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Welcome to BBC Points West with Alex Lovell and David Garmston.


Our main story tonight: Looking for a parking space.


Hundreds of protesters are outside the Bath Guildhall as councillors


decide where the new Park and Ride will go.


Upstairs, the council is hardening the new park and rides will help


future proof bath but here the mood is different.


Our other headlines tonight: A 75-year-old woman is left


like this after an attackers steals her handbag whilst


A father's petition for longer sentences for dangerous driving,


after the boy racers who killed his son will


And a world record for a BMX rider - as he takes us


Hundreds of people have gathered outside the Guildhall in Bath


tonight to protest against plans for a new Park and Ride.


The discussions are now underway on which greenfield site to choose


with a vote expected later this evening.


It sounds pretty lively. Still they protest and they have been here


since 4:30pm although the numbers have dwindled, and still the message


remains that they don't want a park and ride to the east. I want to show


you some pictures from honourable when it was at its height. We had


banners, beekeepers and even bagpipes at one point. They see this


as their final chance to tell the council they don't want the park and


ride to the east of Bath. Let's have a look at Bath in more detail. There


are currently three, to the north and west and south. There has long


been talk of a fourth and in the last few years, the council has


looked at 21 potential sites. Last week they announced they narrowed it


down to just two, both to the east on green belt land and right next to


each other. The council wouldn't talk to us before the meeting


started but last week when the plans were announced the leader said, this


is all about future proofing Bath, that with 7000 new homes and 11,000


new jobs, that park and ride would help alleviate the traffic. The


protest are certainly don't agree with that. The costs are escalating


and it has gone from 10 million to 17,000,040 park and ride that won't


do anything while at the same time they are cutting services left,


right and centre so it is disgraceful and very disappointing.


The campaigners were also keen to tell me that one of the early as


this is designed to help will be the London Road and I was here this


morning to see what people using it think of the plans. It is the school


run that causes all the disruption and when there isn't, this road is


absolutely fine. It is an area where people walk and enjoy the pleasure


of it and they are going to sell it as a car park and they don't see


where it will solve the problem. Who isn't going to stop not less. They


have got a nice place they can have up at the old aerodrome. They have


got the A46. It is part of my childhood and I used to play down


there and also we are worried about getting flooded. The meeting goes on


upstairs and the voters and expected for another hour or so but we will


have result of that in the ten o'clock News and whatever they


bought for today it is still not over. The application goes to


planning and we know from history there might still be some hurdles to


overcome. Thank you and we will have result later.


The search has continued today for a 24-year-old man who went


missing after a night out in Bristol.


Deakon Wilkins from Worle was last seen on CCTV leaving Motion


Police divers spent the morning searching the nearby Feeder canal.


His family has also been handing out leaflets.


A 75-year-old woman has suffered injuries including


a fractured eye socket, after an attack in a Bristol park.


It happened in broad daylight on Monday.


Naomi Roberts is now recovering in the Bristol Royal Infirmary.


It's one of Bristol's most popular parks 75-year-old Naomi Roberts


of an attack that's left her with shocking injuries.


Her face is bruised and swollen With fractures to her cheek bone


and eye socket and to her collar bone too.


I saw her wheel then on a trolley with her face looking absolutely


horrendous. Her daughter Joanna says she is worried it could now take


months to recover. Inevitably, it is going to have a really significant


impact, not just on her but on other people as well, other older people


who might use that park who will feel unsafe to go out so it has a


huge knock-on impact. On quality-of-life. She only saw


herself for the first time this morning. She was really shocked and


upset at how she looked and also worried about, she is going to look


like that for quite a long time. People will think I'm a monster when


I am walking around! She was walking her dog in Eastville


Park on Monday afternoon and it appears she was attacked from behind


and her handbag pulled off her shoulder and she fell flat on her


face. She doesn't remember what happened but she has told her


daughter she thinks she remembers seeing a bike circling around before


the attack and she saw somebody cycling away when she was on the


ground. Police have called the assault


on Naomi despicable and asked for the public's help


to trace her attacker. They've appealed for anyone


who was in Eastville Park on Monday lunchtime to get in touch with any


information they might have. Frightening. You're watching BBC


points West on the last Wednesday in January.


