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independence. And that's all from the BBC News at


Six. She had gone there from Swindon,


seeking treatment for MS, The guns come out of the car,


their hands with guns, and they started shooting


into the air and then, from that Our other headlines tonight:


The election expenses scandal. Five local MPs are interviewed


by the police under caution. The rare butterflies


captured and pinned Why every day is St Patrick's Day


at the Cheltenham Festival. A woman from Swindon has been robbed


at gunpoint during a night-time Sofia Janicka was heading


to Sao Paulo when the bus The attackers put a gun to her head


and threatened to shoot passengers and leave their bodies in a field


before escaping with Andrew Plant has been


speaking to her. Sofia Janicka is a 27-year-old yoga


teacher from Wiltshire. She travelled to Brazil a month ago,


exploring medical treatments to alleviate the symptoms


of her multiple sclerosis. But in the early hours


of Wednesday morning on a night bus outside Sao Paulo,


she and her fellow passengers were the victims of a hijacking,


with the entire bus And I woke up, and I saw


a car coming along They came onto the bus


and they were saying in Portuguese that they were going to kill us


and leave us naked in the field The UK Government describes crime


in Brazil as "high", and warns against wearing expensive


jewellery and clothes. It also says that there have been


incidents of hijacking and robbery It seemed to be that it


was phones and money. I don't know, there


was some confusion. That's when he pulled the gun


to my head, at the top of my head. I don't think I'll be


travelling on buses now. Sofia says she was glad she had cash


on her to give to the attackers, and believes that stopped


the situation from escalating. She says she is determined


to carry on with her trip, and her treatment, too,


but will be taking internal flights, Five West Country MPs have been


questioned by police It comes as the Conservative Party


nationally has been fined a record Each of the five MPs received


a visit from a Conservative Party battlebus carrying party activists


during the 2015 General Here's our political


editor, Paul Barltrop. They're all Conservatives


who were fighting key seats Marcus Fysh of Yeovil,


James Heappey of Wells, Stroud MP Neil Carmichael,


Luke Hall who won Thornbury and Yate and Alex Chalk of Cheltenham have


all been questioned by the police. The Avon and Somerset


and Gloucestershire forces had been asked to investigate what happened


in their constituencies by the Electoral Commission,


which has fined the Conservatives for breaking election


spending rules. We look to money spent on


campaigning, was it spent on big national campaigns there were about


getting that party elected were they about supporting an individual


candidate in a specific constituency to get elected?


Now, can you tell the difference between these two?


Well, one carried David Cameron, so was regarded as national


The other brought dozens of activists to campaign in key


Because they helped a specific candidate, it should have been


included in local campaign spending, but wasn't.


Did they make much impact on the election?


In Wells, activists stayed for just two and a half hours,


People did not know who my successors... What his name was but


they were knocking on doors and campaigning on a local level. I


think clearly what has happened is we have got local campaigning, which


has been masked as national campaigning, and it is utter


rubbish! The MPs didn't want to


be interviewed today, but it's clear that,


privately, there's anger that Conservative headquarters got


them into this mess. The party's been fined


but it doesn't end there. Their cases have now


been referred by police You're watching Points West


with David and Alex. Still to come on this


evening's programme: Making The fans meet tonight to decide


whether they can stump up the cash And we're out on the gallops


with Gold Cup Trainer Colin Tizzard on the eve of the biggest race


of the year. A Bristol man who calls himself


a butterfly conservationist has been found guilty of capturing


and killing some of Phillip Cullen told a court


he was searching for wasps when he was seen with a net at two


sites in Somerset and Gloucestershire known to be habitats


for the endangered Large Blue but the prosecution said his


explainations were laughable. For everyone here at Bristol


Magistrates' Court, it is fair to say this has been an extraordinary


day. That is because this court is used to hearing evidence on speeding


drivers or petty criminals but today it was the flying speed of


butterflies that was given in evidence because this is the first


case of its kind that has taken place in the UK. It revolves around


this, the large blue butterfly, an endangered and iconic breed that was


declared extinct in the 1970s but reintroduced the parts of Somerset


and Gloucestershire in the 80s. Philip Cullen is accused of six


offences relating to the butterflies. The prosecution told


the court that he captured and killed one large blue on the 18th of


June 2015 and another in Somerset that same week. The next part is


what the prosecution claimed was both a remarkable and laughable


coincidence. The two butterflies were labelled DBE and CH. The


prosecution claim these initials related to the locations. Cullen


said no. The initials stood for the colour, dark blue and cobalt.


