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I would like the police force to come out openly and say this


investigation is at an end and there is no foundation for believing the


rumours. We'll hear more about


what's been reported Arrests are made over


the trouble which marred A day of action to highlight


the role that migrant workers play And we meet the man who has


immortalised the journey of one of the last travelling mail trains


for a first class stamp. There are calls tonight


for Wiltshire's Chief Constable to explain how details


of his force's investigation into Sir Edward Heath ended up


in a Sunday newspaper. Officers have been


investigating the former Prime Minister as part of a wider


sexual abuse enquiry. Our Home Affairs Correspondent


Charlotte Callen reports. It all started here at


the gates of Sir Edward I am appealing to anybody that has


been a victim of crime or a witness to something that may have taken


place concerning Edward Heath. At a cost of more than ?800,000


Operation Conifer has been trawling through every aspect of the former


Prime Minister's life Wiltshire Police say


they have a duty to properly investigate all allegations


of historical sexual abuse. Newly elected, Heath takes his place


in Number Ten in 1970. Now his place in the history


books is uncertain. With such a high profile


investigation, there's no surprise None more so than from friends,


like his former agent, a woman who worked with


Sir Edward for many years. It should have stopped months


and months and months ago. It is destroying the idea of a man


who is blameless. are concerned about apparent leaks


or briefings to the Mail on Sunday about operational details


in this case. Yesterday the paper


claimed that more than 30 alleged victims had come forward,


that the Chief Constable, Mike Veale, was certain


allegations were 120% genuine. The level of detail contained in the


newspaper reports has led some comic including friends and politicians


wonder whether there was a leak within the investigating team. I


asked the police today if they had been involved in any way with this


story but they refused and Sir. I asked them if the 30 plus figure


five victims was also correct but again they refused to mention


anything. The Chief Constable has


always said he is in sole charge of Operation Conifer


and that no details on numbers of alleged


victims would be released. I rightly accept the scrutiny and it


is important to affirm to the public and my staff that the conduct of


this investigation is my responsibility and my responsibility


alone. This afternoon the


Conservative MP James Gray told me if the leak came


from the Chief Constable, And that this kind of briefing


risked prejudicing the inquiry. So far there have been two arrests


from the investigation but they have no link


to Sir Edward Heath. For now his life remains


under investigation. Charlotte joins me now. Where is


this investigation now and where does it go? The police have issued a


detailed statement. They are keen to clarify that they have to fully


investigate these allegations brought to them by victims and will


do that without any fear or favour. Saying they will not be swayed on


this investigation. They have said speculation that is happening in the


newspapers is unhelpful to be investigation but they are yet to


give us any clarification on how they may have got those details. We


are ?890,000 -- there is ?890,000 that has been spent on theirs. By


the end of the year, it could be more like ?1 million being spent on


it. What I have been told by friends of Edward and MPs is that when that


report comes back, they wanted to have a conclusion. He guilty of


sexual abuse or was he not guilty? What they won't accept is a report


that he is protected from the public eye or comes to no. We are getting


breaking news that will ship a loose is -- Wiltshire Police are digging


at two properties in relation to Christopher Halliwell. This is one


of the largest investigations they have had to had to deal with.


Progression is happening today. Sean memory had opened the investigation


into whether Christopher Halliwell killed more victims. He killed Becky


Godden and Sean O'Callaghan in 2011. He is serving life for those murders


and he is serving a sentence. Questions about whether he could


have killed more people. Today they have issued a statement saying that


specialist officers are carrying out excavation work within the gardens


of two properties in broad Street as part of their ongoing investigation


being carried out by the major crime investigation team. This relates to


intelligence that the force has received and they say they are


unable to comment further. We will bring you more as we get it.


An inquest's been told that a patient who took her own life


at Bristol's Southmead Hospital wasn't being supervised


because vital information wasn't handed over between staff.


Carolyn Brock fell to her death in August last year.


Pam Caulfield reports from Flax Bourton Coroners Court.


