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Good evening. And a Happy New Year from Points West!


The cost of crossing the Severn Bridge and Second Severn Crossing


has increased. It's now ?6.70 for cars.


Both bridges are due to pass into public ownership soon,


which could lead to a reduction in toll prices,


something home buyers are responding to, as Catherine Powell reports.


To commemorate the first crossing of the Severn bridge, I have great


pleasure in unveiling this plaque. The first bridge was opened


by the Queen in 1966. But for people like these


in Chepstow the annual price I commute over to Bristol every day.


And my partner does. We are paying ?13 a day to get over to work. I do


it a view night a week. It becomes a struggle getting back and forth


because of the prizes. -- prices. The government has already said


it could halve the fees to cross the bridges when they


come back into public ownership, although drivers


may have to pay both ways. Estate agents believe that could


result in more people from the West looking for homes over the bridge,


where prices are lower. 70%-80% of our buyers lately have


been from over the bridge. With the bridge coming down in price, people


assume that they can work over the bridge and save money.


The government is still considering plans to alter the way we pay


to cross the bridges, and says it will confirm the details


The Government wants every home in the West to have a smart meter


But suppliers like Bristol Energy warn that target may be


missed after the project was hit with delays.


a digital revolution is about to take place.


I've come to change your gas and electricity meters today for you.


Lovely. Come on in. Thank you very much.


This is a scene the government wants repeated on every doorstep.


Energy suppliers offering customers a smart meter.


I wanted to be more aware of my costings.


I'm a single mum, I've got three girls,


just to see where my money's going each month.


After about an hour's work in the garage, the new meter's installed.


It will translate how much gas and electricity she uses back


It means accurate bills, and an end to meter readings.


Mum of three Kelly now has new instructions for daughters.


Lights off, chargers unplugged in the evening.


Just having this new gadget in the home is meant to gently


Studies show consumption of gas and electricity can drop by 2%-3%.


It means bills will fall by an average of ?33 a year.


But all of that can be worked out in the short-term at least


if the cost of installing them is passed from suppliers


Security experts at GCHQ have been drafted in to address concerns over


And now suppliers are signalling the government target of every home


having one by 2020 might be too ambitious.


It is possible, but exceptionally challenging.


I think the programme was initially delayed at the national level.


Peter, I think you are using business speak for,


I mean, it can be done, but it is a mighty target.


Many homes in Britain can update to a smart meter straightaway...


It might just take a little longer to get there.


Robert Markwell, BBC Points West in Bristol.


To rugby, Tom Varndell became the Premiership's joint-top


try-scorer of all time to help Bristol overcome Sale for a second


straight league win, and Gloucester Rugby sit ninth


after today's 12-13 defeat by Northampton Saints.


To football, a New Year goalfest at The New Lawn,


where Forest Green took on Torquay. The game finished 5-5,


Keanu Marsh Brown and Christian Doidge both scored twice.


And here's a look at the rest of the New Year action.


Ipswich inflicted a fifth straight Championship


defeat on Bristol City, Tammy Abraham scored this equaliser


after half time but Ipswich took the points with a late winner.


Matty Taylor took his season goal tally to 18 with a second-half brace


as Bristol Rovers secured a home win over Wimbledon.


It was defeat for Swindon at MK Dons, goals came from Luke Norris


and Raphael Rossi Branco but it ended 3-2 to the hosts.


Cheltenham lost 1-0 to Wycombe, they created a string of late


chances, but the visitors held on for victory.


And Yeovil and Portsmouth ended the year with a goalless draw,


struggling not just to score, but to see...through the fog!


Finally, swimmers in Clevedon welcomed 2017


The New Year tradition was more low key with no official organiser


or charity collection, some say it had grown too big.


But that didn't deter this brave lot, we'll be hearing from some of


On to the weather, here's Bee Tucker.


The bulk of the rain is beginning to clear out towards the south.


It may linger for a time on the south coast,


but further north we will see largely clear skies.


It will turn rather chilly, with widespread frost rurally.


Most towns and cities staying out a bit above freezing.


A chilly start to the day but a brighter day.


We should see plenty of sunshine.


Lots of blue skies, light winds, but temperatures will trouble


Highs of just 4 degrees or 5 degrees.


It sets us up with a cold start to the day on Tuesday.


But it should still be dry and bright with plenty of sunshine.


Largely dry through most of next week, but we will see more cloud


And that's it. We're back in the late news.


Good evening. Well, to Bake Off 2017, the weather has been fairly


mixed, wet and cloudy in the South, colder but clearer further north.


This was taken in County Down earlier in the day, plenty of


sunshine there, but with clear skies by day, a cold nights tonight. That


will fill the south across the country, the cloud and rain clearing


through the early hours of Monday morning across that area. This is


how it is looking first thing, cold and frosty, colder than this in the


countryside, still some wintry showers for northern Scotland into


the north-east of England, so a chance of icy stretches first thing


on untreated surfaces. Through the day, Monday is looking quite decent,


mostly dry with wintry sunshine and light winds, still breezy towards


the north


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