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And Theresa May has said she will publish her


An elderly woman is hospitalised with fractured bones


after being mugged in a Bristol Park.


How I all swollen and covered in blood. One side of her face all


swollen. She had a bleeding nose. Campaigners fighting plans


for a new park and ride in Bath prepare for one


of their greatest protests yet. And families working


the land in Bristol to help A 75-year-old woman has suffered


a fractured eye socket and collar bone after having her handbag


stolen in Bristol. The attack happened in broad


daylight on Monday. Naomi Roberts is currently


in the Bristol Royal Infirmary - we should warn you that


Andrew Plant's exclusive report contains some


very distressing images. It's one of Bristol's


most popular parks. 75-year-old Naomi Roberts


walks her dog here every day, but on Monday was the victim


of an attack that's left her Her face bruised and swollen


with fractures to her eye socket I saw her wheeled in on a trolley


with her face looking Naomi's daughter Joanna says she's


worried it could now She only saw herself


for the first time this morning. And was really shocked


and upset at how she looks and also worried about,


you know, that she is going to look She is saying people


are going to think I am a monster Joanne's mother was walking her dog


here in Eastfield Park on Monday Now it appears that she was attacked


from behind, her handbag pulled off her shoulder,


and that she fell forward Now, she doesn't remember


exactly what happened, but she has told her daughter


she thinks she remembers seeing a bike circling around before


the attack and that she saw someone cycling away after


she was on the ground. Police have called the assault


on Naomi despicable and ask for the public's


help to trace her attacker. They've appealed for anyone


who was in Eastfield Park on Monday lunchtime to get in touch with any


information they might have. Andrew Plant,


BBC Points West, Bristol. The search continues today


for a 24-year-old man who went missing after a night


out in Bristol. Deakon Wilkins from Worle


was last seen on CCTV leaving Motion Police divers have spent the morning


searching the nearby Feeder canal. His family has also been handing out


leaflets to raise awareness. A man from Wiltshire whose son died


when he was hit by a car is backing government proposals to increase


sentences for death Major Richard Gilbey's son


James was knocked over and left for dead by two men who were jailed


for eight years. He is handing in a petition


to Number Ten this afternoon urging the government to extend the maximum


term for those responsible Campaigners opposed to a new Park


and Ride near Bath say they're planning the "biggest protest


the City has ever seen" tonight. Councillors are to vote on plans


which will use greenbelt land at Bathampton Meadows,


to the east of the city. I'm told that hundreds of people


will gather here outside Let's have a look at


what they're protesting about. There are three park and rides


serving Bath at the moment, to the north, the west and the south


of the city. The council has been looking


at the idea of a fourth for about 10 years and after surveying 21 sites,


it's narrowed it down to two. Right next to each other,


on greenbelt land to the east. The Leader of the council has


told me this is about future-proofing the city,


there are 7,000 potential new jobs coming


in the next ten years - This chunky bit of paperwork puts


forward their argument. Where this is the other side -


"Don't pave paradise" - campaigners say a park and ride


won't help with congestion, it will destroy green land, and


would be a complete waste of money. One of the roads the park and ride


would be designed to help, I notice that there is


a school run that causes When there isn't a school run,


this road is absolutely fine. Well, because it's in


an area which people walk, They're just go in to


fill it as a car park. And I don't see how it is good


to solve the problem. It's part of my childhood,


I used to play down here. And also we're worried


about getting flooded. They've got a nice place they can


have up in the old aerodrome. They have got the A46,


they can go straight there. Councillors will vote tonight


for which of the two sites they prefer, even then it's not over


as the application then goes through planning -


should be a lively evening. know you will be there. Thanks for


that. Three people have been rescued


from a fire in a first Firefighters were called


to Woolpack Meadows just One person was taken


to hospital as a precaution An investigation into how it


started is now underway. A group of mums from a children's


centre in Bristol have raised money The Speedwell nursery and children's


centre have been meeting and transforming an allotment


for two years. They've used it to bring


their children together as well as raise money


for displaced families. He's part of a group of children


and their mums who have transformed We turned it from really


being full of rubbish. We got rid of six giant bags just


of crushed beer cans. With plants and bunting,


it's now become an oasis in this At home we only have a little decked


area, so there is nothing. I don't think he had seen a worm


until he came here which is like, I felt like, oh my goodness,


he needs to come and, you know, to be able to play in the mud


and plant stuff and just get dirty. Besides growing fruit


and vegetables for themselves, the group decided to help other


families in greater need. We made ?600 on our jam stall


which I think really surprised us. You know, we didn't


expect to make that much. And then we teamed up


with the city farm and they offered us to run the bar


at their bonfire night The money was given


to refugee families. But the group feel their greatest


acheivement is how the allotment has Tracey Miller,


BBC Points West, Bristol. It's been quite a mixed picture


so far this afternoon. Some of us have had sunshine,


elsewhere we've still got Generally that is out to the east


for the likes of Wiltshire, but it will lift up a bit more,


visibility should tend to improve. But the cloud and general tends


to work its way westwards. The further west you are though


the better your chance of hanging onto some sunshine and the best


of the temperatures, eight, 9 degrees, more like five or six


for those struggling As we head into the night


tonight more of that cloud It gets thick enough to bring


a little bit of rain and drizzle, of rain and drizzle,


and maybe even a few It will be a few


flakes here and there. And it is a cold night for tonight


with a risk of some ice And it is a cold old day tomorrow,


brisk wind, cold air feeding up from the continent,


perhaps brightening A swan that was shot in the eye


with a crossbow in Cheltenham is said to have made it


through the night. Police are investigating


after staff at Pitville Park found Join us again at 6:30pm when we hope


you will return. Goodbye. Should've seen Hillary's face.


She was stood there with Bill. Because she's going to an


event to celebrate a job that she didn't get and the


person closest to her, to reassure her, to tell her it's


going to be OK, is a person who's already had


that job. Yeah. She must be thinking,


"Where can I go?" It's just pain,


but it doesn't feel like pain, it feels much more violent,


dark and exciting.


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