Witnesses told the court that they had seen Philip Cullen chasing after


the rare large blue butterfly with a net, taking swipes at it, though he


said he was chasing wasps. The court found differently and it was Philip


Cullen who ended up getting stuck. How does it feel to be found guilty


of this as a conservationist? Very embarrassing, not to be believed and


to be accused of these things and are to be found guilty. It is a


stitch up. Today, Bristol magistrates found him guilty of six


charges relating to the capturing and killing of the rare butterfly


and he will be sentenced in April. Alexander Blackman, the former


Royal Marine from Somerset who's had his murder conviction reduced


to manslaughter, will be The 42-year-old has already served


three years of a life sentence. Yesterday, five judges ruled


the conviction was unsafe and instead found the former


sergeant guilty of manslaughter on the ground


of diminished responsibility. A 27-year-old has been arrested


on suspicion of murdering Jordan Taylor was stabbed


in the early hours of Sunday morning and later died outside


the nearby hospital. Officers are asking the public


if they know anyone who owns these items with Stars Wars logos on them,


which were found near the scene. A doctor giving evidence


into the death of a Bristol teenager says the GP who spoke to her mother


on the telephone was not as Isabel Gentry later


died from meningitis. An inquest heard today that the GP


should have asked more questions, which could have prompted a more


urgent review of Isabel's condition. The hearing is due


to finish tomorrow. Somali families living in Bristol


came together today to work out how they can help with the unfolding


famine crisis in Africa. The drought that's gripping


East Africa is threatening the lives of millions of people,


including their own family members. These are images of Somalia -


its dried-out land and its people Nobody should be dying


of starvation in 2017. This is an appeal by the Disasters


and Emergency Committee for help. 16 million on the brink


of starvation. Now Somalis that live


in Bristol are part I cannot just sit back and listen


and just talk about it. There are 10,000 Bristolians who


have family in that part of Africa. The reason why we are here today,


we are appealing to the Somali community to raise funds


for the families who are We see many families here,


and related back home families. Ayaan wanted to make


an appeal directly to Somali But they hope that all communities


will join them in this Children in Somalia


are dying because of no food and because of no water,


and that we all are responsible for - to take an action


and do something about it. The help can't arrive too soon


enough for the biggest crisis that the United Nations has ever


faced. As part of the BBC's


annual News School Report, the Bristol mayor, Marvin Rees,


went back to his former He took questions on a range


of issues from his time there to whether powerboat racing


should be reintroduced We asked two students, Tendai


and Heena, to report on his visit. I was one of about five or six kids


from my year to go off That has got to be the fundamental


change, how do we get to society... Martin Rees was a student here in


the 1980s 15 years before I was born. One of his big ideas is to


bring back power broker racing to the city harbour. Former mayor


George Ferguson disagrees. I would love to see powerboat racing


comeback to Bristol. You can bet your bottom dollar that other cities


are making it happen and they will make it happen and we cannot be the


city that cannot make things happen, we have got enough challenges. He


feels very strongly about mental health services for young people


despite his restricted budget. We are trying to be in place across the


city programme whereby every primary age children has the mental health


and well-being invested in. We teaching the tools of managing your


mental health will stop he was out of school taking questions from more


than 100 students. And it his experiences as student. I had some


great teachers and support teachers. But you learn from the ones that did


not help you out and you celebrate the ones that did and I can name


those that used to come and look for me and make sure I was doing well,


they said they believed in me. He got his point across as well as


taking other people's pennies to heart. He informed us on his


struggles and aspirations in life. But the biggest message of all is


the never given up. -- is to never give up.


Students all over the West have been taking part today.


You can find their reports on the BBC News School Report


website and there's a report from Chosen Hill School


near Gloucester, all about the life of a stable lass,


Four men from Bristol and Bath have been jailed after the discovery


of what police described as an Aladdin's cave


They included 42-year-old Jay Cowell, who had high-value cars


including a month-old Porsche, expensive artwork, jewellery


Cowell, along with Mark Howard, Joe Wilkins and Jose Paulo de Sousa,


were all convicted of drug offences and sentenced to a total of more


The manager of Cheltenham Town, Gary Johnson, has undergone


The 61-year-old hasn't been on the sidelines for the Robins'


past two games and was taken to hospital at the weekend.


