09/02/2017 Points West

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The latest news, sport, weather and features from the West of England.

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Western General Hospital considers restricting access to A during


certain hours but the trust insists it is not to save money.


A new report claimed there was a serious failure of leadership at


Bristol City Council. And they call the team continues


tomorrow. It looks mostly cloudy. A few snow flurries, details at the


end of the programme. While record numbers of people


are waiting hours in Accident and Emergency departments


across England, it's emerged Weston General


is considering reducing It could mean 999 patients


being diverted elsewhere. The hospital says the proposed


changes aren't about saving money, despite them being ?7


million over budget. The hospital has 320 beds, 200 and


-- 24-hour Accident and Emergency as well as a small intensive care unit


but money is tight and it struggles but money is tight and it struggles


to fill vacant medical roles. The hill fog trust described as being


clinically and financially clinically and financially


unsustainable for over a decade. -- the health trust. It has a budget


deficit of ?7.1 million and changes to the weird runs on the table. What


we need to do is work out how can create a hospital that has got a


long-term future that will help attract new staff who will come and


want to stay here permanently. And also by working together with other


organisations, both in the community but also the other hospitals, just


look at how we can address the financial challenges. One of the


changes could be to A here. Diverting 999 ambulances elsewhere


at night time, keeping the department open for walk-in patients


and scheduled ambulances. That would mean longer journeys for emergency


patients during those hours but the hospital says the proposals would be


to improve patient care, not to save money. The ideas being put forward


in this engagement exercise are really focusing on the rights,


services for patients, the rights, right ability to staff those


properly and the right clinical services. The hospital is very


important for those living nearby. The older generation don't always


want to go up to Bristol and I think it does everything that we need down


here. The NT if it is needed, it is the 24 hours a day if you need it.


Yes, it is pretty important to the community. Something that you will


need during your lifetime and getting older, it is nice to know it


is there. The public can see the proposals and have their say on the


North Somerset Clinical Commissioning Groups website, and


there will be open days awkward, organised over the next eight weeks


so that -- organised over the next eight weeks so people can get their


appointment face-to-face. Other NHS trusts are also on the


red. North Bristol has a projected deficit of ?46 million to the end of


March. -- projected. Onto some other news tonight. MPs


have released footage of a man being abducted from a bar in Bristol to


try to find witnesses. It happened in December. The 22-year-old was


dragged across the floor at the Blue Laguna on Gloucester Road, assaulted


and put into a car. He was driven to Bradley Stoke before escaping. Two


men have been arrested and released on bail.


An independent report has made scathing criticisms of the way


Bristol City Council's finances a big one. Adults of members being


misled and a serious failure of leadership recent years. It was


commissioned by the new mayor, who is grappling to make ?100 million in


savings. Our political editor reports.


This report says senior managers knew that planned savings were not


being achieved, but routinely being achieved, but routinely


concealed it. Breaking the bad news to Bristol, the mayor faced the


media as the council released the damning report. An independent


experts said a big savings programme had failed. Officials made


assumptions that were false or awful. The mayor was not alerted,


councillors were undoubtedly misled. It was, he said, a serious


collective failure of leadership within the Council, for which


several people, including elected politicians, there responsibility.


The suggestions in the report about how and why things happened where a


pretty explosive. Not only in terms of the absolute steal, but in terms


of the way it was done. -- the size. We are not happy with this at all. A


former GQ -- Chief Executive worked alongside the last mayor and has


been unavailable for comment. The former mayor issued a statement


saying he only heard about the review yesterday afternoon...


The counsellor he had in charge of Bristol's finances does express


regret and feels let down by officers. I end up feeling that I


have totally inadvertently misled councillors because I was being told


certain things were true when they were not. It does say there was a


failure of political leadership, that would include you. It would.


We... We did fail and the sense that we have this vast deficit. The


senior managers criticised in the report are gone, leaving councillors


shaken. Like a lot of people, when I read the report is pretty shocking


in places. The simple fact that this was hidden for several months and


actively hidden, it was not just a simple matter of people not


realising, they did know it was there and they did not share that


with councillors. The catalogue of failing to blame in this report have


sent shock waves through City Hall. A new chief executive and a new head


of finance are in post. The focus now is on putting things right and


of making ?100 million worth of savings over the next four years.


And brittle -- Bristol City Council said tonight that the report was


funded by an external grant and not from the council's offers.


As we revealed yesterday, Bristol is vying to be a national


The city wants a share of a billion pound fund to make it happen.


5G promises ultra-fast, ultra-reliable phone signal


It's set to revolutionise our homes and our streets as Robin Markwell


On the mean streets of the University of the West of England,


they have clocked up 500 miles in a car without a driver. It relies on


high-tech sensors to find its way around. Instant connection is


crucial, you cannot be buffering when cruising at 70 mph. They are


not quite ready for passengers yet but there is something more suitable


in sight. For a glimpse into our 5G future, I thought I would take a


little thin. At the moment, I am in charge of this simulator, but


flicked a switch and the computer takes control. It is slightly


disconcerting! Well, actually 5G is key. It is going to be key for


designing vehicles capable of driving probably ten times better


than a human driver. It was tough to hear. Instant reaction times, no


blindspot and the ability to see around corners. Now scientists think


robotic car will soon have the upper hand over on humans. Something that


brings together industry and all the different... Talk to another


visionary and you find the genes will not just be happening on our


roads. People are getting used to the idea that their homes are


becoming smarter. The poor are already controlling things like


thermostats, central heating, curtains, TVs. This idea of homes


having a brain that is collecting together lots of different data and


information, that older finds the way that telecoms need to operate. I


think we will see increasingly this idea of objects and devices that are


talking to the network all the time. It was time to look at the bigger


picture. With so many devices generating so much data, it was hard


to see how you could make sense of it all. I found my answer inside


Bristol's date at all. -- data though. Here's they sure what it all


means when everything is pooled together, Real Time Information


about the traffic on our roads, the quality of air, the health of the


population. It all promises a better understanding of who we are. But


with technology now moving quite so fast, some will fear this brave new


world risks spinning out of control. A cheery thought to leave you with!


That is it from us tonight. We are back with breakfast tomorrow from


half past six but from now, good night and I will leave you with the


weather forecast. Thank you very much. Good evening,


everybody. The underlay for the forecast has been run through


tomorrow and into the weekend will remain cold conditions that we have


seen today. Tomorrow, if anything, that it cold feeling because the


wind will be a little brisker. Certainly a lot of cloud around and


we will start to introduce a higher risk of seeing some light wintry


slurry is starting to a pure from the East, North East. Some of you


have seen a few of those during today, particularly in parts of


Gloucestershire. Expecting tonight to be dry. In a few sports, below


freezing. Into tomorrow, another markedly cold day. Exacerbated by


the fact the Bristol have picked up a bit and equally there will not be


much in the way of any brightness of note. I notice in the graphics the


signal for one or two wintry flurries to be running across from


the East, North East. If anything, the risk of those will increase


through the day and date overnight into Saturday. We might see some


heavy snow showers in some areas at least through that period.


Temperatures tomorrow broadly in a range of two to four. In the wind


chills, -- in the winter chill, pretty cold wherever you happen to


be. There will be showers around for some on Saturday. A wintry mix many


places. sleet and snow. The outlook, Sunday


will turn a bit less cold again. All the way up seven Celsius.


At this time of year we can often get the weather stories that reflect


the battle between winter and spring, and that's what's been


happening in New York in the USA. Yesterday, 17 Celsius, but today,


it's been bitterly cold, just a daytime maximum of -2, a