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She made the announcement at a news conference earlier today.


Our sports correspondent, Katie Gornall, has


Her report contains some flash photography.


There was a time when promoter Frank Warren wasn't interested


in women's boxing, but Nicola Adams changed his mind.


This is a fighter used to breaking new ground.


Last year in Rio, she became the first Briton to


successfully defend an Olympic boxing title in nearly 100 years.


She is also the reigning world, European and Commonwealth champion.


As an amateur, she told me she has nothing left to prove.


There are a lot of goals in the professional


ranks to achieve, becoming a world champion and European champion.


There are so many goals to achieve in the professional ranks.


Raising the game again, and just making,


hopefully trying to make, women's boxing on a par with the men's.


Adams is one of a number of Olympic champions to have turned


The Irish star Katie Taylor recently featured on the undercard of Anthony


It is hoped boxing could follow the lead


of mixed martial arts, where


female fighters regularly topped the bill.


This is a different time, a different era.


I think that the standard has improved, that's why I


actually want to get involved in it, because it is a better standard.


I think that for us, she will prove that.


Adams will have to wait until April to make her debut in


Manchester before a fight in her home city of Leeds in May.


So far, she has done everything asked of


Now it is time to see if she can live up to her billing once


A family's desperate search for their son.


Deakon Wilkins vanished after leaving a Bristol


How one of our BBC local radio stations rescued the career


Tomorrow I've got to do our press release for my triumphant return to


the BBC. They are putting me on BBC Radio Bristol for ten hours.


The Met Office is warning they will be dense and destructive fog


tomorrow. Details at the end of the programme.


The family of a 24-year-old from Weston-super-Mare who hasn't


been seen for nine days say they're desperate to know where he is.


Deakon Wilkins was last seen at Motion nightclub, where


His family haven't heard anything since.


Liz Beacon has sent us this update from the last place he was seen.


Tonight, police are continuing to trawl through the CCTV that they do


have, trying to piece together Deakon Wilkins' last movements.


What they do know is that he left this nightclub behind


last Saturday morning after a night out when he went out on Friday


His parents have heard nothing since that day and I met up with


them earlier on and for them, it's been a long nine days.


Every time we have some friends around, somebody hugs me.


I mean, we're trying to keep busy, doing the social media.


It's been four or five hours a day, just thanking everybody.


Every day is a long day. Just...


You will be here if the phone goes or a knock on the door,


Deakon's parents say Facebook has been vital in helping them


They've had a huge response and they are continuing to


sift through many of the messages that they've had.


There have been some sightings but sadly, they


So tomorrow, they will continue with their search.


They're meeting at 11 o'clock in Cabot Circus and they hope that


many members of the public will turn out to help them.


The Police Federation has given its backing to two


of its officers after a former race-relations champion was tasered


after being mistaken for a dangerous wanted man.


The federation, which represents rank-and-file officers,


says Ras Adunbi would not say who he was.


Mr Adunbi claims the attack was racist.


The matter's been referred to the Independent Police


The police have launched a murder investigation into the death


Her body was found in a house on Pilgrims Way last Thursday.


Police say they are linking the incident to a fatal accident


on Kewstoke Road which happened on the same day.


A 70-year-old man died at the scene after his car crashed into a tree.


The mother of a young man found dead on an island says she believes


Josh Clayton from Somerset disappeared on Tresco


in the Scilly Isles but there was never a criminal investigation.


Now the coroner has ordered the police to


Before I take my last breath, we will know


what happened to my boy. Without a shadow of the doubt,


we will find out and we will get justice for Josh.


The final resting place of Josh Clayton, aged 23.


But was his death just a terrible accident?


I believe it was done through third-party involvement.


His family have now spent the best part


of ?70,000 trying to get to the truth.


They're convinced the police got it wrong.


I've had a meeting with Devon and Cornwall Police, a senior officer


from Devon and Cornwall Police, who has assured me he will be


reviewing and hopefully, look for any gaps


that happened throughout the investigation.


It definitely wasn't an accident. Definitely.


When Isles of Scilly police found the body


of Josh Clayton 16 months ago, they did put it down


He'd been attending a private party on Tresco, where he'd been


His body was discovered ten days later.