And coincidently, the operation was carried out by Alan Bryan, whose


son Joe plays for Bristol City, who Gary used to manage, of course.


Swindon Town Football Supporters Trust has called


a meeting tonight to discuss, amongst other things,


There's a lot of concern from the fans about how Swindon Town


The supporters trust have a few items on the agenda tonight. It will


be packing this pub opposite me, those upstairs rooms, and one will


be the potential purchase of the County ground. We will talk about


that in a moment with a few of them. But if there is unrest on the pitch,


there is disappointment on it. The Swindon in the relegation zone,


firmly in the, seven points from safety, a games to play. If I show


you the next three fixtures, all against teams in the top six.


Barring a monumental turnaround in form, by the beginning of April,


Swindon could be staring down barrel at relegation, the bottom division


in the English Football League. We are outside because the pub do not


want cameras inside so I dragged a few of the pans out. James, the


problems you club scene deep-rooted. They are. We have got declining


attendance or games, the County ground, which is not fit for the


modern game, portable toilets, etc. We need to get the club on a better


footing. You see that being the purchase of the stadium will help?


We have the invested the stadium and the next generation of fans. This is


a club we love and we are determined to do that. What will it cost? We


have put a bidding for ?1.1 million to buy the County ground and we are


very confident we can raise that money. And that will be between the


supporters? We have looked at previous models, we have had


professional advice, solicitors and accountants. There was big about


that in that room opposite. Swindon have said today they are not looking


to move away by trying to renovate the ground when they can in the


summer but of course they do not own it, it is council owned. We will see


what the result of the meeting is tonight during the ten o'clock news.


So it's been a big day for the Irish at the Cheltenham Festival,


much to the delight of the thousands of punters who head over


the Irish Sea on their annual pilgrimage to Prestbury Park.


Our sports editor, Alistair Durden, is there for us this evening.


The first six races being won by Irish-trained horses.


A green sweep is what they're calling it


That's gone down very well on what's marketed


Some stats for you - nearly one in three tickets this


week are sold to Irish punters with 30 extra flights


from Dublin into the region to cater for the demand.


And they've had lots to celebrate - in particular, trainer


Willie Mullins and jockey Ruby Walsh teaming up to win an incredible four


races, including the big one - the Stayers Hurdle


And to think they'd drawn a blank on days 1 and 2.


Off the track, the hard work begins to clear up all the rubbish


The festival recycles as much as it can and, by 2020,


aims to stop sending any of its waste to landfill.


Our Gloucestershire reporter, Steve Knibbs,


With the population of a small town descending on Prestbury Park every


day, one is guaranteed - plenty of rubbish.


The key seems to be what's known here as the Recycling Angels.


We have to pull out all the cardboard from here...


They work front and back of house, making sure that waste...


There's a team of individuals that are able to come around the whole


course and educate catering teams, staff in the kitchens,


Our number one priority is a great day for everybody.


What we're trying to do is make sure that education level is at a point


where we can make sure that everything is segregated correctly,


and that the recycling rates coming out of this event


This is all, of course, no easy task.


The Jockey Club has set itself a target of sending


nothing to landfill in just three years' time.


It's a challenge and we have been doing it for the last three years.


2016, we managed to get up to 60% and 2015, 50%.


This is the most exclusive restaurant at the festival.


In the kitchen, under the watchful eye of chef Albert Roux,


There is, by its very nature, plenty of food waste.


Add to that left overs from across the site,


and 25 tonnes of rotting food each day ends up a couple of miles away


All the festival's scrapings, as well as Gloucestershire's


household food waste, is turned into energy here.


