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strengthen the country's air defence systems. That is all from us.


We were losing hope after three days. It is an absolute miracle, we


could not wish for a happier ending. Dozens volunteered to look for Hazel


- her pet dog never left her side. Our other headlines tonight:


A memorial for the young men who've lost their lives in the River Avon


after nights out. Prince Harry meets the athletes


competing for a place in the Invictus Games for heroes


who've been hurt A man gets a bonus holiday


because he happened to have the same name as the person who couldn't


make the trip. After three nights out in the cold,


the chances of finding Hazel Denham alive were fading,


but that's exactly what happened. She had disappeared in the woods


near Minchinhampton Common whilst taking her dog,


Bertie, for a walk. A police officer was so delighted,


he ran up and gave her hug - her faithful pet had stayed


with her throughout. And despite overnight


temperatures close to freezing, It is a beautiful sunshine evening


here and that really reflects the mood of how everybody is feeling


here today. Hazel was found at 9am. In our experience, it was not the


story we expected to be bringing you the day, but we are so grateful we


are. She was found 2-3 miles from here where she left her house on


Tuesday afternoon, and we were there as this three-day search came to its


happy end. The moment many feared


would never come - Hazel Denham not just alive


but sitting casually at the bottom of Toadsmoor woods,


chatting to police after being out in the open for three


days and nights. I remember just seen a lovely big


smile on Hazel and I climbed over the fence and just gave her a big


hug and said, we are so happy Hazel was in good spirits but very


dehydrated and was helped carefully into an ambulance to go


to hospital for treatment. Her faithful dog, Bertie, never


left her side and is doing well, too, helped by a few doggie treats -


the whole family grateful to the dog walker who made a special


effort to track them down. Hazel was in good spirits but very


dehydrated and was helped carefully Hazel was confused when she was


found but, used to long walks, she's obviously fit and resilient,


having survived She thinks she's been


missing for a few hours, doesn't know what all the fuss


is about, thinks there might be missing dog


somewhere and would quite I went down as far as I could


and it got too thick. The search for Hazel became


a huge community effort. Police and specialist search teams


were joined by volunteers They started at Minchinhampton


and stretched out for miles, searching from early in the morning


until late at night. Andrew Watt was one of those


who gave up his time to help. Absolutely brilliant news,


especially for the family. The fact that she's been found


safe and well after such I'd like to say thank you, on behalf


of Gloucestershire Constabulary, to all the locals that have shown


such interest in this story. The lady that found her today had


deliberately gone out walking her dog in a bid to try


and find her, and all the other locals, all the police officers have


endless hours looking for her and all the other


agencies as well. After a frantic three days,


Hazel's family say they're just looking forward to a quiet weekend


to welcome her back home. So many great angles to this story.


That dog walker who counted today, who went out on a mission intent on


finding her, did just that. The real hero of the day. Where did Hazel go?


Where was she sleeping and how did she survived out in the cold for so


long? That they are questions for another day. She is back for the


people she loves and surrounded by the people that love her, with


Bertie back by her side. The sun is shining on use Steve.


Investigations are underway after a warehouse fire


Seven fire engines were called to Locks Yard near Hartcliffe Way


just before 11 after large plumes of smoke were reported


No-one is thought to have been injured and the fire is now out.


A man's been charged with the manslaughter


of a soldier who was attacked at a nightclub in Stroud.


24-year-old Jack Mitchell was a Gunner based at


He died following a fight at Warehouse nightclub on 5th Feburary.


29-year-old Jake Davies from Stroud has been charged with manslaughter.


He's due to appear before Cheltenham Magistrates Court next month.


A collector who captured and killed the UK's rarest


butterfly, the Large Blue, has been spared jail.


57-year-old Philip Cullen was given a six-month suspended sentence


for capturing two butterflies at reserves in Somerset


He was convicted in March of six charges.


It's believed to be the first prosecution of its kind in the UK.


Avon and Somerset Police say they are dealing with an average


of 60 emergency calls a day from people with mental


They include those who are suicidal or at risk of harming others.


