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Welcome to BBC Points West with Alex Lovell and David Garmston.


A day of reckoning - the family of a Bristol girl


who vanished in Australia 50 years ago gather in court


It's traumatising. The effect that it has on our family and will


continue, there will no closure. Our other headlines tonight:


Crowds of supporters of Marine A go home disappointed


as his sentencing is delayed. It's Derby night at Ashton gate


where Bristol are running out of chances to save themselves. And keep


dancing. A knees up for Red Nose Day.


The family of a Bristol toddler who vanished in Australia almost 50


years ago broke down in tears today as a man was formally


Three-year-old Cheryl disappeared in 1970


As Andrew Plant reports, her family said at court today,


no matter what happens, they'll be haunted forever.


It doesn't matter what's going to happen. a family who lost retail 47


years ago overwhelmed by news this morning that a man has been charged


with her murder after what seemed an impossibly long time. It affects me,


my father, my children. I cannot leave my children alone for one


second. It was something they feared they would never see, a suspect


detained by police almost 50 years after she vanished. Cheryl was a --


the youngest of four. Her dad joined the Army after emigrating from


Bristol. In 1970 on ED at the beach, the three-year-old disappeared the


shower block in this quiet East Coast town -- a day at the beach.


Come and stand where I'm standing, see what it feels like.


the pain of losing their sister has never gone away. Like the


disappearance of Madeleine McCann here, the case of Cheryl Grimmer is


ingrained in the mind of every Australian parent. It changed her


parents behaved. Cheryl's mother Carol felt safe letting her brothers


take to the shower block to wash off the sand after the day at the beach.


They were out of sight for only 30 seconds but that's all it took.


Cheryl Grimmer disappeared less than two years after the family had


emigrated from in Bristol. Both her mother and father died without ever


knowing what had become of their youngest child but on their mother's


deathbed, Cheryl's three older brothers that they would never give


up searching for the truth about what happened to their sister. The


63-year-old suspect would have been 16 at the time. Today, her father


arrived at court hoping to see the man accused, but they left


disappointed -- her family. He didn't appear for psychiatric


reasons. Cheryl's brother said he still had a lifetime of questions to


answer. We wanted to see him but it's not to be, it has been


upsetting today. The man charged with Cheryl's murder


is due back in court in May. The father of a baby boy whose son


died at the RUH in Bath says he's shocked and disappointed


that he hasn't been informed Actor Jamie King and his wife


Tamara Pedemski lost their son Benjamin last year,


following a decision to delay A police investigation was launched


after allegations that The police now say that there


will be no charges, but until Points West contacted


Mr King, he wasn't aware of that. The NHS Trust says it's taking


the matter very seriously and cooperating fully


with the coroner's directions. The former Royal Marine


from Somerset who shot dead a wounded Taliban fighter


in Afghanistan will have to wait a little longer to hear if he's


to be freed from prison. Alexander Blackman's murder


conviction has already been But today a decision


on his new sentence was deferred. Here's our Somerset


correspondent Clinton Rogers. To cheers from waiting supporters,


Alexander Blackman's wife arrived at the High Court full of hope


that her husband might be Two hours later, she left


disappointed, but philosophical. We're obviously disappointed not


to have a decision today, but we understand that the judges


wish to consider this important The same five judges that ten days


ago reduced Blackman's conviction from murder to manslaughter say


they need until next Tuesday So for now, he stays


in Erlstoke Prison. He's already served three and a half


years of a minimum eight-year sentence for murder,


imposed by the original But this case has now provoked calls


for the whole Court Martial Members of the armed forces should


not be disadvantaged. In the House of Lords,


Liberal Democrat peer Lord Burnett, a former Royal Marine,


said the system was flawed and more A simple majority at a Court


Marshall can convict a person. In Sergeant Blackman's case,


five of the panel found him guilty That ratio would be insufficient


in a civilian court. A former Naval Commander


and one time head of the UK Royal Marines Reserves has said


important lessons need to be learned from the Blackman case,


not the least to consider the mental health of military men


involved in such situations Where there are serious charges


of this nature where the accused have been involved in operational


combat situations, it should be mandatory that mental health factors


are taken into consideration Today, the High Court Blackman's QC


said the former Royal Marine was the last casualty of a failed


war, and he should be You're watching Friday's Points West


with David and Alex. Don't go anywhere because we've lots


more for you tonight, including an unexpected guest


in the garden. We find out who's popping


in when the lights go out. weather is serving up plenty of


sunshine. Details towards the end of the programme.


