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Welcome to BBC Points West with Alex Lovell and David Garmston.


Our main story tonight: The racist tweets of a local councillor.


UKIP suspends Philip Winter after an online remark


which causes offence - the council chairman


The comments are racist and they're misogynistic and they're not


the views of anyone on this council and I don't think anyone


Councillor Winter says his Twitter account was interfered with.


Our other headlines tonight: Throwing the book at them -


a protest at plans to move Bath library.


Director Ken Loach joins the demonstration.


Drink limits at the Cheltenham Festival after drunken scenes


Camilla has a Valentine's dance in Bristol and jokes,


A councillor from South Gloucestershire, who says he's been


inspired by the tweets of President Trump, has been accused


Philip Winter, who serves on the lowest tier of local


government, a parish council, has been suspended


He's a councillor who nails his colours to the mast,


Philip Winter is outspoken locally, but now one comment on his Twitter


Calling black people a derogatory word, and saying


Mr Winter is on Almondsbury Parish Council, run from a small office


Today, they have been overwhelmed by complaints.


completely horrified and disgusted. The comments are racist and


misogynistic. They are not the views of anyone on this council. A lot of


the councillors have said to me that they don't want to set at the same


table as him. Would you like him sacked? I would, definitely. This


e-mail says what kind of people in Almondsbury would have that kind of


person on the council, and remind me never to visit, ever. That is very


sad, isn't it? What he has done is tarred the whole community.


I think the comments reflect more on him than the community we live in. I


feel quite disappointed. I would hate to think that it has brought


the village and to distribute and that these people from outside, that


is the impression of Almondsbury. Consider winter didn't want to


appear on camera today. I spoke to him on the bone. He said the


messages on his account are is this one particular about black people


being deported have been altered by hackers. He believes he believes he


has become a target. Ukip Centre bridge brief statement today saying


that he had been suspended and an investigation will follow.


The police say they have received a complaint and are investigating.


All this after Mr Winter started at twitter account because he was


inspired by Donald Trump. He said he feels like he's done nothing wrong


and wants to stay on the parish council. Whether or not they want to


keep him, is another thing entirely. Our reporter Andy Howard


is here with us now. Andy, how did Philip Winter come


to be a parish councillor? He was not elected, which might be a


surprise to some. Four people left the council and only four people


came forward, so proud of being cast he became at parish councillor. 18


months ago he posted comments on Facebook which used offensive


language towards Muslims, so he has been in the news. It is not unusual


to get co-opted onto the parish council because there aren't


volunteers, for example. Can they sack him? Not directly, no. This now


goes to the local council, which is South Gloucestershire. An officer


there will look at this case, they have had plenty of complaints, and


work out whether Mr Winter has broken a code of conduct, which


would've signed when he became a counsellor. If they can find he has,


they can suspend him for fire him. All the parish council can do is


call a special meeting and at that meeting their will unequivocally


distanced themselves from what has been said on that twitter account.


At this point, that is all they can do.


Hundreds of demonstrators, including BAFTA award-winning


film director Ken Loach, have gathered in Bath this evening


to protest against council plans to move the city's central library.


The authority claims it will save almost ?1 million a year.


We are getting pretty used to these protests in bad. This is the second


in as many months. We have lost most of our protesters tonight. Let's


show you some shots of when it was in full swing, about 45 minutes ago.


There were several hundred of them outside the Guildhall. The council


say this isn't about the library closure, it is about a library


relocation, going from about 200 relocation, going from about 200


metres up the road the, to about 400 metres in the opposite direction,


down to the bus station. Moving from the centre of Bath, to the edge. The


council say they need to do that because they have a big hole in the


budget. They need to save ?37 million by 2020. They have already


saved 12 million from the budget this year. There are various ways


they are thinking of doing that. One is a ?5.6 million cut in adult


social care. There could be job losses, and also modernising the


library service. They reckon that will save you time a year. That is a


significant part of the overall cuts they need to make. Lots of voices


here tonight is very vocal about the library but perhaps the most famous


was the film director Ken Loach, fresh from winning habit after the


other day. He said he passionately believes that the council should not


be relocating the library. The library is a big feature


in the centre of Bath. It's a place where people


can come and read. It really expresses something


of the community of the city, The idea that it's closed and put


some were less accessible, it's generally diminished,


the books are fewer. We also spoke to a lady called Julie


Hazlewood. She volunteered at the library for five years and she is


deeply upset. They said -- she's said they should be cutting other


things before they touched the library.


