23/10/2016 Points West


The latest news, sport, weather and features from the West of England.

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Good evening. news where you are.


First tonight, seven people, who it's thought may be


migrants, have been found in a lorry on the edge of Bristol.


The driver raised the alarm at a petrol station


Police say two of the peopld inside were children.


It was just before four o'clock yesterday afternoon.


behind me here on Badminton Road in Downend.


The police say he had heard noises in the back of his van.


The police say the refriger`ted lorry had come over from Calais but


they couldn't confirm whether it was switched on.


Paramedics checked everyone over and no one needed


Three men were taken into ctstody on suspicion of immigration


offences and the family were taken into the care of


Wales and West engineers have spent all weekend making repairs


after hundreds of people were left without gas in Cheltenham.


A mains pipe was damaged during work by another company and water got


Many customers were given alternative heating and cooking


Around 60 homes are still without gas.


It's thought a fire in a disused cinema in Frome last night


Crews were called to the Westway Cinema in the e`rly


of being refurbished after closing earlier in the year.


To football and there was a moving tribute to Bristol City legdnd


Gerry Gow who died recently of lung cancer at the age of 64.


In the game that followed, Aaron Wilbraham struck late to see


Bristol Rovers took the victory at Oldham,


goals from on-loan Chelsea duo Charlie Colkett and


Swindon lost 2-0 thanks to to extraordinary goals


Matt Dolan's second half strike clinched victory


Here's Cheltenham's Billy W`ters securing a one-nil win at Grimsby.


And Forest Green recorded a routine three-nil win at home over


An entire community came together today to help make a dream come true


Joel has Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy,


Friends and family decided to create something really special for him,


Pomerantz, this community h`s been keeping a secret from 12-ye`r-old


Joel. He thinks is his dad's workshop. So the thing is stools,


bicycles and all sorts of things. But behind the scenes, from cake


sales to curry nights, raishng money to transform this bicycle shed into


a hydro- hot tub. Bred icons way, is going to be good. After months of


planning, the wait is nearlx over. Bred they are here! Surprisd! It is


not until the crowd parts that it is what is hiding behind them. It is at


your very own hot tub and you can go in it whenever you like as long as


you haven't been naughty! All four years old, Joel was diagnosdd with


muscular dystrophy. It means he will never walk again. So his frhend


Molly came up with the idea and went on to raise the thousands of pounds


needed. When we were out pl`ying, you can't do the things that other


people can, this is something they can do though. Halon Covey wanted a


hot tub? Quite a long time. And now you have your own. In your back


garden! We used to take him over to a hydro- pool for physiotherapy


every week and now he can do it at home. This isn't just about therapy,


it is also a gift from a colmunity that cares.


Finally, a special programmd you might find of interest


on Inside Out West tomorrow night, looking at the growing


The disease already puts a huge burden on the NHS and could push it


But there are those prepared to tackle it, like David


He tells the remarkable story of how he turned things around


I was on the way to losing ly feet and going blind. My kidneys could


have given up. I was in serhous trouble in never had done something


about it, I dug in my life would be very happy. -- I don't think.


Find out how David recovered from type two diabetes


on Inside Out West, tomorrow night at 7.30pm, right here on BBC One.


He's been bright but blustery today. The wind has been picking up. The


weather front is spilling ghve me sad. Rain moves through the night.


Some could be quite shopping places. Some hill fog as well, but ht should


be mild tomorrow with lows of 8 9d. Quite a damp start tomorrow. A bit


murky as well. A few bright spells, but also the potential for heavy,


thundery showers later in the day. Temperatures 10-11d. Fairly settled


as we move towards midweek. We're back in the ten o'clock


news tonight. Hello. More details coming up in


Countryfile, but there are changes over the week ahead. A


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