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An investigation's been launched after an Avon and Somerset police


officer tasered one of the force's former race relations


It was filmed by a neighbour, in what appears to be a case


Last Saturday in Easton and two police officers confront a man.


They think, mistakenly, that he's someone they want for questioning.


One officer's holding a yellow taser weapon.


But the man refuses to identify himself.


Ras Adunbi says after the taser incident he was taken to hospital,


then to a police cell in Patchway before being


As a former chairman of the Independent Advisory


Group on race relations he's furious and thinks that police officers have


When they took over they liked to impose their own rules.


Neighbours we spoke to also think the use


From my experience of police in this area, it's been OK


but I just think it is totally unacceptable.


Those from black and minority ethnic groups are three


times more likely to be tasered by police in the UK.


Such discharges don't have to be refered to the The Independent


Avon and Somerset Police saying in a statement....


Bristol's main anti-racism charity is also investigating,


worried the tasering of such a well known person


Young people who have had issues with the police will look


at this and say, this is what I have been telling you.


This is what can happen just because of the colour of my


Ras Adunbi says he was mistaken for the same


Back then receiving compensation for an injured shoulder.


He said that's why he didn't identify himself this time.


Well, earlier I spoke to Ruth Pickersgill -


a councillor for Easton in Bristol where this all happened.


I asked her if tensions had become raised in the community


Well, to be honest, everybody is horrified because everybody knows


Ras Adunbi as a respected member of the community.


He is very well-known locally and it is not something we


expect to see on our streets in broad daylight,


We have seen the footage now most of us on the television and I have


The main thing for us is, there needs to be


a verythorough investigation and it needs to be transparent.


People need to be accountable for what happened.


The police did not have two review this.


I think it is right and proper and I'm pleased they are.


Is there a feeling in Easton that the police can be racist?


I think that is a really completed question.


I think on the whole we work really in Easton and Easton is known


for its good community relations and people get


The police are very often part of those good community relations.


I think in any big institution we always


have to keep reviewing whether


there is any unconscious bias or anything is going


I would say that relations are good in Easton on a whole,


The sort of incident can put back race relations for years if it does


Do you feel like it's time to look at an


I think it needs to be only used when it is


I am about the same age and if I had been coming out of my house


and I had refused to give my name, I doubt I would have been tasered.


There's something about the use of the taser but something about


proportionate responses to particular situations.


In other news - there have been demonstrations in the West today


as Donald Trump became the new American president.


Around 300 people turned out in the centre


of Bristol this evening to show their disapproval.


They're concerned about President Trump's views


including his stance on the environment.


Princess Anne has officially opened a new building in south


Gloucestershire for patients recovering from brain injuries.


The Brain Injury Rehabilitation Unit at Frenchay


needed to expand because more people are now surviving serious


It has now almost doubled in size to 52 beds.


Now the crowds have been flocking to Bristol's Colston Hall tonight


for Gala Night at the Slapstick Festival!


The five day event celebrates silent, visual and classic comedy -


and is now in its 13th year as audience numbers


A host of comedy stars have been busy helping to share the magic.


We have got a screening of the Freshman, Harold Lloyd.


Back in 1925, people who know their silent movies


will know he is one of the big heroes along with Buster Keaton


Some people might have not seen a silent


With an orchestra it will be a very, very special atmosphere.


I'm hosting something but I don't know anything about it.


If you are interested, the festival is an all weekend. I will wish you a


good night. We are feel cooler. Can we keep it going


until the start of the new week? I suspect we can. Unconfirmed about --


concerned about the fog around. Here is Helen with the national picture.


Good evening. The weather is upon us. The cloud has made all the


difference this week in particular. We have had some wonderful weather


watcher pictures, this is Marlowe in Buckinghamshire, this was Conwy


earlier in the day. Some areas still have the cloud. What a difference




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