Why do they have to take away the beautiful things,


the beautiful libraries, the beautiful parks,


So, there we are, lots of people back trying to convince the council


who are inside right now that they should leave the library service


It's Valentine s Day and you're watching BBC Points West


And on the programme, lots more to bring you too.


Including: Off to play rugby up North - Bath confirm that


George Ford will be leaving at the end of the season.


A lamp for lovers - we find out more about the last


Valentine Lamp in Somerset about to be lit in a


A brothel in Weston-super-Mare was closed for business this


morning, following our investigation which revealed teenage girls


were employed to hand out leaflets several years ago.


Today, we've uncovered further allegations about more recent delays


in protecting vulnerable young people in the town.


Here's our health correspondent, Matthew Hill.


Butterfly's is normally open for business 24/7,


but this morning I was told it was closed.


I mean, if there was something going on, why haven't


So the police have not been here yet?


There's nothing going on, somebody is making up stories.


We can prove you are from our footage.


This follows our revelations on last night's Inside Out West.


Undercover footage shows Butterfly's is a brothel and we presented


evidence that teenage girls helped out four years ago cleaning


For over a decade, Butterfly's has been operating in plain sight


of the Conservative controlled council, the police


I wanted to ask the Conservative MP for Weston, John Penrose,


what he thought about how the police and the council have handled these


He preferred to give me this statement, which says:


"I'm very concerned about what may be new evidence, especially about


what goes on inside Butterfly's and shall be taking all these issues


It's wrong, definitely wrong, but it's not


Well, I think it should be closed down, yes?


Tonight, we can also reveal new concerns about how vulnerable


Leaked documents show there were safeguarding concerns


Two teenage girls suspected to be at risk of grooming.


The delay was "unacceptable" and confidence low about


North Somerset Council told us: "All safeguarding concerns


are treated seriously and properly investigated.


A strategy meeting to discuss the concerns relating to the girls


was held the day after we became of their identities.


The opinions expressed in the meeting appear to have been


made without knowledge of the work underway at the time to protect


But questions remain about what is going on under


It's been announced there's going to be a crackdown on binge


drinking at this year's Cheltenham Festival,


As well as limiting the amount of alcohol people can buy


inside the racecourse, over in the town centre,


council enforcement officers are to be given more powers to issue


on-the-spot fines to anyone who's overindulged and misbehaving.


Two professional footballers photographed urinating


Then one, Northampton Town's James Collins,


These photographs, taken at the start of last year's


Cheltenham Festival, made national headlines,


fuelling the boozy reputation that some critics have given the event


Alcohol consumption during that week, we get the impression


is going up year on year so we need to have more tools in our toolbox


At the festival itself, drinks will now be limited to four


Organisers say they don't want people to come purely to drink.


They want racegoers to enjoy the festival


without being blighted by those drinking irresponsibly.


But of course, it's not just inside the racecourse that


Every single year during festival week, tens of thousands


of extra pints are drunk here in Cheltenham town centre.


Its enforcement officers, like Brian Daughtrey here,


will be given extra powers to curb anti-social behaviour,


confiscate alcohol and, if necessary, hand out on-the-spot


Previously, only the police have been able to do this.


