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Welcome to BBC Points West, with Alex Lovell and David Garmston.


Our main story tonight: Taking the pain out of breast screening.


Existing machines can be uncomfortable.


Now this could be the future - and the first in the world


The new machine uses mine detecting technology,


Brilliant, painless. It says, it's like having a good meal in a


restaurant. I'd go back. Our other headlines


tonight: The wild boar in the Forest of Dean -


residents demand action as they turn The Star Wars battle


between two of our managers. And the lady and her tramp -


they met when he was homeless, Who would have thought it, all these


years on, a wedding. We just belong together. That's all.


LAUGHTER Women in the west are about to take


part in a world first - the trial of a machine that scans


for breast cancer, Remarkably, it's the same technology


they use to find landmines. The radio wave imaging has


taken years to pioneer. And as our health correspondent


Matthew Hill reports, it could make the whole


experience less uncomfortable. Melanie White could never


face having a mammogram. I was very tender in certain parts


of my body for years, It's the way they say, "You may


experience some discomfort." Thanks to this machine,


she's now been able Maria, as it's known,


has got transmitters and receivers arranged under a ceramic cup,


which the breast sits in. When I went up to the breast clinic


in Cheltenham, they were saying, I went, "No," and I said,


"I know about this radar thing." If you want somebody to do


something, you've got to give them a good time and they've got


to want to go back. And believe it or not it's been


built on technology similar to ground penetrating radar,


used to find landmines. The problem is that one


in five cancers are not detected through mammograms,


and they also use radiation, so for young women in particular


who have to come back year-on-year, the doctors have to consider


whether it's worth putting A recent study has shown this


radio wave technology to be just as accurate,


and now doctors are about to start a second clinical trial to find out


if it could even be safer It could save lives eventually,


because one of the difficulties of mammograms when you are younger,


breasts tend to be In a young patient with dense


tissue, this machine picks up as well as it would do the patient


who doesn't have such dense tissue. It's like having a good


meal in a restaurant. Melanie is encouraging


other women to take part in this new clinical trial,


where it is also hoped doctors can find out how well patients


are responding to chemotherapy. And since we've put this story up


on our Facebook page, Anything that makes


detection simpler and more Annie's posted, "Let's hope this


new way is successful, Julie adds, "I was diagnosed


with breast cancer after my very All I can say is thank


goodness for any kind I'm still fighting


the wretched disease." Thank you for your comments. And we


wish you well, Julie. A 36-year-old man has


appeared in court, accused of murdering a woman found dead


in Easton in Bristol. Jaici Rocha is charged


with killing 40-year-old Karina Batista, who was found


with multiple injuries. Mr Rocha has been remanded


in custody until Monday. The family of a young man,


who's been missing for almost two weeks, say they're baffled


by his disappearance. Lewis Ball vanished after leaving


a waterside nightclub Police divers have been searching


the water near there today. But as his brother Alex


told our reporter Andrew Plant CCTV footage from the night Lewis


vanished appears to show him heading Lewis Ball was last seen at 3:20am,


the early hours of Sunday He'd been for a night out at Thekla,


a popular nightclub that sits Divers have been searching the water


over the past ten days. This morning, around 100 yards


away from the nightclub, a police team swimming with almost


zero visibility - no sign This image from CCTV captured Lewis


leaving the nightclub. Now his brother Alex says police


have shown him more footage that appears to show Lewis heading away


from the water. It's becoming increasingly likely


that he didn't enter the water. We're still hoping that


someone is going come That's our one hope at the moment,


that that someone has I think everyone involved


in it is just trying their hardest to try and work out


what has happened. Lewis's flatmate raised


the alarm when he missed work Police are still appealing for taxi


drivers who were out that night to come forward,


particularly if they used dashboard cameras, as they try


to unravel the mystery Thank you for joining us


this Friday evening. Apparently there's a blast


of Caribbean hot air heading our way, so we could be


in for a balmy weekend. I'm sure Ian will have


something to say about that. But before we hear


from him - on thin ice. Why the current British figure


skating champions have appealed to the public to help them get


the World Championships. And I love you so -


the next chapter of a love story, which began outside a book shop


in Gloucester. As expected, opinions were divided


and the strength of feeling was high at the first meeting of a new group


