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Good evening from BBC Points West. Our headlines tonight:


Putting religious tolerance to the test.


Gloucester Cathedral hosts a Muslim ceremony


It certainly didn't deserve the comments that people were making


and often from far away, who hadn't experienced


anything of the exhibition or even Gloucester itself.


the winners and losers of the plan to leave the Single Market.


And frost will be widespread tonight but at the net result will be a


crisp and Sunny day tomorrow. Details at the end of the programme.


Gloucester Cathedral is defending its decision to allow


a Muslim prayer to be read, after it attracted criticism online.


A video was shared on the cathedral's Facebook page


as part of an exhibition celebrating the city's different faiths.


But it was taken down because of the comments some people made.


Filmed on a mobile phone, a traditional Muslim prayer


read by a local Imam, which was then posted online.


The video attracted some criticism, much of it offensive,


and the cathedral removed the entire post from its Facebook page.


The prayer wasn't part of a service, but was read as part


of the cathedral's exhibition launch, which also including


drumming, Hindu dancing and a pagan rock band.


St Mary's Cathedral in Glasgow found itself the target of criticism


in similar circumstances last week, after a local Muslim student


That took place during a Christian service.


Imam Hassan - who read the prayer at Gloucester Cathedral -


There was nothing wrong with the fact of what took


place here, this was part of an educational day,


learning about people of different faiths,


and so in that sense, no problem whatsoever,


but because of the comments that game, we have to take


but because of the comments that came, we have to take


responsibility for our own website and our own Facebook page


and they became unacceptable and that was a way of stopping that


conversation so that the real conversation can take place.


Gloucester Cathedral representatives say this incident


was fundamentally different from the one in Glasgow.


The exhibition intended, they say, to start


although they admit the online video lacked any context


and they'll learn lessons for next time.


Tonight a Digital Marketing expert who specialises in how the internet


affects faith organisations has said Gloucester Cathedral shouldn't have


Dr Bex Lewis says negative comments need to be better managed.


Churches need to be thinking that actually quite often


digital is the front door to their organisation and thinking


about what does that look like, what does that work like for people


who don't know anything about the faith, people who know


And I think we have got to accept there are different nominations


And I think we have got to accept there are different denominations


and if we are going to have theological disagreements,


in a way that we show this can be done in a positive way,


which I think is the whole point of the interfaith event,


we disagree on a lot of very fundamental levels but we can talk


about this and try and understand where other people are coming from.


West Country businesses are being urged to embrace


Business West, which represents thousands of local firms,


has backed the Prime Minister's call for them to explore new trade links.


But some are thinking about relocating overseas.


What I am proposing cannot mean membership of the single market.


It was the week when her words echoed across


We will pursue a bold and ambitious free-trade agreement


Brexit must mean control of the number of people who come to Britain


No deal for Britain is better than a bad deal for Britain.


Assembling such a complex trade deal in two


years will require this sort of speed and precision. But while we


wait for negotiations to start, changes already happening.


Speak to any firm in the west that does business with Europe -


they will tell you Brexit is having a big impact.


It is down to the weakening value of this, British Sterling, as compared


These caravans are being fitted with a German


Since the referendum last June, there's been a 15% rise


That's now being passed on to the customer -


with the price tag for a new caravan up 5%.


The costs might be rising but bosses remain upbeat.


One of the upsides for us is that a weak pound means overseas holidays


are more expensive and as a result, people will holiday in the UK,


which is good for us, the staycation phenomenon


will continue so it is good for the caravanning sector


It was echoed at this food fair in South Gloucestershire today.


I think we need to be optimistic, I would like it that we can get


a cracking deal for companies, they would


they put it in the van, and it goes whether it is going to


Wolverhampton or Warsaw makes no difference.


isn't everyone's taste. HSBC is moving 1,000 UK staff to


They sell skateboards and sports clothing from


this base in Bristol but are thinking of moving some of their


if free trade with the EU comes to an end.


It is a huge decision and a decision we won't make until we can


see where the negotiations are going. We hope to be able to keep


all of our warehousing here, but it all hinges on the negotiations.


While the politicians talk of businesses face a bumpy ride, with


plenty of ups and downs still to come.


The Fleet Air Arm Museum in Somerset has been given the logbooks


the test pilot Captain Eric "Winkle" Brown.


He died last year aged 97 and was considered


by many to be the most significant pilot of the post war period.


He captured the imagination of Eachan, who started a campaign


to save his artefacts when they went up for auction.


Eachan felt it was so important that the logbooks particularly


should be available for future historians and test pilots to be


able to read and he thought, what on earth can I possibly do?


And of course he got such a brilliant reaction from having


written his letter to Captain Brown before, he thought, who can I write


The person who bought the items at auction


A Bristol-based inventor has designed a bike


John Packer was asked to come up with a prototype after a request


from a former world champion oarsman from Exeter.


This is the road rower and whereas I'm using normal pedal power


with non-moving arms, John is using a steering wheel


that goes backwards and forwards, whilst steering,


and a leg movement like that of a rowing machine.


I don't know of any other workout that uses so many muscles at once.


If you want it to be, it can be an exhausting work-out.


You are having to combine follow-on motor movements


You are having to combine full-on motor movements


You get used to it after a while, just like riding a bike.


And here's the techy bit, what makes it work so well


are two one-way clutches which are underneath the seat.


I apologise now to all the users of the Bristol to Bath cycle path,


My dad was the last person to do that when I first started learning.


This is an early model and John and the rower Rupert Cattell


are hoping to raise funds to progress the design.


Today, they tested it on some of the elite rowers


at Oxford University and they're hoping that we mere mortals might be


interested in it too as a fresh air alternative to the gym.


I may have managed it for just a few seconds,


but I'm not sure I'll be swapping it for my road bike any time soon.


Let's head to the roof now - Ian has the weather.


Thanks very much. We are in for an overnight period which will be under


clear skies. Let me take you through the forecast for tomorrow because


the legacy from all of that will be clear skies through the day. A


frosty start, certainly, but a good deal of sunshine through what will


be a dry day and one of light winds and old, as you might well imagine.


Through the rest of tonight, the clergy that has been across northern


areas has been shunted away towards the north-west and will continue to


do so tonight. You can see the net result, in some spots of the


countryside, as low as -4 to minus six. Will start tomorrow morning


with perhaps a bit of patchy freezing fog in Gloucestershire


towards borders with Oxfordshire, elsewhere I expected to be clear


that and clear upload through the rest of the day, beautiful crisp


winter's day if you are out and about but inherently cold, with


temperatures in a range of about 3-5, possibly six Celsius. By


tomorrow night, once again the frost will return. The complication is


there is a bit more cloud around, particularly down towards the far


south-west and into Saturday and Sunday, a lot of dry weather about,


varying amounts of cloud and sunshine


looks as though we can, a bit more cloud on Sunday. Now the national


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