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I think that my feeling that at least I did something, that it


didn't stand by like everyone else. We'll be talking to a lawyer


about the legal position of people A reconstruction tonight -


can this footage help to solve Will cheddar cheese be made


in Poland or Portugal? Fears that west country products


might lose their protection. And one small step -


a new moon is placed A student from Bristol has


spoken for the first time about his decision to go and fight


against so-called Islamic State. Josh Walker spent six


months with Kurdish militia forces in Syria,


and says some attacks He was arrested under the Terrorism


Act when he returned to the UK. This is the white BG, or People's


protection unit, a Kurdish militia unit fighting the so-called Islamic


state. Last summer, Josh Walker joined them to work as a translator


but found himself being handed a gun and joining the action. One of our


snipers saw an Islamic state member and shot them, and they were just a


massive fight. Mortars where fired at us, a little bit of sniper fire


over our heads, so this was the first full on attack. For the first


30 seconds, I was absolutely terrified. I didn't know what to do.


Serving alongside him was British volunteer Ryan, he was killed when


turning a gun on himself to avoid being taken prisoner by Islamic


state. He was a good laugh, she had common sense. She was helpful. He


was pretty brave. He was popular with the ladies. Like Orion, many


other foreign volunteers carried either a spare bullet or a grenade


to use in the event of being captured by IIS. I kept a grenade.


Luckily I never have to use it. You know, like I said, there's no way


I'm letting my mum CD images of me being decapitated broadcast around


the world. No. RMT -- mentioned buying a line in the sand that you


wanted to do something about it, why don't you join the army? I wouldn't


be able to go out and help the people properly. I wouldn't be able


to choose where I went all stop I would have to fight based on the


wings of politicians of the day. -- wins. It is a very big moral


decision. The white BG are not on the British Government's list of


terrorist organisations, but at the end of his journey, Josh was


arrested at Gatwick Airport, under the terrorism act. He is currently


on police bail. You can see more about Josh's story


here on BBC One at 7:30pm. Detectives investigating


the disappearance of a Swindon woman 22 years ago have revealed


they have new evidence. Sally Ann John was


last seen in 1995. Tonight on Crimewatch,


Wiltshire Police will give more details about a new line of enquiry


- a postcard allegedly sent by Sally Ann after she disappeared,


which they say is fake. Here's our Wiltshire


Reporter Will Glennon. Sally Ann John was just 23 years


old when she disappeared. She was born and brought up in


Swindon and lived in the Nythe area. She'd been working as a prostitute


in Manchester Road But on the eighth September


1995 she vanished. For almost 20 years she was treated


as a missing person. Then in November 2014


police declared it was now Specialist dogs trained to detect


blood or body parts were deployed. Three men were arrested


but released without charge. Tonight the BBC's Crimewatch


programme features a reconstuction They came to Tami on the Sunday that


she had gone missing, and I told them then that she was dead. It is a


horrible feeling, that your daughter may have been murdered or has been


murdered. Because you can't do anything about it, you can't do


anything. I just want her found,. They're hoping to jog someone's


memory, it just might lead to jog someone's memory, it just


might lead police to a breakthrough. Crimewatch came here


to Aylesbury Street As part of their film


tonight, they'll reveal new evidence in the case -


a postcard allegedly sent by Sally Ann shortly


after she disappeared. Detectives don't believe


it was written by her. Police say they know


it's been a long time, but if anyone can remember anything


it could be the missing A big reward, ?25,000,


has been offered for information that leads to a body


or a conviction, as Wiltshire Police try again to solve the mystery


and bring the Sally Ann You're watching BBC Points West


on this Monday evening - Thanks for joining us -


still to come: An incredible balloon giving people


a close-up view of the lunar landscape. I'd been here since 1960


and there is nothing like Bristol. The west is best. Bristol is named


as the best place to live in the UK. 21-year-old Jodie Moss was in


Berkshire, any man field to see her car, flashing hazard lights, because


he was using his mobile phone at the time. Jeremy Stone was at Reading


Crown Court. This footage was taken of the lorry driven by the man in a


44 in March last year. Ahead is a Vauxhall cost driven by Jodie Moss,


a 21-year-old from Swindon. She put the hazard lights on because of


engine problems. The lorry didn't slow down as it neared the course.