And stay with us tonight as there's much more


still to bring you - including.


The swan shot with a crossbow in Cheltenham -


And meet the mums and children whose allotment in Bristol is now helping


raise money for refugee families abroad.


First, an update on a story we brought you last night.


Two Bristol University students are to make a formal complaint


to the police after being racially abused on social media.


Timi Areeyo and Tami SoTeer told Points West yesterday about how


they'd been subjected to bullying and offensive comments


Today they also agreed to talk to the university's pro vice


chancellor who emailed them this afternoon to arrange a meeting.


Lee Madan's report starts with a shocking reminder


of what the two students have had to cope with.


This shocking video about University of Bristol student Timi Ariyo


was shared between hundreds of students around


Timi, and his friend Tami Sotire, told Points West yesterday how


it was sent to them as part of a campaign of racist abuse


by a group of 15 young men - many of them they know


They say the reaction from viewers has convinced them to now report


From the public support I know these people are in the minority


and should be brought to justice for the stuff they've


I guess we'd like to see something done to these people even if it's


just speaking to them letting them know they can't carry


The young men who've been targeting Timi and Tami include a law


student at Cambridge, a medical student at Plymouth


The University of Bristol told Points West yesterday it couldn't


investigate until Timi and Tami made an official complaint,


but today it reached out to them, inviting them


They've decided to accept and want all the universities


involved to take action against their students.


These are future lawyers, future doctors, future politicians,


I wouldn't want to have my doctor spew racial slurs in his youth


and have that mentality carry on into adulthood,


you shouldn't want to put these people out in public it reflects


badly on your establishment so surely should want to do


something and stamp it out before they graduate.


I think it's a shame it took it being on Points West


to get it on TV for reaction it should be the university


They say they'll approach the meetings with an open mind,


and hope something can be done to change the attitude of the young


A man from Wiltshire whose son died when he was hit by a car is calling


on the government to increase sentences for death


Major Richard Gilbey's son James was knocked over and left for dead


by two men who were jailed for eight years.


Today, he handed in a petition to Number Ten.


In a moment, I'll be speaking to his local MP -


but first here's our Home Affairs Correspondent,


This is just another step in Major Richard Gilbey's fight


At the door of 10 Downing Street - handing in a 16,000 strong petition


asking the Prime Minister for her support.


We are just handing that in in the hope it will help support the public


consultation and raise awareness and take this forward another step to


get justice for James and others and an increase in the maximum sentence


and a change in the sentencing guidelines.


It is a campaign he wishes he'd never had to be part of.


But in July 2015 his 25-year-old son James was mown down and left


The two men responsible had been racing through Leeds


at speeds of up to 80mph - James didn't stand a chance.


Malik and Mahmood were sentenced


but are likely to be released after just four.


Malik, the driver who hit James,


had 35 previous convictions for motoring offences.


We no longer live, we just exist. They gave James a death sentence and


they gave me, my wife and my daughter a life sentence.


give in these cases is 14 years - but the average time offenders spend


That according to Major Gilbey and others is simply not enough.


Under new plans being considered the government could extend


the maximum sentence to life imprisonment - that's


We know that nothing is enough for taking someone's life and sentences


can't really reflect that. It's going to mean that judges who are


deciding on these cases, trying to work out what sort of sentences


should be imposed, I'm going to have more scope to add greater punishment


to those who have been involved in the most serious cases.


also support the introduction of a life sentence for those


who kill whilst driving dangerously or whilst drunk.


The couple died when their tandem was hit by a man driving


The Ministry Of Justice today told me they 'are determined to make


sure those who drive dangerously and kill face the full force


Their consultation ends in one week and should report back


Joining us now from Westminster is the Conservative MP


for Devizes in Wiltshire, Claire Perry.


