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Welcome to BBC Points West, with Liz Beacon and Sabet Choudhury.


Searching the former home of a murderer.


Police in Wiltshire continue their excavation work at a house


The Alloway here is ) second day as specialist police officers search


gardens and dig at the home of -- at the former home of Christopher


Halliwell. Tens of millions of pounds


to save and jobs on the line. Two of our biggest councils meet


to set their budgets. We take a rare peek below water


at a Gloucesterhshire reservoir. And throwing and pinning


her way to the top. The ten-year-old who's already


touted as a judo star. Police searches at a former home


of convicted murderer Christopher Halliwell have


continued for a second day. Officers have been digging


at the back of two terraced houses They say they're acting on specific


intelligence they've received. Our Wiltshire reporter Will Glennon


has been there throughout Good evening. The alleyway here on


Broad Street is closed for a second day as the Major Crime Team


investigation continues. There has been a lot of activity here today.


Officers have been coming and going and it has been very busy behind


that lack tarpaulin. What police have not told us today is what it is


about that specific intelligence that brought them here in the first


place. What is becoming clear is that whatever they are searching


for, they are being very determined. Police searches have continued


on Broad Street throughout the day. As specialist officers combed


garages and gardens, the sound of concrete drilling


echoed down the alley. Neighbours say that they found


all the activity quite surreal. As a community, we felt


quite freaked out about It is a bit too close


for comfort, isn't it? But there's not much


we can do about that. Christopher Halliwell was convicted


last September of his second A taxi driver in Swindon,


he killed Sian O'Callaghan in 2011. But Becky Godden disappeared in 2003


and Halliwell was found Police have kept the family


informed, and for Becky's dad, John, I am really upset.


I am really upset with it all. As a father, that is all I ask.


It is upset for all the families. It all should have been


done six years ago. With eight years separating the two


killings, many people believe that Former Wiltshire Police detective


Steve Fulcher was in charge In September last year, he told


the BBC that there must be more. I mean, I spent a lot of time


with Christopher Halliwell. He was contrite, fully contrite,


crying on my shoulder And there is no question,


from all the information that I gathered when I was running this


enquiry in 2011, that he has Wiltshire Police have not officially


linked any other crimes to Halliwell but they have appealed to him


to tell them anything you knows. There might yet be more victims


lying undisturbed, and the search There has been much better late on


about how many other victims there could be unjust to these people are.


There are a number of missing women across the West and beyond whose


bodies have never been found. Christopher Halliwell's job as a


taxi driver took him across the country but he also had other jobs,


too. Wiltshire Police say that the investigation and search here could


last for another five days yet. Thank you very much. One to other


news. A postmortem examination has


revealed that a man who was tackled outside a shopping centre


by a security guard died Kieran Zac Church, who was 30


and of no fixed address, was confirmed dead outside


the Shires Shopping Centre It's thought he was concealing glass


bottles which shattered A 20-year-old security guard


was arrested on suspicion of A body has been found in Thailand,


after a Gloucestershire Andrew Apperley was last seen


on the popular tourist The 37-year-old, who has a young


daughter, told family he was going to a full moon party


on a nearby island last Sunday Gloucestershire Police say


formal identification has The West's two biggest councils


are setting their budgets today, needing to save tens


of millions of pounds. Wiltshire plans to shed


a hundred jobs in order to balance its books,


but Bristol needs This evening, councillors


are discussing how to cut ?100 million over


the next few years. Let's join our political editor


Paul Barltrop, who's at City Hall. These are difficult days in local


Government. Wiltshire Council met this morning after several hours of


discussion. They voted through the budget, 100 jobs will go. Year at


Bristol, a meeting began this afternoon and it will go on a lot


longer. It is much more controversial. The cuts are much


bigger. Many millions of pounds in next four years and there have been


protests. In the council chamber earlier, there was heckling from the


gallery. The destruction was such that they suspended the meeting and


rejected those causing difficulties. -- the disruption. In the run-up to


this council meeting, there were protests about possible targets for


cuts. This swimming pool in the south of the city so people gathered


outside at the weekend, upset that I could lose some of the subsidy and


beef or -- and be forced to close. People explained why it is


important. It is an important committee resource. If it goes, it


would be a real problem for lots of young people and old people. It does


not make sense to me. It seems like such a busy swimming pool. The


traffic in and out of year is quite high.