It is a biological process similar to the cow's stomach. Food waste is


converted into methane gas for use as renewable energy, and also the


remaining liquid material is used for fertiliser to be spread on


farmland. Once the magic has happened in those


digesters, some of the methane gas is used to provide heat


and electricity to run this site. The rest of it, millions


of cubic metres of gas, is cleaned up and pumped directly


into the National Grid. And this isn't the usual black stuff


seen in Cheltenham - it's the other by-product,


the fertiliser for local farmers. Think about it - this might just be


used to help grow some of the food being served


at next year's festival. The focus now is very much


on tomorrow's Gold Cup. Incredibly, half of the horses


involved are trained Most of the chatter


is about Colin Tizzard, the fairytale of the farmer whose


stables get bigger Even with the withdrawal


of Thistlecrack - - Tizzard still has the two


favourites for the race - We've been to the Somerset-Dorset


border to find out. Work starts before sunrise at the


Staples. Get in a straight line, nice and steady trot. Colin Tizzard


leads a thriving yard that has earned ?1.5 million in prize money


this season alone. There are not that many Tizards around. There is


still an air of modesty about the dairy farmer. A short drive from his


stables at the picturesque gallops were the 80 plus forces exercise. He


has come a long way since getting his licence back in 1998. It is not


an easy profession. Every morning, seven days a week, every day of the


year. So it is not easy but I have got to try and make sure I enjoy


every bit of it. The last ten years has got out of control. I have got


to deal with a lot of staff, we have got to delegate, talk to owners all


the time. We have got to do it. If we do not take a horse on


straightaway, someone else will buy it. Colin admits he's still getting


used to the spotlight his successors created but his story is one racing


has fallen in love with. It has been a tremendous rise from relative


obscurity and the fact that this story is here in the grassroots of


the British countryside. It is fantastic for the sport. Those hours


of milking cows are now a thing of the past and he is right at the top


of the tree. 12 months ago, this fall denied the Gold Cup glory. The


hugely popular 11-year-old has picked himself up to have another


good this year. And then there is a native river, who has taken everyone


by surprise. We thought if we had a horse good enough to run in the Gold


Cup, it would be an achievement, and suddenly we found he was favourite,


it is real! As the Colin Tizzard comic he is refusing to pick his


favourite. Whatever the result, it will be back in the yard for slight


on Saturday to start all over again. Colin is here. It is keeping a close


eye on the racehorse auction taking place in the winner's enclosure.


They young Irish horses for sale and after today's performances, prices


A little bit of pop news for you. Sounds so 80s! Ed Sheeran will


headline the Pyramid stage at Glastonbury this summer. He will


close the event on Sunday in what will be his only festival appearance


this year. Radiohead and foo fighters have already been


confirmed. The full line-up will be announced at a later date, pop


pickers! The forecast for tomorrow will bring


us a cool and breezy day, noticeably breezy, as the day wears on. There


should be a lot of dry weather about, a noticeably chilly and


bright start the day and as we had through the afternoon, and


increasing cloud. That will bring in patchy outbreaks of rain. But it is


looking more likely to be late afternoon when that starts to make


inroads more widely. Here is a wider look at how things are shaping up.


As we had through the night, a good deal of clear sky around courtesy of


the week up front. Through tomorrow, the next feature will be out towards


the West. You can see how that runs in towards us. It introduces


outbreaks of rain. But there it patchy fashion. But the rest of this


evening, a bit of light showery rain. Not much. Then the sky start


to clear. In contrast to recent nights, it will turn chilly as the


night wears on. The temperatures down to 2-3dC. That will lead us


tomorrow in turn a decent enough start. The amount of sunshine around


first thing. We will continue with the sort of conditions through the


part of this morning. The timing gets tricky with the first outbreaks


of rain coming in from the north-west. We will see rain effect


across the West Country. Some areas soaking up a few millimetres of rain


eventually. Other areas where you will see very little sign of that


whatsoever. Temperatures tomorrow will feel cool. 10 Celsius will be


fairly typical. We run through into Saturday. Saturday be strictly


speaking on a day. Printer outbreaks of rain. Most of those get soaked up


out towards the West Sir I would not be surprised if of the number of you


have a relatively dry day but it will be noticeably breezy and windy.


Here is the outlook as we had to the west of the weekend and next week. I


am quite lifted by Saturday. That does not look too much of the


write-off. That is where we have the leave you. I am back with an updated


at ten otherwise the whole team returns tomorrow. So see you for


that. Goodbye for now. It was the most beautiful view


I've ever been through. For one second, I was swimming on my


back, and I was looking to the sky. I was swimming across


the Aegean Sea. I was a refugee,


going from Syria to Germany.


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