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The economic boom that's making it harder for young people to rent.


The petition to pressure the PM into knighting the last


British Dambsuter Johnny Johnson is finally delivered at number ten.


And the compelling stories of young soldiers that's become a stage


The Bristol and Bath area has bounced back from the recession


and is now leading the country with rapid rates of economic growth.


But a report out today shows the rise in living standards


is being cancelled out by a sharp increase in house prices


It's up, up and away for Bristol's booming economy.


Other cities still lag below where they were before the financial crash


but a report out today shows Bristol soaring above them all.


only London has outpaced it in terms of economic growth and the really


employment rate rising and rising amongst the highest in the country.


For estate agents in the city - they've never had it so good.


We've seen an increase in prices of 10%,


Southville 12%, a steep rise for one year.


What others are struggling to keep This is the dining room, it's a


small, two bedrooms terrace and its ?800 per month in rent. That is


able. She actually took this


without seeing it. I have a child, work part


time, have a good job uyet my wage is less than my rent


so I live off tax credits baffling uyet my wage is less than my rent


so I live off tax credits, baffling not ideal difficult I'm by no means


the only person in this situation. Two Bristol University students


who've been targeted on social media by racist bullies have this morning


made an official complaint to Timi Ariyo and Tami Sauteer handed


over a file of evidence about the young men who've


been attacking them. They decided to do this


after the response from The bullies include a University


of Bristol politics student, a Cambridge law student


and a medical student in Plymouth. Bristol Prison had the second


highest number of suicides last year Five inmates took their own


life while in custody. There were also twice


the number of assaults Last year, 201 attacks took place


on either staff or other inmates. The Government have said this number


is too high and they are committed As we saw on the national news,


Carol Vorderman and the Gulf War a petition to Downing Street to get


a knighthood for the last Johnny Johnson from Bristol was part


of the bombing crew that destroyed some of the Nazi dams


in the Second World War. He's been nominated


for a knighthood, but wasn't recognised in the New Year Honours


list - well Alice Bouverie Thank you. Yes, you join me in


central London, at a memorial opened in 2012 to 355,000 young men of the


RAF who died in the Second World War. It was here that the press


gathered to meet Carol Vorderman John Nichol to talk about their


campaign to campaign for a night to do for Britain's bastardising


dambuster, George Johnny Johnson. They want through the park, Pat


Buckingham Palace to ten Downing St where they handed in a petition


which has grown in just three weeks to 235,000 signatures. Carol has a


personal interest in this as she met Johnny, the art AF cadet, at


celebrations last year. He was part of 617 Squadron, an elite squadron


of bombers who went on some of the those bearing raids in the Second


World War but they have never been recognised with a campaign medal.


Carol wants to change that. I think it shows the depth


of respect that we have, both from Johnny Johnson as an individual, but


also for whom he fought with and for those he said that, if you are


offered a knighthood, he would Those are the 55,573 men


who died as a part of Bomber Command and at what is


important that we are standing here, in front of this magnificent


statue, which represents the seven Along with the position, they also


handed in a new nomination form, hoping that in the Queen's birthday


honours later this year, finally recognition will come for George


Johnny Johnson. Thank you. More on that tonight at six 2pm.


Councillors in Dorset are to vote for a new local governing


structure that could see many of them without jobs.


Services in the county are currently delivered by nine


councils, but under proposals to save money they'd be


Members of West Dorset District Council will meet


today to debate the plan, with their counterparts


The experiences of young men joining the army


and going to war have been collected by a poet.


Owen Sheers' book was so moving it was made into a radio play


and is now a stage performance at the Bristol Old Vic theatre.


Pink Mist tells the story of three young men and the physical


Tracey Miller went to watch the rehearsals.


physical and mental, that war can lead to.


Dan Crickler plays one of the leading It's all about how


relationships can be affected after you come back from war as well.


The story has been created by Poet Owen Sheers


but the people it's based on are very real.


This issue of the aftermath of conflict and the long shadow of


conflict is very much an issue that is still with a lot of people now.


And fortunately one of the men I interviewed for this piece actually


just quite recently took his own life, so that brought into sharp


focus for me again how important it is that this story get out to places


where people are still living it. The title Pink Mist refers


to the spray of blood that hangs in the air when a soldier


is blown up. Pink mist is a phrase that came at


the post-911 conflicts and a lot of the people that I spoke to had


mentioned it. When you do that at what it means, it is shocking. --


9/11. Pink Mist started as a book,


then went to Radio thanks to BBC bristol, it's now about to tour


the Country as a stage play. Three boys went to Catholic. It was


January, snow pitching only seven. Tracey Miller, BBC


Points West, Bristol. We've got a cold, south-easterly


breeze coming from the continent. It has been pretty cloudy so far,


but that cloud should Though, I suspect


Gloucestershire staying When you factor in this brisk wind,


it feels a bit older Heading into tonight, our lingering


cloud continues to clear. Under those starry skies,


we can expect a frost. Into the early hours,


the risk of a little rain, drizzle, maybe some wintry flurries and some


icy patches as well. We head into tomorrow


morning on a cold note. Fairly cloudy, bit of hill


fog, you may see a few bright spells but they will


be in short supply. A chilly day, not as cold


as today with outbreaks of rain arriving as we head


into the afternoon. It's freezing. Staying in if you


can. That's it from me. See you again at 6:30pm here. Goodbye for


now. TV: He's not your father.


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