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Welcome to BBC Points West with Liz Beacon and David Garmston.


Our main story tonight: How green is this valley?


Plans for an environmentally friendly business


park near Stroud which could create 4,000 jobs.


The most sustainable stadium in the world and even a canal. Is this


could turn out to be the biggest project in the area since the 1950s.


But some locals complain the increased traffic make


If you snooze you lose - A call for voters to wake up


and smell the election fever as the campaign for a metro


The teenager battling cancer who raises money for others -


And saluting the town that spoke for a nation -


we're in Wootton Bassett ten years on from the first repatriations.


Details of a huge green technology development right next


to M5 in Gloucestershire were unveiled today.


The plans involve offices and industrial units


as well as a brand new football stadium and a nature reserve.


It's all the dream of Dale Vince, founder


of the green energy company, Ecotricity.


But for some people living nearby, his proposals are an unnecessary


Here's our Gloucestershire reporter, Steve Knibbs.


These are ambitious plans - A green science technology


business park on one side - which ecotricity claims


will attract up to 4,000 jobs, and on the other side a high tech


sporting facility with a new 10000 seat Forest Green Rovers


And everything pushing the boundaries of sustainability.


That is what we like to do. Somebody has to question, would we adhere to


green standards and the answer is we want to do better than that, so our


buildings will be the most sustainable buildings that have been


built yet. Today, companies


interested in building and being part of the ecopark


quizzed Dale Vince A vision of tapping


into and promoting the green When you put like-minded businesses


like this together, they starts barking ideas and opportunities to


work with each other and spin of new businesses, and that helps grow the


sustainable economy and also local services and the economy to support


them. Then they build up opportunities to move abroad.


But with a project this size come concerns -


many locals in Eastington say junction 13 - the gateway to Stroud


Ecotricity say they'll fix this with a new dual carriageway


But also the ecopark isn't part of Stroud's recently


published local plan - and those opposing the park say


there's just no clearly identified need for it.


We have very high employment and the local area, so the risk of a


shortage means there is no requirement for extra jobs, and we


need development space for all businesses in the near future. It is


the biggest and most complex planning decision made here since


Berkeley power station in the 1950s. It is still early days and hasn't


even gone through planning yet. If it does go through planning it will


be at least three years before the first ball is kicked in anger at


what is hoped to be the most sustainable football stadium in the


world. A driver remains in hospital


after a serious crash Two lorries collided just


after fouro'clock this morning. A second driver was released


from hospital this afternoon. The road was shut for


most of the day whilst In Bristol one person has been left


with serious injuries after a collision between a car


and a bus. It happened in the early hours


of this morning on Wells road. There were long delays to traffic


but the road has since re-opened. Workers at Mini in Swindon


are taking part in a series of eight 24 hour walk outs,


in a dispute over pensions. The Unite Union is protesting


over Mini's owners, BMW's plans to ditch the company's


final salary pension scheme. It claims some workers could lose up


to ?160,000 in retirement income. BMW says it has to act now to secure


the long term viability A publicity drive is underway


to tell 900,000 people in the West that they're


about to get a new leader. Today it was confirmed that six


candidates will be on the ballot paper for the so-called metro mayor,


covering Bristol, South Gloucestershire and Bath


and North East Somerset. But getting voters


interested, let alone Here's our political


editor, Paul Barltrop. The government is pumping money


into publicising the contest, from billboards on the streets,


to adverts on social media - though that's sparked plenty


of critical comments. The latest is a video


with something of a local flavour: people who'll come under


the new mayor? Farmers market. Supermarket. Rugby.


We may not always see eye to eye but we care about where we live and we


need to make a living and get around. These things excite us all


which is why we are acting on the issues that we all care about.


people who'll come under the new mayor?


Especially when even the name has proved difficult.


The government don't use the term 'metromayor'.


They prefer to talk about a 'mayor', but different to the elected mayor


The new person will take charge of the snappily-titled West


That's been abbreviated to WECA, and it's already been


holding meetings involving the leaders from the three


But, yet again, the name's proving a thorny issue!