Carolyn Brock was admitted to hospital on 4th of August last year


as a voluntary patient. She wasn't detained under the Mental Health


Act. She has been treated before anxiety and depression and tried to


take a knife in July and there was a family history of suicide her son


committed suicide in 2014. Five days before her death, on the Wednesday,


Carolyn had made a statement on the ward round and said she wasn't going


to recover and was going to die. It was at that point that they agreed


her risk of suicide should be raised from medium to medium to high and


she should have to be accompanied on leave. She shouldn't be allowed to


go around the hospital grounds and escorted. The consultant


psychiatrist said the staff were told about this and there was a note


made in records. That was a Wednesday. The Sunday after, to took


the lift the fifth floor of the hospital and jumped into the atrium


and died of multiple injuries. The incident has been investigated and a


report found there was in effect of communication from the handover from


the week to the weekend. The nurse in charge at the weekend had


assessed Carolyn Brock before she let her go but the report found that


the care plan was not sufficiently robust enough to assess her suicide.


The trust are due to give a statement at the end of the inquest.


The family have been at the hearing. It is due to conclude tomorrow when


the coroner will give her verdict. You're watching BBC


Points West with Liz and Seb - thanks for starting


your week with us. Minus the migrants -


campaigners show how the economy And a diet to conquer the ice -


the team needing 5,000 calories a day to achieve


their Antarctic dream. A driver's been sent to prison


for more than seven years after an accident in Nailsea


in which a teenager died. 23-year-old James Bisset from Yatton


in North Somerset hit a group of pedestrians


on Valentines Day last year, fatally Bisset was jailed for dangerous


driving, and was banned from holding An Army Sergeant accused of trying


to kill his wife by tampering with her parachute will go


on trial in October. Victoria Cilliers, who's 40,


was seriously injured during a jump Emile Cilliers has pleaded not


guilty to two charges He was released on bail


until the trial. Police say they'll be studying CCTV


pictures of crowd trouble at Bristol Rovers' game


against Port Vale at the weekend. Four people, including a match day


official, were arrested. Staffordshire Police say more


than 30 Rovers fans were thrown out of the ground during the game -


some for racially abusing stewards. Our sports reporter


Damian Derrick joins me. What more have to police said about


what happened over the weekend? There was no indication of any


problems and no history between these clubs.


This all seems to have come about because of trouble


in the away end of the ground during the second-half of the match.


There is some suggestion that it started because of a row


over a lack of seating but that is yet to be confirmed.


We do have some more detail on the arrests.


A 52-year-old man was arrested for racially aggravated abuse


Another 23-year-old male has been arrested


One match day official has been arrested for assaulting


a Bristol Rovers fan and another 52-year-old man for the assault


of a police officer - all have been released on bail.


And it wasn't just inside the ground -


there was more trouble after the game?


Yes Staffordshire Police say that afterwards,


about 50 Rovers fans were in one of the car parks


and that a disturbance broke out there between stewards


Just to be clear, not all the rovers fans


were involved in that, in fact one supporter told us he got


caught up in it and was knocked to the ground as a policeman swung


He also claims pepper spray was used.


The police say trained officers were deployed to get


We also know that four men and two women suffered minor injuries -


they were treated on site by St John's Ambulance and got


Not a word from Port Vale but Rovers have released a statement.


Because the match took place at Vale Park, any investigation


into the incidents has to be led by Port Vale and


They say they've been inundated with eye witness accounts


which they've sent on to Port Vale and Avon and Somerset Police,


They finish by saying because investigations are ongoing,


it would be inappropriate for the club to make any


Bristol's in the the top three cities in the country for the number


The city's problem is up there with London and Manchester


despite dozens of extra emergency beds.


Now a charity's urging people to help out


by helping them track down rough sleepers.


And ready support workers are ready hit the streets.


I touched base with him to see how he was doing and gave him a hot


coffee. I will come back tomorrow to get support to get him off the


street. There are around 70 people sleeping


rough across Bristol. Many hidden in doorways


and car parks. And that's where the outreach


team wants your help. Using the street link


website you can tell them It might be the first night that


they have slept rough but we can go to them and get them off the


streets. The longer they are, the more dangerous it is for them.


Paul Britton's used the street link website.


As a security guard at the Galleries he's witnessed


And did his bit to alert the outreach team.


