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Welcome to Points West - our headlines this lunchtime.


A mother calls for a fresh investigation into her son's death.


Tracey Clayton is convinced someone took Josh's life


New claims of child abuse in the 80s against former football coach


And two older romantics who'd fallen for each other,


finally make it official and get hitched.


A woman from Somerset calling for a fresh investigation


into the death of her son on the Isles of Scilly has met


a senior police officer in a private meeting.


Tracey Clayton is convinced someone else was responsible for the death


of her son Josh on Tresco 16 months ago.


Last week a coroner ordered Devon and Cornwall Police to investigate


Mrs Clayton has been speaking exclusively to Clinton Rogers.


Before I take my last breath, we will know what happened to my boy


without a shadow of the diet. We will find out and we will get


justice for Josh. When police on the Isles of Scilly


found the body of Josh Clayton 16 months ago, they put it down


to accidental death. The 23-year-old bar manager


vanished after attending His body was discovered


ten days later. Last week an inquest


into his death was dramatically This man, Leroy Thomas, told


the hearing that he'd witnessed Josh arguing with a group of men


after leaving the party. The coroner said the police


needed to reinvestigate. Which has given some hope


to Josh Clayton's family who remain convinced someone else


was responsible for his death. I've had a meeting with Devon and


Cornwall police, a senior officer who has assured me he will be


reviewing and hopefully look for any gaps that happened throughout the


investigation. It definitely wasn't an accident, definitely. I thought


it from day one and still believe it now.


It's not clear how long those enquiries will take or, of course,


what they will uncover, given the amount of time


His mother, who until now has said she wanted


a new force to investigate, says she will give Devon


and Cornwall a week to convince her they are serious about uncovering


Fresh allegations of child abuse during the 1980s against a former


football coach have been uncovered by the BBC.


On tonight's BBC Inside Out West, our own


Geoff Twentyman investigates claims made by three former football


players from Bristol against Bob Higgins,


who ran the Bob Higgins Soccer Academy.


A branch of the academy operated on the site


of what is now Bath Spa University at Newton St Loe.


One-day driving along, put my head down in his laugh and for an hour


and a half, drove with my head in his lap. It sounds gross but I can


still smell your in through his trousers. It is a graphic thing to


say but it is just disgusting. The BBC approached Bob Higgins


for comment but he hasn't responded. In the past he has always denied any


allegations of wrong-doing. There more on this at 6.30


on Points West and the full story is on tonight's Inside Out West


at 7.30 on BBC1. Prince Harry's in Wiltshire today


to see how former members of the Armed Forces are being helped


with their mental health. He's at the Help For Heroes


Recovery Centre in Tidworth, which supports ex-service personnel


and their families who are living Here's our Wiltshire


Reporter Will Glennon. Prince Harry is no stranger, the


home for Help For Heroes in Wiltshire. He opened the centre with


his brother, Prince William and returned a year or so later with his


involvement in the Invictus games. The games for the wounded soldiers.


He is coming here today to be shown the mental programmes, the service


they provide. With me is a former soldier and his wife. He has done a


large mambo -- number of tours with the Army with the Royal Marines.


Alan White. Thanks for joining us. You have seen a great deal of action


through your career but now you having to deal with the effects,


aren't you? I have post-traumatic stress disorder as well as lots of


physical injuries. Trying to battle through is quite hard sometimes. How


does the centre here help you? Quite a lot over the past few years both


with courses and social help. It has been a tent -- centre that I can dip


in and out with to get help and general direction. Tony Sewell,


sometimes the family members are often forgotten about that you have


to deal with it also. We have children and we saw Alan struggle


and saw him go downhill and face things he did want to see. It is


nice to come here and feel part of another family. Thanks very much.


Prince Harry will be arriving here later and will be shown the


programmes they have feared the mental health. He will meet some of


the real difference the programmes the real difference the programmes


do make to people's lives. It was a wedding with a difference


for a Gloucestershire couple Marlene Robinson-Franklin


and Ronnie Franklin are 79 and 85 They met in the village of Uley


and married in a special Marlene and Ronnie believe


they're meant to be. Ronnie was married to his first


wife, Barbara for almost 60 years. She told him before she died


he should find love again. She said to me, "You must


find someone else. She said, "I want


you to do it for me." Marlene also lost her husband,


Austin, three years ago. They'd been married


since she was 17. What I'm getting from my


family and many overs is, "You're husband, Austin,


wouldn't want to see you unhappy. He'd be up there now looking down


on you saying, Ronnie, But she's still taking her style


from the fabulous fifties. It was all about dreamcoats


and petticoats. My skirts were very, very short


and when you twirled round, We liked to show what we had


underneath which used And her favourite dress


from all those years ago Congratulations to them. We have had


some lovely clear weather. Hope you haven't had too much fog where you


are. Good afternoon, it is cold and


remaining Chile over the next few days. Where we had some earlier fog,


it is looking overcast. Where we have the clouds, it will feel cooler


this afternoon. Light winds everywhere and ties of five to eight


Celsius. Fog is also starting to reform and becoming widespread


through tonight. Freezing fog may be a problem for tomorrow morning.


Temperatures down to minus two Celsius. Tomorrow, Frost to watch


out for as well as fog patches and some freezing fog. Motivators lift


through the day and lingers in places. More cloud tomorrow


afternoon adding to the chilly feel of the weather. From Wednesday


onwards, the wind increases and the fog should become less of a problem.


Some sunshine through the day. That is it from us. Hopefully we will see


you again at 6:30pm. Have a lovely afternoon, goodbye.


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