Leading Crown Court heard that 47-year-old who is from Yorkshire


was using a hand-held device, probably a mobile phone, to change


his music in the vital seconds before impact. Speaking to a Polish


interpreter, he admitted causing death by dangerous driving. Jodie


Moss's family said she died after some of the happiest months of her


life. They condemned the lorry driver. Jodie was a happy student


who love nature, was very caring about others, was taken far too


early by a selfish act. The driver had plenty of time to act, the


devastation caused continues to be a miserable. We will never forget the


pleasure she gave us. Judge Morris said in sentencing he had taken a


cavalier attitude to using a mobile phone while driving. She said, you


did not react to the stationary vehicle until it was too late, she


also described him as irresponsible, reckless and thoughtless. He was


sentenced to four and a half years in prison and he was banned from


driving for 51 months. An 18-year-old has appeared in court


charged with murdering Jordan Taylor, who was 25,


died from stab wounds after being attacked


near the town's Community Hospital Hayden Maslen, from Park Street


in Trowbridge, is also charged Lord Ashdown has called for more


help to provide housing for veterans after opening a new scheme


in Cheltenham today. The borough council project offers


accommodation to veterans It says it's a way of helping


to support them as they get If every council in Britain did just


this, ten homes, that problem of servicemen left washed out


of our society, would be gone. People have placed


their lives at risk in It is a little thing


to do to ensure that they have a reasonable place


to make a base afterwards. The scheme, which is on Swindon Road


in Cheltenham, has provided More than a tonne of waste


was deliberately dumped in Swindon town centre this morning,


by the local council. It's to highlight


the nearly 3000 cases of fly-tipping which are reported


in the town each year. The council says that


costs taxpayers ?250,000 to clean-up, a figure


it hopes to reduce by We now know that Article 50 will be


triggered a week on Wednesday. But as negotiations for leaving


the EU begin, makers of cheddar cheese say they're worried


they could lose their Like producers of champagne


and parma ham, West Country cheese makers are part of a European scheme


that guarantees the quality Cheese made a stone's


throw from Cheddar, This one is actually known


as "cheddaring the cheese". But with cheap imitations


flooding the market, they're worried Brexit might cost


them the protected status they This is our best selling product


in the US, for example. Each cheese has been certified


official "West Country Farmhouse It's called product of designated


origin, PDO for short, and it even If we lost PDO, consumers


abroad would miss it. Trying to explain to new markets,


it helps guarantee authenticity to those who might not


understand it otherwise. It's not just West Country


Farmhouse Cheddar that Dorset Blue Cheese and Single


Gloucester are also on the list. There's protection too


for Gloucestershire old spot pork, Somerset cider brandy,


and West Country lamb and beef. If we go for hard Brexit, we are


going to lose those protections, and trading under the WT, means we could


see the market flooded by putting 80 Canadian cheddar and I could put


pressure on our farmers in the West Country.


Some,though, warn concerned cheesemongers not to


This Somerset beef farmer thinks the transition will be smooth.


I think the scheme will consider in some form,most likely copied


and pasted into UK legislation in one way or another.


There are precedents for countries outside EU,


So if Columbian coffee can be registered as part of an EU scheme -


the optimists will tell you there's no reason to fear Cheddar


But with so many items on the production line when Brexit


begins next Wednesday, no-one can say for sure.


The England women's rugby team are back home after claiming


the Six Nations title for the first time in five years.


Eight of the squad play for Bristol Ladies,


and we have three of them in the studio this evening with our


the Grand Slam, winning all five games.