Anybody can use it. It is there, it is easy and people can get the help


that they need. The outreach team can


get rough sleepers Keith Hathaway became


a drug addict at 15. He spent years in and out


of prison and homeless. They caught me on that day and it


was a window of opportunity and I grabbed hold of it and I found


myself in recovery. Bristol's laid on 70 extra


emergency beds recently. But rough sleeping's


still a major problem. This is a league table


of rough sleeper numbers in the eight major English


cities outside London. Bristol is caught in a spike of


housing demand coming from people moving into Bristol and commuting


from elsewhere and people at the bottom end of the rental market who


are struggling to find somewhere to live.


The City Council is promising 800 affordable homes by 2020.


But with Bristol in the grip of a housing crisis.


It's as well help is just a website away.


Events have been taking place across the West to highlight migrant


workers and their place in the local economy.


This was one gathering in Bath this morning as part


of the One Day without Us campaign with another at


With Brexit about to begin, Robin Markwell has been exploring


what the future might hold for migrants already


The lunchtime rush at Los Gatos in Swindon.


It's not just the dishes here that have a continental flavour.


I am Max and I'm French. I am Irish. I am Spanish. I am Spanish.


For Jose and Max - Brexit has made them think again


If we have to live in England, it is good to come here. If people don't


come, we lose our job. Brexit is a big thing which will make me stand


up for myself and think about my future.


So tonight, for one night only, the restaurant owner has asked


all her European staff to stay at home.


She wants to prove just how reliant her business has


We don't set out to employee Spanish people and European people. We


advertise locally and have never done anything else. People apply for


jobs and we hardly ever get any local people applying for jobs to


work here. The dicey issue for


Government is this. Until Brexit negotiations get


underway, there's unlikely to be any cast-iron guarantees


for the European nationals It's a matter not just


for Westminster then Their position does not change. We


are hopeful in the re-negotiations, we will stabilise not only their


position but the position of 1.3 million Britons in the EU. Let's not


forget them as well in this equation.


In Swindon's Park Estate, they voted heavily for Leave.


It was a decision driven by uncontrolled


They come over here and haven't been in the country five minutes and they


are getting all our benefits. I voted out because of the foreigners.


Not our country any more, is it? Public pressure on tightening our


borders remains intense. But first politicians must


reflect on the future A fundraising page for a Somerset


man who suffered a severe electric shock has reached


its ?100,000 target. Jamie Mines had his hands


and a leg amputated after Thousands of people from around


the world have donated to support him and his family


through his recovery. He was known as the Usain Bolt


of the water, but after Olympic gold, World and European titles,


Ed McKeever has The sprint canoeist


from Bradford Upon Avon won the men's single kayak


at London 2012 but missed out on retaining his Olympic


title in Rio last year. His 17-year career was recognised


with an MBE in the 2013 Last month on Points West we


introduced you to the Ice Maidens - elite soldiers who want to be


the first all-woman team They were testing their mental


toughness at Larkhill You could be more patient. You need


to be more open. You need to be an little less productive.


Fighting talk there from the Ice Maidens!


Eventually, they'll be whittled down to a team of five.


But for now, they've been out to Norway


to work out the rations they'll need for their three-month


A frozen Norweigian lake where drifting snow,


and the biting cold, make just putting one ski in front


Here keeping active and staying warm is crucial for staying in one piece.


There's a potential I'm going to lose a finger or two


so that's in the back of my mind but that's not enough to stop me.


The determination of the Ice Maidens may not be in doubt,


but there's a science for survival in the South Pole.


It's a science that's so far only been written for men.


There is no evidence on how women cope in these kinds


of environments so if we can provide that evidence for future


expeditions then they can have a much better idea of how


to compose their rations and prepare.


On this latest trip to Norway, the Ice Maidens are monitoring


their food intake closely as they work out what


We have a 5,000 calorie a day diet so for breakfast


Then have an evening meal which is another dehydrated meal


so everything is dehydrated, melt the snow, boil the water,


then throughout the day we have about 2,500


But, of course, eating has its consequences.