I do not like the word, WECA. It is the West of England combined


authority. I wanted to be called the west of England combined authority


and we will have a West of England combined authority Mayor.


And there's plenty of that on their own video,


put out to encourage people to vote on May the 4th.


Well, the Bristol Post is determined that its readers


This was its front page today - with a very stark warning


that the west is "sleepwalking" into this election.


And I'm pleased to say that Mike Norton, Editor


Mike - You've been quite tough on your readers today -


Why do you think enthusiasm appears to be so low? I am concerned we are


sleepwalking into the election and not enough people realise the person


who wins this election will have a lot of power and the deciding vote


on the spending of ?1 billion of funding, devolved to the greater


authority. What do you think of the field of candidates? I think it is


quite underwhelming and how we look from the outside worries me because


this election has not been able to attract really high-profile


candidates that we should be having. In Manchester, Andy Burnham is the


well-known candidate for the is nobody like that. And that person


needs to have a presence, particularly in London, so whoever


wins has to be able to bang on doors in London and they worry nobody here


is able to do that. I have been doing interviews on the streets and


a lot of people are getting confused with the Metro Bus. It is similar


and that we are building a network that doesn't have provide that and


we are creating a council that doesn't have a base yet. You are


calling it, wake up for the Greater Bristol. You want to call it the


Mayor of Greater Bristol. Do you think that name will make any


difference to the perception of this post? Once again it is how we are


perceived outside the region. Outside, what people know is Bristol


and Bath so it should be either Greater Bristol or the Bristol and


Bath region. We have other Mayors as well. It is confusing and I


understand why people are confused but they need to wake up and hold


whoever gets this job to account. And you're going to do your best to


make sure people do wake up. I will try. Thank you for coming in.


And in our late bulletin in the 10 o'clock news tonight,


we'll be hearing from someone who's been pushing the government


to introduce this role for the past decade.


It might have been mis-sold up until now but a lot of people will see


over the next year what the Mayor can do for them. It will be the most


directly involved leader they have ever elected and it will be a real


benefit. Join us for that. And we'd like you to get involved


too and join us as we debate all issues surrounding


the new mayor. You've made a little film


all about it, haven't you? Bristol already has a Lord May and


unelected WECA putt Mayor and now a third is on the way. Voters here go


to the polls for the new role. It is called the Metro Mayor. They will


have powers over housing and transport and ?30 million a year to


spend on infrastructure. If you would like to attend the debate or


put a question to the candidate, let us know.


Coming soon. That will be transmitted later this month and all


the candidates will be there and will be taking questions.


Well, it's Liz and David with you this evening,


Still to come on tonight's Points West.


Nick Knowles joins us live from the latest DIYSOS project


And we'll have joy, we'll have fun, we'll have a season in the sun.


We look ahead to the summer with Gloucestershire's cricketers.


A charity has called a 13-year-old girl from Bristol


"an inspiration", for thinking of others whilst battling cancer.


Tatiana Stankovic Davis is being treated for leukemia


but what she's been doing to pass the long hours is already


Andy Howard has been to visit her at Bristol Children's Hospital.


For the second time in her short life, Tatiana has cancer.


And you just feel like you can't cope sometimes.


There's lots of decisions being made...


It is just annoying because you want it to be back to normal life


She's been in this hospital room for more than a month.


But when she feels well enough, she escapes,


This is the model I got for finishing chemo this year,


I mean, there are days when Mum and Dad are sad.


You know, why is this happening to your own precious child.


But then you see a smiling face, you actually know that life goes on.


And you actually enjoy that day as a family.


It's got a dentist and a photography studio.


Despite being at her lowest point, in the past few weeks Tatiana has


She's decided to raise money for other children,


so they have something to play with whilst they're


In return, her dad Simon will shave off his beard.


So far, Tatiana has raised more than ?8,000.


All for a charity which supplies Lego to hospitals.


