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degrees. Fiona. Thank you, Sarah. That's all from the BBC News at Six.


Welcome to BBC Points West with David Garmston and Alex Lovell.


The police call on communities to report drug dealers


as it's revealed their offspring are often badly affected.


An adult has a choice, to take drugs or deal drugs, these kids do not


have a choice. But is appealing to friends


and neighbours likely Welcome home, the famous


Lynx helicopter touches of the last times before flying


off into the sunset. Calling in the beavers,


could the animals be the natural way And in sport, ten games to save


themselves have Bristol city got what it takes to avoid the drop?


Children living in some families where their parents are dealing


in drugs sometimes have the same levels of illegal substances


They've also been found to be living in squalid conditions Now the police


in Bristol are calling on communities to turn


in the dealers for the sake of their children.


The search for illegal drugs in Bristol.


Much of the dealing goes on behind closed doors,


meaning police rely on the public for tip offs.


But in some neighbourhoods, there's a problem.


People are probably scared to come forward, if they know


Someone might come after them, or something, I would think.


They don't want to get involved, in case of comebacks.


Do you think there would be comebacks if you


Well, if anybody knew or grassed them up or anything, yeah.


It's just people's close-knit community, they keep themselves


to themselves and let everybody get on with what they want to do.


I could grass on one person selling but no matter what it will carry on.


But during their work police find children living


Here, they were executing a drugs warrant.


Is this where the child was supposed to be sleeping?


Officers used their powers to remove the children.


The parents pleaded guilty to neglect.


In another case, illegal drugs were found stored in a sweet jar


PC Ben Jeffries has seen many other cases of children condemned


to appalling conditions by drug dealing parents.


When you see young children crawling around on floors, uncapped needles,


foil which has been used to smoke drugs, it's just...


If you could see that, you would be on the phone straightaway.


In this raid, a child was found in a house


It is nasty to an adult, heaven knows what it would do to a


three-year-old's brain. The police safeguarding team say


young lives are at risk. Children have had the same


levels of substance misuse So they are not using the drugs,


but they are living in an environment which is giving


them the same amount of drugs in their system that


you would find in your average - whatever that looks


like - drug user. They are caught in the cycle of what


goes on in that household. That is what the community of got to try and


stop. The police would encouarge


the public to come Scott Ellis, BBC


Points West, Bristol. Joining us now is Lorraine Ball


who's the Chief Executive of Hawkspring a charity which helps


drug addicts in south Bristol. Thank you for coming in. Why are


people not reporting those who have got children living in dangerous


circumstances? Sometimes local residents and people in the


neighbourhood may fear consequences of feeling that they are telling


people, the neighbours. Yes, but if there was child abuse going on they


probably would report it, is there a bit of a blind spot comes to blogs?


I do not think so. I think people should be encouraged and I would


encourage people to report any child safety that they are worried or


concerned about to police first response and speak to a qualified


social worker who can take that will anonymously. People might feel that


if they mingled those children might be taken into care. Quite often,


that is not always the case, we work with a lot of social workers who


will try and support the loved one to get treatment and health. It is


very rare that it just happens like that, they do not go in and just


take children. You'd think children should ever be allowed to be in a


place where there are drugs around, people smoking or west of his being


stored. I do not think so, I do know that we have helped people become


absent from their drug and we work with them the treatment and


obviously some of them are still trying to be good parents. But, it


is a difficult situation and it is very complex. What about this


thought that children are sometimes living in squalid conditions in


chaotic households? Yes, and that is something that quite a lot of the


social care team going into the homes when it has been reported, so


that they can make these differences to try and eradicate that. We're


busy one to help the children, we offer our whole family approach


where we help the loved ones, the family members and the addicts and


the children as young as five upwards. We do programming primer


schools. But, you can't help unless you know about it will stop exactly.


We include people to support when there is concerned. We are more than


happy the people to come to our office, we're based in the heart of


Hartcliffe opposite Morrisons. We're happy for people to come in and get


some support and knowledge about what can be done. Thank you and


thank you to the work we do in the community. Thank you.


It's been announced how much each council will get for adult social


care as part of the Chancellor's budget announcement this week.


Somerset and Gloucestershire get the biggest share.