set up to tackle the issue of wild Last night, town and parish councils


came together to start try to find a solution to the numbers of boar


damaging land in urban areas. Our Gloucestershire reporter,


Steve Knibbs, was there. I'm 74 years of age,


and I've never seen it No one said this was


going to be an easy fix. We need to have the pigs living


in the forest with a small population so that they have less


chance of coming outside. This was always going to provoke


strong views on all sides. They are also a valuable asset to us


in the Forest of Dean. A power cut added even more


atmopsphere to the night. But there was talk of the recent


damage the poor have done and ideas Contraception works,


and it is not a chemical. It's a vaccine, the same


as you give your children. I know people who live in Gloucester


who used to regularly come to the Forest with their dogs


and young children, and they choose not to come any more


because they are frightened High up the agenda, a by-law to stop


people feeding the boar and also getting Defra,


the Forestry Commision and the local This new action group is aiming


high before, they say, It is a challenge, but it is not one


we will shy away from. There are people who want


all the boar completely culled. We have to find a happy medium


somewhere along the way. Hopefully, the three bodies we sit


down with may have the answers. Lots to think about, facts to check,


more opinions to gauge and a lot of persuading


to do, perhaps. This was a very small first,


but vital step on a long road. A river in Gloucestershire


which was badly polluted last year The River Leadon was so badly


polluted that 15,000 fish died. Investigators were called


to the river after fish were seen This week Environment Agency


released almost 5000 fish back into the river in an attempt


to repopulate it. Some unlikely heroes have emerged


in the ongoing battle against homelessness in Bristol


- city financiers. Over the last year, an investment


fund has been buying up flats in Bristol and is renting them out


to people who've been homeless in the past and are now ready


to take on a tenancy. Investors get a return


on their capital, while the charity St Mungo's gets properties


to move people into. The world of high finance


and homelessness. But investment fund managers are now


helping find a solution to one It's being led by a company called


Resonance, which helps investors with a social conscience


put their money into social causes. Over the last year, the national


homelessness property fund has bought 49 properties in and around


the Bristol area. Some are being refurbished,


but others have been let to tenants. It's been a bit of a nightmare


come to be honest. This man and his family have been


through the homelessness system and thanks to the partnership


between Resonance and St Mungo's, We've moved four times over the past


year, until we've finally Now it's just a base to actually


create something and move on and create something


for these guys. Bristol City Council has


already invested ?5 million into the property fund,


hoping to get a good return on its money


as well as helping the homeless. What we're doing is unblocking


a part of the system, because the private rented sector


market has completely dried up. So local authorities


are paying millions of pounds on temporary accommodation,


which they have to fund out We can help move people into a home


from warehouse hotels, or whatever their accommodation is,


much, much more quickly. It's not just institutions


which are investing. Wealthy individuals


are contributing as well. I've lived here for 30 years,


so the ability to put some money to work in the Bristol area is very


important to me. In London, where the scheme started,


98% of people succeeded Breaking the revolving door cycle


of people time and again ending up on the streets,


it's hoped that success The current British figure skating


champions have launched a fundraising appeal to help them


get to this year's Our Wiltshire reporter


Will Glennon is with them As the children's ice hockey


sessions going on at the moment in Swindon, but we're here to the


potentially the next Torvill Dean, Zoe Jones and Christopher. We'll


show you some footage of them in a second. They are really quite


excellent. They've only been skating together as a pair since last year,


less than 12 months, but already they are British champions and


they've been in the European Championships as well. Christopher,


you have lodged an appeal for some crowdfunding. That's because you


want to train more to get to the World Championships and beyond? Yes.


People don't really realise how expensive figure skating is. It


requires a lot of money. We need to pay for our cows, for our ice, for


our trips, for our fitness coach -- we need to pay for our coach. My


friends practice six days a week with their coach, three hours a day,


but we only have our coach two or three days a week. Zoe, it's not


like you don't work hard and train hard as it is. You have children. A


typical day, we get up, I'm on the ice for 6am, coaching. I basically


hop from home to the ice rink to the school, back to the ice rink, to the


school, to the ice rink. Days start at 6am and finish at 8pm sometimes.