Thanks for coming on the programme. How likely is it that the sentences


available to the courts will be increased? I think it is very


likely, we have heard all the way along since we started this campaign


back in September just how many cases there are clearly sentencing


guidelines currently don't seem to fit the crime. We know


constituencies right across the country including the Prime


Minister's have had the sorts of awful, dreadful tragic accidents,


crimes, happening. I am very confident the consultation will


result in changing the law for the worst sort of death by dangerous


driving to be tried on the same tariff of manslaughter, which it


effectively is. As your report pointed out very well, that is not


enough because what we need to make sure that if we start from that


level you don't then have sentences winnowed down. I wanted to ask you


about that. The judges already have the power to sentence for 14 years,


so longer sentences are available already but they are not being used.


There is a series of reasons. One as they say we need to reserve most


serious sentences for the most serious crimes. In the case of James


who was mown down by two men who stopped only to retrieve their


number plate, you have to ask yourself how bad is the case have to


be? There are all sorts of automatic deductions under sentencing


guidelines would really need to be reviewed so I think we will see a


very strong signal from government that the maximum tariff needs to go


up to life and what we want is clear guidelines on why those longer


sentences can be applied. Just looking at James's terrible tragedy.


The driver already had 35 previous driving offences on his licence. It


doesn't make sense that someone with that sort of dreadful driving record


can still be on the road? And the judge made it very clear that he


wanted to be able to sentence for a longer. I as I understand that under


the current rules are fewer not tested as positive for drink-driving


at the scene, that counts in your favour but in this case the driver


fled the scene, Bond has clothes and had the car so it was impossible to


prove whether or not he was drunk or on drugs at the time, so there are


totes that frustrate the legal system and mean these awful crimes


are not being accompanied by the late sentence.


A 43-year-old man has been arrested on suspicion of arson


following a fire in a first floor flat in Trowbridge.


Firefighters were called to Woolpack Meadows just


One person was taken to hospital after breathing in smoke.


A man's been given a two year Criminal Behaviour Order to stop him


42-year-old Paul Charlton is also not allowed to give bird food


The council prosecution follows complaints that his actions have led


to a rise in the number of pigeons in the city centre.


A fund to pay for treatment to a swan shot with a crossbow


George the swan was found on Pitteville Lake yesterday


with the bolt from the crossbow in his neck.


He's still in a critical condition at the Vale Wildlife Hospital.


Our Gloucestershire reporter, Steve Knibbs, has been to see him.


Welcome to the Vale wildlife Centre. They have letters to see George and


he appears his cage. You can see the patch over his left eye, he has lost


that I. Currently stable but in a critical condition so not out of the


woods, and public support financially his treatment is well


over ?3500 and the reward offered for information leading to the


conviction of the person responsible stands at ?3000 to the public


support is incredible. We can speak to the assistant manager, tell us


more about George's injuries. The bolt went in through his left eye


and it has actually exited on the bottom right hand side of his lower


jaw. When he came in, the ball was still in situ and when we removed it


it haemorrhaged really badly. We at one point thought we would lose him


on the table due to bleeding but since then we have managed to stop


the bleeding and he has been on IV fluids, antibiotics and


anti-inflammatories and pain relief and he will get for the treatment


once he has stabilised. I understand it was only millimetres from his


brain. Where does this rank? This is the worst we have witnessed because


it was definitely an intentional injury. It is absolutely horrendous


when you consider to such a beautiful bird, but reaffirming your


face then human nature, that public support. It really has. We will of


course keep you updated about George's progress. Just horrible.


A BMX rider from Bristol is now the holder of a world record


for the most 'death spins' in a minute.


The move involves balancing with just the rear wheel


of the bike on the floor and spinning 360 degrees.