They'll both receive more than ?21 million


Bristol receives ?17 million and Bath and North East


Fire crews were called to a recycling centre


Breaking news, police are appealing for witnesses after a fire started


in a Bristol school. It was believed to have been started deliberately at


around eight o'clock. It was built in Somerset and it's


seen action around the world. But this month, the Lynx


helicopter will be retired Today one of the last


flew into Yeovilton Our Somerset Correspondent Clinton


Rogers was given unique access We're off to witness a piece


of naval aviation history. This is the very last flight home


flight home from the last mission After 41 years, the helicopter


they call the sports car I've been in the Navy 16 years


and flying this wonderful It is just been


an absolute pleasure. It has proved its combat skills


in the Falklands and in the Gulf. It has chased drug traffickers


in the Caribbean, pirates in Somalia, it has even had royalty


in the driving seat. But in two weeks' time it


will become a museum piece. It is rather sad to think that


at the end of this month that But, on the other hand it is a real


privilege to be flying in one of the last Lynx on one


of its last flight. And so today a Lynx from 825


Squadron came home after nine months the Mediterranean and


the Pacific oceans. For the families, the moment


to capture for prosperity. And for some, well it clearly


could not come a moment too soon. It is been a tough deployment


emotionally, especially missing It's difficult, it's hard


going, glad to be back. It feels like a relief,


because I didn't know So, as one aircraft moves


into the history books, the new kid on the block


takes to the skies. By next month all Navy Lynx will be


replaced by Wildcat, How lovely was that. Mind you, what


that boys about the sacrifice that service family makes. And the worry


they go through. Really scary, but how lovely that are reunited.


It's the end of another working week and we're glad to be easing


Stay tuned, there's lots more still to come including...


Could beavers be the answer to building flood barriers?


One place in Gloucestershire thinks so, we'll be finding out why.


Find out why I swapped my gloves or my ice skates in support of Team


GB's is every increase in Swindon. Tourists in Bath could


face a nightly charge Councillors want to introduce


the tax to help plug a ?37 million But they'd need permission


from the government before they can go ahead -


as Martin Jones reports. It's not hard to see why


tourists flock to Bath, But could they help


the council mend its finances I personally am used to paying it


when I go on holiday to Italy So we're not talking


large sums of money. But what we will get with the number


of visitors that come to the city is a significant increase in revenue


to fill some of that gaps created by changing finances that we're


currently faced with. The council stresses the plan


is at the very earliest stages, Would that put you off


coming to Bath? Because it's a beautiful place


and everything has to be kept up to standard,


so if that's the only way to do it, It's really expensive anyway,


so ?1 is not going to make that One or ?2 should be OK,


but of course we prefer no extra All the hoteliers in Bath I've


spoken to are deeply opposed. At this boutique hotel they believe


that in such a competitive market One of the things that gets quoted,


it works in France, it works Well, it works in those countries


because those countries have recognised the value of tourism,


they have made reductions The idea that you can just come


along and say, well, we'll put another pound or ?2


per night on hotel accommodation is possibly the tipping point that


starts to make people go, It needs a change in the law


before the council could But they're lobbying ministers


for permission to do so. Until then, tourists


here will remain tax free. You can see more on that in this


week's Sunday Politics West, that is on BBC One this Sunday at 11


o'clock. Lots of lively discussion for you on a whole range of


subjects. Beavers could be enlisted help


tackle flooding in one The Forestry Commission


wants to pilot the idea on a site near Lydbrook,


which was badly affected It's hoped the beavers will build


dams naturally to keep storm Lee Madan reports on


the cost cutting idea. They're described as


energetic and enthusiastic, These are the latest recruits


to try to tackle flooding The beavers, long term, will


maintain their dams free of charge.. The beaver family are


currently living in Devon, but the Forestry Commission wants


to move them to Gloucestershire to see if beavers really


can stop flooding. which are naturally sustainable


like mud, rocks, willow. At the end of it all they work very


hard to maintain their dam structures so yes its an extremely


cost effective solution and when it comes to creating one


giant natural sponge the idea of the beaver dams is such


that they are built in a way that storm water goes over the top of


them and does not wash them out. And this is where the


beavers will be kept. A metre high fence will be built


around this 15 acre site and mesh put underground to stop the beavers


from burrowing out. The beavers and their dams will be


monitored closely to see if there really are any benefits


in stopping storm water Lydbrook was badly hit


by floods in 2012. And it's stopping a repeat of that


which means residents For the biodiversity point of view


it is very worthwhile giving it a go. If we can get help from the


animals to get it back to something like what it should be, are the


natural area, that would be wonderful. It is a win-win, how can


you lose? Ecology winter we might just short out the flash flooding.


