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There was a report of an altercation between a security guard and a


member of the public. It was that we know that the young man involved has


died as a result of that. How a discredited doctor


from Bath is now getting How Bristol Rugby's Tom Varndell


could make Premiership history. And rare footage of a West


heritage is now being turned A security guard has been questioned


on suspicion of manslaughter after a man died outside a shopping


centre in Trowbridge. It's thought the man


could have been shoplifting, and may have been injured


as he was challenged. Our reporter Scott Ellis


is there for us this evening. What more can you tell us? It was


yesterday afternoon and a man in his 30s was spotted. They think he was


shoplifting in the centre of Trowbridge. He is in his 30s and


ears from Cornwall. Here's a rough sleeper and he is known to police


and store detectives. He was seen coming out of Sainsbury's with


bottles of alcohol stashed underneath his jacket next to his


stomach stop he is followed by a store detective from Sainsbury's.


Actually, eight store detective contracting to Cambridge. Truss


Sainsbury's. This is the science shopping centre just in front of


Asda in a centre of Trowbridge. There is an altercation between the


two of them. The man with the bottles. The ground, the bottles


smashed and he gets a very serious stomach injury. The paramedics are


called, two ambulances, air ambulances landed the local park.


They try to save his life, but he died in the car park just three


o'clock this afternoon. It is an eyewitness account.


First of all, he just tried to block him and then


very adamant that he was getting away with this drink and then,


I don't think it was like a thing that he meant to do,


And as he tried to grab him, the other guy sort of tried to


pull away and he sort of tripped and fallen on top of it.


And then there was like loads of people around so I


didn't see a lot of what was going on.


