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Welcome to BBC Points West with Alex Lovell and David Garmston.


A business that offers adult services used teenagers, under 16,


I've seen a lot in my time, yeah, that I should not have seen.


The local council knew about it but the premises are still open.


A weekend brawl at a pub in Trowbridge.


A policeman says it's the worst fight he's seen in 20 years.


Hundreds of musicians volunteer for bone marrow testing


And forget the limousines, why a borrowed van made this bride's


A BBC investigation has found evidence of teenagers


being exploited by a brothel in Weston-Super-Mare.


The seedier side of the Victorian seaside town has been uncovered


Confidential documents show the authorities discussed vulnerable


teenagers handing out leaflets for Butterflys, which claims


it's a massage parlour but in reality is a brothel


Matthew Hill has been investigating the story and joins us now.


Well, the sign above it says massage parlour, open 24/7,


but really Butterflys is a brothel which has been operating


It's less than 500 yards from the council and the police station.


"So what?" you might say.


But we've uncovered evidence that girls as young as 15


have helped out here, and it's still open


Just a warning that my report contains undercover filming


inside the massage parlour with graphic content.


The Class A drugs are from around the Bonville area.


She had a difficult adolescence, including


At her most vulnerable, she handed out leaflets


We had to make sure that we would look OK and that we had basically


dressed like a load of prostitutes, stood on a street corner.


Did social services know about you being there?


People were telling them that I was walking around dressed


like that, handing out a load of leaflets in town,


These are not the leaflets but she says she even


used her own image on them and that she helped out inside.


I have cleaned quite a few rooms in there before and, like,


The way that it's all done, it's like a show.


It's like they're ready to show off their bodies and a man would sit


in a chair and all the women would walk in in their underwear


and he would literally get to pick which one he wanted.


You were seeing things that a 15-year-old girl shouldn't see.


I have seen a lot in my time, yeah, that I should have not seen.


For the last ten years, the woman with the lease


on the brothel has been Natalie Davis.


It is clearly more than a massage parlour.


There is Natalie's mobile number, and it says, "We aim to keep


Working in a brothel is not illegal but running one


We sent in an undercover reporter to find out.


At this point, we made our excuses and left.


These confidential documents show that the council and Avon


and Somerset Police discussed Butterflys and teenage girls


At that time when she came to us we gave her advice and very


strong support around how dangerous that was.


Staff should have been aware of that.


Well, my staff passed that information on to the police


in regard to an establishment that was a massage parlour


using a 15-year-old to distribute leaflets and the police took that


information and then did some checks and we have had no more referrals


through to us around young people frequenting that establishment.


The council and Avon and Somerset Police say


they are proactive and serious about safeguarding and will act


Police say they found no evidence of underage girls


Despite all the problems in Weston, Amber has turned her life around,


but it hasn't been easy, and what about all the other


This was an Inside Out West investigation.


The story is really asking questions about the culture


of North Somerset Council based on internal documents


and talking to many people about how they look


Now the council insist safeguarding is a priority


But we've discovered disturbing posts on pictures of young girls


on the Facebook account of a council employee.


And we've uncovered evidence of a known sexual predator operating


on the town's estates here before his death last year.


There are questions there about whether the council missed


an opportunity to gather DNA evidence of a sexual assault.


And the full investigation will feature on Inside Out West.


That's with Seb, here on BBC One tonight at 7.30pm.


A man's been arrested in connection with the death of a 43-year-old


She was found on Hill Street in Kingswood early yesterday morning.


A 38-year-old man has been arrested on suspicion of causing death


by dangerous driving and failing to stop at the scene of a collision.


A man who died in Trowbridge after allegedly being tackled


by a security guard for suspected shoplifting has been named.


Kieran Church died on Thursday in The Shires car park.


Today his family said Kieren was a much loved son, brother,


A 20-year-old man from Trowbridge who was arrested on suspicion


of manslaughter has been released on bail.


A Gloucester man has been charged following an alleged hate crime


Jeffrey Warren is accused of the racially motivated


assault on Petrus Undari, in Great Western Road in November.


He's also been accused of the same offence against a police


Jeffrey Warren, who's 46, is due to appear at Gloucester


A brawl in a pub in Trowbridge at the weekend has been described


by a veteran police Sergeant as the worst he's seen in more


One of his colleagues was injured and we know of at least one pub-goer


who had to be rushed to hospital after being hit with a bottle.


Film footage shows dozens of people in the bar fighting.


The Albany Palace bar in Trowbridge, erupting into violence in the early


I've never seen nothing like it, mate.


21-year-old lorry driver Tommy Arkle from Devizes filmed


His friend had to be rushed to hospital in Bath, covered in blood.


I walked down to the bar with a few mates and had a few drinks.


Turned round and then next minute a bottle came across,


hit me on the head and then I think I got hit on the eye as well


You wouldn't expect in a little town, just to call out


for a couple of drinks, come back and...


This police Sergeant knows Trowbridge well.


