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Kier Starmer as well. Join me now on BBC Two. That's


Good evening from BBC Points West. Our headlines tonight:


A new link road in Bristol hoping to create jobs and ease congestion.


We are gradually being cut off in the south of Bristol,


This will go some way to making them better


and it can only be great news for the area.


the NHS faces cutbacks on fertility treatment.


And tomorrow brings a dry day, cloudy for most of you, perhaps


brighter to the south. Details at the end of the programme.


Business leaders in Bristol have welcomed a major new road


which could help to create over 2,000 jobs


This is what the new link road looked like


The route connecting Hartcliffe to the A370


Here's our Business Reporter Robin Markwell.


It might have been gloomy in South Bristol this morning,


but a gathering of high vis soon brightened things up.


A major transport scheme in Bristol finally complete.


Instead, a minister moved a symbolic concrete block.


First mooted in the 1930s - 80-something years later,


the South Bristol Link Road was finally open.


The three miles of new tarmac now connects the south of the city


This road is so new that on some maps online,


Take a closer look and you find yourself in the middle of nowhere.


At ?15 million a mile, this new road is not cheap.


To cut Bristol's crippling congestion


as well as improving links to the airport.


It will help with reliable journeys, faster journeys to the airport.


Passengers will be able to get to the airport in more


But it proved controversial in the planning.


Environmental campaigners complained it would increase


pollution as well as cutting through the Green belt.


At the Cater business park, they took a different view.


This printing and plastics firm has long been


Having to ship their signs through the centre of town was proving to be


I think one of the concerns for us was we were gradually being cut off


in the south of Bristol, access routes weren't good.


This will go some way to making them better


and it can only be great news for the area.


in a jigsaw puzzle of schemes that all arrive this year.


It'll join up with the Metrobus network due to open in the autumn.


Then motorists will be able to judge if it's really the answer


A man from Somerset has been sentenced to 25 years in prison,


after being convicted of sexually abusing children


Andrew Margetts was convicted on 23 charges including rape,


indecent assault and false imprisonment.


His victims were aged between six and 11 when the abuse


Government inspectors have raised concerns about claims of racism


and bullying in a school in South Gloucestershire.


Ofsted highlighted weak leadership from the head teacher


at Meadows Primary in Bitton last November.


It also said antisocial incidents had not been dealt with


But those findings surprised some parents today.


there is no way in the world that my children would be going here.


I have got four children, three of which are now in secondary school,


We all feel the same, we think the teachers do a great job.


Our children have flourished here. It doesn't make any sense.


The staff here work so hard. And it is extremely unfair.


The report did also highlight a number of strengths including


A new head and deputy head have now been brought in from another school.


Couples seeking fertility treatment in the west could be facing


a reduced service as health service budgets are stretched.


NHS guidelines say that eligible women should be offered


But now the last authority in the west to offer that level


For those embarking on their first treatment of IVF, like Jade


the forecast is looking increasingly uncertain.


At the moment, we've just started our IVF treatment.


We have been accepted for two courses, two cycles of IVF,


so we are hoping that we will get another go after this, but I


understand that the CCG have changed this, so I don't really know.


Swindon will be reducing our IVF provision from three fresh cycles


to one fresh cycles plus two frozen embryo transfers.


It puts us into alignment with our local partners including Wiltshire


and it helps us to stay within our spending budget.


If, as Jade fears, her local NHS doesn't pay for her future


treatment, she will be left to cover the cost herself.


Like Paula - she had to find ?33,000 for her two lovely children.


I know if I lived in a different part of the country,


I would have had more rounds funded for me.


It wouldn't have mattered if my husband had had children


that I would be entitled to some form of funding


and I wouldn't have had to sell my house.


However unfair it might seem, with growing demand on NHS budgets,


is unlikely to increase any time soon.


You can see the full version of that report on inside out west on the BBC


iPlayer. of the Human Fertilisation


and Embryology Authority. A short while ago I asked him


what he made of the change. Thinking about infertility,


I think this issue has really shown us or might help us to see that


infertility is a condition which is largely not


talked about, it's hidden. It's a little bit like cancer used


to be and maybe we ought to talk I think they're going


to be devastated. A lot of people might argue, look,


the NHS is under pressure so surely this could be considered a bit


of a luxury to have on the NHS? I realise, we all realise,


the NHS is under enormous pressure but this is part of the problem


with infertility - seeing it as a luxury treatment I think


it is to completely misunderstand what it is about and also its human


impact also if there's one thing that can come out of this,


is that the discussion about the pressures on the NHS,


I hope that what is happening and remember that Swindon was one


of the best places to have treatment in the country


until we have heard this news - I hope it's going to help us try


and decide how we ensure that everybody gets the treatment


that is going to be helpful to them That is the problem, isn't it,


regarding this whole issue? It suddenly becomes the right


of people who can afford it. Indeed it is and I don't


think it should be. I think all the issues around


funding of the NHS need some societal and political will to be


able to say what kind of NHS to need societal and political


will to be able to say I fear that the people


who are at the bottom of society who experienced these issues


are going to be, again, excluded I don't think having children


is a human right, it's a gift, but actually it is a gift


that we should help people to receive and more cycles,


the evidence shows, under a certain age, the more cycles


of IVF you can have, Clearly these are complex questions


but we do need the engagement now and maybe it is coming up the agenda


for the Government And our health correspondent


Matthew Hill has a special programme looking at the law surrounding


research on human embryos. That's Revisiting The 14-Day Rule


at 11 o'clock tomorrow morning. A Cheltenham landmark has been taken


down and dismantled tonight. For over three decades,


the wishing fish clock has been been blowing bubbles over shoppers


at the Regent Arcade. But time has taken its toll


and it was taken away for repairs. It should be back in


a few months' time - We are back with you in Breakfast


tomorrow but I will leave you with Ian, who has the forecast.


Thanks very much. Good evening, we are in for a week which will see


predominantly a lot of dry and certainly pretty quiet weather but


the cloud amounts are going to be a tricky part of the forecast, that


certainly will be the case tomorrow. Generally speaking, a lot of cloud


about but as you come further towards the south-east of the


region, some sunshine developing through the course of the afternoon.


We have extensive amounts of playground at the moment courtesy of


a weak front moving east to west, giving drizzle and temperatures


keeping above freezing tonight and into tomorrow morning, we can expect


a good deal of the cloud and hill fog will be with us. The drizzle


will have eased away and we are in for a dry day. You will notice cloud


tending to break away and it is difficult to gauge how far


north-west the boundary might extend, it may improve the some of


you but I will lean on the side that it is likely to be a day with a fair


amount of cloud, certainly for a good part of the region. By the


night-time, the skies could have cleared more which means


temperatures tomorrow of five perhaps a little milder. If you like


the mild weather, you'll have to head elsewhere in the country. Find


out more in the national weather forecast. Our weather is going


against normal expectations this week. In Highland Scotland some snow


to be seen on the hills. Temperatures as high as 12 Celsius


today. Over the next few days the coldest air is in the far south-east


of England where there is sunshine to be had. Four or five Celsius in


Kent. Differences remain over the next few days and here is why. I


pressure in control of the weather. Some clear a continental air, but


coming into Scotland from the Atlantic plenty of clouds around.


Outbreaks of rain through Scotland and Northern Ireland overnight,


patchy drizzle into parts of England and Wales, but where you've got


cloud the temperatures are holding up. Clearer skies in parts of


south-east England and East Anglia, could get below freezing as the


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