Some of the days other news and the Cotswolds MP


Geoffrey Clifton-Brown says his staff are still affected


by witnessing the terror attacks in Westminster this week.


His office overlooks the scene, and people who work for him saw


He told this week's Sunday Politics they were all still coming to terms


They didn't see the carnage that the car had caused over Westminster


Bridge, ploughing into pedestrians as they went. Certainly the lady


that works for me is still affected by it. It is a deeply shocking thing


to have happened. You can see more on that


on Sunday Politics this We will also talk about whether the


police in this part of the world should be armed and we'll talk about


Brexit and all sorts of other things as well. Make sure you change your


clock so you don't miss it! The Labour leader was in Bristol


today, launching his party's campaign for the West of England


metro mayor election. Voters in Bristol, Bath


and North East Somerset, and South Gloucestershire will go


to the polls in May. It's a crucial test


for Jeremy Corbyn, with many senior figures in the local party unhappy


with his leadership. Here's our political


editor Paul Barltrop. It gives me absolute pleasure and


delight to welcome not only one of the most magnificent men I've ever


met and there's not many of them... Among Corbynistas,


he's almost adored. Like her leader, Lesley Mansell's


rise to prominence was much helped by support from


Momentum left-wingers. There were many at today's event,


far outnumbering critics. None of Bristol's Labour MPs


wanted him as leader, only Kerry McCarthy came today


and looked unenthusiastic. She's alarmed by the party's


performance in the polls, We have a good campaigning strategy,


we have a very enthusiastic candidates for the metro mayors.


Then why is it not working? It would help if people could occasionally


get round to discussing the policies we face in this country.


The West of England metro mayor contest so far has six candidates.


Labour are vying with the Conservatives,


Liberal Democrats, Greens, Ukip and an Independent,


He's significant: a former Labour election candidate who's deeply


He left the party because of you. What do you think of that? Well,


he's made his decision, it's his choice.


Others in the local party are more forthcoming.


