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Here on BBC One it's time for the news where you are.


Warnings about the future of education.


A Wiltshire head teacher is tells parents that cuts are on the way


Two of our cities are told their economies are booming,


And after a raw day today, change under way. We go up 10 degrees by


this weekend but there are some rain. I have all the details later


in the programme. A head teacher in Wiltshire


is warning that his school is one of hundreds in the west that


are losing out under changes Tim Gilson from Malmesbury School


says classes will get bigger. But whilst some school are suffering


with the new system - Our political editor Paul Barltrop


sent this report from Wiltshire. After years of pleading for help,


schools across the West hoped last month's announcement would bring


them the help they needed. But after looking in detail


at the figures, many For while nearly 900


will see their funding increase, In fact, many will be worse off,


including this one. Malmesbury School is


officially outstanding. Praised by Ofsted, popular


with parents but facing a financial hit that has prompted the head


to go public. It is just important that


everyone understands I felt it was only fair to say


to parents that they will see class sizes increasing,


older textbooks, they will see fewer resources and some


things that we used to do, Today, parents digested the letter


from the school warning of cuts. The Government's claim that


an unfair funding system Apparently, we are in the bottom 10%


in the country for funding. If there's something that should not


be cut, it is education, especially a school like this,


which is doing very, very well. Teachers, especially at this school,


are so dedicated and passionate. I just think it is a real


shame that what they do Hearing about maths teaching


at a Gloucester primary school today, Labour's Shadow


Education Secretary. Teachers here and everywhere feel


that the Government has got its sums wrong and that schools face


financial challenges, or worse. They can see the concerns


schools have at the moment. The school here today are concerned


that if they have any more money cut from their budget,


it will impact on staffing levels and their ability to provide some


of the great resources that I've Hoping to taste success,


Schools Minister, Nick Gibb. He toured this secondary school


in Swindon, a borough whose schools will,


on average, gain. But he says the Government simply


does not have the money In any national formula change,


there some will be some We have capped any losing school


to 1.5% per year, 3% in total. But it is a fairer system that


reflects more accurately Despite the controversy,


the changes will be in by 2020. Earlier, I spoke to David Waugh


from the Association of School and College Leaders and asked him


if the new system will be better. I think, overall, it will not be


a fairer system because there is not There is still going to be a great


discrepancy between those funded at the very lowest levels and those


funded at the very highest levels. The new system will acknowledge


deprivation and those But the issue within the new formula


is it just simply does not provide sufficiency for those schools


at the bottom end. Ther are concerns about


larger class sizes. I think there are thousands of head


teachers across the country now working out the calculations


for the next financial Looking at increasing class sizes,


taking subjects off the curriculum, You mentioned stopping subjects,


taking subjects off. The bottom line is it


will be the subjects which are most expensive to run.


It will be art, technology, sport... Those subjects where the resources


and class sizes are so much But, being a maths teacher,


you must be quite pleased, then. We need a broad and


balanced curriculum. We need to be preparing


students for a wider world, where they are numerate,


they are literate, but they are also And to be able to present


and lead and get involved. We have to have a broad


and balanced curriculum. That curriculum cannot be


determined by sheer cost. What is the worst-case


scenario here? Worst-case scenario, honestly,


there will be many headteachers around the country now worried


that they can't pay Head teachers around the country


are telling me that they simply cannot open the doors in 2018-19


because there just isn't enough Two University of Bristol students


who've suffered racist abuse on social media today made


an official complaint Timi Ariyo and Tami Sotire handed


over a file of evidence showing how they've been targeted in offensive


messages and a video by a group of young men,


including another student Following the statement they made


on the BBC the other day, I didn't But the university is showing a lot


of support and I think some good We are looking to start


disciplinary procedures quickly, with the individual who is one


of our students. And we're also looking to work


with other universities for other The University of Bristol also says


it's also looking at ways to make it easier for students who are dealing


with such abuse to come forward. A new report says the Bristol


and Bath area is now leading the country


with its booming economy. But that same report warns that many


aren't feeling the benefits, because there's also been a sharp


increase in the cost of house prices It's up, up and away


for Bristol's booming economy. Other cities still lag below


where they were before the financial crash but a report out today shows


Bristol soaring above them all. Compared to the rest of the country,


only London has outpaced it The really good news from a living


standards perspective is the employment rate has kept


rising and it is amongst While the economy hots


up, the housing market Estate agents in the city have


never had it so good. We've seen an increase in prices


of around 10% as an average. In some small pockets such


as Southville, we've seen That is a really steep rise for one


year's worth of trading. Again, the supply


outstrips the demand. New figures show the cost


of renting across Bristol and Bath has soared -


up ?100 a month in Rising house prices also means it's


harder for young people In 2001, around seven in ten


of 25 to 39-year-olds Last year, that figure had


fallen to just over half. Angie.


Hi, Robin, nice to meet you. For Angie Palmer - who lives


in Bristol's Bedminster area - This through here


is the dining room. Small two-bedroom terrace


and it is ?925 a month in rent. She works as a graphic-designer


but it's still not enough to cover Demand for properties


on her street was so intense, she took this place without even


seeing it first. I have a child, I work part-time,


I have a good job, yet my wage It is baffling but that is


the situation and I am not the only It is not ideal and it's difficult,


but it's how it is. Politicians are all too aware


of the scale of Bristol's housing shortage and the new metro mayor


elected this May is being urged Without enough affordable


housing in the city, Bristol's economic successes


could be short-lived. The tale of a gorilla who was raised


like a child in a Gloucestershire John Daniel was adopted by


Alyce Cunningham from Uley in 1918. The animal was sold


to an American when he became Now a collection of pictures


of John Daniel have been published It is a fascinating story and you


can see more on our Facebook page. There's more news on the BBC News


website and of course on your local We're back tomorrow


in Breakfast from 6.30. But, for now, I'll say goodnight


and leave you with Sara Thornton, After the raw day of today,


some might be pleased to see rain on the globe because it


suggests a change. It is becoming more unsettled


in the coming days. The weather in from the south-west


brings with it some milder air And, yes, as I say,


we're talking about rain. Generally dry through


the night tonight. Only a couple of flurries here


and there toward the north-east. But it is fog that we will be


watching for tomorrow morning and obviously frost,


particularly out Temperatures just that slight


bit milder the further It is a pretty dry,


benign start to tomorrow. A bit of brightness at first


but cloud thickening up after lunchtime, rain moving


in from mid-afternoon onwards. That is with us through the evening


and into the early hours The temperatures rising


through the day at seven or eight Celsius as we finish out Friday,


lifting all the time It clears first thing


on Saturday morning. Saturday is generally dry,


maybe a couple of showers around. But with rain, here's


Helen with more. weekend. It's swings and


roundabouts, higher temperatures but some rain as well.


Good evening. It's been dry so far this January but as it draws to a


close it looks like we will see some rain at last. It's been an


interesting today a bitterly cold in Norfolk, way we kept the grey cloud


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