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Welcome to BBC Points West with Alex Lovell and David Garmston.


Our main story tonight: Is there a doctor in the house?


Hundreds of West country GPs are planning to quit over the next


two years, threatening a severe shortage.


Doctors go into the profession to help people and make people better.


We expect an environment which is safe and not unmanageable.


I'll be asking the NHS how they intend to fill the gap.


The parents of a girl who died from meningitis win an out


In a world of their own - the virtual reality games on show


at a real life gathering in Bristol today.


It's a once-in-a-lifetime experience for even feel Rugby club as they are


put through their paces by the England coach, Eddie Jones.


Two out of five GPs in the South West say they intend


to quit in the next five years, according to a new survey out today.


Two thousand family doctors took part in the research which exposes


the impending health care crisis facing our region.


With 40% now saying they want to leave their jobs,


NHS England says it's working hard to try to support doctors


In a moment we'll be asking them how.


But first here's our Health Correspondent Matthew Hill.


Dr Michael Sproat is starting a new life this week,


which he hopes will mean seeing more of his family.


He's just given up his GP partnership at his surgery


in Downend and he will now be doing endoscopies for a private company


I would start at half past eight and finish after nine


What effect would this have on you and your family?


Difficult to put that into words really, but a sense


that my career was very important, patients were very important


to me but really equally, my family has to be prioritised.


Dr Sprout is part of a trend - and according to a survey out today.


It's warning we face a severe shortfall in family


years as two in five family doctors questioned plan to leave by then.


To be honest I think there needs to be a fundamental change


in the approach of government towards health care in the UK.


The system at the moment is underfunded.


GPs account for 90% of patient contact with the NHS, yet


they only receive 7% of its budget.


Hotwell surgery shut its doors last month, it's the latest in a line


of family practices to close in recent years in the West.


Tens of thousands of patients have had to find a GP elsewhere.


New pension arrangements which have come in this month will mean


the problem is only going to get worse as some GPs would be better


There are plans to train another 5,000 GPs by 2020 but will it be


enough to compensate for the number the profession?


this doctor from Chard wonders where they


We now have a toxic environment in practice of overwork


And excessive hours expected and maybe


In November 5,000 patients were told they would have to find


a new doctor's surgery, because their practice


And with both an ageing pop with more health needs and an aging


The doctor will see you now' could become a case


of the doc will see you at some point in the future.


Joining us now is Linda Prosser from NHS England.


They feel rather unloved. We more GPs in the profession?


They feel rather unloved. We recognise there is a large pressure


of work and we are sympathetic to those GPs we have heard from who are


experiencing long and stressful days. We are investing nationally in


new GPs, training more GPs and insuring more money comes into


primary care to alleviate some of the pressures. But more importantly,


we are working with groups of GP practices to work differently,


bringing more practice nurses, more mental health therapist, more


physiotherapists, more clinical pharmacists, more people working in


those practices. Sorry to instruct but the average GP earns about


?90,000 in the UK, that is a pretty good wage, one of the highest in the


world for a doctor so it is not about money? I do not believe that


is the issue. It is about the pressure of work. When I talk to


GPs, they tell me that one third of their people -- of the people BC do


not need to be seen by them. It is not this is hardly the fault of the


patient... It is because that is what we are told and that is how we


access our health care. GPs tell me they do not want to be the gateway


for everybody to enter into the health system. They want to be part


of the team, directing that team which means people will get to see


the people they need to seek more quickly rather than having to wait.


Doctors are probably the brightest people in the workforce, very


talented and hard-working but when does the penny dropped that when


they sign up to be a GP that it will be very difficult work helping


people and open all hours? I do not think GPs mind the length of day or


times of day work but it is the combination of not getting, not


always using the skills they have to the best ability. The doctors


receive working as part of the bigger team or working in a hospital


and GP practices are experiencing more satisfaction because they are


using their skills to a higher level... They do have a hard life,


don't they? Of course. GPs do not mind working hard but they want to


use their skills most effectively. Very briefly, the top universities,


medical schools turn away students every year with straight gays who


want to be doctors, why? There is a good question about our retraining


enough doctors? There is a question about the number of doctors who want


to train as GPs. We have had a problem over the last few years


attracting people into GP training. We are starting to change the way


people perceive this in the last couple of years. We appreciate the


work doctors do. Let us hope that as a settlement. Thank you for coming


in. A woman in her 90s has died


in a fire in Sea Mills in Bristol Firefighters were called


to Sylvan Way last night and found the woman inside the house,


which was well alight. Medics at the scene


couldn't save her. The cause of the fire


was accidental. Gloucestershire Police have


been strongly criticised Her Majesty's Inspector


of Constabulary says it needs to improve its approach to crime


prevention, anti-social behaviour and protection


for vulnerable people. It also says it's deeply


concerned the force lacks the fundamental arrangements


to tackle organised crime. We do take umbrage with the word is


deeply concerning because the crime figures do not reflect that. The


message would be we accept you have some concerns, the commissioner has


concerns as well but deeply concerning sends the wrong message


to the public that we have a huge problem in the county when we do


problem in the county when we do not.