Needy get a lot of unseemly behaviour during the daytime, people


who are pre-drinking before they go to the racecourse. The image


definitely needs cleaning up. Having watched from afar for the last few


years, things have definitely changed, and I wouldn't say that the


better. The alcohol is a downside. People have a tendency not to know


when to stop and that is what brings it down. The pubs, clubs, hotels


think it is a great time, but I think it is really encouraging that


the racecourse is working more closely with puppets is here to make


sure they played their part in cutting down on the excessive


drinking that goes on. Organisers hope that this year's festival will


be remembered for the racing. A Bath and England player is leading


the campaign for research Dave Attwood has been raising tens


of thousands of pounds for dementia. Initially, his aim was to help


sufferers, but over the last three years he's switched his focus


to the links with concussion. Recent figures revealed the number


of reported incidents rose during the last season for the sixth


year in a row and it now accounts What started your interest


in dementia and research? Initially, I was raising money as


Anna London Irish of Bristol University. It was through my


grandparents, they both suffered with dementia, so I had first-hand


experience on degenerative brain diseases. Bristol University had


some strong links with neuroscience going on. I met some of the guys


there, just copy table conversation, and it spread rugby and how


concussion is a growing concern in rugby. Then we started talking about


potential links across that. Do you reckon there is a link between the


two? I really hope there isn't. I'm sure if there is a link it is not a


hugely strong link. The truth is, we don't really know. We can say with


certainty there is no link and that is what concerns me. When I was a


young child and I wanted to play rugby, the more you can find out


about it, your body will go through wear and tear, that is fine, but you


never think the wear and tear your brain will go through. The worry is


that you spent 15 years playing professional rugby, and 15 years


later down the line you are starting to see the early onset of


Alzheimer's and dementia, stuck to that. We don't want to have to deal


with that. Potentially, it could there. The fact that it is rising so


much, why do you think that is? Is there a change in the game? People


are getting bigger, faster, stronger. Sports science is getting


better. We are heavier and bulkier, more lean. That means that the


collisions involved are bigger and stronger, the way the game has


evolved, players are playing the game for longer so there are more


conditions and ball. The second part of this, with the new assessment on


concussion, we are seeing more of it. We are seeing more concussion is


happening in rugby. I was doing some research on the First World War and


I saw pictures of Dean to rugby players, they were an ordinary size,


11 stone. Now it is so different. You devised a special helmet which


might help. There is a grey area. There is some development of the new


head guard that some people have suggested will help concussion.


There is nothing concrete on the ground saying that head guards will


limit concussion. I purely wear a scrum because my mum tells me too.


It is to stop me getting cauliflower ears and cuts and abrasions, to look


pretty pictures is the gist it. The interesting thing about these new


guys with the head guard, they were the first people that are starting


to look at the science of the head guard and Hayek might actually


impact what is going on in the brain during these collisions. There is so


much more could talk about. And keep coming in to talk us. I keep telling


my son to pass the ball! It scares me to death. Thanks for coming in.


Now this is a story you'll be interested in, Dave.


Bath Rugby have confirmed that your fellow England


international George Ford will leave at the end of the season


He will re-join Leicester Tigers, whose current fly-half,


Freddie Burns, is moving the other way.


Ever since his dad, Mike, was sacked as head coach


at the end of last season, there have been rumours that


George Ford was unhappy and wanted to leave.


Now the club has made public the news that


I think it is one of those things, you never want to lose a guy he is


world-class, but on the other side you want players that are happy to


here. Obviously, he put wasn't comfortable planning his future


George arrived from Leicester in 2013 and during that time


has become a regular England international.


Still only 23, he has his best years ahead of him,


just not in the blue, black and white.


Most supporters have felt that George has been a bit unsettled the


season, maybe during parts of last season. There will be glad there is


clarity in this situation. George is an immensely talented rugby player,


but if you see is his future being at Leicester, we will wish him well.


Bath Rugby have softened the blow of Ford's departure by announcing


that fellow England international Freddie Burns will replace him.


Born and raised in the city, and having come through the club's


academy, Freddie now has the chance to make his mark on the first team.


I met him and he is an outstanding young man. He is a good character.


He is also really aware of his strengths and weaknesses and wants


to be involved in the team and really enjoys the rugby we are


With the speculation over, Bath's focus will be on staying


in the Premiership play-off places, with another Twickenham


Now, of course, today is Valentine s Day.


If you need a romantic place for a proposal tonight,


then you could consider under the Valentine Gaslamp


It's the last working one left in Somerset.


But as Michelle Ruminski reports, the tradition of lighting


it could soon die out unless an apprentice is found.


Reg's love affair with the Valentine Lamp all began


when he found its cast iron column in a skip.


Over nearly three decades, he has put his heart


and soul into restoring it, decorating it with symbols of love,


All I know is that I got carried away and I think, in a way,


I fell in love with the lamp by accident and it controlled me


Because I often say, "Whyever did I start",


but having started and rather liking the romance, it's difficult to stop.


