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Welcome to BBC Points West with David Garmston and Alex Lovell.


The toddler shot with an air rifle - the man who pulled the trigger gets


two years imprisonment, but for little Harry


And now we can just carry on with our life


Harry has suffered brain damage - we'll be finding out


The older people coming forward about domestic abuse -


He's got the key to the door - the remarkable effort to give


And I'll be finding out why all these people are queueing outside


the centre in Somerset for a private ticket only party, featuring one of


the biggest bands in the world. A Bristol man who shot a crying


toddler in the head with an air rifle has been jailed for two years


at Bristol Crown Court. Jordan Walters left 18-month-old


Harry Studley with lifelong injuries when he fired at him last


July. The police say his actions


were reckless to the extreme. The little boy's family


say their son will struggle Our home affairs correspondent


Charlotte Callen was in court. Of massive weight has been listed


off my shoulders now. We can take Harry home. -- a massive weight has


been lifted. Today marks the end of the legal


battle for Harry's family. But this blue helmet hides the scars


he sustained when he was shot This man, 24-year-old


Jordan Walters, He and his girlfriend


Emma Horseman were close They were neighbours


in this block of flats. On the day he was shot -


Harry and Walters' children Walters starting cleaning this gun,


that he used for shooting rabbits, in his kitchen whilst Harry played


in the living room. When Harry started crying,


his mother Amy said she'd heard Emma Horseman say, "Jord,


shoot Harry, just to scare him." Emma Horseman said she couldn't


remember saying that, and was cleared by a jury of any


involvement in his injury. But her partner Walters had


pleaded guilty to causing grievous bodily harm,


although he'd said he didn't Today he was told he'd serve


two years in prison. Harry was just 18 months


old when he was shot. He still suffers seizures and has


lost much of his sight. But for now they're just


grateful to all be together. How anyone could point an air rifle


at the Child, loaded or not, beggars belief.


But for now they're just grateful to all be together.


It is brilliant. He is better than we ever thought he would be


considering almost a year ago we were told to say goodbye. To now see


him running around again, smiling, it is just amazing.


The bullet remains embedded in little Harry's brain -


There will be more testing times on his road to recovery.


Police investigating the death of a woman who was hit by a road


sweeper in Swindon are looking to speak to a taxi driver who may


It happened outside Arkells Brewery on Beechcroft Road yesterday.


It's understood the woman, who was 32, was going


to collect her child from a minder at the time.


Police say the taxi driver was not involved but could be a key witness.


Part of the centre of Bristol remained closed this


morning for investigations, after a woman was injured by


The 22-year-old was taken to hospital with a broken shoulder


after she was hit by the cladding panel outside the Unite


Unite say work will continue at the scene until they are satisfied


there is no further cause for concern.


An estate agent in Wiltshire has been fined ?200,000


after a woman who was being shown around a property fell down a well.


Swindon Magistrates Court heard how a wooden board


covering it gave way, plunging her down the 30-foot well into water.


Strakers estate agents pleaded guilty to breaching health


and safety laws and say they have fully cooperated with the Health


and Safety Executive to avoid a similar incident in the future.


It's emerged that more than 1000 older people


in Gloucestershire sought help because of domestic abuse last year.


It's thought more people are coming forward


because of a change in attitudes, and because more


Here's our Gloucestershire reporter, Steve Knibbs.


He just grabbed me with all the force of a really, really strong


He showed absolutely no remorse whatsoever.


It's not her real name or voice, but Gloria is 65


She was abused by her partner last year.


I didn't know who I could trust who would believe me.


He made me lose my confidence, it made me feel ugly and horrible.


This is an increasing trend in the county.


Over a quarter of victims helped by Gloucestershire's domestic abuse


I think older people tend to stay in relationships longer,


because they may have been in that relationship for a long time


and the thought of leaving it is very difficult.


You know, as we get older, the thought of moving,


giving up family, friends, our house, our possessions,


More people are coming forward for help and support


in Gloucestershire, which is why the figures might be higher here,


but for those that work with older people, the numbers don't come


Age itself brings some issues that can be extra risk


Retirement suddenly changes the dynamic in a family -


Increasing health needs, the issue of becoming


a carer for somebody, social isolation, they are all


things that are factors of later life and they are contributing


This Ageing Well group in Gloucester meets every week to talk


about everything from loneliness to health for older people.


