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Welcome to BBC Points West with David Garmston and Alex Lovell.


A schoolboy is knocked off his bike and has his leg broken.


Now his family's starting a Twitter campaign to find the driver.


I can't believe someone could just do that. Left him, basically. He


actually crawled onto the kerb himself. It is my son's life at the


end of the day. It could have been anyone's life.


A hospital buys beds in care homes so that it can move


Off the rails - the Bristol to Portishead service


And how DIY SOS is reuniting a family whose life


was torn apart by a slip at a holiday swimming pool.


A 14-year-old boy has undergone a second day of surgery


after being knocked over in a hit-and-run incident


Mitchell Ogston faces around six months wearing a metal cage


He was hit just yards from his home, after popping out to the local shop.


The police are still trying to trace the driver involved.


He was left for dead, say his family.


Mitchell had just gone out to the shop on his bike


when a driver hit him and then drove on.


These pictures were taken by Mitchell's grandfather


His right shinbone is broken just above the ankle.


Today, he underwent hours of skin grafts to try to repair


His mum, Melanie, has barely left the hospital since Tuesday night.


She's still in shock about what happened.


I can't believe someone could just do that.


He actually crawled onto the kerb himself.


How lucky was he just escape with a broken leg?


This is the place where Mitchell was knocked over on Tuesday night.


It was dark at the time and none of the neighbours came out to help


So now the police are appealing for information to help


identify the driver who left the scene without stopping.


Brompton Road in Weston is a bus route and a rat run for motorists.


It's also a residential area with lots of kids


We heard the bang and I came out to see what it was.


When I got over there, I found it was a little lad.


So I asked him to lie still while I went to fetch his mum.


The people that think it is a racetrack, it is a bad road.


Mitchell's family just want to find out who's responsible.


Even if they were a bit frightened of coming forward, just do so,


because it is my son's life at the end of the day.


And he has 5-6 months, maybe more, to recover.


It is a recovery which will be both long and painful.


A hospital is buying beds at a care home


so it can move people with dementia out of its wards.


It's the latest move to tackle so-called "bed blocking".


Remember, it was Iris Sibley who was stuck at the BRI


for a record six months because there was no suitable place


Here's our health correspondent, Matthew Hill.


Hello, Mum. Hello, John!


How are you today? I'm fine.


John Sibley visits his 89-year-old mother Iris every day.


She now lives in a comfortable care home which can cater


But last summer, it was very different.


Declared medically fit to leave the BRI within a month,


yet six months later, she was still there,


It's not until you get caught up in the whole system and situation


that you realise the system is, in fact, broken.


So to fix it, the local NHS has paid for ten dementia


Patients like Pat Tottle can have their needs assessed


here for up to 28 days, instead of on a hospital ward.


The 83-year-old had to spend two weeks in Southmead


after a fall at home, and with the right support,


Because she had been in a bed for 13 days,


She had to have a Zimmer frame and she did not


Her coordination was not good with eating.


I feel I'm back at home again. I am not quite there yet, but...


This is very much a home from home, with all sorts


of objects lying around to trigger childhood memories.


It's also a lot cheaper than staying in hospital, about ?995 a week.


In hospital, it would be more than twice as much.


The scheme has already saved hundreds of thousands of pounds.


Saved about 364 days of hospital inpatient bed days.


And we are looking to do this long-term.


And the man in charge of the BRI, where Iris Sibley had


to languish in bed, says lessons have now been learned.


Any patient who has waited longer than four weeks after they're


meant to be discharged, we are going to have a named


individual in our integrated discharge service who is


We will have an appointment system for care homes,


so we can see in a real-time where the capacity is in care homes,


what places have been offered where the bottlenecks are.


Fine. Absolutely fine.


And the sooner patients like her are discharged to more


homely surroundings, the better they will do.


And we can reveal that the BRI is not the only hospital


Figures we've obtained under the Freedom of Information Act


show that bed blocking at Swindon's Great Western


Hospital cost them almost ?2 million last year.


Southmead Hospital had one patient who was fit


for discharge waiting 155 days - that's more than five months.


And a patient at Yeovil District Hospital had a wait of 126 days.


The trust there estimates delayed discharges cost them ?2.5 million.


A little earlier, Chris Atkinson from the Alzheimer's Society


I asked her whether this new scheme at the BRI would put


I think this is a really positive start.