I think there are always incidents where alcohol is involved,


always the possibility of there being disorder,


but I think it is unusual to have that sort of scale of disorder


Wetherspoon's says the fight caused distress for customers


One-off, perhaps, but it still raises concerns about safety


Usually the little ones can be controlled and it doesn't really


bother you but when something like that big is happening you just


want to kind of step back and there is no way to get out.


It doesn't make you feel very safe, no.


I see little fights all the time, but they get controlled,


and big ones like that don't seem to occur regularly.


But, no, I think they should be ashamed of themselves.


Police are appealing for anyone who witnessed


It's David and Alex with you this evening and it's nice to have


Stay tuned we've got lots more still to come, including...


Keeping the water pumping, we're find out how the oldest steam


engines in the world are getting an overhaul.


And something old, borrowed and blue.


Radio Bristol helped one bride get her dream carriage.


Some of the children with the highest levels of need


are being let down by their local authority in South Gloucestershire.


A report by Ofsted describes some of the services as "inadequate"


When it comes to looking after the most vulnerable


children in society, it's councils who have to step in.


But, in the report released this morning, Ofsted found


South Gloucestershire's approach showed some "critical weaknesses".


There were concerns over leadership, for the care of children at risk


of sexual exploitation, and for those with disabilities.


Staff shortages have meant 170 children with disabilities


were having to wait and wait for their assessments, in one case


We're very sorry that this has occurred.


We're quite determined to improve our services, and,


as Ofsted observed when they came, when they drew this to our attention


I can assure that all of those cases identified by Ofsted have now been


allocated to social workers and are receiving a service from us.


It is not just here in South Gloucestershire


that the children's services department has had


In fact, nationwide, around one in four council


children's departments are reckoned to be failing.


Many councils say it is down to difficulties in recruiting


There is an issue with churn of social workers, both at manager


and standard social worker level, and it is having that stable


workforce that is essential to a service being able


This council aims to climb from "inadequate" to


It has already set out its own improvement plan,


but with shrinking budgets and a scarcity of trained staff,


South Gloucestershire knows reversing the failings identified


today will be anything but child's play.


Robin Markwell, BBC Points West, in Kingswood.


Bristol Rugby have been cleared of any wrong doing


by the Rugby Football Union following an investigation


into passing on of confidential information by former


Tom, who has since been sacked, was found guilty of passing on team


information to his brother Luke, who plays for Bristol,


when the pair met up ahead the match on New Year's Day.


However, the RFU concluded that Bristol had not changed their game


strategy and did not breach any regulations.


Brass players in the South West are coming together to help


a talented musician who is battling an aggressive form of cancer.


Stephen Sykes needs a stem cell transplant,


but despite a worldwide search, a match hasn't been found.


Hundreds of fellow musicians are now getting tested,


This is Stephen Sykes playing solo at a concert last summer.


As a talented trombonist, he has played with orchestras


But he has been unable to perform since this video was shot.


Chemotherapy doesn't appear to be working.


His cancer is aggressive - stage four.


Doctors say he needs a stem cell transplant.


The cancer's got into my bone marrow which means that


without a stem cell transplant, it's not looking too good, really.


Normally this would be OK because there is the donor system


now, but they can't find a donor for me anywhere in the world,


They need to get as close a match as possible to avoid additional


feeling like I ought to stand outside the supermarket and sort of


With their connections with the music world,


his family have appealed to other musicians.


In Cornwall, members of St Austell Town Band


Take the swabs out, swab inside of your cheek and just put


them back in here and we'll send them back off and then


see if it is a match for anybody to help.


Are you quite impressed with the way the brass community has


I'm not surprised but, yeah, I'm impressed.


We've got the whole band and also the whole banding world in Cornwall.


Yesterday, Facebook and Twitter just went wild with people


from all over the county saying, "My pack's arrived,


There were so many people yesterday just doing it


He got this guitar just before Christmas.


Stephen Sykes knows a transplant is his only chance but he also hopes


that, as more potential donors come forward, their samples could also


Eleanor Parkinson, BBC Point West, Shepton Mallet.


I hope we can give a positive outcome from that. If you want to


share it, go to our Facebook page. Work is underway to repair


a set of historic steam engines on the Kennett


and Avon Canal near Marlborough. The Crofton Beam engines


are the oldest in the world but still do the job


they were made for. They were built to pump water


to feed the canal, where one section The repairs are to the steam boiler,


they cost 45,000 pounds, and our Wiltshire reporter


Will Glennon has been to see them. It's a skilled physical job,


in cramped conditions but essential work for the future


of the Crofton Beam engines. A pair of powerful steam engines,


to pump the water uphill. The canal here rises 40 feet


and without artificial Old men loves to come and play with


our machines but it is more than that. It is the historical content.


When this was built, it was rural Wiltshire. It must have been just


like the iPad coming now. The social impact of these machines. It is


seeing somebody standing here, driving this machine, making it


work, and there is nothing like it today.


The original engine dates back to 1812,


But the steam boiler needs repairs to keep going.


The rivets that need replacing in this boiler are getting burnt out


largely, some are cut out, but burnt out, punched out, and then hopped


rivets replacing them. The main complication is getting to them.


