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the push is on to make to Bristol's streets advert free.


The woman who fought an illness to take on an near impossible dream.


And meet Missy - a morale officer for one of our councils.


But now she could be fired because of health and safety.


Cannabis users in Bristol are demanding the right


to grow their own drugs - saying what's sold on the streets


The Bristol Cannabis Club will go on the march this weekend -


calling for a greater tolerance of their illegal habit.


But anti-drugs campaigners are alarmed -


warning that cannabis can cause mental health problems


Who could be jailed for five years for his Class B cannabis habit.


Nonetheless - he now wants his cannabis club


Saying drug dealers have flooded Bristol's streets


with overly powerful cannabis - known as "skunk".


Things are added to it, like spice, glass, silica, other compounds to


give it a higher effect and these are very detrimental to health and


sometimes fatal. They also want


a cannabis cafe in Bristol. In the same way users


of alcohol have pubs. "Good for them", says


this former govt advisor who's long argued


that banning cannabis leads Pointing out - 100 million Americans


now have access to legal cannabis. Skunk and spice our problems caused


by prohibition. People who don't have prohibition don't have problem


with these drugs. The dealers will always used the strongest drugs with


the biggest problems. According to the Home Office -


cannabis is the nation's But trendy anti-prohibtion arguments


come with a health warning. That cannabis is a gateway drug


to Class A substances. And causes a risk of psychosis


in vulnerable people. It's going to cause harm to your


mental health especially if there is underlying mental health issues. If


you start using a substance that changes your mental health, it's


going to be a problem. Anyone found with a small amount of cannabis is


usually only given a police caution first.


Last year in Bristol the police carried out 2,800


So - there is no tolerance of those who grow the drug.


It looks as if the Cannabis Club has a long way to march


Well, David Raynes is from the National Drug Prevention Alliance.


Thank you very much for speaking to us. Unsurprisingly, you are against


this. We have laws about drugs, legal and illegal, and they are


framed to minimise the social and personal harm leading from them,


that's why there are laws to do with alcohol and tobacco.


taken a more relaxed approach to cannabis use - why not here?


This initiative in Bristol is a flash in the pan. Spain is doing it,


Amsterdam has cannabis cafes, but numbers are reducing. In the


Netherlands they are concerned about the strength of cannabis and it has


caused a lot of harm. This club is saying that they are forced to go to


dealers who are selling stronger cannabis. There is a lot of strong


cannabis in the marketplace, that is due to public demand. They would


probably grow strong cannabis. That is what users seem to want.


Originally, the strong cannabis that came into the Netherlands and then


to the UK, there's a long history with it. It started in the US,


actually. Do you think we will ever see a day when cannabis is illegal


in this country? I doubt it. We have 300 members of the Bristol cannabis


club. We had a Parliamentary candidate who stood in Bristol and


got 348 votes in Bristol West. Only 48 MPs turned up to a debate about


it. Only four voted against it. I can't see it happening.


Australian police who are investigating the disappearance


of a three-year-old girl from Bristol in 1970


are trying to trace witnesses from the UK.


Cheryl Grimmer vanished from a beach in New South Wales.


Police now want help to find the Goodyear family -


who gave a statement to police at the time - and are believed


A man was arrested last month and charged with Cheryl's murder.


Mr Goodyear was a sole witness to a male person


carrying what appeared to be a small fair headed child


across a car park near the surf club where the young toddler


Mr Goodyear and his wife both provided evidence


We believe Mr Goodyear's evidence is crucial and we'd


like to make contact with him, or other members of the family.


The suspect charged with Cheryl's abduction and murder is due back


Two people arrested in connection with child abuse allegations


against Sir Edward Heath have been released and told they face


The former prime minister lived in Salisbury until he died.


Wiltshire Police's Operation Conifer appealed for alleged victims


They were the only two suspects arrested.


You're watching Points West with Alex and Sabet on Maundy Thursday.