The man was taken into questioning. The store detective, on suspicion of


manslaughter, now released on unconditional bail. The detective


told some of the things he was having to weigh up as he


investigated this case. There's been various episodes


we understand involving this Security staff from the surrounding


stores during the day, but we are in the process of


building up a picture to understand That is ready what this


investigation is We need to understand whether or not


force being used was proportionate to the circumstances


that unravelled during the course of The police say they need more


information. Two more eyewitnesses. Just after... It was busy because


the schools had just come out. If anyone has permitted, contact the


police. Well, earlier I spoke to James Kelly


from the British Security Industry Association and asked him


whether he'd heard of such Sadly, such tragedies do happen,


but thankfully not very often. It is a dangerous job


security officers do, they are often faced with serious


danger and hostile attacks, What sort of guidelines


do they work under if Of it as part of


the industry that is regulated, such as our members,


then they have two undergoes certain training in order


to get their licence. If it is an in-house security


guard, then they are not necessarily subject to the same


strict regulatory requirements that If they are a security


guard, with they have the same powers as just another member


of the Public order they have a little bit more in terms


of restraining in things like that? They are subject to


the same requirements. They must use reasonable


force and that reasonable It really revolves around


what they honestly and instinctively believe is the threat


that they face at that time. But they don't have powers


like the police unless they are operating under some specific


police authorised scheme. I don't know what the


circumstances of this It seems like there are


lots of different levels and lots of different


rules, as well. I think for the regulated sector,


it is clear enough. Whether they are a certain


security guard or a door supervisor, then their


training requirements are different. The concern might be


where you have in-house security personnel who


are not necessarily subject to the same


training requirements might not be vetted as well as the


contract it sector. Do you think that is something


that needs addressing? Is something we have called


for addressing for a very long time. In a shopping mall, you might have


security guards that are regulated on one side of the shopping aisle


and on the other side, you might well have in-house guards that


are not necessarily subject to any Unless that particular


retailer or other Thank you very much


for joining us, Mr Kelly. Experts in child health say they're


concerned that a former doctor from Bath is being given


an international platform for his An MEP invited Andrew Wakefield


to Brussels to show Mr Wakefield also says


he's met Donald Trump Our Health Correspondent


Matthew Hill reports. The BBC is what is


known as fake news. It was the fake findings


of Andrew Wakefield's paper to decades ago linking MMR


vaccinations and autism that caused One of the signs of that is that


for a whole generation we had no cases of measles


here at the children's hospital. But two years ago a child went


into A who was infected. They simpy passed another child


who had had an operation and that child was also


infected with measels. Yesterday, he was in Brussels


to show his new film to some MEPS. An invitation by this Green MEP


dcause such an outcry they had to move the venue outside


the European Parliament. Requiring children to be vaccinated


has passed with support. My oldest son, Ian,


was walking and running. After the vaccine, he was no


longer able to do that. The CBC had known all along


there was this MMR autism risk. And his message is now


reaching President Trump, who's just appointed someone


who agrees with Mr Wakefield to chair an investigation


into vaccine safety. I've met with many politicians


over the last 22 years. Most of them look at their watch,


they look at their phone. They are not interested


in what your talking about. Donald Trump gave us 50 minutes


to discuss a very serious issue. He understands it coming he gets it,


he intends to do something This leading vaccine


expert is horrified. It is alarming if it is true


that people like Andrew Wakefield, who have been


comprehensively discredited professionally, are getting the ear


of people who are clearly very In the end, when it comes


to public health decisions, you have to look objectively


at what everybody has put together. The danger is that we have


a return of this problem with people not immunising their


children with the vaccine and we see more cases of measles,


more cases of mumps, rubella, and people die


as a consequence of it. Since Andrew Wakefield


was discredited, The big fear now is


they could fall again. Thanks for watching BBC


Points West on this Friday Cold conditions remain over the


course of the weekend and light snow towards the end of the programme


forecasted. I am in Wales for one day only which has been turned into


1750s Cornwall. By Amanda I am under strict instruction to meet Poldark.


You must be in there somewhere. Hello!


It's been confirmed that a body found in Bristol harbour on Sunday


The 24-year-old, who was from Worle in North Somerset, was last seen


leaving the nearby Motion nightclub in the early hours of


His death is not being treated as suspicious.


The fiancee of a Gloucestershire man who was knocked down is appealing


An inquest was suspended after it heard Chris Smith may have argued


with an unknown man in the minutes before he died.


A great brother, a great son, a great uncle.


Chris Smith was 41, a doting father of two young


In the early hours of the 28th of June last year, he was struck


by a white van outside the village of Staunton and died


His fiancee Tina Spiers is desperate for the truth.


She admits said they'd had a row the previous evening


But his movements afterwards are largely unknown.


The inquest into Chris' was suspended in December.


A witness had given evidence to suggest he may


have been seen arguing with someone before he died.


Proceedings were halted for the police to conduct


We are appealing for witnesses to come forward.


We just would like to know how things


happened and how we he ended up where he was because


it was the completely opposite direction to home.


Are you prepared to accept that this was a tragic accident?


Because it is so out of character for Chris.


Like I said, there was nothing up where he was


And it was completely the opposite way to home.


There are unanswered questions such as what was the father


Why was he in near the middle of the road when struck by the vehicle?


Questions the family hope the coroner will address.


Any help would be fantastic because we've


been left at a bit of a standstill for a while now.


Gloucestershire Police have declined an interview but told the BBC that


one or two of their inquiries are outstanding, but there is no


Ben Godfrey, Bbc Midlands Today, Staunton in Gloucestershire.


Rugby fans could see history made this evening.


Bristol's Tom Varndell needs to score just one more try to break


Alistair Durden is at Ashton Gate, where Bristol are playing


Ali, it's an important night for the team too.


Absolutely right. A draw or a win and Bristol are off the bottom of


the premiership table and they have changed all 15 players from last


week 's Anglo Welsh cup tie for this to. All the big names will be back


and they will be well rested as well. That includes Tom Varndell,


well known as one of the quickest players in rugby union. We would not


look out of place in the Olympics 100 metres, I can tell you. He is


one of the best finishes and tonight he has the chance to put himself in


the record books as the premiership's all-time top tries


Gora. -- scorer. Obviously, scoring tries


is what I love to do. The guy on the wing at the end


of the most of the moves. The clubs I've been at,


I have always enjoyed scoring tries and it hasn't


changed since I was young. Any player wants to leave


their mark on the game. If I can do that


with my try scoring, Varndell's talent for


the try line was evident In only his second match he scored


a hatrick the fastest And a year later he scored


on his England debut. Fastforward 11 years and his try


against sale last month took him He is obviously a bit of a freak.