There are many more people in hospitals with dementia


But, actually, if this project is rolled out and it is researched


thoroughly and we can see that people's outcomes have improved,


And it is, as I said, a very positive start.


It is robbing Peter to pay Paul, though, isn't it?


Because these social care beds are being paid for by the NHS.


And I think that is a whole different question, to be honest.


Because I think only when integration between the NHS


and social care really, truly happens, we will be able


And that is when people's outcomes will really improve.


Why are we we always playing catch up with dementia


Because it has taken a long time for people to really know very


There was a real stigma attached to dementia.


And with the Alzheimer's Society and the Dementia Friendly Communities


You know, we are way behind on cancer in terms


And unfortunately, for the older generation, there is still that


stigma attached so people do not seek help or ask for support.


They see it as a natural part of ageing, which obviously it isn't.


So there is a bit of catch up to do. Definitely.


Yesterday, the Chancellor announced an extra ?2 billion for social care,


Is that enough to make an impact here?


Again, I would say that it is a small step in the right direction.


And we will not know the answer to that until we can see where that


money actually goes and how it is diverted and spent.


And you're getting volunteers to help as well, I understand?


So, in the Royal United Hospital in Bath, we're launching a new service


The Alzheimer's Society are recruiting and training


volunteers to spend time with people with dementia on the wards.


So that they can help participate in activities.,


they might just go and read the newspaper


Because we know that hospitals are not the best place for people


Good luck with that. Thank you very much.


You're watching Points West with David and Alex


on what's been a gorgeous spring day for most of us.


Warming up for a cold night of running.


We meet the man attempting to run 15 half marathons


Gardeners' World presenter Flo Headlam joins us


shortly to reveal a plan for our joint birthday celebrations.


Many of us love DIY SOS, and the difference it can


And now it's about to help a local family from Avening


in Gloucestershire, who we met on BBC Points West last year.


Ben Wernham broke his spine when he slipped


He's now paralysed in a wheelchair and can't wait to get home


to his family to begin a new but very different life.


For the past ten months, Ben has been here.


Stuck in Salisbury Hospital's spinal unit because he can't fit


It is almost like being in a prison sometimes.


I do feel like I have become somewhat institutionalised


It's been awful for him and hard for Ella, his partner,


who wants to visit him twice a week but has their two girls to consider.


So, today, I am going to go off and stay the night with Ben so that


I can be there early in the morning for a meeting we have got.


But then, that takes me away from the children.


I feel like I am constantly being torn, where I should be.


I tell her not to worry about me and concentrate on the girls.


That is what she has to concentrate on.


But it must be difficult for her, you know.


It's not a patch on being home for real, but they Facetime every


Ben reads the girls stories and catches up on family life.


Every man that comes to the house, they literally knock him


At the weekend, we had some people starting the grounds work out


the front to build a ramp into our house for Ben.


And Matt was here and Iris was next to him with her wheelbarrow


As soon as she sees a man, that's it, then.


So she definitely misses that male influence in her life.


But those men with wheelbarrows will make a difference.


There'll be an extension to the side of this house,


a room for a carer - which they've accepted they'll need


When I had a phone call to say that DIY SOS are going to come on board


and try and potentially help us, went into a bit of shock about it,


then had the phone call to say, yes, we are definitely going to come in.


The fact that I can now say out loud that my man


is coming home for summer, it is just immense.


A lot of relief, to actually be able to think I am going to be home.


Start my life again. It means a hell of a lot to me.


And so for the next few months, this family will carry


Ben with the friends he's made on the ward,


Ella doing her best to balance hospital and home.