Pearl and Barbara - they're not victims themselves,


but they say often their generation don't ask for help,


Older people just seem to go along with it and think, is this the norm?


Well, places like this can also help to give them an insight


that there is a bit more than family to see two.


You just need to get at these people and...


Just for an hour or so, you know, perhaps once a week.


GDASS and Age UK are now working together to promote the support


available to more people like Gloria - to change the stereotype that


older doesn't mean that you're immune from what is often seen


Of course everyone should feel safe at home, so do not suffer in silence


is I guess the message from that. You're watching Friday's Points West


with David and Alex. Thanks for starting


the weekend here. Stay with us until 7pm


because we've a lot more to bring We meet the men from Bristol who


have decided to row 3000 miles across the Atlantic. The only


problem is they have never done it before! I thought you were coming


with us? Oh, no. And we see the return of


fairly windy weather, although nothing on the scale of yesterday.


Details later in the programme. That is coming your way, but first...


A Royal Marine from Somerset who's in a wheelchair after serving


in Afghanistan is moving into a house built


The year-long project which would have cost more


than ?500,000 has been made possible by the generosity of


construction workers from all over the South West.


But it's not just about bricks and mortar -


this has been about rebuilding a family as well.


There are the extra weight doors, which is great. To get that family


life back, being able to act like a dad again and to feel like a father,


more than anything, it is great, humbling in itself but it gives a


bit of normality back to life -- extra wide doors.


Corporal Phillip Eaglesham caught an illness called Q Fever


while serving in Afghanistan in 2010.


It's a condition which has made him progressively weaker.


Knowing that we now have a home that has been future proofed for Philip


and his long-term deterioration, it has really been a weight lifted off


our shoulders. The build was made possible


through The Royal Marines charity, which paid for essential works


and encouraged construction There was no alternative viable


solution and the charity felt responsible to provide that solution


to keep the family unit together and provide a safe environment for the


family to live in for the future. Many tradesmen gave their time


and expertise for free. It did not take a lot of persuading


for me to actually get the contractors involved, you know, they


were very much willing partners in delivering this project. I know one


of the politicians has done everything free off his own back.


Even on his days off, he has come in and done work here. Thank you will


never be enough. They are all part of our family and the door is always


open to them, because we would not be here without them.


A project which would have cost ?500,000 being achieved


Three men have been charged with drug and slavery offences


after the discovery of the country's biggest cannabis


Thousands of plants were found at the former


The men who are from Bristol and Somerset have been remanded


in custody to appear at Swindon Magistrates


Three others also arrested at the site have been


A Bristol man has won a landmark legal case today


Greg Roynon was a so-called 'property guardian'.


That meant he paid below market rent to live


in a disused building, but didn't have the same


Our political reporter Pete Simson has the story.


Nic's a property guardian in this old Bristol care home.


He's been battling for his rights to live here for more than a year.


Legal advice was that, actually, by the way you've been living


and the room you've had, etc, then there is a good argument


But the management company Camelot had argued that Nic and others had


willingly signed up as guardians, to provide security


Guardians don't have as much protection as tenants


The court today ruled that Nic's fellow resident


We should be entitled to the basic necessities of life, such as,


you know, hot water and properly functioning showers, for example.


We basically felt so strongly about all that stuff that we felt


This hopefully would empower the people, if they feel strongly -


we've done it, it's been a long graft, it's been pretty horrible


The case has been acrimonious, with allegations of neglected


properties and attempts to intimidate residents.


All denied by Camelot, but tempers spilled out


SHOUTING: There's (BLEEP) no lighting in some


Today's ruling could have implications for thousands


Listen - there is a massive housing crisis in the city!


For Greg, however, he returns home a tenant, with his rights secured.


A group of men from Bristol who have no rowing experience


are to try to cross the Atlantic in a boat.


The 3000-mile journey should take them six weeks.


Tonight they're having something of a dry run.


Andy Howard is with them in the centre of Bristol now.


And they? -- Andy? Takes a brave man to want to stay out overnight in


Bristol for an entire weekend, and if you add into that that you are


rowing Donald Penn, to me it sounds plain daft, but that is what these


guys will be doing from 11 o'clock tonight until 11 o'clock on Sunday


morning, all to raise awareness of that big trip -- your rowing, then


to me it sounds plain daft. The guise of the crew, John, me, it was


decided on a lunch break at work, we signed up and you we are no -- all


of the guys in the crew. You have done some crazy things in the past.


