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Welcome to BBC Points West with Alex Lovell and David Garmston.


Our main story tonight: Reduce speed now.


A boy who was hit by a driver who didn't stop sparks a campaign


for a 20 mile per hour limit on his housing estate.


They use it as a racetrack. I will not lie, they use it as a racetrack.


We'll be asking how easy it is to get speed limits reduced.


Our other headlines tonight: Innocent as a lamb -


why some farmers are dreading the summer because of dog


Playing in tune with one another - a worldwide campaign to help


a Somerset musician suffering from cancer.


During week -- join me with the team leaders -- cheerleaders as they get


ready to take on the world. Families living on an estate


in Weston-Super-Mare are calling for a clamp-down on speeding drivers


- saying their streets The campaign's being lead


by the mother of a teenager who was knocked off his bicycle


by a driver who then sped off. Nearly five weeks after being hit


by a car which drove off. Someone left a 14-year-old


boy for dead. And the damage isn't


just to his body. This is going to stay


with me for life. I have flashbacks,


nightmares, memories of When I got head -- it, I get the


feelings of when I got hit, like vibrations.


Mitchell's mother showed us where her son crawled to


His shin bone sticking out of his lower right leg.She's


launched a petition for safer roads on the Oldmixon estate.


You get more speeding, they are doing 40 and 40 plays sometimes.


There are a lot of children playing. They watched the roads but to be


honest, it just takes one driver. There have been calls for more speed


bumps on this estate but the council say it has to wait for the police


report on the accident. Then they can be sure what action should be


taken for the future. Normally these measures are only begotten onwards


which are proven to be dangers in the long term. But why wait until


the accidents happen, someone could die next time. We don't want to wait


for that to happen, Dougie? a 20 zone here would be


money well spent. The fact Mitchell was crossing


a rode at night on a bicycle from between parked cars will also


form part of the police What is clearly inexcusable


is driving off. Micthell has a message


for the driver. Just take yourself in and ordered


out because it is going to make matters worse if you are going to


matters worse if you are going to keep going.


We're joined now by Amy Aeron-Thomas who is from the road safety


Thank you for joining us. We heard an appeal from the victim saying,


just come forward, how likely is that to happen? I think it is highly


unlikely unless they are turned on by friends or family. How common do


you think an incident like this is? Gosh, in 2015 there were 75 people


killed in hit and run collisions and England and Wales. Every day as


cyclist is reported seriously injured in a hit and run. It was


worst ten years ago but it was also better five years ago so we have


seen get worse in recent years. Why is that? We worry about lack of


enforcement. Police are not out there and drivers think they can get


away with it. What about the law, quite often with cases like this, we


are waiting for the investigations to finish but people will say we


need to tighten up the law and punishments. Yes, that is a gap, if


they catch the driver know, unless he is trying to get rid of the


evidence, he can only be charged with failure to stop. It is a


maximum six months in prison but only 1% of drivers convicted are


sent to prison. Only 12% are even banned. It is more appropriate for


minor damage only. We have been calling for a new charge of


knowingly leaving the scene of a fatal serious collision. It is


totally different to leave somebody there in pain and at risk of death.


How likely is that to happen? It was included in the recent consultation


with the Ministry of Justice is so we're still pushing for it. That is


a big gap in our law, it will not go away. We have learned from other


countries we have to plug this hole or it is an easy incentive for


drivers who do not have insurance or who have been drinking. It makes


sense for them to run away from the scene to face the lesser


punishments. Obviously the family feel they want to do something. How


hard would it be to change the speed limit where they are? I would like


to think that in that area, 20 mph is becoming more common. It should


not take our fidelity or a serious injury collision. At a time when the


government is encouraging us to walk and cycle more, they need to reduce


the speed so people feel less intimidated by cars. It has been


really interesting talking to you, thank you for talking to us today.


The Chief Executive of Gloucestershire County Council


has been named the most expensive public servant in the South West.


A survey by the Tax Payers' Alliance says over 3300,000


was spent on Peter Bungard, seen here on the right,


The County Council said almost ?200,000 was from a one off pension


contribution it paid after Mr Bungard reduced


The authority also said that his actual salary had reduced.


The prison watchdog says not much progress has been made tackling


violence and drug taking in a Dorset jail.


An Inspectorate of Prisons report in 2015 called


Guys Marsh near Shaftesbury a "prison in crisis".


A recent follow up-inspection found the lack of improvement


It found assaults on staff have tripled and levels


Police are appealing for witnesses after a 34-year-old woman died


after being hit by a vehicle in Cheltenham town


It happened at the junction of Clarence Street and Crescent Place


The roads were closed closed for five and a half


Sheep farmers across the West are being urged to help reduce


dog attacks, by sharing information about them.


As we head towards the Easter weekend, walkers are also


being reminded to keep their pets under control.


Thousands of sheep are killed or injured every


year by loose dogs - despite annual campaigns.


You never know when the next one is going to happen and you see every


person that comes in with their dog as a


This is a story we cover a year after year and it


People still bring their dogs out, off their lead, in fields where


You can see it is beautiful but this farm


has 30 fields and 23 of them have public footpaths.