Both Avon and Somerset and Wiltshire Police forces


were rated as 'good' in the three main inspection categories.


Now he's the tough-talking Aussie who's turned round the fortunes


of England Rugby, but tonight - for one night only -


Eddie Jones is coaching an amateur team near Bath.


One of Avonvale's Rugby club's players entered a competition last


year where the top prize was to have the England head


So this evening Eddie has swapped Twickenham for Bathford -


and our Sports Editor, Alistair Durden is there.


Yes, there is Eddie Jones, watching like a hawk as the players go


through their routines. Every single one of them is hear tonight, Birkett


is meticulous and they were not one-minute late. He is not a man to


be messed with, he has transfer -- transformed England and one of his


catchphrases is, praise is for the week. He is a straight speaking


Australian. C if I can speak to him and find out how the session is


going. Eddie, you are live on Points West. How is this oceangoing? They


have better skills than the England players, I will start recruiting


from hear. They are doing well. Skills are good. The catching coach


has done a a great job with them. You have a reputation for going in


and transforming teams, what is your secret? You always need good


players. We're lucky in England there are a lot of good. You have to


work hard. Then you have a chance of being successful. Is it in the head


as well? Massively. It is not only physical commitment but mental


commitment as well. What is the one tip he would give someone who wanted


to succeed, what do you say Street off? You have got to be hungry, you


use every training session to get better, C how you can improve and


add to your team. Are you being hard on these guys tonight? I know you do


not lavish praise. They are doing very well. They are doing very good


for a team which is done in the division. Their fundamental skills


are good. They unbeaten this season. They are definitely doing well. I


will let you get back to it as every second counts with the session. Join


me later and we will find out how the players are reacting at having


Eddie Jones at the session today. That is the secret, you have to be


hungry. He is a great coach and was a great player as well. And I am


hungry. You are always hungry. And we'll be going back to Bathford


to find out what the players make of being put through their paces


by England's Head Coach before Yes still to come here


on BBC Points West - The candidates for the big Mayoral


contest get on board our own Bristol bus -


but will they have a smooth or bumpy Some rain is expected but it looks


like small amounts, more detail later on programme.


The parents of a five year-old girl from Bristol who died


from meningitis after being wrongly diagnosed, have been awarded


The on-call GP did not admit liability and the case


We noticed she had this rash on her chest and her legs so we were a bit


They told me it was just a bug but the rash on its


Kelsey Smart was just five years old when mum Hannah realised


I've got to live for the rest of my life without her and the fact


that I didn't take her to the hospital quicker


Kelsey was first diagnosed with a stomach bug.


She was vomiting and had a rash on her chest.


Her mum drove her to hospital, knowing things


were more serious, but had to pull over when Kelsey began


She had wet herself, her eyes were


It is one of the things that plays on my mind.


was meningitis and she was brain damaged.


A three-week-old baby had her heart, another baby had her lungs.


And then the nightmare began, living without her.


Hannah has now settled the family's case


against the out of hours GP who has never admitted liability.


family believe her condition should have been picked up.


And want other parents to know the signs


of the disease so they can take action before it is


The Government has given the go-ahead for several


Four academies are to be created in Bristol -


including what will become the city's biggest secondary


Two others have been approved for Swindon.


Somerset and Bath and North East Somerset will each get


New schools - and very soon too - a new Mayor.


Next month - voters around Bristol and Bath have to choose


a new politician who will control a budget of a billion pounds.


The West of England Mayor will also have powers over transport


including the ability to franchise bus services.


So we asked our political reporter Robin Markwell to be bus conductor


for the day as he toured the West meeting the six candidates.


One Bristol bus, one West Mayor job and six candidates.


We found our first passenger in Winterbourne.


Wonderful and it is so impressive to see Bristol bus.


Our vehicle of choice had clearly impressed Tim Bowles -


a South Gloucestershire councillor running for the Conservatives.


Start by telling me what you would achieve in your first term of office


I want everyone to appreciate what the role is.


My role would be to improve transport in the region,


start delivering homes where people need and want them and make sure


You have made great play about protecting greenfield sites,


does that mean no development on green belts?


We have made it clear we want to build houses so we need


them where people work and where their jobs


On the quickfire round, you will be an ambassador


for our region, can you name any of Bristol's Twin cities.


You could've had Bordeaux or Hannover.


To me it is in terms of getting transport levels in place


It is a common bus ticket on a first bus.


What was Banksy's installation called?


I remember going down there, but the name escapes me.


Not a great start to the quiz but we had to press on,


Next up was Kingswood - where the Ukip candidate


Farmer Aaron Foot wants to use the internet


champion Democratic change so people can have first say.


You would throw the questions out to the people, should


there be a park-and-ride, should buses be cheaper?


Yes, definitely, we need to talk the talk not just walk the walk.


Yes, let us give them a proper democratic change,


As metro mayor, you will be responsible for housing,


by what percentage did property prices rise last year?