Give ball out wide and see him like a racehorse live. It is impressive


to see. He's got a lot of pace and there is no substitute for that. I


think Jason has helped a lot. He is creating space not just by himself


and for Tom and Tom is feeding off that.


His recent form has seen him rewarded with a new contract


At just 30, he has the chance to add plenty more scores to that record.


As you can see on the pitch, the last couple of months


I love the city, it is a great city with a great fan base.


The last sort of month has been really good for us.


If we can do that, we should have a good year.


I have got Tom's team-mate Jordan Crane here. You know him pretty


well. How big an achievement is this going to be when, not if, he manages


to break the record. As you say, it is going to be a formality. As long


as he does it. Hopefully it is delighted that can help us get off


the bottom of the table. I've known him since we were 16. He is always


being the guy who when you give him the ball in space he's going to


score a try. Is as quick as quick as it was then? That is one of the


things that is incredible about him. At his age, he is not lost any pace.


I remember at school when he ran the 100 metres in ten seconds in bare


feet, so it is just incredible. What an athlete. Some finisher. This came


to light, Bristol has a chance to get off the bottom of the table.


Good psychologically. A difficult start to the season. We fought for


every single game. The point is that we picked up before we got our first


wins were massive. This next five games are going to determine where


we end up. We can pick up some points. While the big boys are away


at the six Nations. We are a chance and we can get some points to put


pressure on Worcester. You made your comeback injury last week. By pride


from their returning suite against Leicester? That would be nice. The


turnaround was a bit too much from you. The bones were hurting this


week. Hopefully I will get in and play some part against Leicester. I


hope Bristol get the win. It's also a landmark night


for Bath's Semesa Rokodoguni. He makes his 100th appearance


for the club in their home game Tomorrow, Gloucester


are away at Leicester, that sees the Burns brothers


face each other. Billy for Gloucester,


Freddie with the Tigers. And in football,


these are the games. Swindon have goalkeeper


Lawrence Vigoroux available for their game at Bury after his red


card against Oxford was overturned. The rugby tonight starts at 7:45,


we'll have the results at 22:00 and be able to tell


you if Tom Varndell has Rare footage of an aircraft


which is part of the West's heritage The Wayfarer was known


as the lorry of the skies, and was the first commercial


aircraft produced after Well it's now being turned


into a documentary and one of the producers, Andrew Warren,


joins us in the studio. Thank you for coming in. And sharing


this but it is. It is gorgeous. In a loft. How did you come across this?


Ladies that I've got this film. My husband used to work at the Bristol


aeroplane company. Common have a look. She said that the work of the


aircraft? She said I got no idea. We used to just bring a wage packet


home. Let's talk about the wayfarer. Not the most glamorous to scripting,


the lorry of the skies. It was designed up the road at the lorry


housed in Clifton. What they have to do was today called the design staff


because it was getting bombed. We certainly didn't want to lose your


design staff. It was designed there, very rudimentary, but it was a real


workhorse. A five tonne lorry of the airwaves, really. It is absolutely


massive. You can get an idea of the scale there if you look at those


shots. Do you consider it beautiful? Or is it a lump? I would say it


would condiment Concorde lovely in a museum because it is so different.


214 of these aircraft were sold. 16 Concorde. Drawing comparisons, in


austerity Bristol, not a lot of money about after the war. It had a


meal on the table for a lot of local people. Doctor Russell and leisurely


freeze the designers of that were very proud of it. It created


employment and powered by that great Bristol Hercules engines. We have


got more footage of it. Listening to you, you can see the excitement and


passion you have. When you first watched the footage, what was it


like? Amazing. It is sound film. It is narrated and it gives great


detail to how that aircraft can be taken anywhere in the world and


simply repaired. Letters have a look at some of the narration in the


film. This gives us unobstructed access to the full width of the


hold. Any hold itself, ample tying down points are provided. It makes


the passengers comfortable while in flight. I love that so much because


I could just watch it all day. Is it the freighter or the wayfarer? Is at


the passenger one? The wayfarer was the passenger aircraft. First civil


aircraft produced by any British producer in the world. It ticked two


boxes. The way the doors open: the clamshell doors, that was


innovative. The Americans tried it with the Douglas aircraft, but they


went from the site. For you go, the DVDs coming out. One thing you have


to do come out, Concorde or wayfarer's which one. Interesting.


