is why? The answer is whether? This company imports fruit from his


homeland of Spain, but this is his family farm.


This year I think we lost around 45% of the harvest. It was all flooded,


and some of the areas we had to cut down the trees.


And that is why a shortage of citrus fruit is predicted in a fortnight's


time. We rely on Spain, Italy and France for more than half of our


fresh produce. But local growers are encouraging us to return to our


roots. Well, root vegetables. With Somerset Cale picked as an


alternative to Mediterranean greens. In two years, we do not know exactly


what the nature of our relationship will be with Spain, so it is a good


practice run just to help local farmers by trying their produce, and


when the price of Spanish produce is likely to go up even more, than it


has already, we have really got the supply chain locally that we can


pool upon. For many, though, the rain in Spain


is becoming more and more of a pain. How will we manage without a


courgette? To think they have gone up that


much, that is quite something. A petition started by


Carol Vorderman calling for the last surviving Dambuster to be knighted


has now passed 200,000 signatures. George "Johnny" Johnson was 22


when he took part in the 1943 air raid using experimental


bouncing bombs in Germany. Ms Vorderman said it was


"disgraceful" that the 95-year-old was omitted from the


New Year's honours list, She's now planning to hand


in a new nomination Gloucester City's fans will have


to travel out of the county to watch their team play


home games next season. The Tigers have been


without their own ground They've now agreed to


groundshare with Evesham - which is 25 miles away -


after spending the last seven All this year at Points West we're


celebrating our 60th anniversary, and looking back at some


of the stories that have made And in April 1980 a story


in Devizes captured Two African lions


were on the loose - they escaped from a circus


and went to a nearby school. It all ended well -


and with some spectacular memories, as our Wiltshire reporter


Will Glennon found out. It was April 28, 1980, and normal


life at Devizes school was about to be shattered. The circus was in town


on the green next door. Somehow, to Lyoness Open escaped and got into


the school. We were certainly aware that the


lion was walking down the path towards us.


Vanessa and Karen were pupils at the time, and remember the whole thing.


I think to start with we were frozen with shock, but then there was a lot


of noise, a lot of panic and screaming, and that unfortunately


frightened the lion, and she ran towards us, and she jumped through a


glass door. I remember being out and about, I


had my lunch, and members of staff coming out and just shouting that we


all had to go into our tutor rooms. Because there were lions in the


school, which obviously made everyone move rather quickly, and we


spent the whole time looking out the window trying to see Lions


desperately. A Points West reporter and film crew


were quickly dispatched, and the story went across the whole country.


It seems they had escaped from a circus in a neighbouring field. One


of them got into Devizes compressions of school this track --


comprehensive school. We do not have any photos of the


escaped lions because people did not have cameras and mobile phones in


their pocket in 1980. We have two imagine what it was like for the


children to be facing a real lifeline. Were they thinking, this


is it, it's all over? Or were they thinking, we will have a great tale


to tell. What was the reaction? Someone really excited, and panic


from the girls, they were screaming. We just ran in there and shut the


door. I was excited. Memories resurfaced recently on the


Graham Norton show. In the distance I saw what looked a


great Dane coming towards us. It came up the steps towards us and


smashed through the plate glass window behind me. It was a lie in.


-- Lagan. The Lions were tranquillised and


recaptured, and no one was hurt, but that April day will always be


remembered here is the town's main event.


It is a good story. Money, we had a lion and will today?


Bring pets to school day. Let's catch up with the weather, how


is the fog today? As many of you can attest, it was


quite extensive and dense, last night we were seeing visibility


dropping past the M5towards Devon, down to 50 metres, and this forecast


will be something of a d j vu experience. Let me take you through


it. Once again, we will look at the risk of fog forming across these


eastern areas of our region. Again some of that will be lingering for


quite awhile during the first half of tomorrow. Elsewhere, it will be a


day of varying amounts of cloud and bright and sunny spells. It will be


a dry one for us all. Another Met Office warning, this caters for


areas from around my head any where eastwards. -- Minehead. A greater


threat of seeing fog of freezing fog, and that will have a disruptive


influence of you out and about the roads. Here is a wider look at how


things are shaping up. The footprint for the fog forming across central


and southern England. As we run through the night into tomorrow, it


lingers for quite a while. Effectively lying through a good


part of the day. It may be a similar story tomorrow. Through the rest of


this evening, varying amounts of cloud, the fog forming readily,


particularly where it has been already due course of the day. And


towards the end of the night, we are unlikely to have seen temperatures


as low as we did last time, but nonetheless there will be some areas


getting down to -2, minus three. Further west, could be temperatures


above freezing. Into tomorrow, the longevity of some of those areas of


fog of freezing fog, and the best of any brightness out towards the West.


Where we have fog, it will tend to lift, and foreign banks of low


cloud, which could be stubborn across parts of Wiltshire.


Temperatures tomorrow getting up perhaps to seven Celsius. Much


colder on Thursday, brisk south easterly wind, thick cloud, some


snow with that maybe as well. We have put the story about the


Lions on our Facebook page. We're off to panic buy some


courgette. Otherwise, we will see you tomorrow.


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Very often, the line between fact and fiction


In this series, I'm exploring how three turning points in our history


have been manipulated to become our greatest historical legends.


I want to be entertained. Entertain me.


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What have you been up to? Something grubby?


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