It comes at a time of falling central Government fund for


councils, which the Mayor of Bristol says means cuts are inevitable, if


regrettable. Again, in the case of assuming pool, that is the, but we


could say, what about other services? If you are elected, you


want a leader. Only does help people navigate difficult decisions. What


we have is a whole bunch of difficult decisions. If you do not


have the appetite for that, maybe you should think about whether you


should have been elected. One thing it has been referred to


repeatedly in the council meeting today as the financial mess in which


Bristol finds itself. A recent report carried out by a former head


of the commission concluded officers had the Robert -- had deliberately


misled councils about the programme savings in the last two years. It


means Bristol finds itself a long way behind other councils. In


comparison to Swindon just down the road, it has half the population


almost. In terms of libraries, Bristol runs 23. In a matter of


months, Swindon will have five. There is a reflection in council


tax. If you are a band Dee Holder in the areas...


Council taxes at the centre of all this. It will be going up in Swindon


and it will be certainly going up in Bristol. We will find out more after


the results of the council meeting later this evening.


For the moment, thank you. We'll know later where the axe


will fall, but one organisation is warning that planned cuts to HIV


support services will fuel the growing cases


of the disease in Bristol. The Brigstowe charity is waiting


to hear whether it'll If that decision is taken today, it


says it's likely to have to close. Our health correspondent


Matthew Hill reports. If somebody tells you that


you have a disease that can kill There's a lot of people


that don't know I've got This is the first time Nelson Walker


has spoken publically It's a sign of how strongly he feels


about the closure of a charity that It was something I enjoy


doing and I got paid Jodie helped me find the benefit


funding that I was entitled to. My mortgage, I was losing that,


because it was getting to the stage Brigstowe are a Bristol-based HIV


support organisation who have been offering advice and support


to people living or affected by HIV in the south-west


for the past 21 years. The City Council, which is


responsible for public health, is proposing cutting the ?86,000


lifeline that keeps Yes, black minority ethnic groups


are disproportionately The prevalence is higher in those


groups and in addition, the stigma is higher in those


groups as well. So, we come in, as well


as to support people, to work to break down that


stigma as well. And Terence Higgins,


the only other charity in Bristol to offer support,


is about to close its doors. At best, it will only have one


support worker instead of four. Two weeks ago, Points West revealed


how HIV infection rates in Bristol are now over two cases for every


thousand people tested, but despite this, we are not


offering recommended tests to everyone registering


with their GP. It is not just support that is been


cut, but sexual health treatment, One consultant in sexual


health here has told me that the combination of cuts


for both support and treatments Faced with national austerity


cuts of ?170 million over the past six years,


the City Council will today decide on how much it is prepared to spend


on charities like Brigstow. Well, Paul is still


outside City Hall for us. Paul, has there been any news


on funding for Brigstowe yet? One possibly positive bit of news


today from the council meeting is that whilst the ?86,000 is


officially still a proposal to cut from that project, they have now got


another funding stream which they say they will look at and examine


and hopefully find some money for the important work which the project


undertakes. One other thing from inside the meeting this afternoon.


The Mayor of Bristol announced a new father investigation into the


financial mismanagement that went on here over the last few years. Just


look at the finances. This will look at the behaviour of senior managers


within the organisation, some of whom are subsequently left. It will


then take a decision as to whether they should be disciplinary action


taken against some of those who were involved.


Thank you very much for breaking that awful weather out there. More


to come from Paul later after ten p.m..


A parish council in South Glouestershire will hold


a special meeting tonight to publicly complain


Philip Winter was accused last week of posting a racist comment


It led to Almondsbury Parish Council receiving complaints


Mr Winter says his account was hacked, but this


evening his fellow councillors will officially distance


It's Seb and Liz with you this evening.


Yes, and we've got lots more still to come before seven, including...


The schoolgirl scaring her friends with her super strength.