But last week, an inquest into his death


was dramatically halted when the new evidence emerged.


This man, Leroy Thomas, told the hearing that he'd


witnessed Josh arguing with a group of men after leaving the party.


The coroner said the police needed to reinvestigate.


Which has given the family some hope.


Up until now, they'd been asking for a new force


As far as they were concerned, he was a drugged up drunk,


that had been washed out to sea, and didn't think of anything else.


The police force have issued a stored


statement, simply saying, "We were only made aware


of the new evidence at the inquest and our carrying


of the new evidence at the inquest and are carrying


The former Chief Constable of Gloucestershire police


has told us it is unusual for an inquest to be halted in this


way and says the Devon and Cornwall Police


will now need to look again at their investigation.


The Devon and Cornwall Police will now presumably have to go back,


first to the witness, who's added this new information


at quite a late stage and interview him again to see


whether he's got something different to say, formally in writing and how


that differs from his previous account and it seems to differ


materially from his previous account, so that's


Problem number two is there was a party and there


they've already interviewed those people once, they've now got to try


and retrace these people, maybe interview them again.


The family say they simply want the truth and they won't


Prince Harry has been in Wiltshire today to see how former members


of the armed forces are being helped with their mental health.


The Prince spent the afternoon at the Help for Heroes


It supports ex-service personnel and their families


with issues such as anxiety, stress and depression.


There is a risk at the moment that people get used to experiencing no


mood experiencing, stress and anxiety in thinking they don't need


the support of and it can raise awareness and say we can help you if


you can recognise those symptoms in yourself.


The Prince met just a few of the thousand people who have been


helped by what is known as the hidden-wounds service.


The ex-wife of the legendary entertainer Kenny Everett has been


speaking about how an offer of a job on BBC Radio Bristol


The DJ was hired by the station in 1971, shortly after his on-air


His editor and his producer Kate Adie told me about about


the risk they all took putting him back on air.


# the voice of radio 1. #


In the late 1960s, Kenny Everett was the master


Then in 1971 came the fall - he was sacked from Radio one.


He really was, because the BBC, it was his idea of heaven.


I think he'd liked to have been dead.


Without a job and his career seemingly over, he took an offer


from a young station manager at radio Bristol.


But it wasn't altogether popular with the senior


We had a young lady on our staff at Radio Bristol who was a toughie.


Somebody like Ken was a matter little, causing great joy


for the listeners and is not a little worry for the men in suits.


This career-kickstart on Radio Bristol led to other slots


And eventually, a return to superstardom.


hold everything! I'm still very proud of my contact


with Kenny Everett and I still love the clips that come upon the


television, the Little jingles you hear on radio. The Rod Stewart


sketch. All in the best possible taste!


And you can catch up on that on Inside Out West on the iplayer.


That it from us tonight. More news on the BBC website and your local


BBC Regis stations. We're back at breakfast tomorrow from 6:30am. Good


night. Ian has the forecast. The weather is not in the best possible


taste if you're heading out on the roads across the West Country, we've


got some decidedly foggy conditions already across some parts of the


region and by tomorrow morning, that could be quite plentiful, at least


in some areas. Once we clear fog out of the way, it will be otherwise day


with dry conditions, some bright spells, varying cloud. Met Office


warning came into force and is in force into tomorrow. Don't pass the


M5, south-west which, visibly -- visibility is down to about 50


metres. We could see those conditions repeated in parts of the


region as the night wears on so take it easy. Temperatures tonight down


to below freezing across many areas, freezing fog would be the net


result, we will find that through the course of tomorrow, some of that


will be slow to clear. In other areas, without fog or it's lifted, a


decent enough day with cloud, generally light breeze and remaining


dry and temperatures will vary, so where we stick will fog, up to about


six or seven Celsius. Wednesday, still the threat of some


For the weekend we will have dry weather with sunny spells and it


will be a little bit milder. Good evening. We are continuing to


see huge righty in the weather. Getting the detail right is proving


to be a challenge. This was in Pembrokeshire and other parts of the


UK were gloomy throughout the day. The fog is thickening up right now.


Particularly pool on the M5 in south-west England. Very foggy


across parts of the West Country. This fog is tending to spread its


way further


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