It was highest in the UK but I cannot remember.


What are the Severn Bridge tolls at the moment?


What is the nickname for the football club?


I have not got a clue about football.


Next time on our political road trip...


Crisis in the Chew Valley as the bus gets stuck...


And more candidates flounder at the hands of our fiendish quiz..


We will interview every candidate of course. Getting a ticket tomorrow


will be Labour and the Greens. There is also a special programme on


Thursday next week when you can meet all six candidates. It is important


we start to meet them all. It is important we start


to meet them all. The latest virtual reality


games and technology were on show in Bristol today,


as the VR World Congress It's a lot more than


just games these days. They're using virtual reality


to design buildings, teach science, Our business correspondent


Dave Harvey went along to try We're off, I am running super


fast and now I jump. Now I have to grab these


climbing things and I am up. This is always the bit


that foxes me. I am back in the room,


back in the tent. These goggles take


you somewhere else. There is one snag,


they still have wires. Today's big news,


the wires are history. It is going to happen sooner


than you think but not As you move around,


the wiring can be an inhibitor Right now they are necessary


so we love them because they deliver something great but of course


we want to get rid of the wires. That news went down well here -


over 2,000 developers, Many from Bristol -


like the quirky team behind this So - what are they


trying to achieve? When they cannot hide


the fact they believe, when they go oh god,


and come out of it They want to go back


into my reality, that Only a third of today's


firms are making games - the growing market is in business,


in training, and in education. Like this - to understand how


molecules work, why not step You feel like you are in a box


and you are getting to play That is key, the immersiveness


you would not get from a textbook. So it's not all toys and -


myth number two, it's When I was a kid, I used to code


in my room but I'd be scared if I told people I would be


called a nerd. I meet three women, immersed in VR,


determined their industry is not We have this opportunity,


a golden opportunity Stereotypes do not exist yet with VR


so it is there for us to turn it into an environment


which is healthy. The technology changes


daily, and the industry Expect to see a lot more people


in a land of their own. Dave Harvey, BBC


Points West Bristol. I am not sure whether I want to be


in virtual reality or not. Now let's head back to Bathford


for the second time tonight, as Avonvale Rugby club have got


a new coach, after winning a raffle. Yes, he's none other than England's


top man - Eddie Jones. Their prize was for him


to take a training session. He's there now - along


with Alistair Durden. Never mind that, I am trying to


catch his eye but not succeeding at the moment, he is focused on the


players. Let us talk to the players. This is the captain. Have you been


putting more effort in tonight? Yes, I have been running about more than


I do usually, it is great to have them year, he is a great character.


Had it passed on many tips? He said good passing which is quite nice to


hear but really helping the lads. This is the fault of David Tomlinson


who took part in a national rugby survey and won this prize for his


club. What is that like to have the England head coach hear? It is a bit


surreal really. You do not normally sees someone of that calibre year.


It is great for the boys. What was your reaction when you were told you


have one and Eddie Jones was coming as Mike I thought it was a prank to


be honest. I kept the e-mail. It was great. Have you spoken to them yet?


Not yet. I will picture name forward for the next England game. Let the


skills do the talking. You guys are not beaten the season. Watch out


their next opponents, they may have a few tricks up their sleeve after


a few tricks up their sleeve after the session.


Now the big question is how the weather I shaping up


for the Easter weekend - any curved balls likely


We have our fingers crossed. I would say it will be mostly dry, there


will be 12 exceptions. Towards Monday, we will seem more


uncertainty in the forecast. For tomorrow, it is overwhelmingly


looking like a dry day. Much like today, a variation of bright and


sunny weather, competing with some cloud around as well. Less breezy


compared to today. We have a cold front running down to us from the


north which could bring a few passing light showers before it


clears the way. Looking drive-through tonight. Tomorrow


another day with a good deal of dry weather. One or two like spots of


rain. For the rest of this evening, this cold front comes down across


the Midlands towards Gloucestershire, weakening as it


does so. It could usher in a few light showers before clearing away.


Through tonight, temperatures dictated by the cloud. There will be


a fair range, as low as three or four Celsius in parts of the


countryside and up to even eight Celsius into the urban centres and


the coastal French. Tomorrow, a balance between the cloud cover and


brightness. Today we saw a fairly sunny period developing during the


middle part of the day. Tomorrow, the best of the brightness will be


out towards the West. At other times, extensive amounts of code as


well. A bit of Ms -- mix and match. The cloud is not as brisk as today.


Temperatures ranging from 11 up to 14 Celsius across the region.


Towards Friday, a complex series of France move in from the West, they


will be weak in nature but there will be some light rain. It should


clear the way as the day wears on. Thank you. He would get to Easter


Monday tomorrow. That's it, is no. It is confusing this time of year,


you go out thinking it is warm and you find out it is cold. See you


'The UK has voted to leave the European Union by 52% to 48.


'Ukip leader Nigel Farage celebrated the result,


'declaring that dawn was breaking on an independent nation.'


'Prime Minister David Cameron is expected to resign


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