10/01/2017 Points West

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The latest news, sport, weather and features from the West of England.

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Here, on BBC One, it's time for the news where you are.


A warning that people in Bristol could be more at risk because not


enough is being done to detect the virus.


The trickshot which has gripped millions.


It's brought a lot of fun and made a lot of people smile but,


believe me, behind the scenes, there was no smiling.


It was just a really frustrating experience,


and we regretted ever starting the whole thing.


And tomorrow will bring an increasingly windy day,


still looking comparatively mild but not so on Thursday.


There are warnings that people in Bristol are being put


at increased risk of contracting HIV because recommended checks for it


Rates of infection in the city are so high that some organisations


say anyone being admitted to hospital or registering with a GP


Our health correspondent, Matthew Hill, reports.


There is now a danger that has become a threat to us all.


It's 30 years since the nation was shocked by this


And its impact was immediate - with people changing


If you ignore Aids, it could be the death of you.


But in cities like Bristol, the message is now being forgotten.


Latest figures show that out of every 1,000 people,


there are now more than two living with HIV.


Two in every 1,000 is the limit where the Government's regulator


Nice say we ought to be offering everyone being admitted


to hospital an HIV test, as well as everyone registering


But at the moment, this is simply not happening.


And that could put people at risk of HIV infection.


Becky was diagnosed with HIV four years ago.


Her former partner Simon James is now serving a five-year prison


sentence for deliberately infecting her and another woman.


I got an e-mail from an ex-girlfriend of his about six


months into the relationship, saying he was HIV positive but


Had he been taking them, you would be fine now?


Really sad, because it was so unnecessary.


I know that people's lives change, but there


And he chose not to say anything and took my choice away from me.


Becky is living a very healthy life because she's on medication.


That's why it's so crucial that patients with HIV are diagnosed.


The City Council's about to run a pilot offering HIV tests


to everyone joining six GP surgeries in Bristol, but they won't pay


for hospital testing - they say that's down to the NHS.


There genuinely needs to be a robust assessment of the costs,


and that's what we're doing at the moment - we're


negotiating with GPs around the cost and with our NHS


As the arguments continue over who should pay for testing,


it's feared more and more patients are being infected.


Matthew Hill, BBC Points West, Bristol.


So are people still aware of the dangers of HIV?


In a recent study the Terence Higgins trust found that: One


in seven young people did not receive any sex or relationship


Three in five say they were not taught about HIV in school.


Half of young people rated the Sex and Relationship Education


they received in school as either poor or terrible.


I asked Alex Sparrowhawk from the charity if he


It is a shocking statistic, but unfortunately we're not surprised.


We know ourselves at Terrence Higgins Trust that not


enough young people are receiving adequate sex and


What do you think is the answer, then?


We believe that sex and relationships education should


be statutory in all schools and should be taught well and that


teachers should be trained well to provide it to young people


so they can grow up and they can know and be informed how to look


Because in the past, there were adverts, there


I think definitely HIV and sexual health have


fallen off the agenda - especially today, when people


with HIV can live healthy lives, thanks to the medication that's


But that doesn't mean that it's not a serious condition.


It's something that people live with long term and it's something


that young people deserve to know about and they should be able


to know how they can protect themselves from it, as well.


So, I guess if the current trend of education carries on, the next


We are calling for them to end the silence with regards to sex


and relationships education and for the government to take


What are you guys finding on the street here, as well,


as to the level of education amongst adults, as well?


Education amongst adults is also poor.


A survey we ran just before Christmas, we found that one in five


people in the UK still believe that you can get HIV from kissing,


and that's not true - that's a myth that we thought


was debunked a long time ago and unfortunately


Do you think people have become just lax about learning about Aids,


when in the past it was seen as such a virulent outcome to have?


We are 30 years away since the tombstone adverts


and there's been no national campaign since then to inform people


about HIV and to update them on their knowledge of HIV.


