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Our headlines tonight: for the news where you are.


The future of Yeovil's helicopter industry -


a multi-million pound Government contract promises money


Having a maintenance contract is fine but it's not what Yeovil has


done for 100 years. It has been an aircraft manufacturer.


An independent report finds Bristol's year


European Green Capital was a success.


We'll hear what the former city mayor has to say.


And the next couple of days will be mild but a lot colder by Thursday.


The Government has announced a contract for Leonardo Helicopters


in Yeovil, which it says is worth more than ?250,000.


The deal will see the company, previously known as Agusta Westland,


providing service and training support for the UK military's


But tonight there are calls for the Government to do more


to safeguard the future of the Yeovil site.


The minister in charge of buying things for the Armed Forces came


to Yeovil keen to trumpet today's announcement as great news


for the local economy, in particular the workforce here.


It's a deal that will secure the cutting-edge aircraft


for the Royal Navy and the army, and I know it will support hundreds


of skilled jobs right across the South West.


It's all about these helicopters - the Wildcat, 62 of which were made


in Yeovil, for service in the British Navy and Army.


Now, the contract is valued at ?271 million, and it's


essentially for the maintenance of the helicopters for


But, actually, what was announced today was just the latest stage


of a 30-year contract that was signed back in 2012,


so critics argue that it's really recycling old news,


and that, in any case, what this place really needs


And yet, last year the Ministry of Defence decided not to let


Leonardo build the new Apache attack helicopter, preferring


All the aircraft in this production shed are here


The company says it is talking to countries around the world.


Not firm orders yet, but like any business such as ours,


we know where the customer is, and we know what their


And we're working very hard to land those orders this year.


There remains a question mark over the equipment used to make


the airframes for the Wildcat, amid suggestions that could be moved


to a factory in Poland, even though the equipment


is actually owned by the British Government.


Paddy Ashdown, the former MP for Yeovil, says the Government has


promised it will do everything it can to keep jobs in Britain


in this post-Brexit era, and therefore should ensure jobs


What Yeovil has done for 100 years has been


an aircraft manufacturer and, by the way, some of the most


world-beating aircraft for the service of our Armed Forces,


and not just assembly and maintenance, but the design,


the technology, the engineering, all of those high-class design


teams, which Yeovil is now a centre of the year of the aerospace


industry, will be damaged if Yeovil is allowed to dribble away


and become just a maintenance and assembly area.


The minister told no decision on the equipment used to make


the Wildcat air frames had yet been made.


A man has been charged with attempted murder after a crash


34-year-old Lukasz Jarosz, from Wilton, near Salisbury,


was arrested after the crash on Friday.


A 13-year-old front seat passenger suffered a leg injury and remains


It is understood that he found his wife dead at the family home


More disruption is expected tomorrow, after a large


boulder fell onto a railway line in Gloucestershire.


Engineers have spent the day breaking the rock up,


after it fell 40 feet onto the line near Chalford.


Trains have been disrupted all day between Gloucester and Swindon.


We have had some minor falls from time to time,


which is why the netting is there, to help the cutting


Well, it's not designed to cope with anything the size


of what we saw falling onto the track today.


Movement sensors could soon be used to raise the alarm when there


landslide in the area. An independent report has


declared Bristol's year as European Green Capital


"an undoubted success". Hundreds of events took place


in 2015, which saw a rise in the number of visitors


to the city. But, following criticism,


a review was ordered. Although it found some


lessons could be learnt, the report concluded the year left


a positive legacy. A little earlier the former


Mayor George Ferguson Well, the report is what I expected


and hoped for, but you never know, and I think it is absolute


vindication. The conclusion is that it


would be impossible to come to any other conclusion


than Bristol Green Capital There was a lot of political


fallout over this, flak Do you feel better


about how it's gone now? Yeah, I just wish this


had come earlier. It aggravates me that it's taken 18


months of this nastiness, which has It has been nothing to do


with making Bristol a better place, If you go out there, there's


still congestion and nastiness. What it's done is created loads


of initiatives for making Bristol I'll take three, the


education initiative. That is the sustainable Shaun


programme for sustainable education that has gone into our primary


schools across the city and affected over 30,000


children in the city and is still carrying on in 2017,


it's going national, Sustainable Shaun, the game that


goes with that education programme, That is brilliant, that


means we are growing a new generation of young people


who are going to make sure It's a lot of money,


though, for this. If you compare this


with the expenditure for education, public health, all those things


that we do, it's peanuts, it's a tiny amount of money,


the majority of which we got from Central Government,


because they recognise us as the only European green capital


in this country - the way things are going,


the only one we will ever have If you take the energy programme,


we have developed a massive amount I managed to come back


from the Paris climate summit, the UN climate summit,


with a pledge across all the four political parties on the city


council that we will go carbon Oh, my goodness, yes,


this was the best thing that ever It is renowned throughout the world


as being one of the most environmentally friendly


cities in Europe. I just come back from China


and India, where they are celebrating what we've done


and learning from what we've done, so this isn't just for Bristol,


it's for the world. A nine-year-old boy from Swindon has


sent his state of the art wheelchair to a little girl in Bosnia,


after discovering she had Oscar Moulding has


muscular dystrophy. When he outgrew his old wheelchair


he decided to give it to a little girl his family met


through an internet support group. Yeah, she can reach things


by herself and maybe healthy people think that they take things


for granted, but trust me, she opened the door


for the first time in her life Oscar's family have raised enough


money to pay for maintenance for the chair so she can use it for years to


come. Football now and Bristol City


will face Premier League opposition in the FA Cup if they make it


through to the fourth round. The draw was made earlier this


evening and City were paired However, first they need


to win their third round replay away at Fleetwood next week -


the sides drew 0-0 at I'll leave you now with Ian


who has the forecast. Good evening. We are in for a


comparatively mild spell over the next couple of days. That said,


there will be a lot of cloud around through the course of tomorrow, some


brighter spells, particularly in the morning, and through the afternoon


there will be some patchy rain about, no great amounts in any one


particular spot. Through the course tonight, varying amounts clear skies


and cloud, a a few showers to the south and southwest of the region,


most areas will be dry, temperatures around three to five Celsius


tomorrow morning, the majority will have a dry morning. Brightness


towards the west and light and patchy rain. That frontal move


eastwards through the course of midday into the afternoon -- that


front will move, and introduce more in the way of cloud and it will


remain a breezy day, temperatures very mild at around eight Celsius or


nine Celsius. As we head into Wednesday, on face value it is


comparatively mild with cloud around. The tail on the Wednesday to


Thursday, a much colder north westerly flow -- tail end. There are


more precipitation we get will be of a


wintry nation and Thursday is one we have to watch out for. The weekend


outlook, it stays chilly with a northerly wind and possibly frosty


nights. The national weather forecast now.


Wet and windy weather across the western side of Scotland.


Blood-pressure is in charge of the weather, lots of isobars and it


remains windy overnight across northern and western parts of


Scotland. It will blow a gale here. That is the north-west quadrant of


the UK, that is where we expect most of the overnight rain. Within


north-westerly breeze it is chilly and by the end of the night it is


three or 4 degrees in major towns and cities, rural spots lower than


that, and a risk of icy patches in some places. Across the eastern side


of Scotland not much rain, more on the west, still breezy but not as


windy as it is