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Welcome to BBC Points West, with Alex Lovell and David Garmston.


Dyson warns the Government not to brush away international students.


Out campaigner Sir James says the country should allow foreign


graduates to stay and work here after Brexit.


Most of them, I think it is 90%, plan to go home afterwards.


So to educate these wonderful people and then send them home to compete


With the hours ticking down until Brexit is triggered,


we'll be asking if any leavers are having second thoughts.


Reunited, the lorry driver meets the woman who saved his life


DIY SOS returns to Bristol to help reunite him with his family.


It is a long shot but Bristol Rovers say they will not give up on the


play-offs just yet. There's been a sharp rise in profits


at Wiltshire-based Dyson. The home-appliance maker saw profits


go up 41% last year. But at the same time,


its founder Sir James Dyson has warned the Government not to let


Brexit hit the number Here's our political


editor Paul Barltrop. All looks good at company


headquarters in Malmesbury. Rising sales have pushed


profits up sharply. Sir James Dyson backs


Brexit, and thinks it But he is anxious that overseas


student numbers don't fall. I think it is most important that


students who come here, particularly to study science


and engineering, know that when they have booked the course


and paid for the course, that they can stay afterwards


and contribute to British society. If we can keep those, we'd be much


richer and better off as a nation. He's echoing concerns raised


by universities like Bristol. These are some of its


1,000 EU students. I know for my parents it was a big


investment in money. It is quite a big investment


but so far it is worth it. The problem for the Government


is that all overseas students that come to places like Bristol


are officially immigrants. And with ministers aiming


to dramatically cut net migration into Britain over the next few


years, there are fears that our They are huge contributors


to the finances of universities because they pay their ?9,000


in fees just as UK students do. But of course the money


that they spend on taxis, rent, food, restaurants


within the community, they are huge contributors


to the economy of Bristol The Government are trying


to sound reassuring. This Government welcomes


strongly the contribution EU and international students make


to our higher education There is no plan to introduce


a cap on a number of But ministers haven't yet decided


whether to exempt students Some of the west's best-known


businesses and universities will be Paul Barltrop, BBC


Points West, Bristol. Well, I spoke to the Bath MP


Ben Howlett a little earlier. I asked him if he sympathised


with Sir James Dyson's concerns? I have a huge amount of sympathy


for James's concerns, not just at a local level,


but at national level, particularly with the lack


of engineers currently coming into the country and our


engineering shortage. He voted for Brexit


and urged others to do so. It is a bit rich to complain,


except for the bit that affects me. Both areas of the Conservative Party


who voted for Remain and Leave This transpires across


the entire debate. We need to be careful about deciding


what immigration looks 50,000 students were granted visas


to stay on after they had graduated. But the evidence suggests only


10% of those people got The other 90% were doing lower-paid


work which could easily be done As it stands, we have an engineering


shortage and we're not short of companies saying we are desperate


for more engineers. Airbus, Rolls-Royce,


across the west of england. At national level, immigration


looks good at the moment. But in two years, if the economy


takes a hit, international students Isn't there a case for having


an Australian-style points system where, if we are short of engineers


or other graduates, they can be attracted in and there


wouldn't be restrictions? The Government will introduce


a new Immigration Bill over the next two years after triggering Article


50 and that is a debate Now, the Higher Education


And Research Bill is crucial in identifying how many


international students we have in our country,


and we will make that case The inquest into the death of a man


in supported accommodation Robert Cox died in 2013


after being stabbed at flats for people


with mental health problems. Derek Hancock pleaded guilty


to his manslaughter on the grounds Today's hearing was taken up


with legal argument. The jury is expected to be sworn


in tomorrow and the first A company which runs rail services


across parts of the west has been stripped of its franchise


by the Government. The South Western franchaise


is currently operated It runs trains between Bristol


and Bath on to Salisbury The service will be taken over


in August by a joint venture between First Group


and the Chinese company MTR. The company which is decomissioning


three power stations in the west says work will be unaffected


by a row over whether the contract Magnox says it is business


as usual on the Hinkley A, The Nuclear Decommissioning


Authority said today it would not challenge a court ruling that