I was a bit dismayed, but I've talked to people about it and they


think it has an enormous impact. For an embattled leader,


today was a welcome break. Issue of unity today by Jeremy


Corbyn was preaching mostly to the converted. What's more important is


what people vote on May the 4th. We've got a special debate programme


planned for April so you will be able to see all of the candidates


and discuss the issues. A couple from Gloucestershire whose


son died in a road accident have Jimmy Edmonds and Jane Harris


travelled around America meeting They hope their film -


and the charity they've set up - will encourage people to talk


openly about death. Film-makers always put their heart


and soul into their projects. But for Jimmy and Jane,


this film is deeply personal because it's about them and much


more than that, it's We've travelled down


the Ho Chi Minh Highway to the place our son had died


in a road accident. Josh was killed in a motorbike


accident in Vietnam six years ago. As film-makers, they turned


to what they know best to help with their grief and tonight


is the first public screening of their film,


A Love That Never Dies. Dear Joshua, we're older now,


much older, but still I wear your clothes,


your jeans, your shorts, Grief is often described


as a journey, so the couple set off on a physical journey


across America, talking with a shared understanding


of their suffering - Sometimes I just come


in and I say hi, Jordan, sometimes I open the door and peek


in at night and say goodnight, son. It's just to find some


familiarity and... As Jane and Jimmy shared their


experiences with other parents, their film now means those stories


can be shared with an audience. What they're doing, giving people


a voice to their grief, I think it's amazing and we need


to tear down the barriers and walls What I hated most was people


turning away from me. Josh's parents hope the film will be


screened across the UK, the US One woman came up to me


and said she was terrified Six years since Josh's death,


what we're trying say here is that he still lives on in us


and in our relationships With his friends and he's living


on within the film as well. The couple want this film to help


not just bereaved parents, but everyone to better understand


grief and its effects. Well, if you want to catch that


film, two extra showings are being put on because the first


was a sell-out. They're at the Vue cinema in Stroud


on fifth April and the Scott cinema Now we've told you before


about Harmonie Rose from Bath, the little girl who lost


all her limbs after Well, now she's learning to take her


first steps with a walker. The three-year-old is undergoing


physiotherapy to help her. Her mum says, "She sure knows how


to make a sad day better," and she can't express how


proud they are. And we wanted to share these


pictures with you too. It's a wily red deer stag who's been


stealing bird nuts from gardens It was filmed by Dr Langbein,


who says the stag returns night after night to its favourite haunts


on the edge of Exmoor. Many local people probably have no


idea they have a late-night visitor. You can see how this particular


animal has worked out how to use the very tip of his antlers to knock


off the bird feeders Gloucester Rugby Club


play their first match tonight since their head coach Laurie Fisher


left three weeks ago. It's a local derby against Bristol,


whose Premiership status Alistair Durden is at


Ashton Gate for us. Ali, neither side are in


great shape, are they? The truth is both these teams have


disappointingly underperformed. Bristol are on the cliff edge and


Gloucester haven't improved much since last season. Their head coach


Twitter to resign from his job. Dear me, the wheels are really


coming off now at Kinhsholm. Gloucester Rugby head coach


Laurie Fisher has left the club following Saturday's


defeat by harlequins. He tweeted it was time to make


room for someone else. I have a huge amount of respect


for Laurie Fisher and I'm sad to see him go but it didn't unfold


the way we hoped. The players want to


get back on the pitch desperately after the disappointment


of the harlequins game and we just want to make sure we


put the wrongs right. Hopefully it does spur a reaction


but that's life and how things go We want to get a reaction for this


weekend and get a result. We want to play well


for each other and put a bit Let's get a fan's view of what


happened. Danny, was a great Laurie Fisher took the blame for all of


this? Well, it came from the man himself. He said on Twitter that he


doesn't think he's up to the job and so that the consensus, really. you


think the players let him down? It's always the case but I think the


squad we've had now compared to the squad we've had for the last ten or


15 years, look where Gloucester were ten or 15 years ago and look where


they are now so the squad have let them down but it's all systematic.


Do you expect a morale boost of a win tonight? I hope so but don't


expect anything any more! Lets get a Bristol perspective because they


really are on the brink at the moment. Kris Boyd the chairman is


with me. Is this a must win for you tonight? Eight points behind, every


game is a must win. The important thing for us, whatever happens, is


the future. We got one of the best young coaches in the world coming


next season. He's saying some of the best players in the world. A lot to


look forward to. Obvious they were going to fight hard to stay in this


league but if we don't, we're going to be even stronger. They're still


coming whatever happens. There are no get out causes, they're coming


whatever happens. We have a vision of where we're going to be in three


years, not next year. you didn't expect this this season, did you? We


expected not to be in this difficult period. Hindsight a difficult thing.


We needed an extra experience and we didn't have that and that's why we


were in trouble. We're never going to be there again. Steve and I sat


down and we're very fortunate to have his continued backing. We're


still going to win the European Cup. We look forward to that moment. It's


Bristol versus Gloucester tonight, Bath against Saracens is on Sunday.


As far as football is concerned, Forest Green Rovers can take a big


step towards the football league. The top of the table at the moment


after the win on Tuesday night and tomorrow they head to second placed


Lincoln catlike city. Bristol Rovers are taking over 4000 supporters to


their game against Coventry City and the Swindon versus Millwall match


kicks off at 1:30pm. If you do basketball fan, the Bristol Flyers


are on BBC sport tonight. That's it from me, I'm getting some funny


looks. I can't think why! Now it probably hasn't


escaped your notice that Lots of you have been doing your bit


- even our youngest viewers have In a moment we'll see more


of what you've been getting up to in the name of Comic Relief,


but first Steve Knibbs is in Gloucestershire at one


of the official call centres. So if you're wondering


where your money goes, here's one example -


the Bath and North East This team are poised for your


donation when the phone line opens. They have just finished a 24-hour


table tennis ping-pong malathion and they have raised a massive ?1500.