The farm manager just spent the last three weeks bringing 800 lambs


into the world, altogether there are more than


But its proximity to the city, and stunning views, mean that this


Easter weekend the land will be teeming with walkers -


We're the one who has to pick up the pieces, once they


have been here with their dog who have chased the sheep.


They may not see what happened but we have to


deal with it, deal with injured animals.


It also affects people's livelihoods.


Latest estimates are that up to 15,000


sheep are attacked in some way every year.


Now the industry body, the National Sheep Assocation,


farmers, to find out if there's any more they can do to educate dog


We got to keep working with the public, to get them to


recognise dogs running wild and


attacking sheep is anti-social behaviour but we also have more work


to do with the farming community to


make sure they are reporting cases


And also more work to do with the police to make sure when


consistent way and in a serious fashion.


training to help owners control their dogs around livestock.


These two farmers say they'll help, if it will keep their sheep safe.


It's Tuesday evening and it's nice to have you with us.


Yes, stay tuned, we've lots more still to come, including...


The musical challenge being taken on across the world to help


We're off to the cheerleading Championships in Florida. Join us


Engineers from Bristol have developed a type of electronic book


The prototype will allow them to read using braille,


which has been in massive decline in recent years.


Martha Dixon's been to find out more.


In a community-owned workshop in Bristol,


engineers are working on a device they hope will save


This is the prototype, it's called the Canute.


A series of dots come up and you read the page,


you then press next page and the next series


The multiple lines make it stand out from previous more limited devices,


lines which are vital for reading book, skimming material


Braille is important because it is the equivalent


You would not be happy with a sighted child coming back


from school being told they would not learn to read


It is much the same with Braille but it is what happens


Smart phone apps and new technologies have led to a massive


decline in braille use but they have also meant people


like 17-year-old Kath can read text and access studies.


Her pupils did not form in the womb meaning her sight is restricted.


She is studying at college in Cornwall.


I was introduced at the age of six to screen readers and voice-over


software and magnification devices, hand-held or plugged in.


In the UK a recent study by the RNIB found that just


28,000 people are braille users, less than 8% of people


Engineers in Bristol hope their invention will stop


Braille from dying out, even make it more widespread than it ever was.


Young people are being warned they're risking their lives


It comes after a group were spotted walking on top of the arch


of the Destructor bridge and doing handstands.


The developer had put up temporary fencing following previous attempts.


This afternoon it met with councillors to discuss


A play area in Somerset which was set on fire last


Vandals destroyed a big wooden castle, which had only recently been


built at the recreation ground in Wells.


People living nearby raised extra money to reopen it bigger


The Bristol charity Jessie May, which cares for terminally


ill children at home, is celebrating it's


Since it started, Jessie May has cared for over hundreds of families


across the South West and they rely completely on public donations.


This is Ella, enjoying a singalong with her mum and her nurses


Charlotte and Sam are trained nurses who know all about Ella's medical


condition and can provide care for her and other children with life


I think these children are so precious and the fact we can


The parents trust us to come into their homes and they can go out


It was started by the mother of Jessie may Purrington


after the little girl died at the age of just four months.


There is no support for terminally ill children in Bristol in the home


which means the children have to spend lots of periods


of time in the hospital without their family.


Since that time over 300 families have been helped


They've been supporting Ella and her family from the time


she was diagnosed with Dystonia aged just two years old.


It may only be for three or six hours a month what they can do


but it makes a massive difference to us.


The noises she makes, you heard her there,


the sound of being happy, it is invaluable really,


The support from the general public is needed for them to carry on.


The charity relies completely on public donations and will only


The work that they do is just incredible. There are a lot of kind


There are a lot of kind people around the world.


Musicians from around the world are taking part in a challenge


to raise money to save the life of a Somerset trombonist.


Stephen Sykes is suffering from a blood cancer


which isn't responding to conventional treatment.


His doctors say he needs an expensive drug which ISN'T


You make your own video of your own challenge.


To the Band of the Scots Guards.


Trombonists, guitarists, even people with animal


Playing a piece of music called The Acrobat -


on line and then challenging others to do the same.


To raise money for this man -


seriously ill with Hodgkins lymphoma.


In fact they have all been really good.


Some of them have been so exciting, it is


Someone is playing a carrot and red pepper.


Then we had a family from Wincanton with their grandchildren


in the garden and I think they were playing watering


The Acrobat Challenge - which aims to raise ?90,000


for radical cancer treatment - was the idea of another trombonist


from Cambridgeshire who just wanted to do something to help.


Wanting to help and thinking about the internet and the Ice


The Acrobat is a very famous trombone solo so it


just popped into my head and it sounded good,


And apparently the tune is so simple - anyone can do it.


That is the West Country version. I wish I could play something and I


would give it a go. You could play they hear column. E-mail us.