?6 billion to dismantle 12 nuclear sites in the UK had


been "wrongly decided" A lorry driver from Bristol


has today been reunited with the woman who saved his life


after he had a cardiac arrest Stuart James returned to the spot


where his heart stopped beating, Without you, I wouldn't


be here today. Holding hands with the woman


who saved his life, lorry driver and father-of-two young children


Stuart James is back Stuart was delivering a sofa


with his colleague Craig when he collapsed on the pavement


and had a cardiac arrest. I looked round and


thought, he's gone. That's when I noticed


Stuart on the floor. And he wasn't breathing,


he was purple, not responsive. At that moment, an eye witness ran


into the dog groomers opposite, knowing that Dawn who worked


there had been in the Army. Dawn came straight outside to help


Stuart and at that point her I made sure his airway


was clear, checked his pulse, I started two rescue breaths,


then the chest compressions. Dawn's quick actions kept the blood


pumping around Stuart's body, Stuart was airlifted to the Great


Western Hospital in Swindon. When he woke up a few hours later,


he had no idea what had happened. I just thought I might have passed


out and banged my head. I realised I had a massive


lump on my head. Then to be told I'd died


and been brought back, it's quite mindblowing,


to be honest. Knowing I can still


see my kids grow up. Dawn is now raising money


for a defribrillator to be placed outside her dog grooming shop


so that others can be saved It is so important to learn those


life-saving skills because you never know.


I agree. It is so fantastic when somebody can do it.


It's Alex and David with you on this Monday evening.


And it's nice to have your company on our first full programme in this


Yes, it really did feel like spring had sprung this weekend, didn't it?


Stay with us on this lighter evening.


There's much more still to come, including.


Find out which hit BBC TV programme has arrived in Listowel. It is here


for the next ten days, you wouldn't believe how long it takes to get it


on the telly. Let us go! The students who have won


a prize for finding out. CCTV footage has been released,


of the moment a fire started at a community farm in north


Bristol. A week ago, flames tore through


offices at the Lawrence Weston site, causing thousands of pounds'


worth of damage. And two people approach the entrance


of the farm carrying boxes of what's Minutes later, the front


door is ablaze. As the flames take hold,


the pair appear to run away. By the following day,


the extent of what's Tens of thousands of pounds' worth


of damage, and heartbreak for those who volunteer here,


and those who love to visit. The fire destroyed the officers and


community centre but it could have been worse. Smokey who was born on


the night of the fire was asleep with the animals in a neighbouring


barn. Fortunately none were hurt. The farm has been at the heart


of this community for decades providing the chance for local


children and grown-ups to interact It also offers volunteering


opportunities and hands-on experience of life on a working


farm. What happened here has shocked


everyone. We have been overwhelmed by support.


There has been an outpouring of support from everybody, incredible.


We have set up a fundraising page and we received almost ?4000


already. Avon And Somerset Police say


they are still investigating the blaze, and are asking for anyone


with any information Meanwhile, the farm is now back open


for business and volunteers say That is so dreadful, they work so


hard down there. When Ryan Pollard, from Hartcliffe


in Bristol, collapsed after an operation five years ago,


he was left needing What's worse, he has been stuck


in a care home in Gloucester But now, the BBC's DIY SOS


show is about to start work on his family home,


so he can finally return. This is the bit you don't often see


on the telly, the calm before the DIY SOS storm. If I take you to our


camera shot on the top of the truck, you can see row upon row of


containers, vans, fencing. Here at the house where they will be for ten


days, it is already a building site. This is for a very special young lad


who actually grew up here but isn't at home anywhere near as much as he


wants to be. Ryan Pollard used to play football


with his dad at the park. His life, and the lives


of those around him, changed in 2012 when he kept getting


blurred vision and headaches. After a brain operation, he actually


went back to full-time work. We had been out all


day, we came home. He admitted then he had


a headache but that was Since then, he's needed


24-hour care in Gloucester. He can only visit his family


in Bristol once a week. He talks through a computer,


and his words say it all. I need to come home


and be with my family. Ryan wants to be at home,


but home isn't ready for Ryan. That is until DIY SOS


get their hands on it. DIY SOS is made in Bristol but it


has been seven years since they did a big build in the city. Mark, this


is a home gig. It is, for me and Gabriel, we are


excited to be here. An amazing turnout. Some incredible suppliers


on board. Everyone is working very hard to get Brian home.