Whatever you have planned for the Easter weekend -


make sure you stay with us tonight because we've lots more


The woman attempting to cross not one but seven channels in a year.


And taking the Easter period as a whole, the forecast is looking


pretty upbeat. The details later in the programme. That sounds good.


Yes. Campaigners are hoping Bristol


could become the first city in the UK to ban


advertising on its streets. A meeting's being held


tonight to discuss the idea - which has already been adopted


in parts of France and Brazil. Charlotte Callen is in Stokes Croft


- where the event's being held. Tonight's meeting takes place here


in the shadow of one of Banksy's most famous pieces of artwork.


This is an area long associated with grafftti and thinking


They say that even if revenue is lost, it will be worth it.


Adverts are everywhere on our roads and streets.


To some, it's a financially appealing part of our global world


while others see it as an invasion of our public spaces.


It's costly for the advertising companies.


Going by the title brandalism and under the disguise


of being official employees, they say they'll risk prosecution


to take on the advertisers in brush to wall combat.


Filmed here by the Bristol cable on Bristol streets


What we wanted to do, by replacing all this corporate


advertising with artwork is to say, what different type


Scroll back through the years, these artworks are by Banksy,


the vandal, the rebel on Bristol streets.


What he does is also illegal but now his works sell for millions.


He also wants advertising banned, replaced by public art spaces.


Bristol has a real opportunity to be the UK leader in creating


a different type of visual realm for the city.


Here in Bristol's bearpit, one of the city's most public spaces.


They know which side of the debate they fall on.


This is a communal space where nobody is criminalised


They turned down ?40,000 worth of advertising to keep their plinth


What Bristol must do is create an example of how


Bristol is a city that often dares to be different, to think radically.


You just have to look at its culture of street art,


But whether the city could really go advertising free, well,


that will be down to its Mayor to decide.


A ban is already a reality in Sao Paulo in Brazil


Having advertising in the city, that mainly focused on cars,


almost naked woman, alcohol, may not be the most appropriate


thing that we want to have in public space where,


actually, we want to have social lives, we want to educate our child.


Tonight, Bristolians are being invited to have their say


But, for now, Bristol being ad-free remains a dream for campaigners.


We tried to contact the companies whose adverts were defaced in that


film. If they get back to us, we will bring you that.


The public meeting to discuss Bristol going ad free starts at 7


It's been organised by Nicola Round from the campaign


Nicola, the city makes money from advertising boards


They've got a budget deficit of 100 million.


So if it's a choice between advertising or money


for social care why should they stop advertising?


The revenue from advertising is fairly small. We are covered in


advertising for unhealthy things, what is the cost of that. It is what


we need to be looking at. Why could Bristol be the first city to do it?


We know it is possible. S o Paulo and Grenoble have done it. It is a


city of green aspirations and sustainable values. We think it's


time our visual environment reflected the identity of Bristol.


If any city in the UK is going to go advert free, it is Bristol. The City


Council has said they realise it is a big issue but at this time


politically, they are not ready to comment on it.


Today is the last day that people can register to vote


There are big council contests taking place


across Somerset, Gloucestershire, Wiltshire and Dorset.


The largest election though will be the one around Bristol and Bath


We've been quizzing all the candidates this week


Yesterday it was the turn of the Conservatives and UKIP,


Our reporter Robin Markwell was at hand to inspect their tickets.


Back on the road with our double-decker of democracy.


We represent all colours, not just green.


But Darren Hall is green to the core.


He ran Bristol's winning bid to be European green capital.


Now, he wants this job to bring in clean air


I'm going to make sure that the Bristol and Bath region


is a global leader in the next generation of smart


That means, looking at how we build houses, how we get around,


and the kind of jobs that people have.


Just looking through your manifesto, some of your policies,


Well, a tourism tax would be used to help the tourism industry


So, my idea for a business investment fund is to identify areas


where business would like to invest in helping their business area to be


Were going to go for a quickfire quiz.