Forest Green Rovers season and important match tonight as they look


to gain their first-ever promotion into the football league. They take


on Tranmere Rovers who are directly above them in seconds. A win would


go a long way to confirming their place in the end of season


play-offs. An historic abbey in Gloucestershire


is being completely rebuilt over the next six months...using


small plastic bricks. As part of its 900th anniversary


celebrations, Cirencester Abbey The hope is that groups


or individuals will buy the pieces to gradually build it up


from the floor. It's estimated there will be 70,000


bricks used in total. Later this month the cheerleading


world championships Four members of Team England,


and their coach, come from Bristol. We'll be meeting them shortly,


but first Lee Madan went along It's a fast paced and energetic


sport in its own right. the misconceptions of girls with pom


poms on the sidelines. athletes are centre stage -


and will soon be swapping their gym in Kingswood for the World


Championships in Orlando. got to leave it all on the floor,


it's quite cruel in that way but everyone's got to work together,


if one element doesn't work then Head Coach Sammi and four


of the girls she trains have all made it onto Team England


for the para-cheer category. They don't have disabilities


themselves, but other The point of para-cheer


is that it's open to all. Team England have been working


on their routine since September. It includes dance, lifts


and tumbles, and even a basket toss But when they're not


flinging me in the air - they're spending hours


perfecting their moves to make sure they're ready for the event


which is taking place What are you most


looking forward to? I'm excited to perform with everyone


who were strangers to me but now they're one of my closest,


many of my closest friends. It's just crazy the whole


experience but I'm so excited in just three weeks' time the world


will be watching as these cheerleaders hope to


be crowned champions. Well, we're pleased to say the team


and coach join us now. Welcome. You are behind all of this,


the world Championships, have you ever taking part before? No, so I am


really excited. It is something we haven't done before. Really looking


forward to it and I am so proud of these girls from my team. Do people


know what cheerleading entails? Probably not. They think it is for a


football match. Within the competition, there will be pom-poms.


During the chant aspect of the cheer, there are pom-poms but after


that we put them down and throw people instead. Do you say things


like give us the B for Bristol. I was going to say a PE for Points


West. The competition will be fierce because it is the world


Championships, what will the judges be looking for? We're from team


England Para cheer so it is a team with and without disabilities so it


is as close to the scoresheet as possible but takes into account


creative adaptations to include a disabilities in the team. Who is the


youngest hear? What got you into it? Our friend started and literally


funds so I started. Which one of you gets thrown into the ear or do you


take it in turns? Perhaps because you are the latest, sorry, girls.


Have they ever dropped you? Yes, they have. As a flier you have to


know how to bounce. That is frightening. How often do you train?


We train it three times a week but with team England it is our


connection with all coaches from across the country and we train once


every two weeks. Do you get bored of your routine because you have been


doing the same routines in September # do you have a few routines? We


started from September so we built up hours routine so we did not know


it all in September. We finished it for about a month nowt so we have


just been practising it to make sure we know everything. Do you give it


your all during training? No, I do not. It is mostly girls but I think


I saw one or two boys, does it attract boys as well? Yes, it's


ours. There are a few boys and the team and within the industry.


Actually it is the smartest thing a boy can do. You are not wrong. We


will leave that hanging for people to think about. Nice to see you. No


mishaps. No bones think! -- not bouncing.


Before we go to the weather, have a look at these stunning


pictures of the moon with a halo which was seen in parts


Someone else who was out snapping the moon halo was Ian,


who can hopefully tell us what causes the moon


Hello, everyone. Yes, a combination of a very bright moon and a veil of


verifying service cloud which is composed of tiny ice crystals and


you get the same artefact on a sunny day, you get a halo around the sun.


This was it being replicated at night, a fraction of the moonlight


through the veil of ice crystals. Let me take you to the forecast into


tomorrow. Two key differences compared to today. It will be breezy


and generally a lot more close around. Especially early evening,


there could be a few light showers. Overwhelmingly, a dry picture for


the majority across our region. High pressure still it towards the west


of us, that cold front from the north is coming our way but it will


weaken as it heads south for us tomorrow. So not much rain coming


from that. You will be hard pressed to find much rain during the course


of the week ahead. This evening will be a fine evening, temperatures


around 15 Celsius for many. There will be a fair amount of clear sky


initially, but the second mate of the night, have the amount of cloud.


Some rain towards daybreak but most areas will start drive. Temperatures


dropping to seven Celsius. Brightness for the morning tomorrow,


pockets will continue into the afternoon. Late afternoon, cloud


will thicken up through Gloucestershire is that weak front


approaches. It will head southwards. A few light showers as it passes


over but many areas will avoid those and stay completely dry. It will be


a breezy day, temperatures not dissimilar to today. It will feel


colder, a combination of the disease and less sunshine generally.


Thursday, the wins will be lighter. A dry and cloudy day. Here is the


outlook for the bank holiday weekend. We will


talk about that tomorrow. Yes, we're all thinking about that. It will be


a nice rest whatever it is like. We will see you again tomorrow. Thanks


goodbye for There have never been


so many people in work - that's what the Government


keeps telling us. But what's the reality of this


Tory jobs bonanza? Well, if you're one of the millions


of people working on a contract without fixed hours


or days, then it's not so good.


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