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Two students at the university of Bristol say they have


suffered a two year ordeal from online bullies.


Some people think they can pass everything off as a joke but for


somebody who has never experienced that it is difficult to understand


how it can affect people. Churches open their doors


to rough sleepers - And fog and dice for some areas at


least tomorrow. Brian settled, details at the end of the programme.


Brian settled, details at the end of the programme.


Two University of Bristol students have told us they're being subjected


to racial harassment on social media, including by another


Timi Ariyoand Tami Sotire are speaking out after a video


From the very beginning of Lee Madan's report,


there is extreme racist and offensive language -


we've decided to broadcast it to highlight what the students have


They have called me "a dirty stinking coon".


They have called me "an S-word flinging ape".


They have called me "a gorilla who has thrown


They have called me the N-word flat out.


A lot of monkey jokes, like Bobo the ape, or Bubbles the monkey,


after Michael Jackson, and just things like that.


Timi Ariyo and Tami Sotire have spent the past year being targeted


It led to this video being sent to hundreds of students on Snapchat.


So many of my friends from Bristol and friends


from home saw the video, and were like, wow, I've never


seen anything like that, I didn't know it still happened


The University of Bristol students were also sent racist comments


on the instant messaging service What'sApp, as well as


And I do think it is like the pack mentality, obviously.


They feel like if they say it in a group, they're less likely


for one person to get in trouble because they do it, like...


They all comment together or they will all say the same things


on a group chat or tweet the same thing, so it is hard to kind


One of the bullies is also a student in the University of Bristol.


They have not reported the bully into the University


because they told me they do not know how to, and say they are not


confident race issues would be taken seriously.


During freshers', so many people were like, oh, my God,


The university now need to take it on themselves to protect


all of the students of every single race, every background,


and make sure we are all treated fairly and equal.


The university says it is saddened and shocked by what has happened and


insists it takes a zero tolerance approach to racism and hate crime.


They say they cannot investigate until a complaint is made. They can


raise it in the first instance with their personal tutor. They can raise


it with the warden and their halls of residence of that is where the


incident took place, or if they felt more comfortable they can go to the


students union which has a just ask service which is designed to be


there for students to raise any issues and get guidance about how to


take it forward. Timi and Tami hope that


by speaking out now, they can help spread the message


that racism will not be tolerated. Chante Joseph the chair


of Bristol's Student Union's Council and the President of the University


of Bristol's African How have other members of the group


reacted to the abuse. A lot of people were not shocked but they


find it disgusting and it allowed us to have an open conversation about


our experiences, especially about racism, and a lot of people have


experienced quite uncomfortable situations. Art lot of people might


say, why wouldn't the students go to higher authority with the


complaints? I feel like the students want to go and complain and they


want to say something but they never know when it is important enough. We


have a culture that demonises calling out behaviour and we cloak


it as being too PC or too dramatic and saw a lot of people don't find


these things relevant enough to raise even though they are


ridiculous. They have actually said today that she fears reprisals, that


is a great fear to live under, is that the case? And even in the


interview they are saying they have lost friends because they have had


to call out behaviour they deem abusive. You already feel ostracised


as an ethnic minority and you don't want to do more to make yourself


stand out by saying something Mitch you feel uncomfortable because it


makes you feel more different. The university have said they have put


certain mechanisms in place so why has this not happened? It goes back


to this idea of culture. Even if the mechanisms are in place to report


issues, if the environment tells you that your issues are not as


important as others and that you shouldn't be wasting valuable


resources, then no one is going to see anything. We need to have a more


supportive environment which doesn't seem to exist. Do you think it will


get better or worse? I don't think it will get any better until we


unlearn this idea that it is too PC culture, it would get better until


we do that. What do you think needs to happen? We need to have open and


frank conversations about experiences that are unfiltered and


allow people to have a space space to do so they feel more comfortable


in knowing what they are experiencing is not wrong -- safe


space. Police divers have joined the search


for a missing 24-year-old who hasn't Deakon Wilkins from Worle was last


seen at a nightclub in Bristol. Today his family have been handing


out leaflets to shoppers, Police out searching today


revealed Mr Wilkins hadn't used his bank account or phone


since he disappeared. Police are investigating after


a swan was shot with a crossbow Staff at Pitville Park found


the injured bird this morning, which is now being cared


for at Vale Wildlife Hospital. A fundraising page has


been set up to help pay As the temperatures fall


below freezing tonight, charities are warning the number


of people sleeping rough For the first time some


of the city's churches are offering Andrew Plant has been out


at one of them tonight. The Mayor of Bristol lending


a hand to volunteers These 12 beds will all be occupied


by people who would otherwise In Bristol that's


more than 75 people. People like this man who says they


are ardent enough beds in night shelters with people renewed them


often taught the way. If you're 19 or 20, sometimes you lose the bed


and you stay outside all night. If you're lucky security people don't


kick you out. There are a maximum of 65 beds


available in shelters The charity St Mungo's says


they're often all taken Leaving dozens more


outside in the cold. What is different now is the local


authorities and central government have less money to help pay for


solutions so we need to think of creative and innovative ways to


approach the problem and working together and coming up with those


options is one of the ways. Bristol's Mayor started this


scheme Persuading churches around the city centre To take


turns giving 12 more rough sleepers a hot meal


And a place to sleep But he knows far more are needed


And it's the root cause of homelessness he says That he's


determined to tackle. We are focused on getting houses


built and unlocking the land with planning permission and making sure


houses go for word on that land so we're looking at the bigger


structural challenges but we also faced the immediate challenge


tonight in Bristol of people sleeping on cold streets.


This pilot will run for another 2 weeks


Then Bristol will go back to having at most 65 emergency beds


with at least double that number who need them.


That's it from us tonight with more news on the BBC website and your


local BBC radio stations. We're back with breakfast tomorrow from 6:30am


for now the forecast. Thanks very much and good evening. Feels like


the forecast is being repeated every night recently! For good reason


because a very similar day of whether continuing tonight into


tomorrow compared to that we have seen over the last 24-48 hours. The


risk of fog, generally across more eastern parts. The risk of icy


strictures on roads tomorrow, they are of sunshine and cloud and once


again we have another Met Office warning in force for the risk of


some quite dense fog forming, freezing fog and places, and also a


warning for icy strictures on roads. More the eastern parts of the region


at greater threat of any fog developing through tonight. The


temperature reflecting that as we get below freezing across many parts


of Wiltshire and early as doing likewise but equally one or two max


spots around 1-2 C only of mix and match. By tomorrow morning, any fog


will less and foreign banks of cloud which will linger as linger as well


as fog for some part of the day and towards the West, the best chance of


some early sunshine and we also have a bit of a mix of cloud and bright


spells as we continue into the afternoon, the temperature tomorrow


in a range of 5-7 for most. Beyond that into Thursday, feeling bitterly


cold compared to tomorrow with a For all of us, it'll get colder and


then milder again come the weekend. This


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