Matti Hemmings - who is 29 and lives in Portishead -


His attempt has now been ratified by the Guiness Book of World records


It means nobody has to climb on a bike. Congratulations. First of all


this is your second time breaking the world record? I did it before a


live on blue Peter, no pressure! After I did that somebody else beat


it and got the record. Somebody you know? Yes, I like challenges,


sliders again and managed to achieve 46 so it is great. Major pressure so


we will have a look at that now just to see what you do. We will speed up


work because obviously it takes a bit of time for you to do that. We


are almost there, and then we see you get of the bite. What did you


need to be? 44. You sounded pretty happy! And quite busy! Busy, there


was a lot of pressure on my leg so I had to swing my body and to keep the


rotation is going so a lot of bombing in the legs. When did you


start doing this? I started when I was about 11 so been riding for a


number of years and saw it at a BMX event, saw a guy spinning around and


started asking loads of questions. They gave me loads of advice, where


to go, and started going from there. You can offer you advice to other


people because you have done us a little guide. On how to do a death


spin so offend with one stenosis, stamped by and press record. -- if


any body wants to know. Grab the peg, over the top. Using my legs to


pump. And when the smoke, grabbed the peg and the handlebars and


finish off on the pedals. You are not even in the saddle. And


with that he was gone. That is amazing. I know BMX folk will know


this but it is very small. How do you get that sort of


manoeuvrability? A lot of practice involved in the lot of momentum.


Being able to ride on one wheel as well, so a lot of practice goes into


that, and then after that you develop the tricks. You start from


the basics and work your way up. But this is your life? I am lucky to be


will to write. I do it full time so I do lots of events and shows and I


compete at the highest level. Do lots of school shows as well.


Teaching. So if you want to have a go! I will see you after Rod six


you're sort of BMX royalty so we bow before you. Or do a death spin or


whatever it is called! A group of mums from a children's


centre in Bristol have raised money The Speedwell nursery and children's


centre have been meeting and transforming an allotment


for two years. They've used it to bring


their children together as well as raise money


for displaced families. Tommy is here on a regular basis. He


is part of a group of children and their mums who have transformed this


council allotment. We turned it from really being full of rubbish, we got


rid of six giant bags just of crushed beer cans. With bunting it


has now become an all leases in this urban part of Bristol. At home we


only have a little decked area. I don't think you'd actually seen a


worm until he came here! Or my goodness, he needs to come and be


able to play in the mud and just get dirty and he absolutely loves it.


It's taken two years of hard work. It's good for growing and stuff, I


really like it. I googled blueberries for me to eat. Besides


growing fruit and vegetables for themselves, the group decided to


help other families in greater need. We made ?600 on the jams stall which


really surprised us, we didn't expect to make that much, and we


teamed up with a city farm and they offered us to run the bar at their


bonfire night event and we made ?5,000, and we didn't expect to do


that. The money was given to refugee families. The group feel their


greatest achievement is how the allotment has brought them together.


Looks very tasty as well! And what a gorgeous day. Speaking of which, Ian


is on the roof. Tomorrow will be colder? Tomorrow


will be bitterly cold compared to conditions of late because the winds


have been very light but that won't be the case tomorrow and already the


breezes packing up, and it will be accompanied by a lot of close around


through the course of the day but by late afternoon, some brighter


weather starts to emerge from the south. The reason for the change of


conditions is a pool of very cold air across the continent now being


dragged across the English Channel. Associated with that tonight, the


cloud is thickening up and we could see a disturbance higher the


atmosphere, which will deepen the cloud significantly to bring


sprinklings of light snow, maybe some the result which will tend to


freeze on contact with objects and as we head to lose tomorrow, as you


can see from the south, we start to lose the cloud cover but it'll be a


process reserved for later in the day. We are thickening up the cloud


from the south-east with the breeze picking up at the same time and into


the second half of the night you will see just a sprinkling of some


of this very light snow, not expected to settle, just something


you may spot if out and about, and the temperature for all of us


dropping to freezing or below around minus 1- minus three. A cold start


and already a brisk breeze with the wind chill becoming very much a


factor through the course of tomorrow associated with that will


be this area of cloud and through the South you can see how it starts


to brighten up and it will be too late to make any difference to the


temperature because the ambient air temperature probably only 2-4. If we


then add on the effect of the wind, this by midday is the sort of feel


of the temperature, about -3, minus six.


A viewer wrote to me and said as he really outside? I can assure you it


is not faked! Now we will have all the other


letters RADIO: 'The UK has voted to leave


the European Union by 52% to 48.


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