Extra funding would help you train more. Christopher, if you got that


funding how far could you go? Everyone has a dream in life, like


if a CEO listens at the moment, they dream and build their company. Our


dream is to go to the Olympics and get a medal. Thanks both, we wish


you well. Their fundraising page is on the go fund me .com website, you


can find it there. If they do go on and win a future gold at an event,


and you help them, maybe you can be happy to have been a part of it.


Can we have a go on the gold medal? Share it!


Gloucester are in action tonight, looking to bounce back


from what their Director of Rugby David Humphreys


has called their worst performance of the season.


But the Cherry and Whites will have their work cut out


as they're up against the reigning Premiership and European


Our sports reporter Damian Derrick is at Kingsholm for us now.


A defeat by 34-9 last week at Leicester has brought


Gloucester's failings firmly into focus.


They find themselves down in ninth place in the Premiership table,


Alongside me is former Gloucester lock Simon Devereux.


You see them on a regular basis. Where is it going wrong? Not taking


their chances, a bad start of the season, losing their first three at


home and they are not finish things off. The opposition are capitalising


on that. Good sides sense that chances. There's good work ethic


that but they have to show up at Kingsholm, there's a weakness at the


moment. They could finish in the final bottom third, is that


Gloucester's level, or should we expect more? They are better than


that, they are not finishing things off and the confidence comes from


that. They are losing streak and it's easy to get in a winning habit


and likewise with losing habit. The fans expect more and deserve more


and the way they've been playing, it deserves because it's a tight


league. They've lost four games at home this season and the same in the


previous two seasons. Two years ago James Hook kicked that penalty to


win the match in the final seconds. Can Gloucester fans expect to go


home just as happy tonight? We will cling to anything at the moment. I


remember that from the halfway line. It was a tight game, could have gone


either way. Gloucester were coming off a losing streak then. It's not a


confident ground, the sides know that. If they are in the game with


20 minutes to go, it goes quiet quickly, but the fans are


optimistic. We are keeping the faith and if they can't get a result


tonight we are in trouble. Thank you very much.


Both our other Premiership sides are in action tomorrow.


Bath at home to Harlequins and Bristol away to Leicester.


There's another important match happening just up


the road from here tomorrow, as Cheltenham Town host Yeovil.


It brings together former Glovers boss Gary Johnson and Darren Way,


who played and coached under Gary during the club's most


They may be galaxies apart when it comes to experience, but they


couldn't be closer when sharing in Yeovil's successes. We won the


play-off final against Bradford to take little old Yeovil into the


Championship and Darren as well as Terry had a big part in that, so the


three of us holding up the Cup, which I nearly dropped, by the way.


It was heavier than I thought! That was a great moment because we knew


how much effort that we'd put into that. Back in 2001, Gary's impact on


Darren and the rest of the players was immediate. The following year


they won their first piece of silverware, the FA Trophy. He


enabled us to create that environment, the environment we


wanted to work in. He built a group of players that would become winners


and that's what it takes to be in football management. 15 years' on


Darren's transition to manager has come as no surprise. He's got it as


well, a passion for the game, handle the problems and the highs and lows


of professional football. He seems to be doing it very well. Well


enough in fact to get one over on his old boss earlier in the season,


as Yeovil beat Cheltenham 4-2. But will they be able to put their


professional differences aside after the match? We'll have a chat. He


came in our office last time and it was quite brief, but after a defeat


there's one thing we have got, we've got mutual respect we're both in


each other's' souls all the time. I think it's only professionally that


we don't make contact as often as we would like -- we are in each other's


thoughts all the time. But how will this latest episode end? That match


and the Football League fixtures click off at 3pm.