I'm quite precious about it as you can imagine but as soon as Simon


suggested it, I thought let's see how it goes and the amount of money


is just phenomenal. It is probably about 10% of turnover. She has had


numerous operations and hundreds of scans and she has been prodded and


pooled, quite often when all she has wanted to do is actually sleep. So


to actually deal with that and then to be thinking of others is


outstanding. I just feel it was nice to be


helping others and making What a difficult road she is on and


we send you our very best wishes for a fast recovery.


As he just mentioned, part of Tatiana's fundraising


So here they are, father and daughter, before this -


the moment Simon had his beard completely shaved off to help boost


And this is how the proud dad looks today.


Wootton Bassett was for many years synonymous with the compassion shown


The town even had 'royal' added to its name in recognition


of the way in which it responded to the repatriations that came


It's now ten years since RAF Lyneham was chosen as the regular


A moment of silence, remembrance, respect.


Captured by many cameras and broadcast around the world.


That silence and the first hearses coming up, that never leaves


you and you finish shooting with a sense of numbness at what's


The town carried out 167 services - but they started spontaneously.


The coffins began passing through regularly in 2007 -


after nearby RAF Lyneham became the airbase the fallen


from Afghanistan and Iraq were flown into.


During those repatriations, hundreds if not thousands of people would be


Today it's very much business as usual.


The Town Council's decided not to put on any specific events


And what makes me proud is that our little town here managed


to put respect back into our armed forces and respect


Lee Mackie from Oxfordshire lost her son Jason when he was


killed in an explosion in Afghanistan in 2009.


Although she was too upset to go to his repatriation -


I became very aware that the community


there was like a comfort blanket to these traumatisued families.


They gave them the opportunity to recognise the fact


that our nation appreciate the sacrifice they had made.


Repatriations stopped in Royal Wootton Basset in 2011 -


they now take place at RAF Brize Norton.


In those four years, 345 fallen service men


by people in the town - and they haven't been forgotten.


The town made the country proud. It was recognised that around the


world. Bristol City head coach Lee Johnson


says he's still confident his side can avoid relegation


despite suffering their heaviest City were 1-0 down at half-time


before conceding four second half goals in just 21 minutes


to lose 5-0 at Preston. Fans who had gathered at Ashton Gate


to watch the match were left They need somebody like Harry


Redknapp to come in, somebody like that just to get us over the line


because it is a joke. He needs to go now, tonight. This job is too big


for you. He will be there next season, one T? Unfortunately he will


still be there even though most supporters want him to go. There


will be a big backlash over the renewal of season tickets and


everything else that goes on from now on, if everything goes wrong


this season. Bristol City, who are just one place


above the relegation zone, Sorry if that was painful viewing


for some of our audience. Hundreds of builders have


spent the past nine days volunteering their services


at a house in Hartcliffe in Bristol It's so that 24-year-old


Ryan Pollard can return home, having lived in a care home


in Gloucester for He collapsed after an operation


for a brain condition, Well, the presenter of DIY SOS has


been on site for most of the time and joins us from there tonight.The


big reveal's tomorrow, We are going to be ready. We taught


actually we would finish earlier than we have ever finished before


but it stretched into the night and we will be here until about 11pm and


then we will be finished and able to show you. What are the spirits like?


Very good and if you look... A lot of people stood outside. That is how


good it is. You get to a certain point when you have to clear people


outside you can get the thing finished, so all of these people


have their jobs and should be going home, but we can't actually get rid


of them all. I wish I could get rid of this lot. Your programme is based


on the same site as ours and we have seen the vans coming and going, you


have put in some incredible hours this week? It has probably averaged


about 100 hours a day and if they are putting in 10-12 hours a day you


can do the maths. A huge amount of work goes into this and we are


taking on all the work in nine days so what is an unbelievable job. The


trades have come out from all over Bristol and surrounding, up from


Somerset and all over this area has been massively supportive and


welcoming and people bringing cakes and drinks and everything to make us


feel welcome. Everybody saying hello. It has been a fantastic job


and everybody have really enjoyed it and tomorrow we get our reward and


all these people who have given up their time to come and work for no


wages will get their reward when they finally get to see mum and dad.