Six months ago, specially trained nurses were brought


Our home affairs correspondent, Charlotte Callen, has been


Protecting us on our streets - these officers are on the front


line, fighting crime, but the types of emergencies they're


The police's role is to keep us safe and make us feel safe. With an


increasing number of calls from people from mental health problems,


the role is also changing. Senior officers say, too often,


the police are being left to deal with the most vulnerable as health


budgets have been squeezed. Last year, we had over 20,000 calls


that had a mental health marker on them. We are deploying 50-60% to


those, that is huge demand. In 2013, there were two high-profile


murders in the force Mr Ebrahimi had called


police several times prior And the case of Robert Cox,


who was stabbed to death by Derek Hancock, who also had


mental health problems. Police do have some mental


health training but, with a 9% increase in calls


from vulnerable people, Mental health nurses moved


into the emergency call centre, working side-by-side


with the police. We need to work together to improve


things. When jobs comment and people are at high risk of suicidal, we are


asked to risk assessed that and get the right support for people.


Since September, when the scheme started, the mental health team have


They stopped police needing to attend in 364 cases and they have


reduced the time police spent at the scene from an average of 7.5


But should it fall to our police to deal with these kinds of problems


or should they be out on the front line, dealing with car crime


People want to see bobbies on the beat, officers patrolling and asking


the 999 calls quickly. If you ask the public, would you like to see


your police officers waiting 6-8 hours in a mental health centre,


they probably don't. Similar work is happening


between the health teams in Wiltshire and the police


and in Dorset, too, where they have Well, thank you for joining us


on this lovely Friday evening Ian will be here soon tell


us whether we should But before that, meet


one of the favourites for tomorrow's Grand National,


trained in Somerset. And have they flown


into the record books? Pilots from the West have attempted


to have the most number of balloons Stonemasonry students


from Bath College are to start work on a huge and poignant project


for the city - a memorial to the young men who've


lost their lives in the River Avon. 18-year-old Sam Amin


was one of them. Now his family is working with


the students to create a fitting In a bright dusty work space


not far from the river, stonemasons of the future


are learning their craft. A series of steps running


down to the river, It's where Sam Amin died -


he fell into the water His family want to come


here, and find comfort. I believe there will be a space


for me where I can cry, where I can share his memories,


I can share his joy and I can mourn. To the family - when a life


is lost to the river - it feels like losing Sam


all over again. They want the monument


to be there for all those And they hope it'll


help keep people safe. They want to remind young people,


young students, who are the future of this city, the future of this


country, to be mindful of both river safety and to be mindful


when they are walking at the bank Knowing how much it means,


these students are honoured I feel really proud to be part


of this project, actually. It's something that is going


to hopefully be there for a really long time and hopefully


do some good. I would hope that they


feel that they've... That their loved ones


that they have lost - are remembered, and also that it


helps people in the future, to prevent things like this


from happening again. The monument will be there for


generations to come. It is something that will be there for ever.


Sam's family are chipping away at the fundraising target -


It's hoped before too long, they can transform one small


stretch of river bank, into a place of


Prince Harry's been in Bath today, meeting the athletes


who are competing for a place at this year's Invictus Games.


