12/05/2017 Points West

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The latest news, sport, weather and features from the West of England.

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A health expert says the number of overweight and obese children


Figures show one in three has a weight problem by the time


they leave primary school, and it's worse in


It's hoped a push to get more youngsters eating healthier


and doing exercise will get them into better shape.


Some of the 300 children who take part in junior parkruns


I was a bit nervous but when I did it I felt that it was quite good.


I watched my friends do and I wanted to run with them to have fun.


These free and non-comptetive two kilometre runs are one way


The voluntary organiser is also a primary school teacher.


The children don't have as much opportunity to do exercise


because of the current curriculum really pressing on English


and maths and sometimes at the expense of exercise,


With one in three children overweight, Bristol's problem's no


But in more deprived areas, the figure gets worse.


As high as 44% of pupils leaving primary school are overweight.


A crisis according to this public health expert.


The research does show that if you are overweight or obese


as a child it is more likely that you will continue to be in the adult


hood and then obviously the implications and risks of that


to your long-term health are quite significant,


so that's why it is important that we address it at this age.


The Hartcliffe school has Bristol's worst weight problem.


Sugary drinks and choclate bars are banned in packed lunches.


Logan has salad for lunch - and has been enrolled


I felt weird because you weren't able to have chocolate or sugar any


more and you can only exercise or have fruit and vegetables.


Teachers are also planning a monthly fitness test for pupils.


Elsewhere in our area, more than a 100 schools have taken


Another attempt to increase rates of activity in the young.


For a child up to five years old, that's three hours of physical


activity a day and for children older up to 15, it's at least one


hour of physical activity per day and we know in Bristol that 83%


of 15-year-olds are not achieving that one hour.


It's clear childhood obesity's being taken seriously.


Not least because it leads to weight problems in adult life.


And that's linked to diabetes, heart disease, strokes and cancer.


A man has been charged with attempted murder after a woman


was hit by a car which failed to stop in Gloucestershire.


42-year-old Delroy Nelson remains in custody after the 54-year-old


woman was seriously injured in Matson on Monday morning.


Police are hunting two men after a teenager was punched


in the face in a homophobic attack in Bristol.


The victim needed treatment in hospital after he was verbally


abused then assaulted outside the OMG nightclub in the early


Rugby now and Gloucester's dream of a European Challenge Cup


hat-trick are in tatters tonight after they lost 25-17


The club travelled to Scotland for the game, hoping to win


the trophy for the second time in three seasons.


Our sports editor, Alistair Durden, is at Murrayfield.


And unmistakably Scottish welcome for the Cherry and White Army. As


per usual, Gloucester fans out in force, amazing to see is all out


here. It brings up the best in Gloucester and I think loss to add


something special to this competition. I am afraid. Four of


them! Gloucester were trying to reclaim the trophy they won two


years ago. The early pressure came from the French but not the first


score. An interception by Jonny May, one of the quickest men in rugby.


All the way to the try line in the final. Stade Francais was soon


level. An ill tempered half ended with the Gloucester captain a little


fortunate to only be sin-binned for this. The better fighter came from


Stade Francais after the break. No cheer for the Cherry and Whites


tonight. A first European title the Stade Francais. The best team won.


We were disappointed but 6/2 hours to get here and 6/2-hour was back.


It is fun to say the least that if you want hair left at the end of the


day, do not support Gloucester! So Gloucester's season ends without any


polish. This game a snapshot of the season. Sometimes exquisite but all


will demand a greater level of will demand a greater level of


consistency next season. The work of nurses across the West


was celebrated today as part In Somerset, medical staff


at Musgrove Park Hospital in Taunton downed tools for a few minutes


to stage a flashmob - a quick dance -


on the hospital's helipad. Doctor-turned-choreographer Marla


Pradeep lead a team of nurses, health care assistants,


surgeons and doctors A fairly optimistic story


through the course of this weekend. Generally speaking, a lot of dry


weather and at times, I think, fairly sunny weather as well


with varying amounts A few light showers


during the course of Saturday. The only rain of note coming late


in the evening from West to East will be cleared away before Sunday


starts, and then Sunday will be a day again


with varying amounts of cloud. If anything, the showers on Sunday


could just be that bit heavier and perhaps a little bit more


frequent in places. Now, through the rest of tonight,


a bit of rain, which has been moving up through some western areas


inland, is looking largely dry. Temperatures 10 or 11


Celsius, mild again. We could see a bit of light,


patchy rain just moving across some Perhaps a little bit


of that still around But otherwise, for many of you,


it will be a day of just I think, at times, quite extensive


and it will be a rather breezy day. But nonetheless, before


we get that rain coming in during the course of the evening,


we'll have had temperatures up By Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday,


much milder but wetter. we are looking at something wet and


windy. A bit of a mixed bag earlier on


today, some of us were cloudy with rain. This is the view from one of


our weather watchers in Cornwall. But in the Highlands of Scotland, it


was completely different, find, sunny and warm. The satellite and


radar picture shows the variety of weather we have had. It brightened


up into the afternoon, early evening. The north-east of Scotland


and England have extensive low cloud, missed,