Mum and dad get to bring him home after five years. That will be a


wonderful moment. We love the bit where they see it for the first time


but do they have any clue what sort of things you have done and have you


asked questions about what they would like? Our designer always


spends time with the family to get an idea of the things they like and


people occasionally ask if anybody doesn't like it. This is not like


Changing Grooms, this is people needing the waterways widened so


their son can move around the house, so he can be at home, and specialist


facilities they need. If we widen the doors and put a bathroom and


downstairs they would be happy but the fact we go the extra mile and


build the space they need and they get some high-end luxury added, it


is almost neither here nor there but it can shock them. We take all the


internal walls out and half the floor is out and there is a point


you can see through the roof, we took the back of the house off,


everything goes out, so the house they are stepping back into will not


be the house they live them for 26 years but it will be the house built


specifically for his needs and will mean for the first time in five


years they can be a family together. We can't wait to see it. Am I being


undermined by what is going on behind me? Thanks for thing you have


done, look forward to seeing it. I will sort them out, goodbye. What


are you doing? The start of the county cricket


season is just two days away, and this morning Gloucestershire's


players pulled on their whites The squad has a much


younger look to it, It's not easy to follow in the


footsteps of one of Gloucestershire's most successful


overseas signings but that is the task for the 23-year-old Israeli and


Cameron Bancroft. Michael Kleiner scored over 6000 runs in the four


seasons and led them to a trophy. He will be back for one-day cricket but


Bancroft takes over in the championship. When you enjoy your


cricket you will be successful and play well so these guys have that


great feel and I am looking forward to running with that, nice and


relaxed and enjoying my cricket and hopefully that results in some good


runs. Gloucestershire's best chance for success may be the T20. They


were second from bottom in their group in the one-day cup but are


hopeful of improving that, and the format they championship results.


Two teams can get promoted and as I said that wasn't our aim that would


be ridiculous, so some tough teams and we have to play some hard


cricket and be sure that everybody is mocking in together to perform on


the pitch. It will be tough but we are not hiding behind that. Comedian


Dara O Brion has been lending they can take a hand promoting the


England- Ireland match staged in Bristol next month. It is also a


venue for the women's World Cup meaning Gloucestershire will host a


lucrative ten internationals this summer. It is the difference between


trading profit and not trading at profit. We are not hugely dependent


on it but it makes the difference between a rainy day and a not so


rainy day. The club has certainly sharpened up its image and as the


county continues to prosper off the field, the team needs to ensure it


is not left behind. Let's catch up on the weather and we


can head upstairs. Let's take you through the forecast for tomorrow.


We continue this run of dry weather and it is looking like over the next


ten days, generally drier than average conditions will be


prevailing, not to rule out some rain but not much. Tomorrow, on face


value more cloud compared to today but one thing I should point out,


the forecast computer models are struggling with the degree to which


things cloud over and the balance between sunshine and cloud cover,


not just for our region, and that continues into tomorrow, so you may


see different solutions for any particular spot. A dry a for some


and some will see a sunny weather. As we continue into tomorrow you


will see the signal for mode of the cloud to be around about some


exceptions, most notably to the west and around the coastal fringes. As


we come inland, more breaks developing. A good deal of sunshine


around, invaded by varying amounts of cloud. The process continues


through the course of tonight but a dry night and not as chilly as the


last so we should end up with the temperature around 6-8. For many of


you a good deal of cloud around but with the caveat about the amount of


cloud being difficult to pin down. A signal that some of the coastal


fringes around Somerset will see a reasonable amount of sunshine.


Coming inland, the cloud will be breaking up through the course of


the afternoon but cloud or not, a Friday and the winds will be light,


the temperature in the low teens. Feeling pleasantly warm should the


sun breaks through. A more path into Friday, the trend throughout Friday


and into the course of the weekend is to lose cloud cover rather than


increase, boding well for the weekend, not impossible that by


Sunday the temperature could get up to 20.


Just in time for the weekend. That would be nice. Back again at 10pm,


goodbye. CHILD: This is


a major scientific breakthrough. Hello. It's All Round to


Mrs Brown's, where my guests will be Steve Backshall, and music


from the beautiful Pixie Lott.


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