Bristol has its own alternative currency in the Bristol pound.


Going to have to hurry you. It's there somewhere, isn't it?


You take the train now and again, I take it.


Bristol Temple Meads, Keynsham, blank, Bath spa.


Usually reading the paper on the way past.


Noone's got any questions right so far.


Are they that hard? They are random.


But they were proving harder to crack down on the coal seams that


used to be mined here in North East Somerset.


It was in Radstock that we met Labour's Leslie Mansell who wants


I'm going to achieve the most for everybody right


So, were going to use the money to the best effect in big-ticket


areas that the government have set out for as.


Housing, the economy, transport, and skills training.


One of your manifesto priorities is free bus travel


Why are you singling out that group for free travel?


Because young people have to stay at school until they are 18,


so if they can get a job, they may be able to fund


Are you ready for our quickfire quiz?


No one has got a question right so far.


Transport will be a key theme for the Metro Mayor.


There is controversy over a fourth park and ride


You could have had a Newbridge and Lansdown as well.


How much does it cost you to get the train, a single ticket,


from Bristol Temple Meads to Bath Spa?


I've got no idea because I travel by car and it takes me two hours


Do you want to have a guess? 20 quid.


A block of flats at Ashton Gate doubled up as Nelson Mandela


Well done, Leslie. Our top performer so far.


Next time, on our political road trip, gridlock on the A4


and two more would-be mayors tackle our terrifying test.


That's on Tuesday. It is tricky, we can't ask them all the same


question. The Easter Bank Holiday is a busy


time for our football clubs Alistair Durden is here to tell us


which games we should Every single game. Watch them all.


Think Things starting to


sort themselves out. Bristol City could be


safe by Monday night They have QPR at home tomorrow


afternoon, followed by that vital game against Blackburn -


the side currently in recent performances have been very


good. We're going to need everybody to be


gung ho behind us, if you like. I thought the atmosphere


on Saturday was magnificent. If we can recreate that,


for our final three home I think this is the biggest


game of our season. All of our teams have something to


play for. There's a similar call


for unity at Swindon, who have found some form


in the nick of time. They're at home to Wimbledon


tomorrow - followed by Walsall away who haven't won


in their last five games. So, can Swindon


pull off a great escape? If you ask most of the people


at the city, four games ago, everybody was saying


Swindon was down. Now, we're three points off


the relegation zone. Everyone is believing


and the next few games Now is not the time to judge


us or try to find what The playoff dream is still alive


for Bristol Rovers. But things are getting tight


for Cheltenham and Yeovil. Victory for the Glovers at Newport


would make them as good Just the one game over Easter


for our rugby clubs. Bath can do their rivals Bristol


a favour by winning in the Midlands. However, a Worcester win coupled


by a Wasps victory on Sunday Somerset's cricketers


finally play their first match of the new county season tomorrow,


and they have a new captain. Tom Abell was born in Taunton


and went to school just a couple of miles away from


the County Ground. And his appointment was a surprise


to some because of his age. The corridors of the County Ground


are a gallery of greats The likes of


Botham, Richards, Trescothick 1993 debut, how old were you then? I


wasn't born until 1994. Tom Abell is just 23 years old,


making him one of the county's Very proud moment for myself and my


family. Slightly apprehensive about the unknown. A few senior players


put my mind at ease. I'm excited by the challenge. I'm going to have to


be strong to what I believe in, through action rather than words.


Not to try and fit into a mould. Tom was born and raised


in Taunton - he's always At Taunton school, he broke


all their batting records. His last year, he only batted 11


times, scored seven centuries, never less than 50, averaged over 150. One


of the best players in the school has ever seen.


Hard to believe then, that Tom was almost released


from Somerset's academy as a teenager.