Not everyone agrees beavers are a good thing,


some question the impact they have on wildlife, and the rate


But if approval is granted these beavers could be setting up home


in the Forest of Dean as soon as this September.


On they sweet? And they do not charge overtime but their work.


Bristol City face arguably their most important game


They're away to Wigan, with both sides in the


Alistair Durden is here how serious is the situation?


It is looking grim just ten days to go.


Interesting stat nearly two thirds of their games have been


That's how fine the margins have been.


Let's see the games they've got left the matches against fellow


relegation-threatened sides have been highlighted.


Going on the average number of points needed to stay


up over recent years, I reckon City are going to need


The club are banking on the likes of proven Championship performer


David Cotterill to dig them out of trouble.


He returned to City in January, 11 years after leaving


The newsstand looks really big, it has changed.


It's a very different Bristol City to the one David Cotterill


Back then he was a wide-eyed 17 -year-old, destined


But City have always remained close to his heart.


Obviously I left as a baby. Not really with any experience. To come


back, there are not too many senior heads around the place, so I think


me getting 14 will help the blend of the squad. There is a lot of games


where we have thought we were the best team, to up against Newcastle,


three against Derby and we have not managed to see it over the line but


hopefully that will happen soon. This week City dismissed their


assistant manager John Pemberton Promoting former City defender


and under 23 coach Jamie McAllister. Another sign that the club


are standing firmly behind In football you can get the bullet


pulled a new at any point, but I want be positive for the players


because it is them who will go out there across that white line. I


believe that they are still fighting, totally. I believe our


fans will fight with those and certainly the staff all is well. --


are as well. despite just one win


in three months. But it's been a season to test even


the most patient of supporters. The fans will support the team to


the bitter end, regardless of the manager. The results aren't coming


at the moment, but we have got the team to do it on the pitch. His


inexperience is showing through and is costing us results, we haven't


been hammered so we can't be miles away. It is a question of luck, we


have not had Lady luck this season and there have been decisions


against us. Staying up? Just. Not of Lee Johnson in charge.


The return of top scorer Tammy Abraham will give City a lift,


but a season that started so well is now a full on scrap for survival.


This is normally the time of the year Bristol Rovers


They're unbeaten in eight games, and take on fellow playoff


Cheltenham are away to the League two leaders Doncaster,


while Forest Green's game is 2nd against fourth in


One of the world's leading para-equestrians has announced she's


Anne Dunham, who lives in Wiltshire, has represented Great Britain


at five para-Olympic games, and won 19 championship gold medals.


She said that at the age of 68, it was time to give others a chance.


She has had a great career. She is amazing. She is a tough act to


follow. Let's hope she enjoys how well-deserved retirement. There is


sport on the telly tonight. Rugby tonight, six Nations. It is up


against gardeners world, though, what to do?


A blind woman from Somerset who only took up running in September


is taking on the Bath half marathon this weekend.


Helen McCann, who's raising money in aid of the guide dog charity


which has helped her - is running with her


They're using the run as preparation for the London marathon next month.


Mandy and Helen are training to run a marathon.


What makes it even more of a challenge is that Helen is blind.


I have a small amount of tunnel vision, a bit


At the age of nearly 30 I was diagnosed with


To be then told you will be registered blind


Since losing her sight, Helen has had the help of a guide


She puts her complete faith in Alfie's abilities.


When Alfie has the harness on, and the lead, he knows


When he is off the lead and harness in the house,


So, he has to stay at home while Mandy becomes Helen's


I have to be very alert, it's quite easy to get distracted


by other things that are around you which may not


But you do have to quickly come back and make sure


Make sure that the pavement on the road you are on is flat.


It is quite a responsibility, and I'm not quite as good as the dog.


They are running to raise money for the guide dog charity.