I'm just not going to go near her, I think. Is probably a pretty safe


option. And the knitted guests who've taken


up residence in a West abbey. A coroner has found that failures


in communication at a Bristol hospital meant a vulnerable woman


was allowed to walk around by herself, despite doctors ruling


she should be accompanied 67-year-old Carolyn Brock told staff


at Southmead Hospital that she was going out for a breath


of fresh air, she walked out Carolyn Brock, a 67-year-old


grandmother from Bristol who'd In August last year,


she became a voluntary patient at Southmead's Oakwood Ward,


which treats people But on a Sunday morning in August,


she walked out the ward Carolyn Brock was in


the hospital suffering from anxiety stemming


from her previous Now, because she said she had had


previous suicidal thoughts and had tried to take her own life


in the past, she was supposed to be But that message had not been passed


on correctly and she was able She had been seen by doctors


while in the ward after saying After that meeting, they decided


that she should not be allowed to leave the ward unaccompanied,


but that instruction was not communicated to the people looking


after her that Sunday morning. The trust accept that not


all information relating to Mrs Brock's leave arrangements


and increased risk was handed over, As the coroner acknowledged,


following our own internal investigation, we have made


significant changes to the way information


is shared within the team. Our nurses make difficult


decisions every day, balancing the clinical needs


to detain informal patients The investigation into


Carolyn Brock's death said her care plan had not


been sufficiently robust. Changes have since been made


to try to make sure that every decision is passed on to everyone


who needs to know. It's a marvel of Victorian


engineering that's usually The Hewletts underground reservoir


supplies all the water Now it's being drained


for maintenance - giving our cameras and environment correspondent


David Gregory-Kumar a rare 170 years ago, when Cheltenham


was running out of water, this was the solution the Victorians


came up with - Hewletts Reservoir. And today, we have a rare


chance to look around. This is one of our service


reservoirs, where we keep water before we deliver it


to our customers. We've got it off service


at the moment for part of its routine inspection,


to give it a checkup, because we're looking after these


old Victorian assets and we want to look


after them in the long term. When full, this tank


can supply Cheltenham 45 million litres of clean water,


it is absolutely enormous. So, it is quite hard to get a sense


of just how big it is down here. What we have asked Duncan to do


is to carry on working that way, down to the far end of the tank,


to try and give you an idea It took Duncan a good few


minutes to walk to the far I bet there is a really


long echo in here. It may be huge down here,


but it's also hidden from sight. Most people have no idea


the reservoir exists. As you can see, where we're


standing at the moment, it just looks like a bit


of a green field. People just have no clue


at all about what's This is one of our biggest


reservoirs where we store clean water and we have got about 500


of these across the region. And they range anything


from something kind of the size of your bedroom to this one,


which is absolutely huge. The good news is everything looks


in pretty good shape. So we had it inspected


by the engineer last week All the concrete has been


here for tens of years and we're going to look after it for tens


of years into the future as well. Soon, this vast space will be


refilled, which will take about two weeks, and then Hewletts Reservoir


will continue to quietly supply water to Cheltenham just as it has


done for the last 170 years. Amazing. We really would not know


that was under all those green fields. Let's move on to sport.


Bristol Rugby have brought in experienced coach Alan Solomons


as a consultant in a last ditch attempt to stay in the Premiership.


Following heavy defeats to Harlequins and Leicester,


they are six points adrift at the bottom of the table.


Solomons, who spent three years at Edinburgh before


leaving them in September, will stay with Bristol


I have known Alan for a number of years. I worked with him in 2001 in


Ulster. And Chris and myself had a discussion about it. We thought it


would be a good idea to bring his experience to the club, to help the


coaching setup. Alan arrived yesterday, we had good meetings. It


was our first aid training today and everything has gone very well so


far. -- it was our first day training today.


Bristol take on local rivals Bath on Sunday looking for their first


The favourite for this year's Cheltenham Gold Cup will miss


Thistle-crack, trained by Colin Tizzard


in Somerset, has been ruled out for the rest of the season.


It's not all doom and gloom at the yard as Colin does


still have the second and third favourites, Native


The West has an up and coming judo star


and much of her success is down to her coach.


Only in Charlie Whitfield's case, the coach is her dad.


Gavin Whitfield introduced his daughter


to Judo four years ago and she's already won gold two years


Today, the duo had a family showdown in front of her classmates.


Charlie can, but only because he taught her all his best


She must be really strong because her dad must be really


heavy, and I don't know how she flips him over.


Like, I was pretty scared of her already, but now


I will just not go near her, I think.


Charlie has lost count of the medals she has won in just four years,


including two consecutive golds at the Western area


With dad for a coach, she never stops learning.


We can always muck about in the house or down the street.


We can always do something when we are both together.


Besides her dad, Charlie has another hero.


Sally Conway, also from South Gloucestershire,


The Olympics. Really?


Do you think that is going to happen?


I think if I keep putting the effort in, I will get there.


She is talking Olympic standard, which is quite a high standard


to sort of pitch at such a young age.


