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A court heard today about the chaos inside a transport company,


responsible for the runaway truck in Bath that killed four people.


The man who ran the company and his mechanic were


The judge said they'd shown a cavalier attitude


to maintaining their vehicles as Imogen Sellers reports.


February 9th 2015, and a crash that changed the lives of so many.


But today, Bristol Crown Court heard how it all could


A 32-ton truck careered down Landsdown Lane


Three men from Wales and four-year-old Mitzi Steady


Today in court, the judge said the brakes on the truck,


owned by Matthew Gordon, were so poorly maintained


And that the lives of the four victims were lost due a bodged


As a company owner, Matthew Gordon had no transport manager and was


responsible for safety. His mechanic signed off vehicles are safe when


clearly they were not. This subsequent loss of life and


long-standing effect on the community were totally foreseeable


and also avoidable. Emma-Jade the mother of Mitzi Steady


told the court of the heartbreak She spoke of the devastation


that their bright beautiful, vibrant, outgoing little girl


will never have her She will never learn to read or have


best friends to giggle and play with.


Philip Potter, who was driving the lorry, was also a victim


of Matthew Gordon's cavalier approach to safety.


In sentencing, the judge said the lorry was so dangerous it never


should have been on the road in that day in February. He said, you have a


history of cutting corners with a reckless disregard for the


consequences. It was highly foreseeable that death or serious


injury would occur. That was the culture of your business. In


sentencing the mechanic, Peter Wood, he said that he had a cavalier


approach to safety. Matthew Goode was sentenced to seven and a half


years in prison. Finally, the families can get on with grieving


knowing that the men responsible for this tragedy are behind bars. The


judge said that Matthew Gordon wasn't concerned for the public but


only himself. So, what is being done to stop other companies cutting


corners in a similar way? Scott Ellis has been out with the safety


patrols. This is one way to make


sure HGV's are safe, The operators when they sign up sign


to say they will keep their vehicles in a fit and serviceable position,


and if we want to send a message to those who don't, we are here and we


will target them. The DVSA keep tabs on hauliers,


using data such as MOT failures. That information's used by officers


as they patrol our motorways. Along the M4, there are cameras


spotting number though the patrol knows which lorries are coming down


the road towards them. They can quickly check who is operating that


lorry and if it is somebody who's got a poor track record of


maintenance they are more likely to be hold in. -- pulled in.


Across the UK, the DVSA checks 220,000 lorries


One in three fails some aspect of the mechanical test.


The Road Haulage Association wants more enforcement like this.


And it wants new operators blitzed with an audit


within six months of start up, saying that would have stopped


The complete ignorance of the rules and the disregard for the safety


rules would have been known about. It would have been reported to the


traffic Commissioner who would then could have potentially taken action


against them by removing their license or forcing them to take


action to remedy the issues. Truck drivers we spoke to hope


the Bath tragedy will send out But the reputable drivers worry


corners will still be cut. People are undercutting each other


all the time. And it is just the pressure on these companies to make


money. It can cost a thousand pounds


a month to maintain a truck. The message is profit


cannot come before safety. The judge saying today


Grittenham Haulage had a cavalier And this 32-ton tipper truck had


"truly serious faults" that Police are setting up a mobile


station outside Motion nightclub in Bristol tonight where


Deakon Wilkins was last seen The 24-year-old from


Weston-super-Mare remains missing despite police searches of nearby


land and river. Officers will speak to people


as they arrive at the club tonight in the hope


of getting new information. In tonight's rugby, Bath faced


Gloucester at home and it The visitors converted a try


on 20 minutes which gave them a seven point lead,


but Bath went ahead with four penalties and then scored


this try on 74 minutes. Gloucester hit back a few minutes


later crossing the line So rugby tonight and


football tomorrow. We'll have those results


when we're back at teatime. For now though- I'll wish


you a lovely weekend A marked change to the weather. An


unsettled flavour to things. With the overnight rain clearing away


during the course of Saturday, there will be a dry and brighter phase.


Sunday will be mild. Temperatures broadly within the range of 3-6 C.


Rather fragmentary in some of that pattern, the rain. As that clears


away, drier, brighter conditions but as we get further into the


afternoon, more showers heading towards the West. Heavy, thundery


and some quite gusty winds. Temperatures nine Celsius, and it


may Good evening. Not many would argue


that January hasn't been dry, but today, many of us had our first


significant rain for some time, because the transition is on from


cold, Continental dry air to milder Atlantic air, but the transition is


a slow one. So we have had ice today, and freezing fog, in northern


England. We had a little sunshine as well in Norfolk, but we still have


the cold air around and about in the north. All this rain you can see,


which is giving is a wet day in some areas, 10-15 millimetres of rain has


fallen, as it comes north there could be some winter it issues. Snow


already falling over Scotland, possibly over northern England,


possibly some sleet over lower areas and fog. Not


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