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Child health experts say they're concerned that a former doctor


from Bath is being given an international platform for his


An MEP invited Andrew Wakefield to Brussels to show


Mr Wakefield also says he's met Donald Trump


Our Health Correspondent Matthew Hill reports.


The BBC is what is known as fake news.


It was the fake findings of Andrew Wakefield's paper


two decades ago linking MMR vaccinations and autism that caused


One of the signs of that is that for a whole generation


we had no cases of measles here at the children's hospital.


But two years ago a child went into A who was infected.


They simply passed another child who had had an operation and that


child was also infected with measles.


Yesterday, he was in Brussels to show his new film to some MEPS.


An invitation by this Green MEP dcause such an outcry they had


to move the venue outside the European Parliament.


Requiring children to be vaccinated has passed with support.


My oldest son, Ian, was walking and running.


After the vaccine, he was no longer able to do that.


The CBC had known all along there was this MMR autism risk.


And his message is now reaching President Trump,


who's just appointed someone who agrees with Mr Wakefield


to chair an investigation into vaccine safety.


I've met with many politicians over the last 22 years.


Most of them look at their watch, they look at their phone.


They are not interested in what your talking about.


Donald Trump gave us 50 minutes to discuss a very serious issue.


He understands it, he gets it, he intends to do something


This leading vaccine expert is horrified.


It is alarming if it is true that people like Andrew


Wakefield, who have been comprehensively discredited


professionally, are getting the ear of people who are clearly very


In the end, when it comes to public health decisions,


you have to look objectively at what everybody has put together.


The danger is that we have a return of this problem


with people not immunising their children with the vaccine and we see


more cases of measles, more cases of mumps,


rubella, and people die as a consequence of it.


Since Andrew Wakefield was discredited,


The big fear now is they could fall again.


A security guard arrested on suspicion of manslaughter


after a man died outside a shopping centre in Trowbridge has


It's thought the man who died could have been


shoplifting earlier in the day, and may have been injured


Our reporter Scott Ellis has been at the shopping centre


The man who died is in his 30s and from Cornwall is a rough sleeper


Yesterday, he was spotted by store detectives leaving


Sainsbury's with bottles of alcohol stored underneath his jacket to next


He was followed by a store detective and the two met in


this car park at the Shires shopping centre.


There was some kind of altercation between the two of them and


the man with the bottles fell to the ground,


the bottles shattered and he


Paramedics tried to save his life, but he died here at the scene,


First, we just tried to block him and then the


other guy, he was adamant he wasn't getting away with this drink and


then, I don't think it was a thing he meant to do, but he tried to grab


him and as he tried to do that, the other


guy tried to pull away and he


tripped and fell on top of the bottles and there


was loads of people around, so


I didn't quite see a lot of what was going on.


The store detective was arrested on suspicion


He has been released since on unconditional bail.


These detectives have no more rights than


you or I, you can use force if you think a crime has been


committed, but it has to be right for that


situation and a detective told us these are the things they are having


to weigh up as they investigate the case.


There are various incidents we understand involving this individual


and security staff from the surrounding


We were in the process of building up that picture to understand fully


what has gone on and that is what our investigation is about, because


we need to understand whether or not the force being used was


proportionate to the circumstances that unravelled during the course of


As the police investigate the case, they are still keen to hear


If you were here just after three o'clock in the


Shires shopping centre car park, they would like to hear from you.


Two men have absconded from a prison in Gloucestershire.


28-year-old Nicholas Briggs who was jailed for domestic assault


and 52-year-old Anthony McCormick, who's serving a life sentence


for rape, were last seen leaving HMP Leyhill just before 5pm yesterday.


Police say not to approach them, but to call 999.


Members of Avon Fire Authority have today approved plans to end


24-hour manned cover at South Gloucestershire station.


The plans will see Yate fire station unmanned at night


It follows a six-week consultation on the proposed changes.


To rugby now, and Tom Varndell has put himself in the record books


for Bristol as the premiership's all-time top try scorer tonight


But there was little else to smile about for Bristol,


It's the sixth defeat in a row for the side in all competitions,


and they stay bottom of the Premiership.


Meanwhile, Bath beat Northampton in a thrilling match 32-30.


Bath scored for tries, before Rhys Priestland won the game


That is all from May. Now the weather.


But even in. There has been a bit of snow today, there will be more


through the weekend. It will end up in both Saturday and Sunday,


noticeably colder than the increasingly windy which will allow


significant wind-chill and cloud around. A mixture of rain and sleet,


but snow will most certainly, though he will be a small accumulation.


Temperatures tonight stopping -- dropping to about minus three


Celsius, so a raw start to tomorrow. Wintry snow flurries feeding in from


the north-east tomorrow. There may be accumulations over the Cotswolds


or the Mendips and be surprised if there is a bit of snow at lower


levels, but we are not expecting that to be tricky bothersome on the


roads. The winds speeds many will be a windy day. Temperatures 2-3 C.


Similar on Sunday. exception to that rule probably over


the hills where again there could be a bit of snow, but not accumulating.


Another cold However I paint this weekend's


picture, I'll need a palette of grey. Thereby a a lot of cloud


around but I managed to find some sunshine. I don't know how but there


was a couple of hours towards the south-west in Cornwall, a beautiful


day. The south-west saw glimpses of sunshine. Further east, cloudy, cold


and grey with winds off the North seep and a scattering of wintry


showers. Yes, rain sleet and snow, a dusting at lower levels through the


day. It brought this beautiful picture on the outskirts of


Aberdeenshire. But enough of the sun, let's