11/05/2017 Points West

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The latest news, sport, weather and features from the West of England.

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The family of a Swindon woman brutally murdered by her partner say


they will never get over what happened.


We missed out so much and our lives have been devastated by the acts of


one evil, vicious, selfish, manipulative and cowardly


individual. Fearing the worst -


the terminally ill grandmother facing possible deportation


back to South Africa. Whether you wanted it to rain or


whether you wanted to avoid it, we have mixed fortunes in the weather.


Details at the end of the programme. A man's been jailed for life today


after setting his partner alight 32-year-old Anthony Porter admitted


murdering Andraya Lyons in December. Her family's appealed to any one


in a violent relationship Scott Ellis' report does


contain disturbing details A fun loving and bubbly mother,


someone who saw the good in They expressed their grief


outside court today. We miss her so much


and our lives have been completely devastated by the act


of one evil, vicious, selfish, manipulative and


cowardly individual. Her partner Anthony Porter had


a problem with drink and drugs and a history of violence


towards women, including Andraya. The court heard that on the night


of the 9th of December they were at Andraya's works


Christmas party at a hotel in Swindon


when Porter became aggressive and Andraya left with friends saying


it was over between them. But Porter got back into her house


drunk and using cocaine. He beat her with an iron,


broke her nose, stamped on her, before dousing her with white


spirits setting the house Post Mortem examination show Andraya


was unconscious but still breathing Porter gave himself up


to the police, saying But the judge didn't accept that,


saying he clearly intended to kill Andraya, adding what he did to her


unconscious body was appalling. She had tried to separate from


Porter but he was still living with her because she does


want him to be homeless. I would simply say to people


they can come forward and speak to the police with


the confidence they will treated If they can't speak to the police,


there are other agencies such as Women's Aid who will give


that help and support. Porter will serve 17 and a half


years in jail before being considered for parole,


and will remain under licence A South African grandmother staying


in Bristol with her family because she says she's too ill


to fly home fears her deportation Irene Nel's visa has


expired and the Home Office But her family say she


won't get the treatment 73 years old and living


in constant fear. For nearly five years now


the South African grandmother has been fighting for the right to stay


here in the UK with her daughter Desree, her three sons


and seven grandchildren. I'm terrified, I can't


take that any more. The day they come to arrest me


and say I must go, that is going to It was during a visit here back


in 2012 when Irene fell ill and was diagnosed


with kidney failure. She's still very ill and needs


dialysis three times a week to stay alive,


treatment that the family say she But the treatment is expensive,


legally Irene has no right to be here, and so the Home Office have


been warning for more than a year that she will have


to be deported. It has caused so much


stress and worry. I am terrified they are going


to come back and say, Today, Irene and Desree need


to head to a police station for Irene to sign on to prove


she's still in Bristol. They have to do this regularly


but there's always the fear that this might be the day they get


the news bad news. Although Irene and Desree


dread their visits here, the visits themselves are normally pretty


straightforward and don't take very long at all,


sometimes just a matter of minutes. However, today, something that


seemed to be different. They have been in there for more


than an hour already. We don't know what


is going on, we will They've done a medical


assessment on mum. To me, that looks


like they are trying It just shows they are not going


to sit back and go, let her stay. They are going to try


and get my mum out. So this evening, after yet


another difficult day, there are still no answers


and the future for Irene The deadline has passed to stand


in the general election, and things have taken an intriguing


turn in parts of the West. In our 31 constituencies


the Conservatives, Labour and Liberal Democrats


all have a full slate of candidates. The Greens are contesting


nearly every seat. But with just 14 candidates,


Ukip have far fewer than last time. And in places like Cheltenham it


could be very significant as our political editor


Paul Barltrop reports. It should be one of the top


contests. Last year people voted to remain in the European Union. It


ought to be a good prospect for the Lib Dems but it has been complicated


on who and who isn't standing. When they counted the votes two


years ago, thousands went to Labour, Ukip and the Greens,


though they were a long way This time around the line-up


of candidates will be similar but shorter,


Ukip are out, but after much debate Their agent tells me


their hopes of an anti-Tory deal in Gloucestershire


had been rebuffed. At the moment, in Stroud, Cheltenham


and Gloucester, there are three Conservative MPs and it was a really


great opportunity to return three candidates from Greens, labour and


Lib Dems across that seat if we cooperated. Frustrating that we


didn't get to the stage of talking to the other parties.


And turning Cheltenham yellow again may be made harder


People and children won't have a are likely to back the blues.


People and children won't have a Ukip candidate so I would hope they


will look at what they want to achieve. Look at the manifestos,


listen to the arguments and make the best choice for them. Brexit would


be a top priority? Yes, it will. Visiting Cheltenham today


and putting on a brave face, They hope to persuade


people to vote tactically. The only person that can beat them


is Michael Horn. I trust them to do that.


Whether their candidate is also embraced by voters we'll find out


Research led by Bristol University suggests that HIV patients can now


expect to live close to the same age as the general population.


The study, published in the Lancet, points to the success


of treatments in Europe and North America over


Because of better drugs, easier to take, fewer side effects, less


likely to develop resistance and more drug options if the virus you


are infected with does develop resistance. Patient starting therapy


these days, providing they start early, can expect to live a near


normal life span. Finally, today is Somerset Day


and to celebrate the county's heritage and history,


BBC Somerset's breakfast presenter Claire Carter has


recorded her own version of the famous Wurzel's


song Combine Harvester - # I've got brand-new combine


harvester. # I'll give a key.


# Come on, we'll get together with perfect harmony.


# I've got 20 acres, you've got 43...


#. The showers certainly visited us for


Somerset Day. Another warm and humid feeling day and a mixture of clouds,


some sunny phases and some of you sing showers. Some may have more


prolonged spells of rain. -- some of you seeing some showers. There is


another band of rain moving in from the south-east. That will spread its


way north and north-west woods during the course of tonight. Those


of you that missed the showers today may be in with some locked night. It


is mild and humid night. There will be low cloud around and some areas


of Lane in one or two spots but many areas starting on a dry note.


Towards the west, some periods of rain in parts of Exmoor. In the


north, some showers and they could be heavy where we catch them.


We want to see the economy work for everybody, not


Now the weather. , yes a humid dead. We have had


photographs of the