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The council makes its decision on where to build a new


park and ride scheme - amid mass protests.


This is not the end of the story and there are enough a lot of hurdles


for the council to get over 40 new foreword.


The pensioner left with terrible injuries after a robbery in a park.


And tomorrow brings a noticeably colder day with a marked wind-chill,


details towards the end of the programme.


Hundreds of people have been protesting in Bath tonight,


at a meeting to decide where to put a new Park and ride scheme.


The council was deciding which of two sites to put the car park on.


There has been a long campaign against both plans


Well, now they have have decided which one to go for -


and it is the one which was know as site "B".


But people have said tonight they are still angry.


Pretty upset but I suppose it was inevitable. We didn't think we were


ever going to shift the opinion of this council, try as we might.


So the decision does still need to go through planning.


Pete Simson has been at the meeting all night and sent us this


Welcome to Where we just finished a marathon council meeting, two hours


of which taken up by public statements. We had a decision in the


end, that the council would prefer to build on the second sight. East


of Bath. Joining me is the leader of the Council, Tim Warren. A lot of


accusations flying around, can you put a couple of things to bed? Will


this reduce congestion? It will around the city of Bath. If you have


800 cars driving around looking to 800 cars driving around looking to


park then it must. Where the Trevor Nyakane boats going through your


mind because you have vociferous opposition who have done their


homework. It is a huge opposition but what we mustn't forget is that


are even more in favour of it. You always get, they are called Silent


minorities but they are not and they have said where they're coming from.


If they are silent how do you know their earlier. The silent majority


don't commit in public so much. We got a lot of business and residents


meetings and we speak to neighbouring councils and the


support we have got, this is the big picture. All these people live there


and have jobs and need to get there and back again and in Bath we're


talking about another 11,000 jobs are these people need to get in and


out and the city is full up. As soon as anything stops me that capacity


in the city comes to a you. This is the start of a very long process and


we still have to have a business case and planning applications so


plenty more time in the future of people to have their say.


A 75-year-old woman has suffered injuries including


a fractured eye socket, after an attack in


It happened in at lunchtime on Monday.


Naomi Roberts is now recovering in hospital.


It's one of Bristol's most popular parks 75-year-old Naomi Roberts


But on Monday she was the victim of an attack that's left her


Her face is bruised and swollen with fractures to her cheek bone


and eye socket and to her collar bone too.


I saw her wheeled in on a trolley with her face looking


Her daughter Joanna says she is worried it could now


Inevitably, it is going to have a really significant impact,


not just on her but on other people as well, other older people


who might use that park who will feel unsafe to go out so it


She only saw herself for the first time this morning.


She was really shocked and upset at how she looked


and also worried about, she is going to look like that


People will think I'm a monster when I am walking around!


She was walking her dog in Eastville Park on Monday


afternoon and it appears she was attacked from behind


and her handbag pulled off her shoulder and she fell flat


She doesn't remember what happened but she has told her daughter


she thinks she remembers seeing a bike circling around before


the attack and she saw somebody cycling away


Police have called the assault on Naomi despicable


and asked for the public's help to trace her attacker.


They've appealed for anyone who was in Eastville Park on Monday


lunchtime to get in touch with any information they might have.


A man from Wiltshire whose son died when he was hit by a car is calling


on the government to increase sentences for death


Major Richard Gilbey's son James was knocked over and left for dead


by two men who were jailed for eight years.


Here's our Home Affairs Correspondent, Charlotte Callen.


This is just another step in Major Richard Gilbey's fight


At the door of 10 Downing Street - handing in a 16,000 strong petition


asking the Prime Minister for her support.


We are just handing that in in the hope it will help support


the public consultation and raise awareness and take this forward


another step to get justice for James and others and an increase


in the maximum sentence and a change in the sentencing guidelines.


It is a campaign he wishes he'd never had to be part of.


But in July 2015 his 25-year-old son James was mown


The two men responsible had been racing through Leeds


at speeds of up to 80mph - James didn't stand a chance.


Malik and Mahmood were sentenced to eight years in prison -


but are likely to be released after just four.


Malik, the driver who hit James, had 35 previous convictions


They gave James a death sentence and they gave me,


my wife and my daughter a life sentence.


The maximum sentence a judge can give in these cases is 14 years -


but the average time offenders spend in prison is under years.


That according to Major Gilbey and others is simply not enough.


Under new plans being considered the government could extend


the maximum sentence to life imprisonment - that's


We know that nothing is enough for taking someone's


life and sentences can't really reflect that.


It's going to mean that judges who are deciding on these cases,


trying to work out what sort of sentences should be imposed,


I'm going to have more scope to add greater punishment to those who have


been involved in the most serious cases.


I'm very confident that the consultation will result in changing


the law for the worst sort of death by dangerous driving to be tried on


the same tariff of manslaughter which is effectively is. The


Ministry of Justice told me today they are determined to make sure


those who drive dangerously and kill face the full force of the law. The


consultation ends in one week and should report back later this year.


Two students from the University of Bristol have decided to make


a formal complaint to the police about racial abuse they've


Timi Areeo and Tami SoTeer told us yesterday they'd been subjected


to bullying and offensive comments from students nationwide.


these people are in the minority and these people are in the minority and


should be brought to justice for the stuff they have put us through. We


would like to see something done, even if it's just telling them they


The pair have also agreed to talk to the university's pro vice


chancellor who contacted them to arrange a meeting


A fund, to pay for treatment for a swan shot with a crossbow


in Cheltenham, has gone up to ?3,500.


George the swan was found on Pitteville Lake yesterday


with the bolt from the crossbow in his neck.


He's still in a critical condition at the Vale Wildlife Hospital.


The police are investigating the attack.


That's it from others, more news on the BBC website and your local radio


station where you are. Back with you and breakfast but for now, good


night and the forecast. The breezes packing up and as the


leading to tomorrow, that breezes going to be giving a marked


wind-chill sought a pretty raw feeling day all round, a lot of


clouds around as well but brightening up from the south as we


head through the course of the afternoon. The cloud cover tending


to thicken up and they list the resulting temperature across the


region by daybreak, might even be a few like grains of snow blowing


around as well and some drizzle. That may well freeze onto surfaces


so the risk of ice about in some spots through tomorrow morning and a


lot of cloud around but you will notice from the South how the skies


are starting to break up and clear what an uncertain progression and we


can expect some of that to be reaching for the North words by the


tail end of the day. Winds will be a factor so they the ambient


temperature, around 2-5, but by midday, if you factor in the


strength of the bodies it'll be Good evening. If you think it was


cold today, for many it will be colder still tomorrow. Cold even


when we have the sunshine today. This was one of the wonderful


weather watcher pictures we had sent in from Cornwall. It contrasts with


a cloudy and foggy eastern half of the country, and a bank of cloud.


Still foggy, but it is starting to lift. It is being pushed north and


west, this bank of cloud. That will continue through the night. We will


still have some fog sitting on the hills. Even with the cloud, it will


be a cold night, with temperatures away from the far north and west


falling to freezing. In the countryside, well below freezing.


And on the wind and it will feel better, it already feels better.


Giving us some freezing drizzle and snow as well. Although the fog will


not be as extensive as recent nights,


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