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Hello and welcome to BBC Points West, our headlines this lunchtime.


Anger here as rail fares are on the up, at a time


Doctors warn about the dangers of diabetes from eating too


much sugar as people start their new year healthkicks.


And we open the archives as Points West begins to celebrate


Unions in the West have reacted angrily to the news some rail fares


The government says it's needed to pay for upgrades including


to the Great Western mainline, but commuters have told the BBC


they'll be hit hard by the rise at a time when wages haven't been


Scott Ellis is live for us at Swindon Railway Station


If you were to walk in here and buy a return to London, it would cost


you ?129. Do the same journey by car, a 150 mile croaked that would


be only ?60, half the price. The great Western company and other


train operators would say it is cheaper to buy in advance. But we


have been chatting to passengers about this latest increase in rail


fares. Well, I'm on an apprenticeship


at the moment so I find it quite Because I am only on ?3.40,


so I think it's quite difficult. Extortionately expensive, really,


considering they never really invest I travel so rarely that it doesn't


bother me, but I am really sorry for people who have got to have


season tickets because it Chris Irwin joins us from travel


watch South West which represents passengers. The government says this


money goes back into the railway network. What do you say? I say it


has been under invested for other long time. We have trains that are


40 years old, one in four arrives late and passengers cannot get a


seat. It is the most overcrowded part of the network. There are


supposed to be big protests outside the station 's this morning. Hardly


anyone turned out to protest and the ones we went to this mornings. So


passengers can absorb the costs. They don't like it, it is part of


the feel bad factor. But people here know how to celebrate Christmas and


New Year, so it might be a bit early to go on the streets. The government


says they are managing to keep rail prices down. The truth is that many


people are still suffering from wage freezes or reduced wages, the


inflation rate used by the government to put up rail


Police are still questioning two men, arrested on suspicion of murder


they are not the same ones used for child benefit and pensions. Don't


after a man We will have more tonight.


after a man was found stabbed to death on Christmas Eve.


Mohammed Abduerezak's body was discovered in Siston


Detectives investigating his death are searching two properties


A third man arrested has been released on bail.


People living in Cheddar have been sharing their concerns about


It involves riders free-wheeling down steep hills,


Over a million people have watched this film online,


but locals have told the BBC they're worried it's not safe


I have seen it, actually and quite frankly it is horrifying.


It's terrifying to see these young people on their drift trikes


haring down Cheddar Gorge when there are ordinary motorists


The parish council at salute the deplores it and, you know,


we really can't understand why these people should take such terrible


risks with their own lives and also endanger the lives of ordinary


law-abiding motorists coming up the other way.


Drifttriking UK say it was a well organised event and they took safety


precautions including putting up signs to warn


With the New Year for some comes a new health kick,


after all that overindulging over the Christmas period.


And sugar is one of the foods doctors are warning about.


Dave Harvey has been to meet one woman who's given it up altogether


When he actually said those words, you've got diabetes,


you have gone over the line, you've got type two diabetes,


I thought, right, this is it, I've got to do something


I decided to give up sugar completely.


It turned out to be a lot harder than she thought.


I mean, I really like my coleslaw, but that's got sugar in it.


The big culprit for me initially was the fizzy drinks.


This one is a lot healthier because it's a lot more natural,


but it's still got just as much sugar in it as Coke.


And quitting sugar was just a half of it.


When I first started running, it was literally one minute


And now I can run for an hour or more.


I've done a half marathon, I've done a 10K.


After three months of all this, Becky went back to her GP.


It's really improved, so you were in the range


where your blood sugar would have been in the diabetic range


and actually now it's gone back completely to normal which is really


Yes, Becky had reversed the diabetes completely.


It's remarkable but not unique and doctors would love more people


Approximately 10% of people within our city


Those are the people who we really want to get through to,


they can do something now to prevent themselves getting


That is obviously hugely beneficial to themselves, to their families,


to the health service and to the overall


Becky faced a clear choice - cut sugar or live with diabetes.


Becky's New Year challenge, to run a marathon.


Points West is celebrating 60 years of broadcasting


Throughout 2017, we'll be marking our diamond anniversary


on air with a series of special events.


To kick things off, David Garmston has been looking


through our archives at our first broadcast and just a few


For our first news summary we have a film of events in Dorset


and Hampshire and news of a strike in Cornwall.


Armine Sandford presented the first television news for the West.


One of the first reports was about a post office,


but Miss Squires, the postmistress didn't like newfangled TV


and bizarrely would only allow her bottom to be filmed.


She is shy and does not want to face the cameras.


The news service brought TV reporters closer than ever


to the audience as we shared a joint experience.


The terrible winter of 1963 saw local news in the front line.


Deliveries in Bristol two or three weeks behind schedule


because of the frozen state of many of the side roads.


And all this year we'll be looking back at the stories that have shaped


us and forward to what the next 60 years might hold in store.


And there will be much more from our archives on our programme


tonight when we'll be asking you to get in touch with us


if you've been in a big story we've covered.


Time for the weather now with Holly Green.


It was a very cold start to things this morning,


Now, through this afternoon we have got a bit of cloud around


into parts of Somerset, say, and a bit more working


But in general, some good spells of sunshine,


staying largely dry but feeling chilly with highs


Into tonight then, more cloud appears and that could get thick


enough to bring a few spots of rain, though not too much of that.


Most of us stay above freezing although we could see a little bit


of patchy frost here and there, although these are


Breezier as we head through tonight as well.


Quite cloudy then to start tomorrow morning,


a spot or two of rain, but in general much


The best of those coming out into the afternoon and temperatures


Cloud thickens on Friday with some outbreaks of rain


That is that from us for now, but we have a full-length programme at 6:30


p.m.. It is my first day back, so may I wish you happy New Year. The


team Panorama investigates


the deadly terrorist attack and should British tourists


have been warned about the risks?


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