Welcome to Marlie Packer, Izzy Noel-Smith and Poppy Cleall,


Has its own Ken? It is such a special occasion for all of us, and


after waiting that long, five years, the heartbreak last year, it has


been fantastic. Forget team England for one minute, was it nice to go


one better than the men? The men won back-to-back, with their six Nations


championship. The Grand Slam is such a special thing to win. We are


looking at the pictures of you celebrating. You have a lot of fun,


danger? How special was it for you? Very special moment. It is my second


Grand Slam for England. The last time was in 2012. That was accident


last time I had been part of an England six Nations squad, so to


come back and get the Grand Slam again had just been awesome. Coming


back is great to be with my buddies. You are calm now, but is fair to say


you were fairly excitable on Friday night. Have a look at this. We did


think it was great to be a tough match, my friend from the West


Country with a nice big trophy. Five years, five years. Sorry, mate. I


apologise for her. That meant quite a lot, didn't it? I don't know what


I was thinking, I've just happy. You are all on contract with England,


say you get paid to play rugby these days, but you are a trained plumber.


Yes. You been doing a little bit of work today. Just a little bit, my


Nan has been on my case for fitting a new radiator. So I look back on


the diving ages ago, she got her kitchen refurbished. Goes like this


ship is yet having a World Cup winner and grand slam winner? Yes,


she loves it. She doesn't watch them live, it gets recorded, visual watch


it later. The World Cup is an island, isn't it? This might be


perfect preparation. It was great to go out there when the World Cup is


going to be, in front of a big crowd of screening for Highland in such a


important day, St Patrick's Day. The former great as a team, it was a


good fit for us going into the World Cup. You are flying the flag for


Bristol as well, and it is nearly the end of last season, you are top


of the table. I knew going to win the premiership title fight Bristol


ladies in the premiership title fight Bristol ladies got a


first-time? It has been competitive, the going into the last game of the


season top of the table, don't think that vessel has been there before,


so we had to put our heart and soul to winning the premiership. That is


all I can say. The game is Friday, last game of the season, better let


you get some rest. It has been great to have you in here.


Congratulations. I've got if you've plumbing jobs that are jobs for you.


There is enough here for a scrum. Just joking.


Bristolians have always been sure they live in a great place,


Bristol has been named as the best place to live in the UK,


in a a survey carried out by the Sunday Times.


It took into account all sorts of things,


including house prices, schools and the views of readers.


Liz Beacon's been out to see what makes the city so special.


Bristol, with its bridge and its balloons.


But on a day like today, can Bristol really feel cool,


Well, Banksy's place in this city is well established.


He's at the heart of everything here in Stokes Croft,


which easily ticks the box of being cool.


It has a funky vibe, it is down to earth and it is real. It is a great


place with of young people, but of culture, mostly. I've been here


since been 1960s, there is nothing like Bristol. I go quite a few


places and I still come back and I like to come back to Bristol.


For creativity we're spoilt for choice.


But the Paintworks has labelled itself the city's creative quarter,


The cool thing if there is lots of young businesses, so they've only


been going several months or a feud years, so it is really cool to see


different businesses spend up, and us as a group and interior designer,


photographer, graphic designer, it is cruel to mix so many different


disciplines. Anybody starting out, so we asked the racial, hungry and


excited. Of course there's Clifton -


it has class written all over it. But Bristol's waterfront has been


transformed over the years. And these containers


are the latest arrival. Lots of independent... Blowing up


over the scene, it is great. If there's one complaint


about the city it comes Terrible transport, diabolical


parking. But those are subjects for another


day, because today it's Well, as if more proof were needed


about how creative the West This huge replica


of the moon has been installed in the Great Hall


at the University of Bristol. It's the work of artist Luke Jerram,


the man behind things like pianos in the city centre, boats


installed as art in woodland, and the giant water slide in Bristol


a couple of years ago. Makarova coming in. It looks just


mesmerising. You got a little bit of blue in the studio to try and enjoy


it. People can go along and see this, can't a? Yes it is a seven


metre diameter sphere, a moon that we have suspended in the building at


the top of Park Street, and it is a free artwork installed in the


University to celebrate the inauguration of the new Tesla, but


it is an opportunity for people to go and inspect the moon as they have


never seen a poor. We have got a massive 5.5 GB image imprinted onto


the surface, so every detail, every crater and ballet can be expected.