Bristol City are not playing, as their opponents Fulham


But you can listen to all the matches on your BBC


local radio station, as can you tonight's match


We'll have the highlights in our late bulletin


Brilliant, thank you, I love that report. It looks great. I was going


to say about a love story, but we'll have to wait for a moment! It's a


good piece, contain yourself! It's been a big day for two


of the west's athletes, who've been honoured at Buckingham


Palace. Paralympian Stephanie Millward


from Wiltshire took home two gold medals for swimming at Rio last


year, and Olympian Helen Richardson-Walsh, who grew up


in Weston-Super-Mare, Prince Charles awarded


them both with MBEs. It's a love story which began


in the most unusual of ways - Back in 1975, Joan Neininger


was drawn to a homeless man she saw rifling for food outside the book


shop she used to run. Now the couple, who are


in their late 80s, will finally There was a little lawn there,


and a seat, for people to sit on. The bride and groom,


Joan and Ken on the street Their story reads


reads like a novel. Appropriate then that it began


here, in a book shop. That was my lounge


and my bedroom up there. Joan ran the shop in the centre


of Gloucester with her husband and one day, in 1975,


she saw Ken through the window. That's where the bin was, where


I used to go and look for food. Anything that you could eat,


because I was hungry. So Joan gave Ken a cup of tea


that day and sketched He was a shy man who had


suffered a head injury He develop schizophrenia


and ended up sleeping rough. He always looked as if he didn't


belong in the streets. He looked gentlemanly


and he spoke very nicely. Joan invited Ken to move into her


family home and she helped him Over the years he became


part of the household, Although Joan's relationship


with Ken was purely platonic, her But as the decades passed, the three


of them became good friends. Then, in 1983, Joan's


husband Norman died. # How lonely life can be


as shadows follow me #. Ken and Joan are about to marry, 42


years after that first cup of tea. How much of a difference has


Joan made to your life? I was on the street,


it was terrible. At times, Ken's mental health


problems have been severe, but Joan has helped him,


and together they've tried to raise The voices in my head would have


driven me to kill myself. It was Joan who proposed to Ken,


with the full support What does the future hold


in store for you now? Well, there won't be


babies, and there won't be They are fun, aren't they! How


beautifully honest. That was lovely. How romantic. We wish them all the


very best for tomorrow, and for their life ahead. And they are going


to have this barbecue springtime weather, apparently! They have to


make it happen now. start spring in the meteorite alert


-- on the meteorological sense, but we might not be done with some cold


phases of whether coming our way. Both for the end of this month and


equally as we get towards the middle part of March. That could well be as


a result of the warming we are expecting to take place, high up in


the stratosphere towards the tail end of February. But that takes two


weeks to affect the atmosphere at lower levels. The forecast for the


weekend. It will be mild, most certainly. It will be one which for


the most part will be dry. There will be at times a bit of light rain


around. For example, as we get towards the tail end of Saturday, a


little bit more overnight, perhaps lingering into the first couple of


hours of Sunday. Towards the back end of Sunday, we could see a bit


more light rain. Aside from that looking effectively dry and the


question is the balance between cloud cover and whatever brightness


we happen to get. Here's a wider look at how things are shaping up at


the moment. As we had through the course of demise, there will be an


injection of quite a bit of low cloud into the mix. Some foggy


conditions perhaps, particularly parts of Dorset. It will take a


while for that to break up through tomorrow. It looks better through


the afternoon in terms of brightness. As we have a weak cold


front coming through the tail end of


Saturday, into Sunday, that will bring a sprinkling of some light


rain. But very little in terms of overall amounts. This evening, into


tonight, looking dry. We could get areas of light rain getting into


western areas. That aside it is looking dry. There will be quite a


bit of low cloud developing. It will be most pronounced towards the


south. It could turn the murky through Dorset and neighbouring


areas. Temperatures for all others in a range of Hall -- range of 4-6 C


by daybreak. Most of us will wake up to extensive cloud, then the


question is how that tends to lift and break-up and fragment as we had


through lunchtime, into the afternoon. It's a usable day. It's


looking dry, a day of quite like winds, and towards the evening you


will see the signal for a little bit of light rain and drizzle, trying to


creep back in from the West. That should be as we are getting through


towards the hours of darkness onwards. Temperatures tomorrow, once


again considering the run of getting into doubles low figures, as they


will do so on Sunday. Sunday, you might have a chance of a brighter


day was the early drizzle gets out of the way. Some much milder air


coming our way into Monday. I'm not expecting is to get into 16-17,


eastern parts of the UK might. Despite our hopes, but you are the


most polite person to say no! You say it in the nicest way! Well,


Alex, the weather, blah blah blah... We will allow you to enjoy the


weather even though meteorologically speaking it's not spring, but it is


spring like! We have to go. Please don't write in! See you soon,


goodbye. Secure your place at


the 500 Words Final, BBC Radio 2's writing competition


for kids with our honorary judge


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