It costs over ?50,000 to pay for a guide dog over its lifetime. Without


the generosity of the public, because it is a charity, I would not


have a dog. So, this is my way of giving something back. They will be


running the Bath half marathon this weekend in a run-up to the London


Marathon. It is challenging. I have do have 100% confidence in my guide


runner, just because I have 100% confident in my guide dog. -- just


as I have. Good look this weekend. We'll find


out the weather in a bit. Former England football goalkeeper


and Dancing on Ice star David Seaman has given his backing to a figure


skating couple from Swindon. Zoe Jones and Chris


Boyadji are Britain's number one pair and are off


to the World Championships But their sport needs more funding


to help them train and their appeal for help has been supported by David


and his skating wife Frankie. Here's our Wiltshire


Reporter Will Glennon. They are the current British pairs


champions in figure skating. Zoe Jones and Christopher


Boyadji have been a pair But after coming 14th


in the European Championshps, they're off to the


world's in two weeks We feel quite confident, we practice


hard. We're trying the triple twist, I throw is very in the air, she just


three revolutions and eye-catcher. This is a new element we will


introduce it in Helsinki. -- and I catch her.


They have to work full time and train as well.


And there's not enough funding for them to have a full time coach


So when they launched an appeal, former footballer David Seaman


and his ice skating wife Frankie answered the call.


They met through the show Dancing on Ice.


We know what they were doing, what they were up to and when we found


out they were struggling with the money side of it we thought, we


Luddites gating, we have met them before and it was great to see them


in the Europeans as well. Asthma though we love ice-skating. We


thought, let's help. Getting to world-class standard is very


expensive and we wanted to give them the best chance that they had on the


chance Frei path to world. After a 13 year career


break to have children, I was not totally out of the spot, I


was coaching but I wasn't doing anything physical on the ice. It was


very hard to get back into it. I got myself a certain fitness level


before I started the powers. at the World Championships But


they hope the experience The fundraising has only began


a couple of weeks ago but they're already a third


of the way to their target so it looks like Zoe and Chris


will have the funding to go to the next winter Olympics


and it'll give them the best chance Just to let you know, in case you


have missed it... A programme about the Bristol band


Massive Attack which was made by our Inside out West team will be


shown on BBC Four tonight. The half an hour programme, called,


"Unfinished: The Making of Massive Attack"


will be aired at 11pm. It tells the story of the creation


of the band and features a host of Let's catch up with the weekend


weather, here's Ian. Good evening. It is game to be a


clear split between Saturday and Sunday. Saturday has the lion share


of the dry weather and the some of you something a bit brighter


developing through the cause of the day. It will be mild day. By


contrast, Sunday will start with some rain, moderate to heavy for a


while, and throughout the rest of the day there will be dry


interludes, always present threat of further periods of rain about, quite


distinctly different to Saturday. Equally, it will be a bit cooler.


Here is a wider look at how things are shaping up, quite pattern as we


head to the cause of the evening and deeply to night and tomorrow. As we


head into Sunday you will see that cold front towards the was getting


activated in the early part of Sunday. That will deliver some wet


weather across many districts join the first part of the morning before


it fragments and becomes an enough through the rest of the day. This


evening, we have seen some spots of rain about but it is looking dry and


we're expecting it to stay that way the address tonight. A fair amount


of cloud around and as we approach daybreak to my the temperatures will


have drop down to 708 Celsius but most. Some murkiness around


sunspots. The key? Will be about the cloud cover versus the drag


conditions. We will see some of both. It will certainly be mild, you


see there the signals through the evening for some patchy outbreaks of


light rain to arrive. That is all ahead of the cold front starting to


get its act together. Beverages on Saturday will be mild, 13, 14,


possibly even 16. -- temperatures on Saturday. Whereas, Sunday will


reduce us back to about ten, 11, 12 Celsius. It will be at barely


noticeable drop compared to the conditions of Saturday. Heading into


Monday, Tuesday, it is looking fine and dry, varying amounts of cloud


and high pressure dominating. That is your forecast. Thank you, Ian and


have a lovely So, like, you get sponsored to swap


clothes with somebody for a day. Yeah, yeah, yeah.


OK, I don't get that. So, maybe... I don't get that.


..you wear your mother's clothes? I don't get it. What does she wear?


No, no, she wears someone else's. OK, I don't get that, it's


too complicated. Do another one.


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