We'll be finding out more about how the call centre works later but


let's find out where some of the money raised goes. The bass and


North East Somerset carers centre. It helps young people who may miss


out on some of their childhood, because they have to look


after someone who's ill or disabled. It's 6am in Bristol and while most


children are being woken up to get ready for school,


nine-year-old Becca's day Here's your codeine


and your cup of tea. Becca is a young carer


who looks after her mum. My mum has fibromyalgia,


which gives her a lot of pain and she doesn't really want to move


when it's hurting. Becca's mum's condition means


she is in constant pain. She can't do the things that most


mums can and some days she is physically unable to look


after herself, so Becca It's hard sometimes


because you've got more But just down the road in Bath,


there is a project funded by Comic Relief that gives children


like Becca the chance to be a child and forget


about their responsibilities. Sometimes I can't hug my mum


because she is very hurting. Bath and North East Somerset Carers


Centre is one of many comic relief projects that offer a piece


of normality for children living If you do need tonight, that's the


sort of place where your money will be spent. Let's talk to Jane


Stewart. It was you ready to get involved, the first time you've done


it, why? I just thought it was a good cause and an opportunity to do


something different and make a difference. How's it going to work?


You got people dressed up behind you. Guess, they're friends and work


colleagues and everybody we've got here are your employees or friends


and family so it is a great chance to come together as a team and do


something for one night to do something that makes a big


difference. Stewart, you're one of the bosses. This was a no-brainer


when Jane Askew, I. Absolutely! She had my arm up my back at the time!


It really does make a difference to people less fortunate. You're not


looking tired after the table tennis. What was it like? About 24


hours of torture! Losing to this one! is incredible, we've raised


?1500 since Wednesday so hopefully, it is still open, so carry on


giving. the phone lines open at seven o'clock. Thanks for joining


us. If you want to donate you tonight, you can get the details on


the website. The website is... CROWD SHOUT WEBSITE ADDRESS.


Well done to them. Well, we all needed a bit


of light relief here, too, so we thought we'd join


in the action. Our camera crews are doing


a sterling job of filming us And this is our gallery -


the team in there joining in, too. Yes, indeed, I'm waiting the


corporate uniform of choice! I'll take it off because it's difficult


to speak when you've got a sniffle. A glorious weekend as this picture


suggests. These are the scenes we can expect. There will be the


prospect that some of you will wake up tomorrow morning to what appears


to be a rather grim start in terms of fog and low cloud but that will


burn off and fully wall-to-wall sunshine throughout the course of


Saturday and a breezy day and that wind still coming from an inherently


chilly direction. The sun will offset that so if you're out in the


breeze it will feel pleasantly warm. It will do so for Sunday. The


difference for Sunday's latest of the afternoon and evening, we will


inherit a little bit more in the way of broken cloud from the east. There


is a wider look at how things are shaping up and with very fortuitous


timing, high pressure has decided it will blow across northern parts of


the British Isles, maintaining an easterly flow across other parts of


England wind it will be quite brisk at times. It will be adding up


faintly perceptible chill. For us, it will be a pleasant weekend all


round. For the rest of the weekend into tonight, clear skies which will


remain in place so it will turn into a chilly night and will turn into


one where we start to see perhaps some patches of fog and some


associated low cloud developing. Not everywhere, mind you, but the end


result temperature rise be somewhere between two and four Celsius by


daybreak tomorrow switch goes without saying a chilly soccer


Saturday and that will be accompanied for some of you by some


of these cloudy or foggy conditions. By about nine o'clock, that should


have burnt off for this time of year, given the strength of the


sunshine, and if you started the day like that you will catch up with


heavy one else with sunshine to the cause of the day. A will see the


wind arrows sticking by. They will be a breezy story but it will not


disclose temperatures which will feel pleasantly warm, up to 14 or 15


Celsius. As we head through into Sunday, in many respects, a similar


sort of day, another bone dry day, similar temperatures again. As I


mentioned, they will be more than we have cloud coming from the east


through the afternoon and evening but as we go into Monday, it's


effectively moderate the same. We're going to see the weather tending to


break down into something more unsettled. Whatever you're doing,


have a brilliant weekend. Ian, do you want to buy my broken


barometer? No pressure! Go on, then! We've been heeding that all week and


it's still not funny! Have a nice weekend and enjoy Red


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