I had 900 tradesmen offered their services.


We had 10,000 hits on Facebook offering support, 900 people came


forward wanting to work in this house.


You are one of them. WSDL is my hometown, I am so proud. And


nerve-racking when it is your hometown wondering if anybody would


help us. We have been overwhelmed. I know it


has to be a secret. Can you tell us anything?


All I can say is it will be amazing and we are honoured to be here and


excited to get Brian home, in ten days, Ryan will be back in his


house. Is there anything else you need, can


we help? Keep getting the word out there, if


we need materials. We have had brilliant local suppliers which is


so lovely. The Bristol community have stepped up.


Bristol, well done. If you are wondering when this will be on the


telly, they are filming the ten days but it won't be on the telly for at


least a year. It depends when they want to slot us


in. In a year, you will see that house


looking rather different on BBC One. Come on, Bristol!. I will get the


tissues ready, it will be moving. I wish Mark could be a bit more


enthusiastic! If you do want to help, go to their


website, there are lots of ways to help.


A project which uses archaeology for therapy has been trialled in one


Over the last six months, Stonehenge has been home


to Human Henge which has been looking at how exploring the ancient


monument may be able to help people with mental health problems.


Simon has struggled with his mental health since he was 17


but in the last six months this ancient landscape has been


People start off quite removed from the stones and they start


learning about them and then gradually they get closer


and closer, they approach the stones themselves through different parts


of the landscape, by talking with curators,


looking at collections, but also gradually they get


From musical performances to stargazing, through the stones,


everyone here has been asked to consider the relationship


Our vision is that the groups of participants who engage


in the project come to various monuments week on week,


and they learn about the monuments from an archaeological point


of view, but also think about the implications.


Today we are looking at some very old ones but we're thinking


about the activities the living would have done when this monument


The project has helped her to leave the house.


I would probably still be at home not going out much.


My husband said I'd become animated again


It has made a lot of changes to me and my husband.


Left to myself I would make excuses not to do things.


I made a commitment to do this every Friday morning.


I do it and feel so much better for having it.


Researchers will spend 18 months working out if using historic sites


like Stonehenge can improve the lives of more people like


Rhiannon Fitz-Gerald, BBC Points West, Stonehenge.


Bristol Rovers' manager is refusing to give up on reaching the playoffs,


despite losing ground on their rivals at the weekend.


Our sports editor Alistair Durden was with the travelling


A big shame, as Rovers have been showing signs of challenging


Perhaps a little greedy, they've progressed so quickly


It's not over yet, but Saturday was a big set-back, with defeat


A disappointment to the 4,000 Rovers fans who had


This was Rovers' biggest away-following in the


A chance to visit a big stadium and a famous old club,


with a third straight promotion still a possibility.


People are saying that they don't want promotion, because we will only


The performance has been excellent, and we really do look a good side.


We are there or thereabouts, aren't we?


This was not a performance to remember with any fondness,


Rovers' inconsistency on the road rearing its head again.


That effort from midfielder Ollie Clarke and this


from captain Tom Lockyer were their best


But it was Coventry who worked a winner, ten minutes from the end.


Rovers now six points from the playoffs, having played


It was a tall order anyway, but now it's gone.


We've played well against good sides, and poor sides,


We'd have been delighted just to stay up this season.


I won't be happy finishing mid-table, that's for sure.


I want to keep pushing on, and certainly want the last six


games to finish as high up the league as possible.


Like I say, a long, long shot for the playoffs,


but win your next game, and see where that takes you.


After the way Rovers finished last season,


it would be unwise to rule anything out just yet.


Have they got a chance of staying up?


All of a sudden they are back in it again.


Even the head coach admitted he had begun to think his players had


But then they produced a performance like Saturday's.


The winning goal against Millwall came deep in stoppage time.


Valuable too, Swindon are now four points from safety


They still have to play two of the top clubs,


Fleetwood and Scunthorpe, but the rest are mid-table


opponents, hopefully with not too much to play for.