Waiting for the day when they can start a new life together


I cannot wait to see that transformation and we will let you


know when it is on, I have no doubt. It will be really moving. Moving to


other news now... A report into a women's prison


in South Gloucestershire has revealed three inmates


took their own lives last year. An inspection at Eastwood Park also


said there was an increase But it added that the majority


of inmates were safe A security guard found himself


trapped in his own van earlier today An engineer eventually came


to the rescue and the police were called to Lloyds Bank


in Cinderford as a precaution. A spokesperson for G4S Cash


Solutions said at no point was the security of the staff


member, the cash or The vehicle has now returned


to the depot to be examined. The dream of a fast rail link


between Bristol and Portishead The plan was to upgrade


the old freight line for frequent passengers trains,


but the costs have got out of control and now there's


a slower, compromise option. It's badly off track -


the projected cost for improving local lines around Bristol has


soared from 58 to ?175 million. The extra money can't be found,


so officials are warning It's certainly a compromise


from what we originally intended, but unfortunately the cost pressures


mean we must reduce the scope of the project in order to deliver


a passenger service. Called Metrowest Phase 1,


it includes upgrades and half hourly trains for the Severn Beach line


as well as to Keynsham But reopening the Portishead line


for passenger services is proving It's presently used for slow freight


trains, but enabling it to take faster passenger services every half


hour is hugely challenging. This area near Ashton Gate shows how


complex public transport A bridge is being completed to take


the city's new Metrobus. Underneath it runs the line that


goes all way to Portishead, and to take two trains an hour,


this level crossing would have to be To provide a more frequent service,


virtually the whole freight track Just the hysical


access into the gorge Instead, they'll settle


for the cheaper option, meaning Not good news for Portishead


residents frustrated That is not many from


Portishead, is it? It is a shame it is


only one an hour. It sounds very disappointing


and I doubt if it will ever be Reopening it for passengers


is a long way down the line. They have been talking about that


for years. Yes, I am sure. Friends star Courteney Cox has been


to visit Berkeley Castle near Thornbury to trace


her roots in the West. It's emerged she's a distant


relative of the Berkeley family. She was filming there


for the American version She was given access to manuscripts


dating back to the 14th century, related to the death


of Edward II at the castle. That'll be something to tell Ross


and Chandler about, wouldn't it? An artwork celebrating organ


donation has been unveiled at the Gloucestershire Royal


Hospital today. It's made up of a thousand messages


from people whose lives have been He did not get much time to be


a father, unfortunately. A decade ago, Kerry Mill's


life changed forever. Her husband, Simon, went


out on his motorbike At the height of her grief, Kerry


made a decision that would save two I realised, if they were poorly


and needed an organ, then I know Simon and I would have


been so grateful for anyone who would have given


us the opportunity. For this family, a message


in the centre of this A reminder of someone


who will always be close Each of these small tags


represents one thousand It is a lasting reminder of the


importers of the gift of life. 91 people in Gloucestershire today are


waiting for a transplant. Free people die every day in the UK just


waiting. The other messages on the tags are memories of love ones and


thank you is to life-saving donors. 33 years ago, I received a heart


from a young man that I had no idea existed. And his family generously


gave me a constructive wife. This is an ongoing appeal for people


to keep making that life-saving decision at the darkest of times.


Now, as I'm sure you've probably noticed, we're


celebrating our 60th birthday this year, but we're not the only ones


Gardeners' World, which is also made at the BBC here in Bristol,


So we're joining forces this summer for a special project.


Gardeners' World presenter Flo Headlam is with us to tell us more.


I am so excited to see you because it means Gardeners' World is not far


away. What is this project? It is a joint initiative between Points West


and Gardeners' World and we are looking for nominations from


community groups to nominate a space that they would like to transform.


So it could be a small, derelict plot. A roundabout. Any space that


is manageable that they would like to transform, to green up and


enhance local space. It could be Alice's back garden. I have already


tried that! If someone is thinking, I would not know where to start and


maybe have not got the community together yet, it is a good


opportunity to do that, isn't it? Absolutely. Gardening brings people


together. NIP one -- it might be one person who builds a team and an idea


around this space they want to transform. We had a competition last


year, the community garden, and they talked about working together and we


went to meet them. You can see how you can get so much out of it.


Absolutely. Gardening has a therapeutic effect and brings people


together. It might be that you're in your space and you feel isolated,


but when you come together with people living around you and start


planting bulbs and growing stuff, cute cement your relationship. You


cement your space in the committee. Talking about cement, I don't think


you will be using much of that! Willow DVD BBC telling people what


they should have the committee telling us what we should be doing?


It is the community who, the idea. For the nominations, we want people


to tell us why they want to do it. They could send us a couple of


photographs of the space to say, this is what it looks like. But the


idea is what we are interested in. It is not that we fully fledged. It


can be a broad sketch of what they want. And there is a panel of


experts, including myself and Joe Swift, Alex, you're on there as


well. We will be looking at the applications and the one that is


chosen, we will work with them to develop their ideas. The e-mail is


on the screen. You can see it there. Gardeners' World is back, isn't it?


