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Living with the wrong gender. on BBC Two.


A huge surge in the number of people seeking help from the NHS.


Now I have a future, whereas before I didn't really see a future of the


Celebrities send their best wishes to a footballer


And a higher chance that more areas will drop below freezing tonight,


but equally a higher chance of UCD sunshine tomorrow. Details at the


A man from Bristol says he feels he's stuck in a woman's body


after being forced to wait for NHS treatment to change gender.


There are now ten times more referrals per month than a decade


ago for the procedure and the health service is struggling to cope


Our Social Affairs Correspondent Fiona Lamdin has been to meet


It's a tight fabric vest which holds in my hips,


because I have quite wide hips, and it holds my


21-year-old Jay binds his body to flatten his chest and hips.


Born as a girl and called Jade, his female frame repluses him.


Whenever I go to the toilet, I have to sit down, and in the shower I


have to see breasts, which shouldn't be there.


What age did you know you were in the wrong body?


Nursery reception time, when I started noticing


I liked playing with cars and trucks.


In this school prom photo, at aged nine, Jade was the only girl


I was teased a lot for looking different and...


Secondary school, the bullying got a bit more physical and a


That was one of your first days at nursery, that was.


Jay had already tried to take his own life.


I took us ages to get those photos of you,


I found it quite hard, especially with the Jay


With everybody else really getting on board quite quickly with Jay


wanting to be known as Jay and he and him...


I still, now and again, have a few slip-ups now and again.


He registered for NHS hormone therapy treatment,


It's an 18-month wait for an operation and he's still


I feel like I'm in limbo, as it were.


Frustrated by the wait, he's now taken to social media


to try to crowdfund the money to go privately.


Miles and females being treated on our West of England are referred


to the Specialist Gender Identity Clinic in Exeter


and according to the clinic, five years ago they have just


It then takes 18 months for a patient to go


from their first appointment to life-changing surgery.


Steffi Barnett is a radio presenter in Bristol.


You were four when you knew you were the wrong gender,


What was that like? Quite scary, really. Once you start getting the


bullying and the teacher fitted you into the mailbox, when you're four


years old, you don't understand. I didn't know there was an issue. It


the issue. You are playing in the the issue. You are playing in the


house with the girls. The teacher says, now, you can't. You have to


play with the boys. The girl CU have to be daddy, not mummy. They may get


confused. Your head is wired completely differently to what


are telling you. You transitioned are telling you. You transitioned


out 50 years old. You please note that more young people are coming


forward? Absolutely. The more people come forward and have support than


the left suicide, mental must and self harm that we will have. A lot


of people are saying that referrals of people are saying that referrals


have gone up at a time when the NHS is under serious pressure. Cancer


patients per morning the fact that people want to have a gender real


information. What you have to think about is that a third of those kids


will commit suicide, self harm or become depressed. Our those parents


going to feel when their child commits suicide by sites health


harming? All the needed support. One of the support organisations that


covers the nation is therefore children who have gender dysphoria.


Look like you tackle the subject in your radio show. What kind of advice


are you getting? We get guests in to give advice. We pushed people out


into these organisations. We do help by getting specialist guests in.


It's on every Thursday on BDSM and five other stations. With five being


like sensitising children? For me, just before I claimed the wall,


there was a horrible moment, because you never know what's going to


happen around the corner. My family and friends were very


supportive. I used to be a bit of a loner and now my family and friends


either for me and I do the job that I love that I'm a lucky one.


The former England footballer Alan Shearer is the latest sporting


celebrity to send messages of support to a scaffolder


from Swindon, who suffered a severe electric shock and nearly died.


Jamie Mines lost both his arms and a leg following


Hi, Jamie, I know you're going through a very,


very difficult time, so I just wanted to say,


I'm thinking of you, I wish you all the best,


I've heard you're a tough'un so I'm pretty sure you're


This is to raise money for Jamie Mines, who's had


I know you've got the whole of the South West football


community behind you, but on behalf of 5Live Sport


and Match Of The Day 2, we wish you all the very best.


The support from the sporting world for Jamie Mines just keeps coming.


Over Christmas, he lost both of his arms and one of his legs


His presents are still under the tree.


His little twin daughters, haven't seen him since.


But friends say messages from some of his idols are sure


to raise his spirits, and raise money.


I'm donating a signed pair of boxing gloves and boxing shorts.


I think we often think our heroes or footballing legends, you know,


you kind of put them on a pedestal, but for them to take the time


and effort to send a message to Jamie means a huge amount to him


Jamie is still in intensive care here at Southmead but he is awake


and able to talk every now and again.


I spoke to his girlfriend today, who understandably doesn't


want to be in front of a camera at the moment.


But she said both she and Jamie had been overwhelmed


She said he's able to sit on the edge of his bed to do


exercises and that doctors had started talking about skin


She even said that on her last visit here, Jamie had managed to hug


?67,000 has already been raised for Jamie but his friends and family


want to make that 100,000, and eventually, to get him home to


It seems some of his heroes feel the same.


The Somerset explorer Sir Ranulph Fiennes has been forced


to abandon his attempt to climb one of the highest mountains


He was in sight of the peak when he had to be airlifted from


He was was raising money for Marie Curie by attempting


to become the first man to climb the highest peaks on each continent.


Syrian refugee families living in Bath have held a big fund-raising


meal to say thank you to the city for helping them.


They arrived in Bath last year from camps


in the Lebanon and were resettled under a Government initiative.


They've been cooking a meal for 60, in kitchens around the city.


Let's take you to the forecast then, as we head on into tomorrow.


There's been some beautiful sunset photos


sent by many of you, including through Twitter.


This one, conversely, taken earlier in the


It shows a very nice delineation between areas


under cloud and those seeing quite the opposite with a lot of


And as we head into tomorrow, we will have more of the same, but


if anything, actually, the balance shifting


across the region to more in the way of the brighter, sunnier


variety of weather with the cloud cover attending to get squashed


are shaping up. look at how things


How pressure dominates the pattern and it all


shifts slightly as he head to the next few days,


but broadly speaking, that means a lot of dry and settled


That's reflected by the temperature there. We could get as low as -4 -5


is of the spots in the countryside. Holding perhaps just above freezing.


Nuances aside, a cold start tomorrow morning and for many of you, if your


amount of sunshine around. You see there are towards the north, a


signal for a cloud, don't take the position to literally, but it could


well be that part of Gloucestershire are roundabout. Late winter assault.


Remaining dry and perhaps more anyway of cloud starting to affect


Easter in areas later in the day. next few days, no great changes over


the next few days, more sunshine on the way.


Despite high-pressure sitting across the country so only slow changes in


the weather, we have had a variety of different weathers, for example


this beautiful sunset in Southampton which was shared by a Weather




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