Something was gnawing away at the back of my mind that he was going to


be a good player. I watched him play hockey, to see how he was in that


environment. He wasn't just a player, he ran the show. His


character got him reselected. He wont be short of help -


even if he'll be Makes me feel pretty old. I'm sure


he will give me a ticking off somewhere along the line but we will


help him as much as possible. We have to try and make his job as easy


as possible. He has all the attributes of a good leader.


It's an appointment for the long term -


Tom could lead the side for the next decade.


Do they stand like that all the time? Somerset against Essex


tomorrow. Interesting that Alastair Cook will be captaining Essex. The


former England captain. What about that for your first match. Marcus


Trescothick says it must be some pressure to take that on. But he's


not the youngest. Graeme Smith, captained South Africa, his country,


as a teenager. Incredible. And I loved his teacher, wasn't he the


nicest teacher ever. Now it's a challenge yet to be


achieved by anyone - swimming seven ocean channels around


the world in the space of one year. But Beth French, from Somerset,


is on track to achieve it. Beth - who overcame


the illness ME as a youngster - has already completed three swims


in California, New Zealand An early morning pool swim


for Beth French - is no quick dip My early morning swims start at


seven but they might finish at four o'clock in the afternoon.


But then when you're training for seven oceans in 12 months


Beth mixes pool training with sea swimming -


getting her used to tides and cooler waters.


I do a lot of resistance were getting used to conditions. I swam


through the winter, we went down to 5.5, 6 degrees. So 16 feels warm.


was swimming the Cook Strait in New Zealand in February.


She had to abandon one swim but refused to give up and completed


she was so exhausted she could barely walk.


Back in the pool she is preparing for the next


leg of the challenge - the Strait of Gibraltar


I have four channels in four months to complete the challenge. I have no


doubt. I know it is possible. The only lock to come into it is to do


with the weather. We have to get there on time.


A cat who's made herself at home in a council office


in Gloucestershire has caused something of a commotion.


Missy the cat - has been unofficially adopted


and even appears on their website as "morale officer".


But a complaint's been made about health and safety


and now the council are to debate whether she can stay.


She can't even stay on our screen, never mind the council. Severance


pay. I hope she gets it. She has got an owner. No severance pay for you.


Let's get the weather now. A big Easter weekend ahead. I was looking?


It's looking reasonable. Not like last weekend when we had


temperatures into the low 20s. With that element missing, it's not going


to feel as warm but on balance, there will be a good deal of dry


weather. A few exceptions to that. Including through the cause of


tomorrow. The amounts of rain are going to be very small indeed.


Longer range, through April into the start of May, as things stand, it's


going to see below average parts of rain. Good Friday is going to bring


a lot of clout, much like today. A good deal of dry weather for the


first half of it. Through the afternoon, an increasing chance of


patchy rain. A lot of that will be light. It will certainly be erratic


in its distribution. You can see the front approaching from the


north-west. Weakening as it does so. It will have no real force, no


threat of torrential rain but there could be the odd moderate burst wide


the time we are through to tomorrow evening. For the rest of this


evening, dry weather prevails. Certainly for the most part, you


couldn't rule out a spot of light rain, I suppose. It will not be as


chilly as last night. Temperatures broadly in a range of about five to


eight Celsius. Perhaps some brighter spells. As we continue towards


lunchtime, I suspect most will have had a dry period and through the


cause of the afternoon, a rather ragged approach of that front. The


distribution of that is not going to be equal in any one spot. There


won't be any great amounts of rain. The odd moderate burst of rain


couldn't be ruled out here or there. Temperatures into the low teens.


Perhaps up to 15 if the sun comes out. Saturday is looking like any


early rain will clear. It will dry out. Looking decent through the rest


of the day. Monday, bit more uncertain but leaning towards


staying dry as well. That's what we need to hear. Although we do need a


bit of rain. Sorry, not popular. That's it from us. Have fantastic


weekend. If you are working over Easter, thank you.


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