It's a very different condition to what it was then,


but it's still a very serious condition and it's still something


that a lot of people in the UK have to deal with on a day-to-day basis.


A retired accountant from Cheltenham who retrained as a masseur has been


sent to prison for sexually assaulting some of his clients.


Malcolm Baker was found guilty of sexually assaulting six women.


Jailing him for 15 months, a judge said it was


A Wiltshire MP has called for proceeds from the new Sugar Tax


to be spent encouraging inactive children to take up sport.


Justin Tomlinson has highlighted the approach used by this Swindon


He called a special commons debate this afternoon,


saying such clubs could help cut childhood obesity.


I would also like to see all school facilities made available for free


between the hours of four and six o'clock to any organisation


that is doing it as a voluntary activity, so if some parents get


together and say, we wish to put on netball club,


football club, basketball club, I don't mind, as long


as it's a constructive activity for young people.


The new tax is being introduced after figures showed


the problem was costing the NHS ?6 billion a year.


It's all been set up and filmed at a sports bar in Bristol.


The pair behind it spent all night getting it right.


Now they've got millions of hits online.


A golf putt combined with some pool and snooker tricks


It takes you on a 500-feet journey that lasts two minutes,


Although it didn't feel that way to the two men behind it.


They spent all night setting up the trick,


and didn't get it right until long after dawn.


Honestly, I thought an hour tops, knock the ball down the stairs


a couple of times, I'll get home to bed and be back in work tomorrow.


But, no, it turned out to be a whole-night stint.


We'd said eight o'clock was our cut-off point completely,


Shane O'Hara was the creator of the trick.


He's pretty handy with a pool cue, and recalls this latest trick


We didn't really speak to each other, myself and Tom,


for the last two hours, we were so frustrated.


We didn't want to talk to each other.


It's brought a lot of fun and made a lot of people smile but,


believe me, behind the scenes, there was no smiling.


It was just a really frustrating experience,


and we regretted ever starting the whole thing.


But the two minutes make it worthwhile.


The trick's had a million hits around the world already,


and Shane's promising there's more to come.


I would like to do a 1,000-foot version of it, which is definitely


And, yeah, you'll have to watch this space.


Just have to take some hypnosis to become a little bit


more patient and do it, I think.


Doing a trick twice as long as this will be the ultimate test.


But judging by the popularity of this trick, the world will,


Scott Ellis, BBC Points West, Bristol.


And you can watch that amazing footage again at bbc.co.uk/bristol.


Football now, and Yeovil Town have made it into the quarterfinals


They beat Reading under-21s 4-2 in the third round.


Cheltenham thrashed Leicester under-21s 6-1


and in the National League, Forest Green drew 1-1


That's it from us tonight. We're back with you in breakfast tomorrow


from 6:30am. For now, I'll say good night and leave you with tonight's


forecast. Hello and a very


good evening to you. It's a fairly straightforward story


as we head on into tomorrow in terms of it becoming


an increasingly windy day. Those winds changing


to a north-westerly quarter. It will be a fairly mild day


for a good part of it, but ultimately colder air will start


to spread in from the north. Now, through the rest of tonight,


we'll see temperatures barely dropping away from where they sit


now, so about five to seven Celsius. There will be thicker cloud


the second half of the night, some patchy light rain


sinking its way south-eastwards. Some of you still seeing that


first light tomorrow. And then we're in for a day


where the general complexion of it will be the winds increasing,


some bright spells, Mostly dry, just one or two light


passing showers but, as I mentioned, it will be turning colder


towards the end of it. Now, prior to then,


temperatures actually will have been above average,


so we're likely to get up as high Not so as we head


through into Thursday. Lot of uncertainty


still for Thursday. If nothing else, it's looking


we are at threat of seeing a wet day developing,


but there is a low risk that some A Met Office warning for that


applies at the moment. We will update you


of course tomorrow. Here's a look now at


your national forecast. of the week, and to start the


weekend as well. For more on that snow situation, over to Jay Wynne


now. Quite a lot going on over the next