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The online racists bullying university students.


The two victims want more to be done to stop the abuse on social media.


Two years late - the Taunton road that could cost


taxpayers ?10 million to challenge the contractor.


And how bad weather in Europe is putting up the price


Two Bristol University students say they're being subjected to


racial harassment on social media, including by another


Timi Ariyo and Tami Sotire are speaking out after


Lee Madan's report includes that video, which features racist


and offensive language, which we've decided to show


you to highlight what the students have been going through.


They now what the university to do more to stamp out racism.


They've called me a dirty, stinking coon, they've called me


an S-word-flinging ape, they've called me a gorilla


They've called me a wag, they've called me the N-word flat-out.


A lot of monkey jokes like Bobo the ape, Bubbles the monkey


after Michael Jackson, and just similar things like that.


Timi Ariyo and Tami Sotire have spent the past year being targeted


It led to this video being sent to hundreds of students on Snapchat.


# Timi Ariyo, he swings where he wants #.


and friends from home saw the video and were like, wow, I've never


I didn't know it still happened in 2017, and it does.


The Bristol University students were also sent racist comments


on the instant messaging service Whatsapp, as well as


The way black people act sometimes makes me genuinely despise them.


I do think it's the pack mentality where obviously they feel


if they say it in a group they're less likely for one person


to get in trouble cos they all comment together.


They're all saying the same thing like a group chat,


or tweet the same thing so it's hard to directly address one person.


One of the bullies is also a student at Bristol.


Timi and Tami say they haven't yet told the university authorities


what's happened because they don't know how to.


The university says it has a zero tolerance approach to any kind


of racist behaviour, and will investigate immediately


A new police investigation is to look into the death


of Josh Clayton from Somerset, who was found dead on Tresco


Yesterday, his mother Tracey said she was convinced that someone else


The new inquiry comes after his inquest was halted last


week by a coroner who ordered Devon and Cornwall Police


to investigate new evidence which had come to light.


A review of the first investigation will also be carried out


Police divers are now searching the Feeder Canal near the Motion


nightclub in Bristol, where the missing man


The 24 year old from Weston-Super-Mare now


hasn't been seen since the early hours of last Saturday.


This morning his friends and family gave out leaflets in Cabot Circus


hoping someone may have information about where he is.


Just holding it together, really. Everyone has been so kind.


It is just keeping busy. We just want to get him home now.


Great turnout again. People we don't even know.


People that saw it advertised. Some family and good friends.


We are hoping that it keeps in the forefront of people's minds


to stop and people that haven't seen it will see it as well.


The BBC understands that a legal dispute over delays to the building


of a relief road in Taunton could cost the tax payer more


The Northern Inner Distributor Road is two years behind schedule.


Now, Somerset County Council is in a legal row with


the contractors Carillion, as Clinton Rogers reports.


It remains the road to nowhere - already two years behind


I think people are getting fed up with it, mainly


That would sort them out, wouldn't it?


The mile-long road on the northern side of Taunton is designed to ease


congestion in a town with its fair share of traffic jams.


But the project has been beset with technical difficulties,


not least over the construction of a new bridge.


I am telling them to get workers out here and


And this week for the first time the county council,


which has already paid more than ?11 million on the project


The big question is who is to blame for the problems and delays?


And who will big up a bill which keeps getting


The contractor or the council, they're blaming each other.


It's a row that's now become a formal legal dispute.


And the loser could be faced with a very big bill -


The contractor, Carillion, is refusing interviews


The council is adamanat, we're not paying a penny piece more.


I have a duty to protect the council taxpayer pound,


and I will do everything I can to protect that.


They want extra money, I am not a charitable person,


Now, the lawyers are involved in a dispute which could yet go


to the courts, and push up the bill even higher for whoever has to pay.


The wet weather in Italy and Spain continues to have a knock-on affect


on the price and availability of vegetables for us.


Now, importers in the West say citrus fruits are next.


Could all this be good news for local growers?


Andy Howard was up early today to find out.


By the time the West Country wakes, business is almost done for the day


This place is open at 2am selling to shops,


But these warehouses are almost empty.


When the going is good and all guns blazing,


Two or three or four pallets deep, full of tomatoes.


As this time of the year, ?4.50 or ?5.


You could double that, ?11 plus, right now.


Just take courgettes, this time of year courgettes can


?20 a box to buy. Absolutely crazy.


This is not short term, this is over the next six weeks.


The question is why, the answer is weather.


Salva imports fruit to Bristol from his homeland, Spain.


This year, I think the last around 45% of the harvest.


All flooded, and in some of the areas we had to do


And he says a severe shortage of citrus fruit will be next,


We rely on Spain, Italy and France for more than half our fresh


produce, but local growers are encouraging us to


Well, root vegetables, with Somerset kale picked as an alternative


For many, though, the rain in Spain is becoming more and more of a pain.


Will be whether the bright and sunny or called?


Good afternoon, it was a cold, frosty and foggy start for many.


For some of us, that fog has proved quite stubborn.


Many are seeing some bright spells through the afternoon.


Perhaps some cloud thickening from the West, perhaps a spot


Temperatures around eight or 9 degrees.


Into tonight, with those light winds, more fog reforms.


We have a warning for fog and four icy conditions as temperatures fall


We start tomorrow morning on a cold note, some poor


Gradually the mist and fog will tend to lift up.


There will be some brightness tomorrow.


The best chance of that is out to the West.


Cloud thickening from the East and temperatures perhaps


Into Thursday, the winds whipped up, making it feel significantly colder.


Thanks Holly and the cold means Yeovil's quarterfinal tie at Luton


in the Checkatrade Trophy is off because of a frozen pitch.


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