I've got to go for Concorde, but you want a nice cross-section when you


open a museum. That is what you're trying to achieve. It is like asking


people to choose between their children. It has to be done. I


really appreciate that. Good luck with the DVD. What is it called?


Wins over Filton. Thank you. It's been one of the hottest hits


on TV in a long time and today Some scenes for the new series


are being filmed in Wells, which is being transformed


into a Cornish market town. And as I'm sure you can guess,


one particular star was in demand. Andy Howard turned detective


to try to track him down. Rumour has it, one of Britain's


best-known actors is here in Excuse me, madam,


can you help me out? I think I am one of


the few people who have. Do you want me to show you where


they are doing the filming? Given their due, Poldark fans


are a committed bunch. But all they could see


from their vantage The top of a few heads


and a town hall transformed Have you seen anything


worthwhile yet? We watched this in Australia,


so it is quite exciting. Do you stand on many benches


in the middle of city Every now and then outside


the fence, 2017 came to a In the past 20 years, the city has


become very popular for TV You can't get through,


you can't do nothing. You got to walk all the way


back and all the way And you can't even


get up there again. I take it you're not a fan of Paul


Downton. -- Poldark. I don't watch it, let's put it like that. And I


certainly won't now. I failed. I didn't see Aidan Turner. Not many


did. I think a few were keen to wait out on that bench for as long as it


takes. He only had to walk along with a try hat and a scythe and they


would have been stopping him in the street.


Now, we've had a couple of you asking on our Facebook page


if Ian really is live in our rooftop studio every night!


Those are the lights of Bristol right now and who's that down there?


Yes, I really am here. Let me remind viewers this is points west are not


Pinewood Studios. We do not have that technology. There are some some


nights where I wish that we did. A cold spell of weather. The forecast


this week in, that will remain an underpinning right through the


course of Saturday and indeed through Sunday. There will be a view


that a cloud around with the most part and there will be both times


through both days since no. Perhaps snow showers, flurries. The


humiliation of those will very limited. Maybe a centimetre very


patchy fashion over the Cotswolds perhaps. Many of you will be seeing


a few of this snow flurries during the day. Vulture and parts of Bath


and Somerset. They may take you on a wider view. What remains with us is


increasingly brisk north-easterly flow as we head into Morrow. That is


running these disturbances all the way from the North Sea. On Sunday,


everything will shift round to the east. It will be equally cold. An


awkward mix on Saturday. The balance between rain, sleet and snow. For


the rest of this evening, we will be seeing some light snow. That will


drift away to the south. A largely dry picture. The odd wintry flurries


here or there, but one thing or another, a markedly cold night in


the grand scheme of things. Temperatures between zero and plus


three. On into tomorrow morning, we will see some of these wintry


flurries running in from the north-east. The balance of those in


any one particular district is going to be a little bit awkward, but


really the further north-east you are, the perhaps more prone. The


Cotswolds, some as the high ground as he come further south. Nothing of


great note, nothing on the scale of previous winters. Nothing like 2010


2011. The winters are ticking around there, the wind chill will be huge.


A cold day generally. At the strength of the wind and it will


feel decidedly better. As it will again as we head through into


Sunday. A similar sort of day, similar balance of weather. Next


week, temperatures will actually slowly be on the rise. Those of you


who are not aficionados of the cold weather, hang in there. There is


hope. Or on a roof. Thank you very much, Ian. By the way, we have got a


lovely shot of the moon right now which is beautiful. The full moon is


no moon when it isn't peppery. That is real. That is real, too. Goodbye.


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