He cycled from London to Paris, lands end to John O groats. We have


some pictures as well. What else have you done? We have done our


individual challenges, I have climbed Mount Kilimanjaro, taking a


canoe across the length of Peru. Steve did a marathon in the Arctic


Circle. But no rowing? Until a few months ago I don't think we had ever


been on a rowing boat as a group, but it had an appeal. We want to


show everybody they can go out and try something if we can do it. I


have only been going for one minute ten seconds! Why are you doing this?


Why in Bristol the whole weekend doing this nonstop? Our main aim is


to try to raise ?100,000 for the Movember Foundation, so this is one


of a series of ten where we go to main cities after this across the


UK. We start in Bristol, our home city, and hopefully a lot of people


will come down to support us and donate to a great cause, we will get


some great sponsorship on the back of it and then do another nine.


Unluckily for me, at this point, you know, the whole point of this is it


is a really, two on, two off, every. I have been invited to stay the


whole weekend, the overhaul of the Atlantic, but unfortunately I am


unavailable. From Bristol city centre on a Friday night, this is


about as close as I am going to get. Are you all right?


STUDIO: And you still need to do our health and safety form for it!


Thanks, Andy! He didn't seem to have much tension on the rope. Was it his


technique? I see. I suppose it was hard enough. We cannot all be


athletes! On last night's programme


Andy reported on this - a gunner's turret from a Lancaster


bomber which was going to auction today, with a guide


price of ?100 to ?200. The bank note, apparently belonging


to Billy The Kid, went for ?1900. And it seems that turret isn't


the only one of its kind in the West - Mike from Swindon


has sent us this... I never thought I'd say


this, but if you too have a Lancaster Bomber turret


at your house - send us a picture! Apparently his cat sleeps in it. A


good idea. Let us know if you have one! A giant litter tray! It is


another big weekend of sport with Bristol Rugby hosting Bath on Sunday


in the Premiership. This might be the fourth time they have met this


season but it does not change the significance of the match for either


team. Damian Derrick is here to tell us why. Yes, Bath have won the last


two matches and Bristol are struggling at the bottom, so a


different story for both teams. The most recent trouble Bath had was at


Leicester. COMMENTATOR: It's another try under


the posts for the Tigers, and they really are now running away


with this game. I'm afraid we have to concede that


Bristol are going to get nothing It is absolute confidence,


belief building, when you scrape The real championship teams front up


in these times so, you know, it's a good result for Bath to get


through this and see And it's a group missing 18


first-team players, not that those involved on Sunday are


letting it affect them. There's no


excuses. No one cares when you come


in on a Monday morning and start whingeing about the players that


were missing, or the players away


with their international teams. At the end of the day it is four


are five points that you need Bristol's problems are altogether


different - seven games left to save their Premiership status,


they've called in former Edinburgh coach Alan Solomons


to shake things up. He's coached in Europe for a long


time, but he also coached for a long time in South Africa and,


you know, they play a style of rugby that suits their physicality,


and hopefully he'll bring that He has definitely been a positive


influence for us, the players. 90% of our work, that


unseen work, you know, that goes on in the background


when no one is looking, I think that is where it


all happens, you know, and I think we understand that


if we can win in the little things, obviously coming to the weekend,


you know, obviously we can try to put that performance


out and get that win. A win that just might help


Bristol avoid going down. Bath, on the other hand,


are looking upwards - That match kicks off at 1


o'clock on Sunday, as does All our football teams


are in action tomorrow. Bristol City fans making the long


trip to league leaders Newcastle do so more


in hope than expectation. But despite overseeing 14 defeats


in 17 league matches, head coach Lee Johnson


is still confident he can I think the key for me, personally,


is to pick a team that I trust, and dig deep, and get tight. The minimum


standard is to run around and make sure we do everything we can to get


a result. It has happened before in football. Newcastle is obviously a


tough game but what a great game to start.


Lizzy Yarnold is just one place outside the medals


at the halfway stage of the World Skeleton


Lizzy, who's training base is at the University of Bath,


The second heat of four was actually cancelled this afternoon due


to heavy snow which slows the track down significantly for the athletes.


Team-mate Laura Deas is 13th and Donna Creighton 22nd.