The event for injured and sick servicemen and women will be held


in Toronto this September, and the trials are still


atmosphere here has been so supportive all day with everyone


encouraging each other to do well. There are 11 different sporting


events at these trials that people can take part in. Many I spoke to


enter themselves for extra offence because they got so caught up in the


spirit of the day, they simply did not want to go home. And cheering


them on from the sidelines was Prince Harry. Wounded while serving


their country, Prince Harry here today to greet to service men and


women whose lives have been affected by injury and sickness and who are


hoping to use sport to help the recovery. Among them, Greg Dunning


's, who served with the 1st Battalion. The opportunity to


represent Team GB would be a dream come true. I was on patrol in


Afghanistan when an explosive device went off which ripped all my leg


out, shattered my knee. For some, the battle scars are less visible. I


find myself here today suffering from PTSD but coming here and being


a part of this makes me realise that you can still do many other things


and feel that sense of achievement. Prince Harry has been helping to


encourage more applicants than ever before. 306 guys register and 212 of


them have never done any Invicta schemes. With the message spreading,


the word is getting around. I am sure a lot of people would not have


got involved if it was not for how much Prince Harry got involved


himself. It is not necessarily those who come first in the trials who


will make the team. Organisers are looking to see who has improved the


most and who will benefit from the experience. There are 15 different


countries taking part in the games in Toronto. The location, a


convenient choice for Prince Harry because his girlfriend lives there,


so no problems with Harry tried to find somewhere to stay. But for the


306 competitors who have been at the trial, they will find out next month


whether they will be joining Harry and Megan in Toronto before those


games which begin on the 23rd of September. A bit of inside knowledge


the! Staff at Bristol City Council


are being warned 800 It follows an initial


round of job cuts last year, The council needs to save ?100


million over five years. In a statement, they say they're


working closely with unions to mitigate the need


for redundancies as far as possible. Bristol's newest bridge


is now open to the public. The name, Castle Bridge,


was chosen following a public vote. It connects Castle Park


to the new Finzels Reach Get your sweepstakes at the ready


because it's Grand National weekend. Will a West Country-trained horse


win the world's most Alistair Durden is here


with a few tips, hopefully. How do you normally pick your


horse - colours, name, For Bristol City and Swindon fans,


perhaps Definitly Red? What Rovers fan could resist


a pop at that at 50-1? The youngest jockey in the race -


Harry Cobden, a farmer's The favourite for the race


is Vieux Lion Rouge, which translates from French


as Old Red Lion. And we've been to Somerset


to find out more about him. He's quite laid-back, quite a


sensible chap. No-one knows Vieux Lion Rouge better


than Julie Bellamy - she rides him every day


at the yard near Wellington. He's won both his races this season,


including one at Aintree, enhancing his credentials


for the Grand National. It would mean so much to me and


everybody. It is such a big race. I have had runners before so it would


be a dream come true, it really would. Job satisfaction at its best!


Jockey Tom Scudamore will be on board tomorrow.


He's never finished better than eighth in the National but he's


His grandfather, Michael, rode the winner, Oxo, back in 1959.


Between dad, myself and my brother, we have had 40 goes between us and


only got one so far. It would be wonderful. He is a young horse that


has improved a lot over the last 12 months.


Trainer David Pipe is looking for his second National win


after taking the prize nine years ago.


It definitely helps me personally. My father won it, I was very lucky


to win it in my second season as a trainer. It is what every owner,


trainer, jockey in our sport wants to do.


The team will leave for Aintree at 5am tomorrow but, on Sunday,


the village hopes to be able to celebrate as they


The finish line is almost in sight for the football season.


After that horrendous result at Preston, Bristol City


Swindon could climb out of the relegation places


Over 60,000 tickets have been sold for Bath Rugby's game with Leicester


The venue change was agreed last year with Bath


But the match could now go a long way to deciding who finishes


When the game came about, we did not know who would be where in the


league. If we knew it would be this tight, maybe it might have changed


where we have the game, but it is what it is and hopefully we will


have a good following there. Gloucester are at Newcastle


tonight while Bristol take Swindon could have a world


champion boxer this weekend. Ryan Martin is fighting for the WBC


Youth Welterweight title tomorrow night at the Oasis Centre


in the town. He's currently unbeaten


in his professional career. I am massively proud. Some of the


fighters that have come out of Swindon have been unbelievable. To


top that list in that sense just makes me proud, everyone can see me


racing at the end of the night in Swindon, that is amazing.


Gloucestershire have made a solid start against Kent


Somerset start a week today, and we'll look


Now, what do you do when you've booked a holiday with all your


friends and then one of them drops out?


Well, a group of holiday-makers from Bristol didn't let it


Instead, they took to social media to find someone with the same


name as their friend who couldn't make it.