So how does an Ice Maiden answer a call of nature


We've each got individual pee funnel that means you reveal


the least of you to the wind and to the elements as possible


but if you need something a little bit more, build yourself a little


wall, squat behind it trousers down do your business into the bag,


you've got tissues to sort yourself out with then wrap bag and it goes


in your polk and you drag that for the rest of the expedition.


The expedition is expected to take 75 days.


The only trace the Ice Maidens intend to leave


behind is a place in the history books.


Now we're bringing together what must be two of the nation's


most popular hobbies - stamps, and trains.


A set of stamps has been launched at Swindon's Steam Museum


celebrating the history of our mail being carried by train,


something immortalised in W H Auden's poem The Night Mail.


Well, one of the stamps was designed by artist


Ian Cryer from Keynsham, who's with us now.


Crossing the border, let for the rich, letters that the poor,... One


of the series of stamps was designed by a man who is with this now. Ian,


here is your fine painting that features in the series. You come to


secure this amazing commission? I had done a series of paintings for


the people that operated the trains for the Post Office. When I heard


the post offers trains worth finishing, I recorded the scene


inside the carriage of the men sorting them out. What is it like


that? It is like going back in time. It is a fantastic atmosphere. You


wouldn't have thought it was 2003 when I painted it. What does it mean


to secure something like this? It is a great passion of mine and the film


made in 1935, the great romance, the intrigue about the Royal Mail


travelling through the night. There is lots of interesting stories about


the people who worked on the trains. It is a very human thing and about


the people. Was the poem running through your head when you are in


this train? It did indeed. It is that rhythm that is picked up in the


poem. You don't just paint train scenery. What else are you


passionate about? I am a landscape painter. I also paint a lot of


interiors, particularly public house interiors. I love the


characterisation of the people drinking. That must be hard work


with a pint in my hand. I never drink when I am painting. You have


the stamps there, haven't you? Looking at them now, that picture is


going to be immortalised. Are you happy with it? Delighted. It was


2003 when I painted it. I painted it on is back. It wasn't a commission


at the time but it was taken up by Royal Mail and present to the stuff


that was sadly made redundant by the reorganisation. -- staff. What


memory will you take from that train journey? Trying to paint at 90 miles


an hour was difficult. When I stopped for ten minutes while they


sort of the mail, it was heaven. Thank you very much for coming in


and bringing the painting. Thank you.


Good evening. We have some quiet weather for the next few days unless


you live high up. Anywhere above 800 feet, there is a lot of low cloud


and Hill fog. The saving graces it is relatively mild with temperatures


around 12 Celsius. The possibility of some patchy drizzle around. We


have one weather front that stretches in front of us. This will


be a pain. Very slow-moving. This is it this evening. Tomorrow, even by


Wednesday, it is still here. The low pressure brings us some windy


weather on Thursday. Until then, we are into that mild westerly flow


which means a lot of cloud and a fair amount of drizzle coming as


well. A lot of low cloud and extensive hill fog and an unusually


mild night. For tomorrow, we are expecting to see a lot of cloud in


general. It stays pretty much overcast. There might be a few


breaks in the cloud. A brisk westerly breeze and the temperatures


getting up to 11 Celsius. I mentioned as we move towards the end


of the week, a different feel to the weather. This is Thursday. Deep low


pressure and brisk winds flooding in introducing lower temperatures. It


will feel quite a bit colder through Thursday. By Friday, quite a nice


day although Friday morning could stop with a touch of Frost. The


general outlook towards the weekend is for us to cool down. Temperatures


down to three Celsius on Thursday night. Also on Thursday, it will be


quite a windy day with those wins coming in from the West which could


be touching gale force through the Bristol Channel and the Somerset


Levels. Colder and brighter into Friday. That is all from me. It has


been milder. Shame to hear it is going to change. Good time for a


train journey. Just in case you didn't get a real view of that


stamp, here it is. It is absolutely beautiful. He described himself as a


modern Impressionist and you can see that. Beautiful. Amazingly, he has


had no formal training. Quite incredible. He had to pay that at 90


mph. Pretty good. Pretty steady hand. Thanks for watching. Goodbye.


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