It was done in strips and strips and had to be put on. You can also spend


time looking at the dark side of the moon. On earth you only get to see


the front face of the moon, or these dark patches. This is the first


opportunity the public will have to go to the far side of the moon and


sort of see what it looks like. You weren't tempted to put any surprises


in like Little green men are something like that? There are


amazing surprises, so it is incredibly dark on the south pole,


that's because it doesn't get any light. Scientists are excited about


the size pool because there is ice there in the craters that never


melts. Isn't it funny that when was the last time we were on the moon?


1972? That is just incredible, it seems that... Abbey ever going to go


back? Now that we're talking about it there is a case that the moon.


Yes, and touring this new artwork around the world, and comparing all


the different cultures, because every culture has been inspired by


the moon in music and poetry and mythology over the centuries. The


Museum of the moon is this new art project that people can moon bathed


and hang out. It doesn't affect our moods and all sorts of things. The


tides, and in Bristol we have the second highest tidal range in


Europe. The artwork was very much inspired by living in Bristol and


cycling over the... Noticing these huge changes. Had you give it


suspended? It is magic. LAUGHTER


Gravity like. If you overinflated it, it would just pop? No it is just


made of cheese, so it is safe. When strategies. I am hoping to bring


back the street piano project. They will be 15 or 20 yellows distributed


across the country batter city for people to play. It is a blank canvas


for the public to express themselves. It is nice to have you


here. There is no support from the City Council, so we are looking for


businesses around Bristol and the south-west to support each of these


individual pianos. Well the call is there. They are listening. Thank


you. And sticking with creativity,


congratulations to our colleagues At last night's Royal


Television Society awards they won Best News Coverage


for their programme about drivers The teams at DIY SOS and Plant Earth


two who were also honoured, as was BBC Bristol, for its impact


in the region. and it certainly looked that


way in Somerset today. Our cameraman captured glorious


green fields and these lambs kicking up their heels


in the spring sunshine. High, Alex. Let's put up the


forecast as we head on into tomorrow, this was the things we


were seeing earlier stopped it was a bit grim, with a gamut of rain


about. Into tomorrow, it is going to be a story of the balance between


drier sunnier phases and showers. Some of them will be frequent and


heavy. Potential wintry flavour in the uplands, Hill in the lower


levels with the heaviest showers. Underpinning that it will be a


chilly day, and that is because we're importing Canadian air, albeit


in the first day of spring today, it is a winter like pattern that is


developing over the next few days. That will be accompanied by quite a


number of showers for some of you, particularly health was in the west.


For the rest of this evening through tonight, a good deal of dry weather,


we can rule out further showers at times, the balance will be more


towards drier and clearer weather tonight, but it will be a mostly


chilly story but temperatures around one or three Celsius by daybreak.


Many of you get underway on a dry and sunny note, but quite quickly


showers are starting to pack into the west, you will see a flavour


something wintry there. As I mentioned, and lower levels there


will be heavier showers which may pack some hail as well as heavy


downpours. Not everywhere necessarily seen many of those. In


the evening, interaction between a plume of warm air and that cold air


from the other side which is developing heavy rain overnight.


Temperatures tomorrow will feel a bit chillier, 79 Celsius. Heavy rain


overnight on Wednesday, that will gradually clear away. Drive through


the course of the afternoon. We will see improvements by the weekend, it


will be turning milder by Ben. The 24-year-old man


has been charged with murder. You made sure an innocent man


is charged! What gives you the right


to say that he's innocent? If police wrongdoing


is part of this, I want to know. Huntley's definitely


hiding something.


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