And it's fair to say the Valentine Gaslamp has


a special place in many other people's hearts to.


You can't fault him and I'm just hoping that people take good care


of it because you won't find anything like that anywhere else.


How many years have you been going to the ceremony?


So it really does mean something to you?


And a lot of other people around here, as well.


None more so than Dave and Sue - Reg's daughter.


This is here two years ago that I proposed to Sue and brought


with me a heart-shaped red cushion and got down on one knee


Great shock, but a wonderful shock and we're now planning to get


married and live the rest of our lives together,


but we'll will always have that history with the Valentine Lamp.


But with Reg growing older and his family living up North,


he is urgently looking for someone to replace him.


About five foot 11, I would say - pushing it!


You see, I'm looking for a lamp-lighter to take over.


Tonight, Reg has done the honours for the 23rd time.


He's hoping his lamp lighting tradition will spark someone else


In the last hour, the Valentine Lamp has been lit in a special ceremony.


Around 100 people turned out to celebrate this annual


My friend propose that a fish and chip shop in Warminster, anywhere


can be romantic. Was the answer yes? It was. At the next bag of chips.


Today is all about love and true love is hard to find.


But some of you watching tonight have struck gold and been married


Gordon and Maureen Rutley, from Clevedon in North Somerset,


For Valentine s Day, they've shared their story


with us and their secret for a happy marriage.


Maureen was sat on the lap of Shirley, her friends. I was going to


pass Shirley for the bands. I plucked up courage and walked across


and Maureen stood up. I felt embarrassed away thought I had


better dance with her now! He had the most ghastly, horrific tie on


and I thought, my golly, he is a space! For the first year of our


relationship you were still in the RAF, so the letters went back and


forth between Bristol and Lyneham. We got together at weekends. That's


right. We were married at Saint Barnabas Church, Daventry Road. We


had the reception at Maureen's Mum's house. We didn't stay the whole


time. We disappeared to Temple Meads where we booked a holiday in a hotel


called the Mayfair in Piccadilly. My best trade is a make a cup of tea


every morning, take it in, we can wrap, say, it is time for tea,


Maureen. I normally grown. You normally prudent and moan. Anyway,


she drinks the teeth, but that has been every day except when I have


been in hospital. Isn't that lovely? I make tea for my


telly husband, yes. I make it for you occasionally.


Finally tonight, the Duchess of Cornwall was taken


for a Valentine s Day spin today and joked "don't tell my husband".


Camilla, who was on a day of engagements in Bristol


without Prince Charles, dropped in on a tea party run


The Sun's royal photographer, Arthur Edwards, charmed the Duchess


onto the dance floor, saying, "I want to dance with


Later, the Duchess remarked, "Thanks for the dance, Arthur.


Now to someone who loves the weather - Ian, who's up on the roof.


How's it looking for Valentine s night?


Tomorrow will start when Tariq, with a fairly prolonged fears of fairly


mild weather, which should last the remainder of this Mac -- this month.


It might turn colder again in the mid-heart of March, but that is a


long way away. Tomorrow, to add dry start, an area of showery rain


pushing up from the south-west, likely to turn heavily. The chant of


some brighter weather in the afternoon, with the chance of some


showers, but they will die away into the afternoon and honour to the


evening. A band of rain across us at the moment. The occlusion runs its


way north eastwards, then it will tail off as we get better known to


the day, by which stage we are into a more mild south-westerly flow that


will dominate the pattern for the rest of the week. At the moment, the


light rain is trying away at the minute. A lot of hill fog and that


will continue to be the case with the course of the night. It will be


a mild night, by early tomorrow morning though showery outbreaks of


rain coming up from the south-west. Cabbages will start tomorrow at 67


Celsius. Then it is a case of waiting for the rain to arrive. They


will be showery and fashion, but they could come together and it


could be some thundery downpours. By the afternoon the showers will tail


off into the evening. Temperatures will get up to ten or 11 Celsius


tomorrow, they can get as high as 12 or 13. That could be some fog around


to start at the estate. Other than that, a decent day, a quiet one. It


will be noticeably mild. Happy Valentines night. We will see


you again tomorrow.


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