But it is also, again, determination and that drive


So it is great that she is talking of that, but I am sort of doing


Charlie is not just a judo star, she is also


And she has to make sure she's keeping up with the class,


despite training and trips away to judo tournaments.


A lot of them don't want to get on the wrong side of Charlie.


But just watching her and how determined she is, and also,


when she doesn't necessarily win every time, she can come back


That is such a great trait for children to see


A week Friday, Charlie is in Croatia competing.


It is all part of her larger judo journey, and who knows


For sure, Dad will always be by her side.


You would want Charlie as a mate, wouldn't you?


Tewkesbury Abbey has been taken over by nearly a hundred knitted monks.


The woolly figures have been made for the Monks In The Abbey


Exhibition and those behind it are hoping there could


Natasha Turney has been to have a look.


Monks have always been a big part of the history of Tewkesbury Abbey.


Around 20 woolly visitors took up residence here a few years ago,


with the collection growing year-on-year.


I thought that as the abbey used to have a monastery attached,


it would be a good idea to celebrate this fact.


And although the monastery has been pulled down now,


we still have this wonderful abbey, and let's celebrate the fact


They may only be ten centimetres tall, but they are proving


It is really, really nice and unexpected.


I am very impressed with the amount of work people have put into this


And I hope it continues for a long time.


Out of the 91 monks that are here, 85 were hand-knitted


Well, they are on outreach in the community, letting people


And soon there are set to be even more.


Well, the Abbey, in 2021, will be 900 years old since


And we hope to have 900 monks here to celebrate a monk for every


That works out at around 120 extra each year,


and so the church are looking for help from the whole community


So, it is going to mean a lot more organising,


knitting, crocheting, putting together, and we just


hope the community will come and join us.


The monks here will stay on display until the end of February.


After that, it is time to get the knitting needles out and start


Can you make? I think I know the answer but I will ask anyway.


I can't, but I am always impressed with people who can. My mother used


to knit my cricket jumpers and then shrink them in the wash.


Sara Thornton is in the BBC Weather centre.


Can you make? -- knit? No, but I know more about the


weather. It is not very inspiring the pictures. Pretty cloudy for most


of us. Some rain in there as well. Heavy rain in the north-west. You


can notice the strike of cloud behind me. That is a frontal system


that will sink towards us tonight and introduce yet more rainforest. A


lot of it will be knocked out by the Welsh mountains. As we had tonight


into tomorrow morning. But there will be some alone, which leads us


to a quite damp 24 hours ahead for us. Little bits and pieces of rain


coming through the night. You can see it as just some towards us.


Crucially, it doesn't quite get to us with any cold the Arsenal will be


another mild night. At 10 Celsius, 50 in Fahrenheit, above what we


would expect by Dave Lewis time of year. Let alone night. We start the


morning on a mild zero, but it is mild and damp and breezy as well.


The winds will be a feature of the weather tomorrow. Bits and pieces of


rain around. The odd heavy bursts potentially but the rain knocked out


mostly by the Welsh mountains. As I said, it is a breezy day and another


mild one again. Temperatures like today, the low teens, 12, maybe 13


Celsius. If you have any interest in the weather and you have been across


the news, you might be aware there is a storm heading for the UK on


Thursday. Storm Doris, a named storm from the Met Office. We see it as


rain through the morning and then strengthening winds as the rain


pulls away into the early part of the afternoon. I want to talk you


through the weather warnings. We're not really affected by the very


worst of Storm Doris. A lot of it was the north of the UK. This yellow


be aware warning for the strength of the wind is just clips into


Gloucestershire. Further south, we could even see significant wind


gusts. From the cold front, that rain battles through in the morning,


it is gone by mid morning and then the sunshine behind it. Temperatures


fall away goes on and the wind gusts will be significant. Here are the


gusts we are talking about, in excess of 50 mph which could be


disrupted for a time. 10 Celsius before that pulls away. Once the


winds get in, it will then feel chillier. Friday could start with


some ground frost. It is cooler feeling on Friday but lack into


double figures by Saturday. Thank you very much. Storm Doris


sound so calm. It sounds like a sweet person, not a horrible storm!


We are back with you in the Ten O'Clock News. We will have the


details from the council budget meeting that we sought Paul at.


Still there in the rain, no doubt! Hopefully he will be back in from


the rain. We will see you for the Ten O'Clock News. Goodbye.


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A fearless feminist facing a world in turmoil.


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