The final two bonds are on the BBC service and online -- final two


runs. You will have to get up early to catch that, at 7:30am. OK, you


have heard of the Foo Fighters, right? Pretty big. Huge.


The Foo Fighters are one of America's biggest rock bands -


used to playing giant stadiums around the world.


If you don't know who they are though, don't worry.


You might be a little more familiar after tonight because their latest


Clinton Rogers is there now - Clinton.


The king of cool! LAUGHTER


Yes, it is true, Foo Fighters. It has been a bit of a secret over the


last couple of days but that secret is well and truly out of the bag


now. And just in case you are one of those people thinking Foo who? Yes,


they really are one of the biggest bands in the world, they play Poland


after playing in their home country of America, then Belgium, Denmark,


then it all kicks off here, quite a coup for Somerset!


Historic Frome, where it is fair to say the imminent arrival of one


of the world's top rock bands wasn't exciting everyone...


No, I don't know anything about anything like that. Food Fighters?


No, not Food Fighters, but the Foo Fighters.


I don't know who you're referring to!


Used to playing capital city study are in the world, turning up for a


free party in Somerset. They started preparation early. This was a gig


shrouded in mystery. The rumour mill may have been working overtime, but


nobody was prepared to say why this was closed, the Cheese grain, and


why there was so much security to stop people getting in. Mind you,


one man queueing in the early morning cold was pretty sure he knew


why he was here. It is supposed to be a big secret? If you know the


band, you can kind of work it out. I have this Foo Fighters logo, the


signature, it gives it away. It looks like a ticket to an aeroplane,


doesn't it? Yes, and you register like that, a boarding pass on a


website. So even the tickets were mysterious! By late afternoon, the


worst kept secret was a secret no more, as the Foo Fighters guitarist


came out to greet the fans. Are you looking forward to it? Ya! Tonight,


a venue, a party, very gentle maybe the last word that springs mind...


the last word that springs to mind...


What is it all about? Essentially a bit of publicity stunt because it


has been long rumoured Foo Fighters will headline the Glastonbury


Festival this year and I hear they will announce that inside, so it is


a bit of a stunt, but for all the people who got free tickets to the


party tonight, they just will not care, will be? Did you guys get a


ticket? The other disappointed ones! I didn't get one either. Never mind!


STUDIO: Your name is not on the list so you are not coming in, Clinton!


Fab! I think they were meant to headline a couple of years ago...


But Dave was sick... Yes, a great gig, and a great thing for Frome.


Shall we catch up with the weather? Yes, good evening. Let's take you


through the forecast for the weekend. A return of rather windy


conditions but nothing near as pronounced as the storm that of


course was a cross us yesterday. It would be a mild weekend, one with


often a lot of cloud around, and indeed at times some rain as well.


More particularly so during the second half of Saturday and


ultimately towards the very tail end of Sunday. If anything Sunday is


looking like a fair balance of dry weather prevailing for longer


compared to Saturday. This Zaza wider look at how things are shaping


up. A warm front across us late evening tonight, fairly weak affair,


and into tomorrow we will get a wave of fronts delivering some damp and


wet weather through the afternoon and into the evening of Saturday. As


we look towards Sunday that will become influential overnight and


into Monday. It will be the gateway opening the cold and blustery


conditions for Monday. For the rest of this evening, dry, patchy rain


moving in and the amounts will not be particularly great as all of that


fades into the early hours, and temperatures for all of us here. One


or two spots lower than that. Tomorrow morning, apart from a few


spots of light rain there is a chance the morning will be dry but


generally cloudy for the majority. Into the afternoon, you can see the


signal for more rain arriving. At times a lot of it will be drizzly,


ultimately with some hill fog is well mixed and into the evening


period. If you watch the wind is there on that set of graphics you


will have noticed they also look fairly pronounced so it will be a


fairly windy day, gusts probably 30-40 mph, something like that, but


from a mild direction. Temperatures generally up to 10 Celsius,


Aberdare, as on Sunday. By the tail end of Sunday, that cold front


leaves us in a cold spell -- 10 Celsius, about there. Thank you very


much for that forecast. That is it from us for now. I will see you on


Sunday for Sunday politics, it will be a good show this week.


Cake-a-bake? Yeah. What is that?


It's like bake a cake, but we flipped it.


Oh, my God, we love flipping. Cake-a-bake. Cake-a-baking.


I love it. I so love it when this happens.


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