They are in awkward places to reach. An electric pump now


mostly does the work. But sometimes it fails,


so the steam needs to be used. Plus it's run through


the summer for visitors. The work they're doing on the steam


boiler is vital because it is the steam that powers the piston which


powers the beam engine and that pumps the water into the canal.


That's when the Crofton Beam Engines will re-open to the public


and the canal will be filled by steam power once again.


Now, when a bride from South Gloucestershire decided


a Bedford Rascal would be just the thing to get her


to her wedding on time, there was a very special reason.


Hannah Allen wanted the van as a tribute to her late father


So her mum Wendy went on Radio Bristol to ask


Alex is outside now with the happy couple.


I just popped outside the studio. Isn't it gorgeous? Wouldn't you love


to turn up in this van? How did this all come about? We got approached by


Wendy, Hannah's mum, asking if we could help her find a word-mac for


her daughter's wedding. -- Bedford Rascal. We found one but


it failed its MOT. We managed to find one down, in Bedford of all


places, so on Thursday I drove there and picked it up and here it is. And


you kept it a secret. Hannah did not know anything throughout, despite


the fact we were following the cycle on radio Bristol. Give us a marker


two. BEEP!


Here is the happy couple. Congratulations. What did it mean to


you to have this van turned up on your wedding day? It is a memory of


my dad who passed away about three years ago and I have always known


him to own a Bedford Rascal, in a variety of colours, but not this


gorgeous blue, and he was a Rovers supporter as well so the fact it


came in this colour was amazing as well. It made the day, it was like


he was here, sitting next to my mum driving to the venue. My mum drove


it. I believe James, who picked it up, had to learn to drive with a


choke. And James it was a special moment. You are in on it? Wendy and


I had looked online for a while to try to find one anywhere and it


didn't come to any luck at all and then we got a call -- I got a call


from Wendy to say she had e-mailed BBC Bristol and everything has been


fantastic. I am so grateful to everyone who has helped. What a


lovely tribute to your dad as well. I think some of our viewers might be


wondering why you are here! Shouldn't you be on your honeymoon?


Well, we are not going until April so we are letting this soak in,


although at the moment, your wedding is a dream but this is just an real.


Gosh, when this Bedford Rascal turned up I was beside myself, I


couldn't hold back the tears, it brought that so many memories. And


there is a nice story, sad but sweet, about the lady who had the


van. Her husband died at Christmas so she was really pleased that this


was given four year celebration. -- for your celebration. His little


treasure became our little treasure. Now this is a true love story


but of course tomorrow is that fun time of year,


if also quite commercial, when people might be


talking about love. Last week I visited


Tickenham Primary School in North Somerset to ask the pupils


for their thoughts I should mention it's the school


that has a dachshund called Gatsby to help the pupils learn respect,


compassion and empathy. That will explain why


he keeps popping up. Do you think that at home


there will be a Valentines theme? Can you text somebody,


because we are in a world of technology now and just say,


"Hey, I really like you"? See you text someone,


"I love you," four hearts or Xs or So if you really like


someone, how do you tell them if you're not


sure how to tell them? If you like somebody


in school, do it at break time or at the end of school or at


the start of school, don't do it If you like maths and the person


you like likes maths, you could do like, "Me


plus you equals..." I think my Valentine


might be Gatsby. It depends cos I might


get there first. Oh, well how do we resolve


this if we both like the They were so funny. Thanks for them


to letting me film with them. I really want will a Bedford Rascal.


And we wish that couple very well. Let's catch up with the weather.


We felt the difference today. We had some weather watcher pictures. The


blue skies are set to last into Valentine's Day. It looks like it


will be very cloudy with a little bit of patchy rain. This evening and


overnight, clear skies that they will not last. The cloud will come


in from the west. Part of Gloucestershire and Wiltshire might


hang on to clear skies and the temperature will drop to 2-3. On the


whole, 4-5 is the low. Gloucestershire and culture might


see brightness first thing but we will see outbreaks of mostly light


and patchy rain during the day, bringing up from the West in the


afternoon. The wind is much lighter from the south-east tomorrow.


Tuesday into Wednesday, clear skies for a time that the cloud will come


in again ahead of the next weather system coming in for Wednesday.


Temperatures dropping to 6-7 into Wednesday morning. A misty and murky


start on Wednesday. Some showers in the afternoon, some on the heavy


side but later we will see brighter spells as well. Temperatures


creeping up every day, 10-11 on Wednesday. On Thursday, the weather


front bringing showers on Wednesday will clear away gradually and


high-pressure builds from the self, but it is bringing a lot of cloud so


we do not expect the skies and sunshine for the weekend. Tomorrow


it will be fairly mild but we will have a little bit of rain in the


forecast. Wednesday and Thursday, temperatures getting to 10-11.


Milder as we head towards the end of the week.


That is not bad news. You are looking springlike.


Thank you. I feel springlike. Have a good Valentine's Day tomorrow. If


you get a card, congratulations, if not, it's just a load of old rubbish


anyway! when farmers leave


their daily routines behind... Right, here we come, Dorset!


..for a show day.


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