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Still looking for answers. for the news where you are.


The parents of a baby who died shortly after his birth criticise


20 years for the gang who blew up a cash machine at a post office.


Tomorrow we will start with a lot of cloud across the region but there's


a fair chance some will see the sunshine before the day is through.


And we'll bring you all the sports results from tonight's games.


An NHS Trust has been reported to the police


following the death of a baby whose delivery was delayed.


Benjamin King died five days after his birth at the RUH in Bath.


Tonight there's concern about the hospital records


surrounding the birth, and the coroner has reported


the trust to the police after it admitted evidence was altered.


Once again he'd come looking for answers.


Well-known actor Jamie King wanting to know the truth about what had


But once again, he left court today disappointed and disillusioned.


We came to this inquest hoping the hospital would acknowledge


the mistakes that they made that led to our son's death.


But rather than hearing the truth, we've had to listen to misremembered


stories, altered accounts, deflection and diversion.


Benjamin was born at the Royal United Hospital in Bath


in May last year with severe brain damage after he was deprived


The inquest heard how his mother, Canadian actor Tamara Podemski,


had been rushed into hospital following concerns about


A Caesarean section was planned for later that day but was delayed


By then, though, it was too late, and Benjamin was ater born


By then, though, it was too late, and Benjamin was later born


in what was described as a very poor condition.


The inquest into Benjamin's death began two months ago in November


of last year and would normally have only lasted for a couple of days,


but it was dramatically halted halfway through when it emerged that


evidence had been removed from a witness's statement by a member


At the time, coroner Maria Voisin said it was a very serious matter


Today it emerged that she has taken the highly unusual step of referring


the case to the police, something the RUH Trust


We have co-operated fully with the coroner's directions


following the adjournment of the initial inquest.


We would like to provide further assurance that the Trust has taken


the matter very seriously and continues to address


We are unable to comment further on this matter.


The inquest heard that lessons had been learned


We've been given exclusive access to this report called


a root cause analysis, which highlights some


Amongst them, it states quite clearly that the operation


to deliver Benjamin should not have been postponed, and that if it


hadn't been, it is highly likely that Benjamin would have been born


alive and in good condition, something the coroner


Referring this matter to the police is of course a very serious step.


Lawyers I've been speaking to who work in this field day in,


day out say they simply don't remember a similar case.


At the same time as the police carry out their investigation,


there are also two separate investigations ongoing - one


internal, one external to the RUH - and they have promised today that


when those investigations report, the findings will be shared both


with the coroner and, crucially, with the family,


who tonight of course are still looking for answers.


A former Bristol Rugby player has been suspended by his current


club after being accused of leaking confidential information.


Tom Arscott, who now plays for Sale and whose brother


Luke plays for Bristol, is being investigated by the RFU.


It is over claims he leaked team tactics to Bristol before


a Premiership match on New Year's Day.


Bristol Rugby say neither they or Luke Arscott have


Extra security has been installed at some cash machines in the West


Today three men were sentenced to more than 20 years in prison


for one such attack when the post office in Long Ashton was blown up.


Our home affairs correspondent Charlotte Callen reports.


Blown up for its cash, this, the twisted, charred wreck left


Take a look at the fire that ripped through the building


A mum and her two children were asleep upstairs,


This was far from a victimless crime.


It is hard to believe no-one was injured.


And it's just one of a number of attacks on cash points


It literally knocked four years' growth off the business.


So I think 50% of the time we've been here is lost and we've


We'll do it, we're stubborn and we won't let them beat us.


I came up for an afternoon and helped them shovel the remains


It cost nearly ?200,000 to rebuild the post office and the thieves got


away with nearly ?60,000 from the cash point, so now they've


beefed up security to make sure it couldn't happen again.


We've got gas suppression systems on it, we've got DNA packs,


there's more CCTV, there's alarms, there's seismic sensors.


Pretty much every security device they could put on it,


Whilst the owners were rebuilding, they claim the three thieves had


been boasting on social media about spending the cash.


But they were soon caught by the police.


41-year-old Patrick Duggan, 25-year-old Nicholas Mann


and 22-year-old Shane Dennis sentenced today and yesterday


I think the sentences send out a very clear message that court


won't tolerate this kind of violent offending.


I think we've got to remember that the violence of this explosion


completely destroyed the post office, it disrupted that business


for over six months and it endangered the lives of the people


living above the post office and living in


Some of the other cashpoint thefts are due in court over the coming


weeks but owners David and Andrew hope the new forms of security


will make this kind of crime impossible in the future.


Clive Nation works for a firm that provides security for high-street


banks and independent traders who have cash machines.


I asked him if these attacks were getting more dangerous.


The thieves are now more commonly using explosives.


It's something that started in Eastern Europe and has now


migrated through northern Europe into the UK and we've seen a 50%


rise just year-on-year in the number of attacks using explosives.


And it seems that smaller shops are more vulnerable


They are if the thieves get inside the shop,


like a smash-and-grab, where they'll use a JCB-type


vehicle to get in and take the whole ATM away.


But sometimes they're also vulnerable because thieves think


that there's money left overnight inside the ATM, where small


convenience stores will typically move the cash overnight.


It's the larger machines, the larger chains, that tend to have


ATMs that store a lot more cash that's left in overnight.


My company is involved in various forms of protection against ATM


theft, and tracking should the actual ATM be removed.


But the biggest fear at the moment is the explosives and the damage


that that causes not just to the store, which can take


a store out for a week, but the potential danger


And what you can do to prevent that, and a number of operators are now


using it, is a neutralising gas, so when the thieves try to insert


gas into the ATM and then explode it, our sensors will determine


when that happens and put a neutralising gas in to prevent


Politicians in Bath are a step closer to picking where a new Park


After years of debate, Banes Council has narrowed


down its options to two preferred locations to the east of the city.


Both options use greenbelt land around Bathampton Meadows.


Football now, and Bristol City will face Premier League side


Burnley in the next round of the FA Cup.


They beat Fleetwood 1-0 in their third-round


replay this evening, with Jamie Paterson


City will now face Burnley away on the weekend of January the 28th.


In the Checkatrade Trophy it was a different story


for Cheltenham, who lost 1-0 at home to Bradford.


Good evening. As we head into tomorrow, we will face some of the


same forecasting difficulties as we had today, which is the balance


between areas that stay cloudy and those which will brighten up. Those


are certainly in the minority today. Moreover you will see something in


the way of bright and sunny but whether tomorrow. For the rest of


tonight, for the majority, a lot of cloud round and temperatures keeping


above freezing, somewhere in the range of 1 degrees up to 5 degrees.


Clear skies could mean we drop the other way, below freezing, so at


least the risk of some frost. Tomorrow, you'll notice a


distinction between the cloudier zones to the north and sunshine to


the south. I suspect that might be further north than perhaps the map


suggests. So it may well be that parts of Fulcher, Somerset, up into


Baines and even up to Bristol could brighten up into the afternoon but


some uncertainty into that regard. Either way, it should be a largely


dry day bar the odd spot of drizzle and temperatures not dissimilar, so


somewhere around for- six Celsius. A lot of dry weather


from time to time. Staying settled still. Nick has the national


forecast this evening. Hello. If you are watching the


football earlier it turned out to be an evening for football fans in


Lincolnshire. This is how it looked at the start of the day. No idea


whether this weather watcher is a football fan, it's a fan of weather


that matters here. All sorts of weather, from 13 in Aberdeenshire to


two, despite the sunshine in Kent. I wonder if this six in the cloud


across the Midlands into northern


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