Tomorrow night, eight p.m., BBC Two. Thank you so much for coming to tell


us about this. There are terms and conditions you


can look at online as well. Brilliant, brilliant. Start thinking


of those places. A runner from Radstock


is about to attempt a record, covering 200 miles in just 60 hours


- including the Bath Half Marathon. Runner from Radstock. Not easy to


say! It's all to raise money


for a Somerset charity. Andy Howard has been to meet him


at the rather iconic start line. It is hardly a normal place to start


a run. The top of this structure here. This is how the normal story.


This manual wants to take part in the Bath half marathon this weekend.


Daunting for most people but Johnny Reynolds wants to run 15 half


marathons between now and then, just in time to take his place on the


start line in Bath on Sunday morning. I make that 200 miles in


total. It is. On such a tight schedule. Only 60 hours to complete


this. Virtually nonstop. The schedule is so tight. It is just go,


go, go. We have to be in Bath ten o'clock on Sunday morning. This to


relearn to what ten years ago because of the condition and


emergency heart surgery four years ago. He is heading off in that


direction tonight and he's doing it for a charity called Time Is


Precious. It was set up by Nikki called Ford and her husband Neal and


Somerset after they lost, tragically, the little boy to


cancer. This children's home at Bristol


hospital looks like how you would probably expect. That is the


problem. If you're a child having treatment on the bed, this is your


view medical equipment. Drips here. We have lots on the wall. That is


about it. It is. It is just like the room we used to have. When Ben was


having treatment, we would look at things and say, look at the light,


that love. -- the gloves. It is very scary when the child does not know


what is going on. Down the corridor is a sneak peek at what Johnny's


money will help to achieve. The children are distracted by what is


going on. They do not notice any of the equipment or health


professionals preparing for procedure. They come in and we


interact with them with this unit. They watch the bubbles, fibre-optic


Sam Baird distracted. We have soft lighting to make the ambience not


quite so clinical. To transform this room, the screen, bubbles, music...


What are we talking? Around ?15,000. It is a lot. It is, but it is money


well spent. So that is the target. 200 miles in


60 hours. There is only one thing left to say, really. Go, Johnny, go!


Good luck. Such a good cause. Mind you, I have done 15 Chamakh


marathons. It is quite a lot of chocolate, though. Fantastic. I was


wondering what you would come out with! -- I have done 15 Marathons.


What's the weather going to be like for running


If you're after a lot of sunshine, you would be seen that a lot in the


next few days at least. There will be a lot of ). For tomorrow, when


underpinning feature that will remain in place as the mild


conditions, which have been very much in evidence today, aided by the


sunshine be so. There will be a lot of cloud around tomorrow. That is a


key difference. Drizzle thrown into the mix and places. A fair number of


you will have an overwhelmingly tribal excitedly with pockets of


brighter weather tending to appear with time. Here is a wider look at


how things shape up. There is a weak one front moving in from the


south-west later tonight. That is thickening up the Clyde as it does


so. Equally, into tomorrow, it leads us with warm, quite moist air which


will continue with a lot of ). Breaks in places and some drizzle as


well. -- with a lot of wild around. As we head foods was Sunday, more


particularly. On Thursday, bone dry. Close second from the south-west and


laws and incomes the drizzly rain across the likes of Exmoor. It


spread slowly north-east was as we approach the first hours of daylight


tomorrow morning. Temperatures for all of us around seven or eight


Celsius tonight. Tomorrow, expect extensive amounts of cloud around.


At times, patchy or break some drizzle. I would not want to overlay


that. There will be quite lengthy drive sizes for many parts of the


West Country. Indeed, one of two areas could be brightening up by the


afternoon but always competing with large amounts of cloud cover.


Temperatures tomorrow, despite all that, we'll stop the mild at around


11-13 Celsius quite widely. Could be one of two spots getting higher than


that. On Saturday, in many respects, a similar day. Leaning towards a lot


of dry weather through the course of Saturday. Again, a lot of cloud


around. Some brighter spells. Should be a decent day and a mild one.


Difference will be crossing West to east on the course of Sunday. We


will cover all of that through the cause of tomorrow.


If you do want a reminder of our pledge to do an area for a garden,


it is on our social media or send them in. You can still use the post


and send in pictures and thoughts. Look forward to hearing from you.


See you again tomorrow. Goodbye.


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