He's from Manchester and decided a trip with complete strangers


What sealed the deal was got his number, gave him a call, had a big


long chat, we got on really well and I thought to myself, is legit. I can


go away with ten random people because they are up for offers much


as much as I am. Joe says he had a fantastic time


and has made friends for life Balloonists from the West tried


to help break a world record today. It was a spectacular sight in Dover


this morning as 82 hot air balloons made the group crossing


from England to France. They've been waiting for the right


weather to make the journey Our reporter, Scott Ellis, flew


with a pilot from Gloucestershire Just a wicker basket between you and


22 miles of sea, a record number of balloons made the crossing of the


English Channel. More than 80 competitive 49 in 2011. For many, it


had meant driving overnight to the take-off site near Dover, including


dozens of pilot from the West Country. This pilot from Cheltenham


making the crossing aged just 19. This is the second time I have done


it. I did in 2011 when I was 13 but I was with my dad says I am doing it


with myself with my best mate this time. He knows what he has let


himself in fall and I have gotten off a lot of confidence in him. Nick


is from Bristol, another one of the younger pilots who is clearly not


afraid of flying over water. I did in 2011 with a friend of mine and


I'm going solo this time. I'm looking forward to the peace and


quiet. Everyone was advised to carry life rafts and work immersion suits


but the organisers were confident the conditions were just right. If


we had ordered the weather, this is what we would have got, and it is


six years the day we were standing here doing this same thing. Flying


over Dover's white cliffs and leaving land behind is unnerving.


Flights like this have to be arranged in advance with the British


and French authorities. Months of planning has paid off. Absolutely


fantastic. I am speechless, just wonderful. What an experience.


Mid-channel, and you lose sight of land altogether. You cannot imagine


France will ever emerge from the mist, but all you need is a breeze


and patients. We were loud and over the summer in France. Beautiful, I


have done it once before but this was so much better, it has taken us


two hours to do 25... Unsure! Touchdown just sign of Calais and


waiting for the vehicle to arrive by ferry, then the struggle to get


those immersion suits off before heading back home to the West


Country. Hello, hello! Sometimes this is the best job in the world.


Now, it's been a glorious day across the West.


Our cameraman, Andy Roberts, has been out and about for us -


But the big question - is it going to last for the weekend?


If you are after that setup, you will not be disappointed. Watching


those balloons in the clip there made me conscious of the fact that


the winds will come up from the south through the course of the


weekend, and that will drag in warmer air from France, from Iberia.


Today has given a taste as to the conditions for tomorrow. Clear blue


skies, a light breeze and feeling decidedly warm under those


conditions after a chilly start with the fog around in places which will


not last long. Sunday brings more of the same. It has the potential to


take temperatures up a notch further but by the tail end of the afternoon


in the evening, more cloud around. High pressure firmly established for


the time being and through the course of Saturday, after the fog


was cleared, through Sunday, the key change will come late in the day


with a cold front. A weak affair by the time it crosses us overnight


into Monday. Here is how the evening shapes up. The graph things are


moving. Nothing to be seen there until we get further on into the


night and some of you likely to see fog forming. Preferential rate


across southern parts of Somerset and temperatures chilly, getting


down to twos and threes and parts of Somerset. Most urban areas holding


close to six or seven. Tomorrow, fog will clear out of the way and that


will be aided by the fact that above it, not a cloud in sight, cliffs but


guys. That is how things are likely to remain to the rest of the day. By


the tail end of the day, it will turn noticeably chilly after the sun


goes down. Bear that in mind if you are breaking out the barbecue. It is


better to have our earlier. It will have been warm, for sure.


Temperatures in the high teens. It could nudge 20 in one or two spots.


A chance on Sunday. Out towards the east most likely to reach that


temperature. Then all change into the start of next week. A chilly


feel but not profoundly so and mostly dry initially. We will worry


about that on Monday. It just literature of spirits so much, and


everything is coming out now, gardens are looking so pretty. What


a happy time of year.


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