A little bit of an update on Cheltenham manager Gary Johnson


who's at home recovering from heart surgery.


He's spoken to his players for the first time since


the operation via a video link this morning.


They've not won since he's been off, and they're only six points


The club say that Gary will be back at work for the final few


Bristol Rugby's relegation was all but mathematically


confirmed over the weekend, while Bath face a fight to hold


They suffered their heaviest Premiership defeat in 15 years,


Saracens beating them 53 points to ten.


It means Bath have dropped out of the top four.


In two weeks' time, they face Leicester,


Bristol gymnast and star of Strictly Come Dancing,


Claudia Fragapane has won a silver medal on her return to competition.


She kicked off her high heels and returned to the floor


Her routine did include a few influences from her time


in the ballroom which she says has helped her show off a different


Since Strictly, I have become more confident as a person.


Before, I couldn't even take a train on my own.


Made me more confident to go out and do my own things.


In gymnastics, to chill a bit more, enjoy it.


People are here to watch a good performance.


It is nice to go out and enjoy yourself and do


Claudia's next goal will be to make the team for the European


I am just relieved she did not do it in high heels.


Were you able to isolate which moves it was?


I am not an expert. We should move on, time is pressing.


Two teenagers from north Somerset have won a national prize


for discovering what colour birds are most attracted to, and that


knowledge could be used to stop them from hitting aeroplanes.


George and Ed used coloured bird feeders in their research


Imogen Sellers has gone back to school to meet them.


So, in our experiment, we try to answer -


do birds have a favourite colour, and if so, what is that?


They may only be 14- and 15-years-old, but these two


from Churchill Academy in north Somerset triumphed


over scientists several years older than them.


George Rabin and Ed Thurlow studied birds' responses to colour


in the hope of reducing the number of aeroplane strikes.


And their simple project, using coloured bird feeders,


won them the title Big Bang UK Young Scientists Of The Year.


It was a feeling that you can't quite describe.


We just went out there to try our best and enjoy the experience,


And it was the icing on the cake to win the Young Scientist Of The Year.


The judges found their knowledge, confidence and delivery


so impressive, they beat students three and four years above them.


And the win hasn't done their street cred any harm, either.


They were in our class, science, and it's really good that


It's really cool and really interesting to see how far they've


taken the project and how enthusiastic they are and it's got


I think doing something like that at such a young age, in my year,


The pair have big plans for their project.


They hope to one day work with major airlines and perhaps help reduce


We can't obviously make conclusions about it yet,


because we do need a larger dataset certainly for the plane data,


but working with airlines could be very interesting and give us a very


good practical application for what we've done.


And they want to go into primary schools to inspire budding


They should, they are so charismatic. You see young people


like that and you think the future is clearly fine.


And if you want to know what the birds' favourite colour is,


And you can go to our social media sites for more insight


In the daylight now the sun has changed to British summer Time, the


clocks went forward yesterday. For some of us, it has stayed gloomy.


Let us take a look at the weather watchers. You can see we started


with low cloud. By this afternoon, that started to melt away with


sunshine coming through and tempted let up from six up to 14 Celsius.


That is the story across the southern half of the UK. A lot of


low cloud, burning away. Temperatures in our region were kept


by the cloud which never got away. Some systems are making their way


towards us through tomorrow. This evening, still fine, settled, light


winds. We won't see the same mist and fog patches. A couple of showers


first thing. Temperatures overnight around five Celsius. A couple of


showers. Not coming in until the second half of tomorrow afternoon,


drifting up the Bristol Channel into Gloucestershire, Wiltshire staying


dry. Temperatures in the mid teens in the best. In the middle part of


the week, things will turn unsettled, low-pressure allowing the


systems to slip away towards us, one later in the day on Wednesday, then


through to Friday. On Thursday, temperatures will do very nicely.


This is the outlook day by day. Tomorrow, a couple of showers first


thing, then later in the afternoon. Some later on Wednesday. Thursday


and Friday we will see some. But largely a lot of dry and sunny


weather mixed Join us again after


the Ten O'Clock News. After that we will party the night


away for Alex's birthday.


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